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English Homework Fuck Session


Everybody is over 18.


My friend invited me over to do some homework this weekend. I show up to his house around noon Saturday to work on some English homework and his mom showed me to his bedroom. I knocked on his door and walked into him staring at his computer screen, and I could have sworn he was watching porn but I didn't want to ask any questions. When I slammed his door shut, he jumped out of his chair and apologized for not hearing me. I sat my book bag down on his bed and took out my textbook.

He climbed up onto his bed, and we just started talking. I noticed him staring at my boobs since I was only wearing a low-cut tank top and noticed a tent starting in his pants. He then asked me if I wanted to take a quick walk with him to clear his mind. I said sure so we walked downstairs to his mom cooking lunch and we said we would be right back as we walked out the back door. We started walking towards the barn and he walks in first as I walk in behind him he turns around and pins me up against the wall and starts kissing me. He then proceeded to ask me if I am ready and say yes that I have wanted this for a long time. We then climb into the loft where there is an air mattress.

He tells me to strip naked and put my hands above my head. I strip to my bra and panties as I don't want him to get too much too quickly. He walks over and grabs a few things of rope and walks over to me and ties my hands behind my back and then ask me if I was a virgin. I told him, yes but I broke my hymen with my dildo.

He then starts kissing me and playing with my boobs thru my bra and he takes off my bra and starts sucking and blowing on my nipples and then his hands slowly work their way down to my pantie covered pussy. He then orders me to get on my knees, and he puts his cock in my mouth and I start blowing him.

He then has me stand up, and he takes my panties off and he puts them in my mouth so no one will hear my moaning as he fucks my pussy. He then had me walk over to this little table and bent me over it. He then walks over and grabs a little vibrator and held it on my clit and positioned his dick at the entrance to my tight wet pussy.

He said it might hurt a little as he slowly starts to insert his cock into me. Once he was fully in he just sat there for a minute to let me adjust to it and then he slowly started fucking me but gaining speed. I started moaning thru my pantie gag as he was fucking me with a vibrator on my clit.

He told me I wasn't allowed to cum yet that he would tell me when to cum. He kept taking the vibrator off my pussy when I got close to an orgasm but finally, he told me I was allowed to cum and when I did it was the best orgasm I had ever had. He filled my tight pussy with his cum. He then took his dick out and took the gag out and made me clean off his dick. He then said that we weren't done yet and puts the gag back in my mouth and bends me back over and walks over and grabs a bottle of lube squirts some in my ass and then slowly puts his dick and then he puts the vibrator in my pussy that is dripping with his cum and turns it on high while he fucks me in the ass and when I was about to cum he went balls deep and filled me full of his cum and when I came I thought I was going to pass out from all the excitement.

He then untied my hands and told me to get re dress but leave the panties off. So I put on my shorts and bra and tank top and we left the barn and as we walk into the house his mom told us to sit down, eat lunch. After lunch, we got up and walked back to his room to do start working on homework and about an hour later I got up to leave and he told me that next weekend I am to come back over for another study session.

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