English Class Ch. 02


The teacher moved back to Talia and leaned to her ear again.

"Does he? Does he go down on you? Is he good?"

Talia nodded and looked away.

"I bet it's not as good as when another girl does it though, right? You have been with girls before, haven't you?" Alice purred.

"No, not like that," Talia replied, feeling her heart beating harder.

Alice just grinned and got slowly to her knees, one hand stroking up Talia's thigh and lifting her short skirt to reveal her wet, white underwear.

"Looks like someone's excited," she giggled, rubbing her fingers through the clinging material and pushing it up between Talia's swollen lips.

She leaned forward and dragged the tip of her tongue up Talia's thigh until it reached the delicate seam of her panties.

"Mmm, when your thigh is good and wet I'll come back here and show you what a woman's mouth feels like, OK?" she whispered, straightening up. "For now though, let's give Jimmy something to think about."

She reached to Talia's hip and unfastened her skirt, pulling it free and leaving it crumpled on one of the shelves. Stepping back she looked towards Jimmy and grinned as he stared at his girlfriend's exposed and sodden underwear tight across her engorged pussy.

"Why don't you just stand there and think about how badly you want to stick your cock in there," she hissed, grinning at him.

Talia groaned, obviously wanting some kind of relief.

"You're right," their teacher said, "it's not fair, is it?"

She walked back from the door and sunk quickly to her knees in front of Jimmy, rubbing her palm over the hot, solid bulge of his cock, looking up at him as she leaned forward and pressed her lips to it.

"Uh fuck," Jimmy gasped, feeling Mrs Bridgman's breath warm him through his jeans.

She closed her lips around him, biting softly and enjoying the way he tried to grind himself against her.

"Does she suck it for you?" she asked, nodding across to Talia, "does she let you put it in her mouth? Hmm? I bet she loves having this thick, throbbing meat in her mouth."

Alice rubbed Jimmy's cock vigorously, eager to get a proper look at it, her own lust beginning to rattle her resolve.

"Why don't we leave her with something to look at," she hissed, looking back up at her student standing above her.

She reached her hands up and pulled at Jimmy's belt buckle then unbuttoning his jeans and tugging them down his legs until they pooled around his ankles. With just his boxer shorts to cover him his cock sprung up behind the thin fabric. Once more Alice leaned forward and closed her lips and teeth around the bulge, feeling him twitching in her mouth. There was already a small wet patch in his shorts and she probed it with the tip of her tongue, teasing the sensitive underside of his head through it.

Jimmy gasped and groaned as his teacher's tongue pushed his arousal to impossible heights. He felt as if he'd explode as she teased him, but every time he felt a climax begin to rise she withdrew her tongue and sat back on her haunches looking up at him. Finally she stood up, straightened her skirt and leaned to his ear.

"You taste magnificent," she whispered, "I can't wait to have the main course."

Her fingers wrapped around his shaft, her thumb rubbing over his head through the slick fabric covering it. She covered her fingers in his juices and smirked as she turned away from him and towards Talia once more. She pushed one finger in to the girl's mouth, grinning as she happily sucked it clean then stared back. lips parted, hoping her teacher would feed her more. Instead Mrs Bridgman lowered her hand and wiped the remainder of the sticky mess across Talia's exposed cleavage then groped her quickly.

"How I'd love to stay and play," she sighed, staring at the firm pair barely contained in Talia's bra.

"Please," Talia murmured.

Alice smiled and tucked Talia's hair behind one ear before licking up her jaw and sucking long and hard on her earlobe.

"Good girl," Alice whispered, letting her fingers press Talia's soaked panties up between her pussy lips. "I think you'll enjoy this."

She stepped back away and hitched up her own skirt, hooking her thumbs in to her underwear and pulling them down, reaching down and plucking them from her raised foot. She lifted them, they were simple, skimpy black things.

"Look," she smiled, "you're not the only one getting wet."

She brought them up to Talia's face, letting her inhale the moist scent then quickly pulling them away and turning around. She stepped over to Jimmy and raised her underwear again.

"Your girlfriend wants her teacher's wet panties," she hissed, "you two have got me so wet, look."

She ran her finger across the fabric and brought it up to Jimmy's mouth, smearing it across his lips, giggling as he turned his head aside.

"Have a taste," she whispered, "taste my pussy juice."

Alice turned her panties inside out and folded them over her fingers then rubbed the wet fabric over Jimmy's mouth, pushing her fingers in and feeling his tongue licking.

"There's a good boy," she sighed. "Now," she turned back to Talia, "you hold these for me," she laughed, stuffing the handful of wet cloth between Talia's breasts and heading for the door.


Back out in the classroom Mrs Bridgman took a moment to figure out where the film had got to before pausing it.

"Right," she said loudly, trying to hurry back to her teacher frame of mind, "what can you tell me about those scenes?" she asked, staring at the students she knew were least likely to have been paying attention.

The class discussion started up again and Alice sat on the edge of her desk, provoking her class whenever it sounded like they might be coming to an agreement. She let her mind wander, thinking about Jimmy and Talia tied up in the storeroom, semi-naked and dripping wet. She thought about her own wetness, her bare pussy. She suppressed a shudder and walked around behind her desk, sitting in her chair, covertly hitching up her skirt a little as she did and leaning on one elbow. She furrowed her forehead as if concentrating on the topic at hand. Beneath her desk she ran one hand up under her skirt without any hesitance, pushing two fingers between her swollen and soaking folds, her mind replaying the ways she'd teased her students while the others sat quietly watching the film just beyond the glass door. She knew it was so wrong to be doing it, in front of her class, letting their education fade in and out of her attention as she slowly walked two digits in and out of her sopping wet hole, faking a cough to cover the unexpectedly loud whimper that escaped her lips as she ran rings around her aching clit.

Shaking herself out of her fantasy she focused on the class again, somehow they'd got on to which teachers they thought were sleeping with each other.

"OK," she laughed, "I think it might be time to get back to the film, yeah?"

She reluctantly pulled her fingers back along her thighs, wiping them dry before pushing her chair back, subtly straightening her skirt as she went, and once more walking to the back of the class as she restarted the film. The class went back to watching and taking notes and Alice pushed the storeroom door open, darting in, her hunger hurrying her on.

"I've been bad," she confessed, a grin spreading across her face and her hands behind her back as she stood before her bound students. "Very bad. I couldn't help myself. I sat at my desk and fingered myself while I thought about you two in here, waiting for me."

She turned first to Talia and quickly raised her hand, groping the girl's ripe breasts, toying her fingers along the trim of her bra and her thumb rubbing around and around the firm nub of her erect nipple protruding through the lace.

"Have you been thinking about me?" she asked.

Talia nodded, her breathing beginning to grow ragged.

Mrs Bridgman pressed her body against Talia's semi-naked figure, wrapping one arm around the girl and pulling her closer. She planted delicate little kisses over her student's neck and chest, her head slowly drifting lower to the soft flesh of her breasts. Then, with a sudden increase in urgency, she yanked her discarded underwear from Talia's cleavage and dragged the flat of her tongue across the drying smears of juice, tasting her students' delicious nectar mixed with the salt of the girl's sweat. Talia tried to thrust her chest forward as much as possible, offering herself to her teacher and ignoring the way the rope bit in to her wrists.

Alice looked up from Talia's breasts, lust burning in her eyes as her mouth hung open a little, her breathing steady but hard. One hand was still cupping one breast but now she lowered the other and quickly ran one finger up either side of Talia's pussy, still covered by the clinging fabric of her drenched panties.

"Uh, please Miss," Talia moaned, "please?"

Alice pulled down the cups of Talia's bra, finally exposing each breast and moving her head back momentarily to take in the sight before diving forward again and latching on to first one and then the other nipple. She sucked on each of them hard, tugging it back between her tongue and teeth and feeling her own juices trickling down her thigh as Talia whimpered above her. She pushed her fingers hard between the girl's labia, feeling out her supple folds through her underwear. Coating her fingers again and moving to the edge of the thin strip of wet cloth that barely covered her pussy she teased a single finger under it, pulling it away from the skin, letting one fingernail caress just under its edge and making as if to pull it aside completely. Instead she released it again, burying her face back between Talia's tits, licking and sucking on them passionately for a few seconds.

"OK," she panted, stepping away again at last, feeling Talia's body move with her until her bonds held her back. "That's enough for now." She grinned, looking her student up and down. "Fuck, the things I'd like to do to you," she muttered, almost to herself.

"Do them," Talia groaned, "use me."

Alice moved closer again, leaning forward to whisper.

"I'll do one more thing for you before I have to go again," she said.

"Anything," Talia replied.

The teacher smirked and lowered her hands, running a finger down either side of Talia's wet underwear, pulling it away from her lips and in to a thin twisted strip from the waistband down, then tugging it up between her puffy, swollen lips and releasing it. Talia gasped as the cloth spread her lips apart and rubbed against her.

"How about that?" Mrs Bridgman asked, grinning as she stepped backwards.

She turned to face Jimmy, pulling his eyes forward towards herself and away from his whimpering girlfriend.

"So, Jimmy," she said, closing the gap. "Do you like watching me and Talia together? Did you ever have two women at the same time? I know your girlfriend would be willing to do that for you, she enjoys a feminine touch, don't you Talia?" she asked, turning her head.

Talia nodded, wincing as she moved each of her legs and felt her underwear graze lightly back and forth over her clit.

"I know you've been enjoying the show," Alice whispered to Jimmy, her fingers stroking the ridge of his cock through his boxer shorts. "It's got you so wet, hasn't it?"

Jimmy didn't reply but his breathing was accelerating, his chest rising and falling as he tensed his muscles against his binding.

"Let's see," Alice smiled, sinking to her knees.

She wrapped her fingers around Jimmy's cock through the glistening material of his shorts, massaging him as she gazed up. She let her hand drift down to his bare thigh and then creep back up, under his shorts until her fingertips brushed over the turgid tip of his throbbing manhood. He groaned as she gently ran her fingers over the slick and sensitive skin then moved to take hold of him properly. She pumped her fist up and down on him awkwardly inside his shorts then tugged his shaft down, pushing the shorts up with her other hand until one leg was raised enough for the head of his cock to protrude.

"That's better," Alice chuckled as she released her grip and left Jimmy's cock trapped between the thin, wet seam of his boxer shorts and the soft skin of his upper thigh. "I dare say you could get yourself off with your shorts rubbing like that," she nodded. "But I want you to ask yourself something before you do." She undid the top few buttons of her shirt and exposed the deep, dark cleft between her breasts. "Do you want to cum now, down your leg, or maybe here, later?" she kept her eyes locked on his, running the wet tip of her finger down between her breasts.

Jimmy grunted and thrust his hips forward, gasping as the seam of his shorts rubbed hard against the base of his head.

"Keep on like that and you'll have nothing but a wet leg," Alice giggled, straightening up.

She buttoned her shirt and smoothed out her skirt again.

"So, you two, as always it's been a pleasure but I do have other students and you really shouldn't be monopolising my time like this." She laughed and walked back out in to her classroom.


"Jesus," Jimmy groaned as soon as the door closed behind his teacher.

"Uh, oh God Jimmy," Talia gasped, moving her legs back and forth, feeling the wet twisted cloth grinding against her. "I need to cum so badly," she panted quietly.

Jimmy watched as his girlfriend tried her best to find a position which would provide the stimulation she needed. His hips began to move automatically, his own need overriding his self-control. He could feel his climax rising, his cock pulsing and straining against his wet shorts, his juices oozing out and on to his thigh. He watched his girlfriend panting and whimpering as she writhed in her bonds, her own pleasure obviously mounting.

"Uh fuck," she muttered desperately. "That's it," she gasped, "that's it, just a little- uh, uh-oh yes,yes yes yes."

She closed her eyes, lifted one leg and found a foothold on the shelves behind her, spreading her legs wide and feeling her sodden panties slip and grind deeper between her lips. Crossing her legs again she arched her back, her breasts thrust up further, wishing Jimmy were free to tease and please them as she-

"Uh, oh god," she cried, her pitch almost inaudible, "that's so good, nearly there, I, just-"

Jimmy was too focused on watching Talia getting off to pay any attention to his own raging lust, his hips had ceased moving and his cock reverted to a steady pulse in it's position trapped against his thigh. He was jealous, jealous that she could get off, and jealous that he wasn't making it happen.

"Uh, yeah, oh fuck yeah!" Talia gasped quietly at last, a huge smile spreading across her face, "uh uh, uh- yes, so good."

She opened her eyes and looked back at Jimmy, her panting mouth turning up at the corners as she nodded silently. Jimmy's smouldering expression stared back at her. She giggled and spread her legs, revealing the sheen of her excitement coating each inner thigh. She closed her hands around the rope that tied her to the top of the shelves and gripped it tight, tensing her arms and lifting her feet from the ground. She raised her legs up, her ankles together, then spread them wide, exposing everything but the very core of her pussy to her boyfriend.

"If you come over here right now, you can do anything you want to me," she teased, the relief offered by the release of her orgasm making her playful.

Jimmy grunted, thrusting his hips again, intent on reaching his own climax.

"You heard what she said," Talia hissed. "Don't you want to shoot it on her tits?"

Jimmy scowled back, his hips hesitating only momentarily.

"I know I'd love to see you do that," his girlfriend went on, "it'd make me so wet. I hope she'd let me lick it off...." she let that hang there, suppressing her grin as Jimmy's movement stopped. Biting her lip and making a show of looking away in embarrassment.

"Really?" Jimmy hissed.

"Uh-huh," she nodded.

"Fuck," he sighed and relaxed his body once more. "She better hurry up and get back here," he groaned.


Out in the classroom Mrs Bridgman was back at her desk, ignoring the conversation her students were having, two fingers massaging her hot, wet interior. Fuck it, she thought.

"I'll be right back," she announced, pushing her chair back and getting to her feet. "Keep talking, I won't be two minutes."

She hurried out in to the corridor, she knew she was taking a huge risk, leaving a class alone was an invitation for them to cause trouble. On more than one occasion she'd returned to find student's missing, actually now she came to think about it they'd been in the storeroom. Fuck! She froze halfway along the corridor, looking back towards her classroom, shrugged her shoulders and turned to continue on.

She flung open the door of the staff bathroom, checking each cubical quickly and darting in to the furthest from the door, locking it and hitching up her skirt. She reached one hand up and held tight to the door while the other hand spread her lips and plunged her fingers back in.

"Sweet fucking Jesus," she breathed quietly, "yeah, fuck me."

She did none of the teasing she usually enjoyed when she masturbated, none of the gentle rise and fall of stimulation. Just two fingers thrusting in and out while her thumb clumsily rubbed up and down, side to side over her clit. She pictured her two students bound in her storeroom, Jimmy's throbbing cock and Talia's sweet young pussy, eager for her to return and to feel her touch again. She imagined Jimmy there with her, behind her. She spread her legs a little wider, her mind showing her the firm body of her student on the brink of manhood, how he'd push himself in to her from behind. He probably wouldn't last long but he'd be energetic, and she knew he was thick enough to stretch her wide open.

"Uh, ugh, fuck!" she panted as she reached the summit of a low peak. "Fuck. I'm so bad," she chuckled to herself and pulled her hand out from under her skirt.


Jimmy and Talia waited for their teacher to return, Talia teasing her boyfriend, giggling as he twisted and writhed trying not to get himself off but desperate to do just that.

"She wants us just as badly as we want her," he hissed, "she'll still want to make me cum even if I already have."

"Whatever you say," Talia replied, "if you want to take that risk." She raised an eyebrow and laughed again as Jimmy's body slumped once more.

"Fuck," he sighed. "I can't wait any longer."

The door opened and Alice walked in slowly, obviously not as on edge as her last visit.

"You two are being very noisy," she tutted, grinning as she approached Jimmy. "So how are you?" she asked him, "still ready to explode?"

"He wants you so badly," Talia offered, giggling as her boyfriend scowled at her.

"Oh really?" Alice asked, turning to Talia. "Whereas you on the other hand, you sound like you've found yourself some release."

"Uh-huh," Talia nodded happily.

"Guess what," Alice whispered, leaning close enough for her voice to hum in Talia's ear, "me too."

She shared a grin with her student.

"Your poor boyfriend though," she hissed, turning to look over at Jimmy.

"He really does want you," Talia chuckled, "I can't say I blame him," she added, lowering her tone.

Alice turned back and met Talia's stare before it dropped down, for a moment she thought her student was playing coy but then she saw the smirk and knew better. She slowly began unbuttoning her shirt again, taking her time to reveal her cleavage and smiling back whenever Talia could lift her eyes. The soft skin of her breasts finally on show she put her arms behind her back and let her student stare, feeling her stirring arousal flare up once more. She lifted a hand and stroked a fingertip idly around first one then the other of Talia's nipples.

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