English Tteacher's Oral Skills


“ Oh, my God, I’ve never seen so much, never so much… “, she mumbled. She started giggling. “If my hubby saw me like that, he’d think I had just been raped by two football teams! “.

“ I usually come a lot but this was something else! “, I answered. Grabbing my semi-hard foot-long schlong with one hand, I stood up to help Susan clean her drenched body of my seed. I continued tugging at my slowly-engorging manhood as we kissed and exchanged the cream we had collected in our mouths. Looking down, she saw my tumescing shaft and gasped in shock.

“ You’re hard ALREADY??? I don’t know if I can take another pounding like that! I can’t even feel my pussy anymore! “

“ Well, why don’t you give me a blowjob? “, I asked her eagerly. I couldn’t wait to feel her tongue sloberring all over my enormous knob. She smiled wickedly, and pushed me back into the chair, her long glossy nails clutching at the beefy muscles of my upper body. She then knelt in front of my spread thighs, licking my elongated thick quads up to my dangling monster eggs. She held them in turn in the palm of one hand, kissing and fondling their jelly-like masses. My cock had by then regained its rock-hardness and was sticking fifteen inches in front of me, dripping pre-cum on her midback as she toyed with my massive gonads.

“ Your balls are sssooo huge. I hope you have a lot of that sweet cum left, I want to swallow your next big load! “, she purred.

“ Yeah, suck my big cock, teach! “, I moaned as she licked the underside of my shaft, following the thickest protruding vein with her wet, drooling tongue. She reached the glans and slurped up the dollops of pre-cum that my cumslit occasionally vomited. I could tell she was an expert cocksucker as she grabbed my fat, super-hard, shaft in both hands and began to frantically jack off about ten inches of my maleness. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she engulf my giant cockhead in one slurpy move. She held the apple-sized glans in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the sensitive, overstretched skin of my purple helmet. She showed no sign of gagging as she impaled her throat on my wrist- thick rod, taking in more inches than I had ever been able to shove down my mum or sister’s throats. I could hardly believe it when over seven inches of thick shaft, to add to the three inches of my giant knob, were swallowed by her gurgling mouth. I was becoming delirious with lust and unloaded a wad of pre-cum directly in her oesophagus. Her gullet was spasming and contracting my glans, stimulating the ultra-sensitive nerve endings of my bloated head. At the same time, my shaft was being massaged vigourously by her soft hands and the combination of both supremely pleasurable sensations was fast bringing me over the edge. Anticipating my orgasm, I felt her hands tightly clutch my overly thick root to delay my climax. Her expert handling of my giant tool allowed her oral assault of my dong to last much longer than I thought possible. After twenty minutes of this sumptuous treatment, and despite her attmept to delay once more my ejaculations, my balls contracted and, no longer able to contain the volume of churning cream they contained, spurted their virile content up my long distended shaft.

“ Grummmpphhh! I’m gonna come! Yeah, YEAAAHH! “, I bellowed as the first viscous streamer coated her gullet and ran directly down her stomach. She pulled back a little to let my erupting head coat her tonsils with my thick cream. I unloaded six spurts in her mouth, watching the excess cum dribble out onto her chin. The seventh wad was so powerful that I heard her gag and, unable to breath around the massive piece of meat held between her teeth, sperm leaked out of her nose. She attemtped to withdrawn my giant knob from her overfilled mouth, but the wider rim was locked in place by her jaw. I was still spurting and sperm was now freely leaking from her mouth, as the copious fluid had entirely filled her oral cavity and coated her gum and teeth with its thick substance. Eventually, she managed to open her mouth wider and to release my ejaculating knob, as the last two wads erupted on her nose and lips. She wiggled her tongue around her luscious lips, licking up the salty nectar as she watched my post-orgasmic gunk leak out of the flaring cockhead. I had not produce as much semen as previously, bu the amount would have made any porn star proud.

“ That was wonderful, Tim! You sure can deliver a load! Just promise me to keep that our little secret and I’ll let you drench my body whenever you want. “ , she said matter-of-factly as she slurped up the final strand of dangling sperm from my deflating manmeat.

“ Sure, Susan. “, I agreed as I comtemplated my near future, with now three gorgeous creatures to worship my giant tool at will.

From that day on, my grades improved dramatically, so much so that even my mother was surprised. The knowledge that I could probably seduce any woman I wanted, and not simply my family members, was intoxicating as I pondered what the future would hold…

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