tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnhanced Interrogation Ch. 04

Enhanced Interrogation Ch. 04


Author's Note: This entire story is being written as a collaboration with the brilliant, sadistic greysequoia--head over to her account to see the odd-numbered chapters. I also want to acknowledge that I owe a creative debt to EasyTarget, whose "Enhanced Methods" is the platinum standard for sexy interrogation stories.


I knew she couldn't answer, and I didn't care. I just held her there for a second, almost tenderly, her tight little body trembling in my arms as I gripped her ponytail to tilt her head back and slowly stroking her swollen clit. My fingers actually began to burn slightly, feeling not just the hot sauce and muscle rub still mixing with her wetness, but the heat throbbing from her slit. If it was doing that to my hand, her pussy must have felt... exquisite.

She was gleaming with sweat and tension, her legs rigid and trembling, and I could see the little muscles at the base of her belly jumping unconsciously as she tried to maintain her balance. Aleks really was an incredible specimen. I slid my hand lower, cupping her mound and gently squeezing, wiping a little more of the mixture off of her and teasing the entrance to her cunt with the tip of one finger.

Tears glistened at the corners of her closed eyes, and I could see her lashes fluttering slightly. She looked as if she had forgotten where she was for just a moment, lost in the overwhelming sensation and rush of endorphins that would be following the pain. Her essential nature would be warring with her rigid conditioning now; I knew the latter wouldn't hold out forever, and part of me almost regretted that. Aleks was the best toy I'd ever had, and what good is a toy once it's broken?

I pushed my finger into her, slowly, feeling her clench and tremble as the aftermath of her obvious ruined orgasm still pulsed through her body. I wondered how that frustrating moment of pleasure would play against the new feeling of having the capsaicin actually penetrate her. The interesting thing was that I could tell she was starting not to care...

I let go of her ponytail and yanked the electrical tape off her mouth. Aleks gasped again, jerking against me as I pulled my finger out as well and let the rope snap taut against her still-burning pussy. "Open," I commanded, holding my hand out to take the panties from her mouth. For once, she obeyed without hesitation.

"I asked you a question, Aleks," I reminded her as she worked her mouth, trying to rid herself of her own taste. "That water: mouth or pussy?"

"C-can I do half and half?" she muttered sullenly, her face and neck still flushed a deep red.

"No," I grinned, and yanked the clip off her left nipple.

Aleks actually came up off the rope at that.

I've never seen anyone put so much effort into not screaming. Her whole body was completely rigid, and she was standing almost en pointe, every muscle standing out tense as a guy wire. I didn't help things, either, by idly running my fingers back and forth across her breast as the nerves woke again from the numbing pressure of the clamp and encountered the muscle rub once again. Forget pins and needles--it must have felt like knives and nails.

I put my hand on the other clamp. "Mouth," I said, "or pussy?"

"Pussy!" came the strangled word. "Please! Cole! Pussy!"

"You really can't get enough of me playing with that little thing, can you?" I chuckled, and reached over to hit the quick release that kept the rope taut. With a clank, it came free, just as I pulled the clamp off her right nipple.

She collapsed onto the floor, writhing, and this time there was no way she was keeping quiet. It wasn't a scream, exactly, but almost a high-pitched tea kettle whine. I stood there for a moment, just relishing the sight of this beautiful woman completely helpless. The whip marks were still reddening on her ass and underneath her perky little tits, and of course the spreader bar kept her legs so wide apart that her bright pink pussy remained completely exposed.

I took the crop and touched it to her inner thigh, lightly. Her eyes flicked open with a look of startled fear, and she went completely still.

"Good girl," I said softly. "Arch your hips up off the ground so I can wash you properly."

She gritted her teeth, clearly wanting to spit fire at me again, but she also wanted that water really bad. She did it, and once again I got to admire her taut abs as she presented her bare pussy like a wanton slut.

I took two steps to a nearby stool and plucked the small plastic water bottle off it, then knelt next to her. She was breathing through her nose, shakily trying to maintain the humiliating posture in the wake of everything I'd put her through, and I locked eyes with her for a moment. There was hatred there, yes, and lust, and pain, and... something else? Not fear. Something more complex.

I opened the bottle and poured a thin stream onto her clit. Aleks groaned, her hips bucking uncontrollably as I tilted it to drain a little faster. At this point she might have preferred me to get out the hose again. As the water splashed into a little puddle underneath her, she began to relax, ever so slightly. The water wouldn't completely wash away the pain, but for a moment, she was clearly savoring the tiny bit of relief I'd offered.

She had no idea how much worse it was about to get.

I put the toe of my shoe under her lower back and lifted, flipping her over onto her side and making her grunt; the spreader bar made her ankle swing up off the ground, and I took it as offered, dragging her across the concrete floor as she struggled weakly. There was a round plastic tub there, propped up off the ground on a couple pieces of wood. A flat, wide board was set to one side, level with the top of the tub. Resting on it, plugged into an extension cord, was an industrial-strength Hitachi vibrator. The tub was filled with water, a couple dozen ice cubes still floating in it.

I reached down to grab her mussed, curly hair and drag her up. I got her kneeling on the wooden platform beside the tub and forced her to look down at it: her eyes widened as she saw the ice, no doubt remembering our first little session with the cold water hose.

Then, looking closer, she saw the bare copper ends of the two wires dipping into the tub.

"Distilled," I said quietly, breaking her frightened silence. "That water is so pure that, at the moment, it won't actually conduct electricity. See?" I dipped my free hand into it, held it there for a second, then grinned and drew it back out, shaking it. "My goodness! It certainly is cold, though..."

"Then what's the point?" she muttered. "Or are you just showing off your consolation prize from the science fair?"

"The point, Aleks, is that you're not pure at all." I yanked her hair back, forcing her to lean backwards, knees still bent on the board and back arched up. I supported her head and ran one finger down her sleek, sweaty abdomen, then licked it. "Salt. Salt water conducts electricity just fine. And the longer you stay in there--the longer you try to resist--the more conducive it becomes."

She tried to keep a stoic expression, but I could see the pulse flutter in her neck. Now she understood. "Before I break your teeth," she whispered, "before I dissolve your scrotum, I'm going to etch your eyes with acid."

"You must be delusional from thirst," I said blandly. "Here you go, little spy. You get that cool, refreshing drink after all."

Aleks tried to keep herself rigid, away from the tub, but she had no leverage. With my grip on her hair, I lifted her to a kneeling position again, then slowly forced her to bend forward at the waist until she splashed into the ice.

She jerked hard when the cold first hit, and I was frankly surprised that she still had the muscle control to do even that. I kept her down, though, taking a moment to admire her degrading pose: ankles still held wide apart, ass forced to rise up a bit in the air, wrists behind her and her face and chest plunged down even deeper than they would have been if she were prostrate on the floor. Bubbles rose from beside her face. Silly girl. This was supposed to be about more pain play than breathplay, but if she wanted to combine the two...

After I was sure there was no air left in her lungs, I counted ten more slow seconds, then yanked her back up to a kneeling position.

Aleks inhaled desperately and coughed, then hiccuped, water sluicing down her body to drip between her thighs. Her face was bright pink with the cold and exertion, and goosebumps rose on her chest, nipples once again hard and tight. I gave the right one a familiar flick. "How was that?" I murmured. "I bet at this point you're grateful to be going numb..."

Aleks tried to shake her head, but I still had a tight grip on her hair. "B-bastard," she managed through ragged breaths.

"That's kind of a weak epithet, for you," I frowned. "Maybe you need to have your imagination stimulated?" She felt it coming and inhaled desperately just before I plunged her once more into the tub.

She was better about holding her breath this time. I counted another twenty--not much time for a trained agent--before I reached back, picked up that heavy Hitachi vibrator, flipped it to medium-high and pressed it between her spread legs.

Aleks probably thought the water would muffle her squeal. It almost did. Bubbles streamed to the surface once again as she squirmed, and I almost felt a little sympathy for her: after walking that rope, her raw, throbbing pussy would not interpret the vibration as soothing pleasure. It would be more like a jackhammer on her frayed nerves. I tightened my grip on her hair as she bucked and jerked, almost totally out of her own control, unable to pull up out of the painfully cold water or escape the punishment of the vibe.

Thirty seconds.

Fifty seconds.

At fifty-nine I yanked her back up and set the Hitachi down. She sobbed openly for breath, her body shaking with exhaustion, and I was sure not all of the water pouring down her face was from the tub.

"Ready to talk?" I asked.

She tried to spit.

Calmly and methodically, I lifted my open hand and began to spank her tight, perky little breasts. Left, then right, then left again, just as I had in that first room after she'd bitten my hand: I made the rhythm exactly the same, so she'd know to anticipate the next one, and to flinch. I could see in her face the moment the first sting began to eat through the numbness of the cold.

"Salt diffuses into water pretty quickly," I said, and paused for another smack, hard enough that it made my palm sting. "You're running out of time before the electricity finds a good path between those wires." Smack. "That path will very likely involve you." Smack. "What do you want to use that oxygen for, my prisoner?" Before she could answer, I shoved her back down and picked up the Hitachi to resume that impossible conflicting punishment.

I didn't feel it myself, but I knew exactly when the first jolt arced through the water.

I had started lifting the vibrator up hard into her pussy, making her hips rise and tilt her even further down into the water, then pulling it away and letting them fall again: soon I was forcing her to hump it like a dog, her pelvis bouncing up and down against her will. It was at about the count of thirty that she suddenly spasmed hard, fighting upward against my grip on her curly hair. She almost got clear of the water before I regained control and shoved her even deeper, jamming the vibe hard against her sore and slippery lips.

Eventually the water would be evenly saturated with her sweat, and the electricity would come through as a buzzing current, but right now it still had to build up and then jump across the tub. Each time, it snapped through her body. Each time, she lost a little more air to a scream.

Just before what I judged would have been the fifth shock, I pulled her out and dropped the vibrator again.

She'd stopped trying to fight my leverage and sagged onto the platform, trembling. Her breath was a series of shudders, her breasts and cheeks flushed bright pink, and she'd bitten her lip at some point--it was starting to swell. She didn't meet my gaze.

I reached down between her thighs and cupped her, feeling the heat throbbing from her bare and swollen slit. After all the abuse, it wouldn't exactly feel good, but a gentle touch rather than a vicious pounding had to be some kind of relief. I felt her respond: as I carefully, gently pushed two fingers up into her, her cunt pulsed faintly around them. She was fever-hot and dripping wet, and not from the tub.

I let go of her hair for a moment, took her chin, tilted her head back and kissed her.

Aleks didn't bite this time. Perhaps fear had gotten the best of her, or perhaps she was simply too stunned to respond, or in shock. But I didn't think so. When her tongue flicked against mine, I knew I was almost through to the other Aleks: the deep submissive, the pain slut, the slave who not only wanted this treatment, but needed it.

Then I felt her stiffen and squirm, fighting to pull away from me, and I knew she wasn't quite there yet.

Before she could think, I pulled away and regained my grip on her hair, once more forcing her down into the water. This time the electricity was ready for her, and I felt her go rigid, twisting in my grip with the very last of her strength. I could almost hear the crackle of the shock as it danced through her helpless body.

I reached for the vibrator, then changed my mind. Twisting to make sure I still had her held down, I reached under the tub and brought out the final piece of the contraption: a long, jointed steel frame that locked into place as I unfolded each section.

The first vertical arm rose up to about six inches above the top of the tub. The second made a solid bar horizontally over the top, and the third descended down below the tub again, where it locked into place. I moved around the device awkwardly until I was sure I had it firmly secured, and then I let go of Aleks's hair.

She surged up out of the tub, gasping, and almost immediately her shoulders encountered the flat limit of the steel. Surprised, she dropped back down again, and another scream bubbled through the water as the charge snapped through her once more.

This time she was more cautious, and when she got herself clear of the water--just barely--she tried to lift the whole thing with her back. It wasn't going anywhere, though. Even if she hadn't been incredibly tired and half-drowned, she still had no leverage, and lifting the bar would have meant lifting hundreds of pounds of water as well. She struggled with it anyway. She probably had no idea she was whimpering with desperation.

Aleks tried to dip down, just a bit, to squirm out from under it. Her cold, punished nipples touched the slopping surface of the water, and the voltage from the wires snapped through them both. The frame clanked as she hit it hard again, shaking with helpless exhaustion.

Slowly, casually, I picked up the Hitachi and pressed it against her. With deliberation, I began to work the head of the vibrator up and down her pussy, making sure no inch of her hypersensitive slit was spared. Then I leaned down to her ear. "Would you like to stay out of the water, Aleks?" I murmured.

"FUCK!" she screamed, unable to even buck away from this renewed torment, unable to draw a complete breath with the way she was bent double over the water.

"There's one way I can help you," I said, and drew it out of my pocket, the little silver choke-chain collar I'd been waiting to offer her. "One lifeline I can wrap around your throat. But I'm not going to put it on until you ask me, Aleks. Until you beg."

She'd been wobbling as I spoke, her abdominal muscles losing the ability to hold her up, and just then they gave in. She plunged down into the still-frozen water, and the shock that hit her must have been the hardest yet. She had to try three times before she could lift herself out, and encounter the unyielding bar, and start the struggle all over again.

I angled the vibrator up so that all its pressure was directly on her tortured clit. "Well, Aleks?"

"Cole!" she said, a strangled gasp.

I let the steel brush the side of her neck. Her body collapsed again, hit the water with a splash, rose back up with what must have been an unbelievable effort. I flipped the Hitachi up as high as it would go and practically jammed it into her clit. Aleks dropped, splashed, screamed, struggled up.

"On!" she managed, with what must have been the very last of her air. "Please! PLEASE!"

With one easy movement, I slipped the chain around her slender throat and drew it tight. One end slid through a hole in the bar, letting me pull it up until she was indeed out of the water--and could barely breathe.

I felt her accept it, shoulders going limp, eyes closing, breath whistling in her throat. I took two fingers and found her carotid artery, slowly pressing it tight. It was one of the first things we'd learned at the academy together: how to safely, surely take a victim into unconsciousness.

Aleks would be out cold in ten seconds. Eight. Six. "Little spy," I whispered in her ear, "little Aleks. All mine." Perhaps it was just her muscles slackening, but I thought she nodded as she slipped into the dark.

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