tagAnalEnglish Teacher: Reward

English Teacher: Reward


I'm coming to the end of my time in 6th form and school and has my eighteenth birthday 5 months ago.


Mr Todd always seemed so manly. The way that he walked and spoke to people radiated a kind of dominance. Although it always seemed fragile which usually intrigued me to him. It was this, his timid dominance that always made me what him. Whenever he spoke to the class I would simply stare at him, often listening to his voice and not his words. I watched him so often that I can now just visualise him completely whenever I close my eyes.

It was today in English as Mr Todd was talking about sentence structure that I noticed he was looking right at me. He was talking to the whole class, his masculine voice bouncing off the walls, but his eyes we trapped on me. The rest of the class was either whispering to each other or sleeping with their heading on the desk. No one was looking up at him, except me. I locked eyes with him and he stopped talking to which no one took any attention. A grin spread across his face, one of excitement that made me smile too. He broke our eye contact and clapped his large hand together loudly. This brought me crashing back to the classroom which I was in, the noise hit me like a punch to the chest.

"Right time to pack up now," Mr Todd's voice boomed out cheerfully. There was a scraping of chairs as everyone rose to leave. It was only a minute or so after and the bell rang to signify the end of the day. The door opened and all of my classmates started to leave. Everyone had passed me and I was the last to leave. I was just about to go through the door when a firm arm pulled back on my arm. I turned around and was facing Mr Todd. The same grin still on his face which brought a smile face to mine. "um, Steven could we have a chat?"

I wasn't taking the bus today so casually replied, "Yeah, sure." My smile got a little wider. I dragged a chair over to his desk enthusiastically and sat down. He sat down as well and opened one of his desk drawers. He removed a slip of paper from it which turned out to be an essay I handed in last week.

"There is no other way I can put this really. This is fucking good. Like I haven't read anything like it before." His face became more confused and my smile became slightly more nervous but just as happy. "I mean how the hell did you write that?" I didn't know what to say so I gave a small shrug and leaned back in my chair, trying to relax. "Anyway," he continued, "I think this is the kind of thing that deserve a reward, and a bloody good one at that. Now don't think I haven't noticed the way that you look and me, because I sure have." He stood up after that statement, his tone becoming more matter of fact. He walked behind me to the door and I heard it shut and then the unfamiliar click of the lock. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why he had done that. But he quickly enlightened me. "So as a reward I think we should fuck."

At that I let out a surprised laugh, but he stood, leaning against the wall completely serious. He raised his eyebrows as to ask if I wanted to. "Yes. Okay. Sure." I said, practically all at once and I stood up eagerly. He walked towards me and placed both of his large hands around the back of my head and pulled me into to a passionate kiss. Our tongues ventured into each other's mouths, saliva mixing. Our lips kept colliding and separating and when we finally moved apart we loved at each other. Each of us admiring the others body.

Mr Todd was a slender man but his tight-fitting shirts complimented his body, highlighting his lightly toned frame. He has pecks which showed he obviously worked out, but not obsessively. He is shorter than me by about an inch or so and I am slightly more muscled. However, he still seems in control. He moves closer to me again kissing me quickly before moving his hands to my tie which he loosens slightly. Then he starts to unbutton my shirt, slowly but passionately. I stand in front of him and move my hands to cup his firm arse. So strong and firm, I couldn't help but get an even harder dick at the thought of fucking him.

"It's good to know you eager," he purred, he had undone half my buttons and then he ripped that last few off. He threw hay short to the floor but left on my tie. I quickly took off his short and I started to kiss him again. When I couldn't wait anymore I moved further down his body. I licked and sucked on his neck, leaving marks and over his skin. I moved down and started licking his nipples. A small layer of hair covered his chest. I moved lower still, kissing his body which was already starting to smell of his sweat, making me even hornier. Eventually I was on my knees, his huge bulge right in front of me. I wasted no time in undoing his belt and his trouser hell to the floor. It turned out that he was wearing no boxers so his hard 8-inch cock sprang out. I took it in my hand, a little nervous since I've never sucked a guy's dick before. "don't worry, whatever you do it'll be great," he said while running his fingers through my hair, gently pushing my head towards his cock. At first, I just sucked on the end, bobbing my head up and down slowly moving further down his shaft. He moaned softly but the move I sucked the loader he got It didn't take long before I was deep-throating him, all 8 inches down my throat. My noised was tickled by his unshaven pubes and I chocked a little but that only made him groan louder. He grabbed onto my hair and pushed my head up and down his cock, it felt amazing being in his control. After a while he told me to stop and he pulled me up to full height. "I thought I should save my cum for later." He said before kissing me again. "Are you ready to fuck me?" and I kissed him in response.

I am still in my trousers but topless and Mr Todd spares no time in dropping to his knees. He whips my belt of and spanks my bum once with it before dropping in. I grunt loudly but it still made me feel excited. My trousers fall around my ankle and my pre-cum is visible through my tight boxers. He pulls them down slightly, not even enough to release my aching knob. He licks across my loosely defined six pack before pulling my boxers down to my ankle. At last he takes my 7 and a half inches into his mouth. The warmth of his mouth fells amazing and I moan with pleasure. I run my fingers through the thick black hair, pushing his head further down my dick. He reached half way when his gag reflex kicked in but he kept going. This made me moan louder and louder. He kept bobbing his head until he pulled me out of his mouth. I sighed out of disappointed, I was really close to shooting my load down his throat. But then he leant over a table and said, "fuck me, lube in the top drawer."


I grabbed the lube out and covered by dick with it as well as Mr Todd's sweet hole. As I was lubing up his hole I pressed a finger into him. His rim went tighter so I held it a minute to let him adjust, when he had I began finger fucking him. I started with my middle finger before adding a second and a third. Although I didn't do this long since my cock was begging to fuck him. I took out my fingers and positioned myself in front of his hole. I thrusted into his loosened hole. Pushing all 7 and a half inches into him until I was balls deep. We both moaned together. Slowly at first, I moved in and out of him. It was easy with the help of the lube. I leant forward and wrapped my arms around him, giving a kiss on his neck and a few intimate thrust before leaning up. I keep moving, each thrust my thighs claps against his arse cheeks. I pull out of him on then lie on the table. I look over to him and say, "ride me." My voice sounds desperate and he quickly obliges. He swings his legs over my body and uses his hands ot position my knob on his hole. He then sits on in. I gasp out in pleasure. As he rides my cock I take his long member in his hands and start wanking him off.

After a while off him riding my knob I shouted out, "I think I'm gonna cum."

Mr Todd doesn't change position and just smiles at me while I fuck him. I then shoot my load up his hole, moans loudly as he continues to ride me. Then once I had finish he comes off me and stands next to my face, pulling himself off. Some off my cum was leaking out his hole but he doesn't care. I takes his cock back into my mouth, the saltiness of his pre-cum is all I can taste. Soon he shoots load down my throat and I swallow all of it. He lays next to me with one arm around me, "I hope of enjoyed your reward," he said, slightly more tired now, and we kiss one more time before lying in each others arms.

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