tagGroup SexEnglish Class Ch. 02

English Class Ch. 02


"Tomorrow we'll watch it through again and identify themes of rebellion and control, there's no homework but I want you to think about what you've been watching," Alice Bridgman raised her voice against the din of chairs scraping backwards as the bell rang. "Jimmy and Talia, stay where you are, the rest of you get out and go home."

There was a collective laugh from the leaving students who turned to Jimmy and Talia as they picked there way between the desks. Their shoulders slumped as Mrs Bridgman stared, obviously not prepared to let their earlier misbehaviour slide. They sat in the nearest seats and waited, watching their teacher tidy her classroom until the chatter of the departing class and the general noise of the emptying school died down.

"Right," she said at last, sitting at her desk, "come and sit up here at the front so I can talk to you."

The pair made their way to the front of the class, Jimmy giving an exaggerated sigh as he sat down.

"We're really sorry Miss," Talia said.

"Ha, she's as guilty as we are," Jimmy frowned, "she should be begging us not to tell anyone what she did, she'd get fired and she knows it."

"Oh really Jimmy, please enlighten me, what did I do?" Mrs Bridgman asked, hoping her authority was enough to suppress Jimmy.

"You know what you did," he sighed.

"Well, that would be your word against mine, wouldn't it," his teacher replied, "and I don't think either of you want the details of what you did in my lesson being passed on to any universities you're hoping to attend next year, do you?"

Jimmy turned his head as he noticed Talia sit up straight.

"Please Miss," she gasped.

"Fine, what's our punishment then?" Jimmy asked, realising that a couple of weeks detention would be less hassle than the kind of trouble he'd bring about by reporting his teacher.

"Let me think," their teacher smirked, leaning back in her chair.

The three of them sat in silence for a few minutes, the sound of Mrs Bridgman's pen tapping against her teeth beginning to synchronise with the ticking of the clock. Jimmy eventually sighed impatiently.

"Keeping you from something?" Alice asked. "I think... yeah, I think I know a suitable punishment for you. I'm willing to keep your indiscretion off the record if you'll do as I say."

"Anything," Talia answered, nodding, obviously desperate to stay out of trouble.

"Jimmy?" Mrs Bridgman asked.

"Sure, whatever," Jimmy sighed.

"Good, right. You'll both be in here five minutes before the lesson begins tomorrow. You'll do precisely as I tell you or you'll be lucky to escape with suspension."


Alice Bridgman paced the width of her darkened classroom again, checking her wrist and then looking up at the clock over the door. It was nearly time. She strutted to the back of the room and looked her reflection up and down in the black glass door of the store cupboard, she straightened her skirt once more, questioning the choice of colour: beige didn't convey the right authority connotations now she came to think about it. She took a deep breath and let out a sigh, trying to calm herself. What the hell was she thinking? She'd gone way, way too far already, watching her students having sex in her classroom was bad enough, but she'd reached out and touched them, she'd participated. Fuck, that was more than losing her job, that was criminal charges. That they were over eighteen was neither here nor there, it was an abuse of a position of trust, she'd be lynched.

She straightened out her skirt again, her hands lingering just a fraction too long on her thighs. But they'd been so alluring, she reminded herself, their young bodies so tight and confident. Where did they get the nerve to do something so brazen as fuck at the back of a classroom? No-one would've dared when she'd been at school.

The knot in her stomach tightened as she remembered the feel of Talia's wet lips stretched around Jimmy's thick cock. Damnit, it'd felt so good to reach out and feel them, to do something so bad. She wasn't exactly old, she'd only been qualified for a few years now, but she felt as if a teacher was all anyone saw was when they looked at her. There was no excitement there any more. She checked the time again: any moment now.

Alice walked back to the store cupboard and straightened out her skirt, let her jacket drop from her arms and draped it over the back of one of the chairs. She undid another button on her shirt then fastened it again, tucked her shoulder-length blonde hair behind her ears and smoothed out her skirt. She sighed, turned to walk back to her desk and stopped, turned back and watched her reflection as she folded over the top of her skirt, raising the hem a couple of inches. Better, she reassured herself, and pulled her jacket back on.

Jimmy and Talia pushed open the classroom door and found their teacher standing by her desk waiting for them.

"Right on time," she smirked, "well done."

"What do you want us to do?" Talia asked.

"Follow me and I'll show you."

Alice led them towards the back of the classroom, opening the storeroom door and holding it for them as they entered.

"Today's lesson is all about restraint, something I don't think the two of you know enough about," she said seriously.

"Huh, you're one to talk," Jimmy scoffed.

Alice ignored him.

"So, you two are going to spend the lesson in here, alone." She looked from Jimmy to Talia, waiting for a response.

"Is that it?" Talia asked.

"Not quite," Alice smiled, reaching between two stacks of books. "I know exactly what the two of you would like to get up to in here when I leave you alone, so, I'm going to make sure you don't."

She pulled her arm out clutching a ring of thin rope, holding it up and grinning.

"You can't be serious," Jimmy laughed.

"Very serious Jimmy," Alice replied.

"You're fucking nuts," he snorted back at her.

"I tell you what, how about I only restrain one of you? Hmm? Then, after let's say half and hour, if you've been good, I'll tie up the other one and release the first. If both of you manage to keep your hands to yourself while the other is tied up, then we'll say no more about how bad you were yesterday."

Jimmy shrugged and Talia nodded, eager to wipe the slate clean.

"OK, so who is getting tied up first?" Alice asked with a mischievous grin.

Jimmy and Talia looked at one another.

"I think Jimmy should be," Talia replied at last, "what?" she laughed as he stared at her, "I know what you're like, you'll be all over me the minute she's gone."

"OK. Jimmy, give me your hands," Mrs Bridgman said, taking the rope and looping it.

Jimmy gave in, holding his wrists together and letting his teacher bind them. She took the end of the rope and reached up, threading it between the metal frames of the shelving and tying it tight so that Jimmy's arms were raised above his head.

"You didn't say anything about tying me to anything," Jimmy protested as Alice pressed her body against his to reach past him.

"Huh, must've forgotten to mention that bit," she shrugged, stepping back away from him.

Talia laughed and sat on top of the small stack of chairs in the corner.

"You have to admit, this is pretty funny," she laughed.

"We'll see who's laughing when you're tied up shall we?" Jimmy snapped.

"Right, now you two, not a peep. I've got a lesson to teach," Alice smirked, looking from Jimmy to Talia.

She opened the door and let herself out, then turned and closed it, peering through the black glass. She could just about make out some faint shapes in the darkness but nothing definite. Someone would need to turn on the light in order for anyone in the classroom to see what was going on in there.

Jimmy stood, his eyes beginning to grow accustomed to the gloom. He looked over at Talia and grinned, wondering if she was as willing as he was to get up to some mischief.

Outside the storeroom they could hear the loud chatter of their classmates filing in and finding their seats.

"Today's lesson is about restraint," Mrs Bridgman said loudly, "I hope you've all been thinking about the film. We'll be watching it again and I want to hear some interesting ideas from all of you Damon," she went on.

The class shuffled itself down in to a murmur and finally silence.

"Have any of you seen Talia, or Jimmy?" Mrs Bridgman asked.

There was another murmur.

"Probably screwing in the toilets Miss," Becky laughed.

"That's enough," Mrs Bridgman sighed. "We'll begin without them."


Talia sat on the chairs, a grin still spread across her face as she looked over at her boyfriend.

"Come and untie me, we can mess around," Jimmy hissed.

"She'll catch us," Talia replied with a giggle.

"No she won't, she's not going to come back here for half an hour, she said so."

Talia got to her feet and crept through the darkness to where Jimmy stood. For a moment he thought she really was going to untie him, but her hands stopped rising as they reached his head, stroking his hair as she looked at him.

"I won't untie you, but if you're good and don't fuck this up, I'll let you tie me up later, how about that?" she whispered.

"Really?" Jimmy asked hopefully, always keen to try something different.

"Mm-hmm," Talia nodded, "my parents are going out tonight, they won't be home until late." She sighed in his ear, letting one hand reached down and brush up his thigh.

"Uh, God Talia," Jimmy groaned, feeling himself beginning to swell in his jeans.

Talia looked down and could make out a slight bulge, she traced along the ridge with a single fingertip and stepped back away.

"Later," she hissed with a wicked grin, then turned and moved back to the chairs.


Alice restarted the film and let her class settle down again after their discussion. She stood to one side, watching them slip back in to concentration then walked casually towards the back of the classroom. She turned again as she reached the storeroom door and checked that all eyes were facing front, then pulled it open and stepped inside, not saying a word until the door was closed behind her.

"That was never half an hour," Jimmy hissed.

"Been checking your watch have you?" Alice replied, cocking an eyebrow at his raised arms. "So how have the two of you been getting on?" she asked Talia.

"I haven't moved from this spot," Talia lied, her face a picture of innocence.

Alice took a long look a her, sitting on the chairs, her bare thighs pressed together. She was wearing a skirt just a short as she had the previous day. Her colleague Ed Hoskins had been wrong about Talia's skirt, it hadn't been too short, it'd been perfect. Alice blinked and returned her thoughts to the present.

"Right," she said in her teacher voice, then realising she was meant to be being quiet, lowering her tone. "Right, Talia, your turn."

Talia obediently got to her feet and stood with her hands out.

Jimmy watched her, she looked incredibly eager to get tied up, he was going to enjoy the evening they had planned.

Alice took another length of rope and quickly bound Talia's wrists, looping the rope up and through the top of the shelves just as she had with Jimmy so that now Talia stood at a right-angle to her boyfriend and several feet away.

"Now untie me," Jimmy said as Mrs Bridgman stepped back and admired her work.

"Um, yeah, I think I'll leave you up there for a bit longer yet," his teacher grinned, "I'm not sure I trust you as much as I trust your girlfriend."

She flashed a wicked smile at him and turned to Talia, giving her a wink before leaving and closing the door again behind her.

"Right!" they heard her saying loudly as she marched to the front of the class, "who can tell me-"


"This is getting stupid," Jimmy hissed, "she can't do this."

"I still think it's funny," Talia giggled, "I don't mind being tied up."

Jimmy felt himself swell again at the look in Talia's eyes.

Talia kicked her shoes off and raised her leg, just managing to reach up and brush her foot over Jimmy's cock in his jeans.

"Uh fuck," Jimmy groaned.

"You like that?" Talia hissed.

"Yeah, don't stop," Jimmy replied, trying to grind himself against her foot.

"Haha, later," she laughed, lowering her foot to the ground.

"You're evil," Jimmy sighed, grinning, wishing later were right now.

"I spy, with my little eye-" Talia giggled.

"Really?" Jimmy laughed, "you're going to do that?"

"Something beginning with 'C'."

"Chair," Jimmy guessed.


"Chaucer," Jimmy said, nodding at the books beside her.

"Oh, good one, but no," Talia laughed.

Jimmy looked around as best he could.

"Is it something I can actually see?" he asked.

"Possibly, but you definitely know it's there," Talia ginned.

"Is it 'cock'?" Jimmy sighed, shaking his head.

Talia laughed silently.

"Really?" he laughed.

Talia raised her leg again, brushing her foot against Jimmy once more.

The door opened slowly and Mrs Bridgman stepped back in.

"How are we getting along?" she hissed.

"I took my shoes off Miss, is that OK? My feet were starting to ache," Talia said quietly.

Jimmy watched her and shook his head, it always amazed him how easily she could revert to her innocent girl persona.

"That's fine Talia," Alice nodded. "What about you Jimmy, anything aching?" she asked, stepping closer.

"I'm fine," Jimmy replied, his arms protesting above his head.

"Really?" Alice looked him up and down. "Was there a snake in here?" she asked, looking from Jimmy to Talia. "No?"

They both frowned at her.

"It's just that Jimmy here appears to have suffered a venomous bite of some kind," she said seriously, then smirking as she tapped at the bulge in his jeans with her pen. "Either a bite or-" she looked around, her eyes drifting back down to Talia's feet, "oh, very clever," she laughed.

Talia blushed and looked away.

"So even when you're both tied up you manage to find away to misbehave," Alice sighed, shaking her head in disbelief. "Don't get me wrong, I can see the appeal Talia. Your boyfriend restrained, unable to stop you from doing whatever you like."

She moved closer to Jimmy again, staring in to his eyes before turning to look over her shoulder at Talia.

"You probably should've made your move before I tied you up though," she said, "'cause now," she turned back to Jimmy, "now you can only watch."

Hiding her actions from Talia she let her hand drop and her fingers brush over Jimmy's cock straining in his jeans, her eyes staying locked on his as she casually teased him.

"Fuck," Jimmy breathed.

"I bet you'd like that," Alice replied, her mouth close enough for her breath to wash over his lips.

She ran her thumb and index finger along his throbbing shaft, feeling its girth until she came to his head, teasing around it with just her finger and smiling as he gasped silently.

"I bet this feels so good as you pop it in to Talia's hot little pussy, doesn't it?" she whispered.

She stepped back away from him and turned to Talia.

"Now, you keep your feet to yourself, I don't have any more rope to tie your legs as well."

Talia stared at Jimmy's crotch, drinking in the sight of his cock so big and hard in his jeans.

"I'll leave you two to your thoughts, shall I?" Alice laughed and left again.

Jimmy moved his legs, feeling his head rub back and forth between his thigh and the tight denim.

"Did she do that?" Talia asked.

"Uh-huh," Jimmy nodded.

Talia groaned quietly to herself.

The door opened again quickly and Mrs Bridgman hurried back in.

"Sorry," she said, "I forgot something important."

She stood in front of Talia and unbuttoned the top of her shirt.

"I thought so," she smiled as she exposed Talia's cleavage. "I bet he loves this bra, doesn't he?"

Talia stared down open-mouthed as her teacher's hands lingered on her breasts, a finger tracing the lace trim. With her arms above her head her breasts were pressed together and raised higher than her bra could achieve on its own.

"So firm and pert too," Alice hissed, cupping first one and then the other, letting her thumb find the hardening nub on each.

She finished unbuttoning Talia's shirt and left it hanging open as she stepped back.

"Now Jimmy," she said, reverting to her teacher voice, "I don't want you to think about cumming on Talia's ripe young breasts. OK?"

She gave each of them an evil smile and left again before either could respond.

"What the fuck?" Jimmy gasped as soon as the door closed again. "She's mad," he laughed, hoping he could mask the lust he felt for his teacher.

Talia wriggled in her bonds, rubbing her thighs together and feeling the damp spot growing in her underwear.

Jimmy watched her moving, her breasts testing the elasticity of her bra. It wasn't the thought of shooting his load over them that made his cock twitch and throb in his jeans, it was that Mrs Bridgman had suggested the idea to him.

"God-damn," Talia groaned, "Jimmy you're getting it so hard tonight," she said, staring across at him. "I need you to fuck me so badly."

Jimmy caught his hips beginning to grind of their own accord, his cock deriving what little stimulation it could from the tight press of denim against his thigh.


Mrs Bridgman paused the film and consulted her notes, talking quickly as she strutted back to the front of her classroom and guided another brief discussion. She thanked God that her class were basically good kids who were interested in what they were expected to do. She had no idea what her notes meant any more but the students seemed to be following her and getting on just fine.

"OK," she said at last, "shall we get back to the film now."

She started it up again and walked briskly to the back of the classroom, tapping her foot impatiently as her students settled back down.

Once they were quiet and focused she opened the door and entered the storeroom again.

"How are you two getting on, hanging out in here?" she hissed with a chuckle as she approached Jimmy.

Her hand quickly stroked him through his jeans again, making no attempt to hide her caress from Talia.

"Your boyfriend is quite big, isn't he?" she sighed, turning to look at the bound girl. "I bet you make him take it slow at first, don't you. Still, it's probably not long before you're riding him hard, am I right?"

She gave Jimmy and quick squeeze and turned towards Talia.

"Have you been looking at that big bulge while I've been gone?" she asked, slipping her hand around Talia's bare waist under her open shirt. "Hmm? Thinking about how badly you want it?"

She leaned in closer, letting her breath dance over Talia's ear as she whispered slowly.

"I'm not so old, I remember what it's like being your age. Of course, when I was your age I wasn't just about the boys."

She moved her head back a few inches so she could look in to Talia's eyes, catching them widen almost imperceptibly as her fingertips made first contact on her bare thigh. She smiled at her student as her hand drifted slowly up, trailing her nail over Talia's smooth, firm skin until she could feel the urgent heat of her pussy. Another fraction of an inch and her knuckle touched the hot fabric of the girl's panties, nudging it up as she grinned back at Talia's open mouth.

Alice withdrew her hand, lifting it between their faces and inspecting her knuckle.

"Hmm," she smirked, "wet. You want to see Jimmy?"

She moved back towards Jimmy, holding her hand up, letting him see the smear of his girlfriend's juice on his teacher's finger as it glistened softly in the dim light. Alice quickly brought her hand to her lips and sucked her knuckle clean with an exaggerated look of pleasure.

"She tastes so good, Jimmy," she sighed. "I hope you're a good boyfriend, I hope you get down there and lick her, I know I would."

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