tagErotic HorrorEnglishman In New York Ch. 11

Englishman In New York Ch. 11


She didn't know how she did it but somehow she managed to steer the car, following the directions that he gave. A few times, when police cars passed, she thought of signaling them and wondered what Fusco and Mainwaring were thinking, if they'd gone back to her place to find her when she didn't show up. Hopefully, they were searching for her right now but she was not hopeful that they'd find her. The directions that Jack had given her led them out of the city, out of the range of scope that the detectives would be searching and somehow, she knew that he was aware of that. Finally, he directed her into a driveway and ordered her to park the car.

"We're here, precious." His gravelly voice breathed into her ear as she turned the engine off. "Why don't we go inside where it's warmer?"

"Okay." She reached for the door handle but his hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"Wait. Blindfold first. Close your eyes."

She did as he asked, trembling harder when she heard the back car door open. The shift in the car alerted her to the fact that he'd left the back seat and cool air swept across her as he opened her door. A soft piece of fabric with eyecups was placed on her face and when she opened her eyes, she couldn't see anything. His hand covered hers and she shivered at the feeling of his rough skin.

"Ready, detective?"

Sutton didn't trust her voice, so frightened was she that she only nodded and completely relinquished her control. She was numb; she couldn't feel anything except for where his hand touched hers and each step sent shocks through her body, constantly jarring her into reality. She sensed a rise in the path, then steps, then a long hallway after stepping through the front door. Their forward movement slowed and she felt herself being maneuvered around something, then gently pushed backward. When she bounced, she knew she was sitting on a bed and her heart leaped in her throat.

"Welcome to my home, detective."

"Thank you. Can I take the blindfold off?"

"No. I want you to keep them on until I decide how tonight is going to end."

"Fair enough."

Sutton tried to breathe deeply, hoping that it would help to keep her fear at bay but she knew he could tell that she was petrified. "You're different than I thought." He began, his hands smoothing her shoulders. "I expected a hard woman but you're anything but hard."

"Why did you think I'd be hard?" She hated the tremor in her voice but the heat of his hands through the thin fabric of the dress was getting to her.

And he knew it. "You'd have to be hard to be a homicide detective." His hands moved down her arms, raising goosebumps in their wake. "When was the last time a man touched you like this?" When she offered no answer, he continued, bending down by her ear. "When was the last time a man told you that you were spectacular?" His fingers moved down, brushing her nipples that made her gasp. "When was the last time a man gave you a good, hard fuck?"

Candace couldn't speak. When was the last time she had a good, hard fuck? Forget the fuck, when was the last time she'd been kissed? The fact that she couldn't answer was a telling sign. "A long time." She answered softly.

"A beautiful woman like you?" He moved closer. "I'm sure there are hundreds of men out there who want you so why are you alone?"

"I'm a police officer. I don't have time ... "

"For relationships?" He laughed. "I heard that before. Beautiful women never had time for me, especially those whores." His hands caressed her breasts, cupping them and circling her nipples through the fabric. "Take your dress off."

She started to say something but changed her mind. Slowly, she stood, unhooking the halter portion of the dress and letting it fall from her breasts. She was about to push the rest of the dress down when his lips attacked her nipples, licking and sucking them until they rose to painful points. Candace gasped for breath, loving every lick and suck that he was giving her. It felt so good to be ravished that she forgot about the danger and only thought about his hot hands on her body.

"I want to fuck you, detective. You ready to play my game?"

Her body shaking from his attention, she pushed her dress the rest of the way down, thrusting her shoulders out. "Yes, Jack. Let's play.

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