tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnhanced Interrogation

Enhanced Interrogation


Author's Note: This entire story is being written as a collaboration with Doctor_Tease. Chapters will be posted on an alternating basis so please look to his profile for the next installment!



Oh yeah, that bastard was going to pay.

Just as soon as I got out of these ropes, his ass was toast. I'd cut his balls off and feed them to him. Show him just who he was fucking with. I grinned savagely to myself, imagining the pain I was going to cause him. The fucker didn't stand a chance.

It had been a routine job, or should have been. Dress up in a slinky black dress and pearls, schmooze with the snooty types at the cocktail party, and then sneak off to crack open the safe and photograph the sensitive documents inside. The first bit had gone off without a hitch and I'd managed to slip away from the party unnoticed, marching through the mansion like I owned the place to discourage anyone from questioning me. It had been piece of cake to find the right office and the safe had practically opened itself for me, but that's when things had started to go wrong.

Instead of the documents filled with classified military secrets I'd been expecting, the safe was filled with photos - photos of naked, bound women being abused and fucked in every way imaginable. More disturbingly, they all bore some physical resemblance to me. It was like seeing a team of my stunt doubles strapped to tables, trussed with rough ropes and hung from winches, penetrated by thick studded dildos or cocks pushed through ring-gags, skin bright red from spanking and flogging...

I'd been shuffling through them quickly, trying to understand what the hell was going on, when the sound of the office door opening had me dropping to the floor and cursing the tightness of my dress that had precluded me carrying a gun. I sneaked a quick peek out from behind the desk and felt my heart sink. It would have to be Cole, the bastard.

Cole had been a coworker once, or as close to coworkers as those in our field ever got. I suppose in a sense he still was, only now we played for different sides. I'd had a run-in with him last month, one that had left him with his pants down - figuratively and literally - and I'd heard that he'd been gunning for me ever since. My simple little job had just become far less simple. I might have been smarter and better than Cole at this, but for the moment it looked like he had the drop on me.

"Give it up, Aleks." I heard him chuckle, his footsteps growing closer as he neared the desk. "We both know you're in here, that you don't have a gun, and that I've won this round. Just put your hands up and make this easy on yourself."

"In your dreams, dickwad." I muttered under my breath, prompting another laugh from him. I pulled my hair down, fumbling through the curls for the brutally sharp silver hair stick I favored for these jobs, and waited, crouched against the desk, for him to come close enough.

A shadow moved in my peripheral vision; I leapt, quick and silent, and drove the blade through--leather? In horror, I realized I was stabbing a black jacket hung on a coat tree. Stupid! How could I have fallen for that trick? I spun, but the tail of the dress had caught under one of my heels, and I winced as I felt my ankle twist.

Cole appeared from behind the coats, smirking, and I freed the poniard to slash the dress away from my legs. "Easy, Alex," he said, holding his hands up. "Look, maybe I underestimated you, but all I wanted to do was talk. Can you put that thing away for a second?"

"Not a chance," I said. "You've underestimated me once too often." He was a clear target now, and I wasn't about to let word of his catching me like this get around. I raised the knife and prepared to pounce on him. Something tugged at the low back of my dress.

I didn't have time to stop myself. As I leapt, I felt myself yanked backwards, landing on my back hard enough to force the wind from my lungs. The knife clattered out of my hand. As I convulsed, desperate for breath, I felt his accomplice's knees drop heavily onto my shoulders and pin me to the ground. But my arms were still outstretched, and even as stars danced before my eyes, I could just feel the silver stick at the tip of my fingers...

"Misunderestimated, maybe," said Cole drily, bending over me to start moving his hand up my thigh, pushing the dress up with it. Perfect. Distracted by the goods. I finally gasped in a lungful of air, and my hand closed over my weapon.

I think I was grinning in anticipation of stabbing them both when the foul-smelling cloth clamped over my mouth and nose.


My memory of those last few seconds was blurry, though I had a faint impression of flailing and trying to stab backwards as Cole laughed. I felt rage boil up inside me again as I pictured it and I wanted nothing more than to kill that smug bastard. It was one thing to capture me, but this was just humiliating.

I'd drifted back into consciousness, aware of a blinding light and uncomfortable warmth. It took me a while to become fully aware but when I did I discovered I was tied to a metal chair. My arms were crossed behind me, pulling my shoulders back and thrusting my breasts forward and my ankles were lashed to the rear rungs of the chair, my knees to the front, so my legs were spread wide. My hair had been pulled back into a rough ponytail and he'd removed all my clothing save for my shoes and my strand of pearls, which was looped suggestively under one breast. I could see nothing but the glare of multiple spotlights when I cracked my eyes open, and beads of sweat were beginning to form on my forehead from the heat they generated.

I'd spent what seemed like an eternity struggling against the ropes that held me, but whoever had tied them knew what they were doing. I tried knocking the chair over but it appeared to be bolted to the floor, and by the time I finally acknowledged that I was stuck, my body gleamed with sweat. I resigned myself to fantasizing about disemboweling Cole, and settled in to wait.

It wasn't long before I heard a door opening, and footsteps approaching. I squinted against the lights, trying desperately to see who was there, and then yelped in shock as a jet of icy water hit me in the chest. It lasted for only a second but the cold knocked the wind out of me, leaving me gasping for air.

"Hi, Aleks." said a voice. Cole. That fucker.

"I'm sorry about all of this, really I am. I'd much prefer to just tie you down and fuck your ass as payback, but I do need information from you first. Besides, I suppose this will be entertaining in its own way."

"Go to hell, you bastard." I growled, "I won't tell you anything. You know that."

"Ah, yes. I had heard that you'd had extensive torture resistance training. Like I said though, this is partially payback for that incident in Milan. Besides, if you resist, it just gives me more time to play with you."

I struggled against my ropes again, futilely, and allowed a small rush of pride as I remembered Milan. We'd been on the same side, then, but I had wanted credit for the job. He'd got to the thumb drive first so I'd simply offered him a congratulatory blow job. The smug asshole had actually believed that I was so anxious to sleep with such a successful, manly agent that he'd dropped his pants, and his guard, and it had been a simple matter to snag the data from his pocket. Of course, as soon as I'd had it, I'd pulled my gun, tied him to a chair and left him with blue balls.

He hadn't liked that.

I was startled out of my reverie by another blast of cold water, this time to my crotch. I gasped, reflexively trying to close my legs as Cole played the stream of water up and down my slit, and then shrieked in rage and pain as he focused it in on my clit. The fucker always had been a pretty good shot.

"You bastard!" I managed to gasp out when the water stopped. "You haven't even asked me anything. Are you just doing that for fun, you sick fuck?"

"Hmm, you're right. I am doing this for fun. We'll get to the questions later." He laughed, turning the water back on again, this time aiming for my nipples. I felt them harden into firm little points, the icy water both painful and slightly arousing as it washed over my breasts. When he stopped, I began to shiver, goosebumps rising on my skin, steam rising under the glare of the spotlights. I was sure he enjoyed seeing the muscles in my back and belly, tight and trembling as they glistened.

I was breathing fast, anticipating the next jet of water, when the lights suddenly snapped off, disorienting me. I opened my eyes quickly but my vision was a mass of light spots and I didn't see Cole until his hand was already on my breast, kneading and tugging on it, tweaking my nipple.

"You're quite lovely, Aleks." he said, his hand trailing down my stomach. "It's really too bad you're such a bitch."

"You just say that cause you couldn't get into my pants without the help of chloroform, you pathetic limpdick." I growled, trying to ignore his fingers sliding gently up and down the folds of my pussy. There was a tiny bit of wetness growing there and I was hoping he wouldn't notice. I couldn't bear for him to think that he was getting to me, because he wasn't. No way.

"Oh, Aleks," he sighed, "we both know that you can insult me as much as you like and it won't change anything. Keep right on telling me just how much of a pathetic bastard I am, keep on pretending you hate me, but remember that I've got my fingers up your cunt and I can feel how wet you are." He punctuated his words by thrusting one finger into my pussy and I moaned slightly, ashamed because he was right, it slid in easily on my wetness.

"Fuck you." I managed, knowing as I said it that it was a lame response.

"That's it, Aleks, just enjoy it." he said, ignoring my protest. "You see, I read your file. Oh yes, those aren't nearly as secure as you'd think, and yours contained some very interesting information. See, you did pass that intensive torture resistance course, just like you said, but what you forgot to mention was that you failed the second part of the evaluation, the part involving sexual stimuli. According to your handler you are one seriously submissive little slut and...let's see...how did he put it? Ah, yes... 'Agent shows signs that sexual torture could be used with success. Reacts strongly to discussions of sexual submission and humiliation, and becomes visibly aroused while viewing footage of same. Recommend further assessment in this area.'"

I tried not to wince. I remembered that part of the course, the part I thought would be easy, just wired up and sitting in a chair watching a fast-paced blur of subliminal imagery. But I kept catching glimpses of things that made me squirm and breathe faster--come to think of it, images that were a lot like what I'd seen in the safe. Shit, this whole thing really had been a trap for me. But he couldn't know I'd had to end that test early and scurry off to the restroom to frantically masturbate...

Could he?

"You never got further assessed, did you, Aleks? From what I heard, you gave your handler a very nice blow job and that part of your file just quietly disappeared. Or so you thought."

I groaned, my head swimming as I tried to process his words through the persistent tide of pleasure coming from my pussy. He'd switched to two fingers and was gently stroking them in and out, rubbing my clit with his thumb as he did so. I was dripping juices all over the chair, and my hips were bucking against his hand despite myself. I moaned in protest as he withdrew his fingers, lifting his hand up to my face and pressing them against my lips.

"Taste yourself, Aleks. Taste your slutty little cunt." he growled roughly, obviously turned on. I let him push the fingers into my mouth, fighting a moan of pleasure at the kinkiness of it, and then bit down as hard as I could, grinding my teeth in.

"Fuck!" he yelled, snatching his fingers back. I knew a moment of victory before he grabbed my hair tightly, yanking my head back, and began to spank my breasts, hard. I cried out in shock and pain, struggling against the ropes as the blows rained down again and again, making my small, pert tits bounce.

"You're going to pay for that, Aleks." he panted, aiming a pair of especially hard slaps to my left nipple. My vision had begun to return and in the dim light I could see red hand prints forming on the pale skin of my breasts, my nipples swelling and darkening from the abuse. "I'm going to enjoy punishing you for that."

I could feel tears leaking from my eyes as he continued to spank my tits, the slap of flesh and his harsh breaths the only sound as I bit my lip against the moans and cries bubbling up inside me. I would not give him the satisfaction, I would not show him that he was winning. I was close to breaking down and crying out when he finally stopped, abruptly letting go of my hair. My breasts felt hot and swollen, the skin reddened all over, and I sagged in my bonds, panting.

Then he picked up the hose again.

For just a second, the cold water was soothing on my breasts, but soon it just made things worse. I gritted my teeth as he sprayed short, icy blasts at first my right nipple, then my left, making them contract painfully tighter each time. After a few rounds of that, he walked up and took them in his hands, slowly tugging and twisting at the stiff little peaks; the combination of soreness and cold made them incredibly sensitive, and I could feel a helpless little whimper rising at the back of my throat.

No! I wasn't going to let him hear me whine like a beaten animal. As he released me, I opened my mouth to say something smart about the lengths he had to go to to feel a girl up for the first time--and a blast of icy water filled my mouth.

Choking and sputtering, I tried to blink away the spray as the harsh lights snapped back on. "Ah-ah, Aleks," he taunted. "If you're going to bite, you won't get to use your mouth for anything else." He began to run the tight, high-pressure stream back and forth across my breasts, then dipped to torment my exposed pussy in a triangle that made my whole body tense and tremble. I clenched my fists, but kept my mouth shut. Even this was better than being drowned.

Just as I was mercifully starting to go numb, he hit some kind of switch, and the water changed from icy to hot. I'm sure it wasn't any warmer than a normal shower, but against my chilled skin it burned like fire. I gasped and jerked in the chair, writhing as pins and needles danced over my sore breasts and dripping pussy.

"Interesting sensation, hmm?" he murmured as he dropped the hose and walked up to fondle me yet again. This time he went more slowly, cupping my small breast and rolling the nipple between his fingers, prolonging the painful tingling. He began to flick the very tip with his fingernail, lightly, then harder and harder until I was jerking in the chair each time. The pain was always followed by a little rush of pleasure, and it traveled from my breast through my whole body. I couldn't believe how much reaction he could get from me just by stimulating one tiny cluster of nerves. There were tears of anger and shame gathering at the corners of my eyes, and I was actually grateful that they were hidden in the water still dripping down my body.

At last I felt Cole move his hand to grab hold of my strand of pearls, tugging until the clasp broke and they slithered down my chest to land on the chair between my legs.

"These are quite lovely, Aleks. Not your usual taste, but I think they suit you." he said, and I began to tremble, wondering what he was planning to do with them. "I had been planning to leave them on you, as a sort of decoration, but I think you should wear them another way."

I felt him pick up the end of the strand and insert it into my pussy. I yelped and tried to buck my hips out of the way, but the ropes held me fast and I had to sit there impotently as he slowly, one by one, shoved the strand of pearls up my cunt. Every so often he would tug on it, pulling a few out, before pushing more in until finally I was stuffed full. Any move of my hips caused the pearls inside me to shift and press against my walls in a very distracting way.

I thought it couldn't get any worse until I saw him pull something small and silver from his pocket: a miniature vibrator, less than an inch long. Under normal circumstances I imagine I wouldn't have even felt it unless it was pressed directly against my clit, but Cole had other plans. He reached down and began to push it into my already full pussy, sliding between the pearls and making me gasp as the little round jewels stretched me. When it was securely nestled in among them, he tapped it on and withdrew his hand.

The sensation was maddening. The faint buzz was transmitted through the pearls as they moved, causing a constantly shifting stimulation that only got worse when I tried to move around. It wasn't enough to do more than tease me, but the way it kept changing gave me no chance to get used to it, and I could feel my slit starting to drip with wetness again.

I was helpless and still shivering, bound tight to the chair, my breasts sore and nipples swollen as I helplessly squirmed against the buzzing pearls. A few curls of my hair had escaped the ponytail and clung wetly to my face, and I could barely think to maintain my tenuous grip on myself. When he pulled back the hood of my clit and pressed his thumb against it, I could do nothing but moan.

"I was going to let you come, you know. I'd been planning to finish you off after you sucked my fingers, but now I've changed my mind. You don't get to come, Aleks, no matter how much you beg. And you will beg. By the time we're done with you, you'll fuck anything with a dick, and you'll enjoy it."

He yanked his hand back from my clit, laughing as I unconsciously tried to follow it, and stood up.

"This is where the real fun starts."

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