tagSci-Fi & FantasyEnhancement: Experiment Ch. 02

Enhancement: Experiment Ch. 02


I came slowly and reluctantly awake - I had been dreaming that I was being fucked by several men with huge cocks while my boobs were being sucked and milked. I sighed at the sexy dream and started to move my hand down to my soaked pussy. This small movement jostled my tender breasts and set them to thrumming. I awoke fully. Memory came back to me and I flung off my sheet and sat up to look at my new assets. They were amazing! The size of small melons, and my nipples had gotten longer as well, almost the size of my pinkies. I cupped them and they overflowed my hands. I lightly pinched my nipples and a wave of arousal swept over me. I quickly jerked my hands away, remembering that my mistress had warned me I wasn't allowed to play with myself. My nipples still throbbed from that light touch, though, feeling full and aching. And they were leaking! Bluish white fluid was pearling on the tips. I brought a breast up and touched my tongue to it. It was creamy and sweet. I brought the other breast up to do the same. Of course, at that exact moment my mistress walked in.

"Kitten!" my mistress exclaimed as she witnessed my offense. I dropped my boobs and winced as their heavy weight bounced on my chest. "None of that! I won't have you spoiling my preliminary data. Now attend!" She brought her ever present crop around and pointed it at the floor. I scrambled out of bed and stood where she pointed, arms folded behind my back, eyes down.

"Come now, we've got a lot of measurements to take today." Her crop tapped me on the ass as she guided me out the door and down the hall. I kept my eyes demurely lowered to the elegant wood floors, letting her guide me past rice-paper sliding doors- her home had a distinctly Japanese feel to it. The mistress herself was wearing a silky long black kimono patterned with red and gold dragons, her wasp-like waist adorned by a gold obi to keep it shut. I, however, was completely nude, although I didn't feel naked. I was too fascinated by the bouncing of my new breasts, how the nipples pointed crazily with each jiggle.

"Here we are my dear. In here. Amilia and Jerome will help me with your measurements and then they'll clean you up and bring you to the milking room after I've got it set up. Jerome, take up the calipers for me. Amilia, you'll take notes." The room I was in was tiled in white and partitioned with three low half walls to make four stalls. Each had different nozzles and sinks and metal railings to make me think they each had separate purposes. Amilia and Jerome stepped forward from where they'd been standing by the rightmost tiled half wall. My quick glimpses as they moved about their tasks let me see that they were both somewhat clothed in open lab coats and the ever present collars of the subservients and nothing else. Amilia, who had aided me last night, was small and petite with pert little breasts and dark pink nipples. Her hair was a luscious dark brown that was caught in a low bun- part of her costume as lab assistant I supposed. Jerome had the same toffee skin tone and dark hair caught in a similar bun, but he was anything but petite. He was as tall as the mistress and his broad shoulders strained the seams of his lab coat. His limp cock was even larger than the Mistress's and his balls were huge, each one the size of an avocado.

Jerome seemed indifferent with his measuring as the mistress directed him, but with my eyes lowered I could easily watch as his thick cock started stiffening each time he had to touch me. By the time the mistress had finished he was hard as a rock and had to take care not to brush his monster cock against me. I was getting wet just looking at it. He let his hands linger just a little too long with the last measurement.

"Well, Jerome. I see you appreciate our fine new little milkmaid. Her tits are already larger than mine, and I expect they'll grow until she reaches her peak milk production. Of course I haven't let you cum in days now. I bet your balls are about to burst, if that precum you're leaking is any indication. Well, let's take some measurements to see if your enforced abstinence will yield the results I've been expecting. Grab hold of that bar by the half wall and present yourself. Amilia, remove his monitor and see to his lubing. Kitten," she looked at me as she parted her kimono to reveal her long thick phallus. " Hmm, while normally I would love to have your expert little mouth on me, semen has been known to increase milk production and I don't want to skew the results of your first milking. Stand by the wall and watch, there's a pet. "

I did as she said, my eyes drinking in the scene. Jerome had disrobed and was magnificent. Bending over to clutch the metal bar revealed a bright glowing blue-violet monitor in his tight muscled ass, which Amilia set to remove and replace with her fingers as she lubed his slightly gaping hole. The mistress was working her own cock with her hand and hardening it to magnificent proportions. I salivated looking at it, remembering it's exquisite taste as it filled my mouth and throat.

"Good, Amilia. Go get the liter beaker from the cabinet and kneel under him to catch his sperm. Under no circumstances are you allowed to taste it! The latest serum I've given him may have changed its composition. I'll need to study it before I allow him to share it with anyone. There you go. Hold his cock in place with your other hand- I want to be sure we catch all of his spunk."

The mistress had moved behind Jerome and was slowly rubbing her cock head up and down his crack as she instructed Amilia. Once the sub was in place, the mistress placed the thick head of her shaft at Jerome's entrance and leaned forward. I watched Jerome as he braced himself. His face had a look of concentration and he gave a slight groan as the mistress stretched the tight ring of his sphincter with her cock. "There's a good lad. Let me in, just a little more," the mistress murmured as she slowly pushed into him, one hand on his hip, the other helping her cock push past his tight ring. You could almost hear the pop as her head made it past. Jerome let out another groan as the mistress praised him and fed the rest of her thick length into him, inch by slow inch.

"There's my lovely lad. Your tight ass just wants to suck my cock all the way in. But your hungry hole will just have to wait. There we go, a little more. So nice and tight around your mistress's cock." The Mistress's voice held only a hint of strain while Jerome was panting, his head thrown back and his face awash with a mixture of pleasure and pain. His cock was purple and as big as a stallion's, swollen with blood. Already a steady drizzle of precum was drooling into the beaker Amilia held under his juicy cock. The mistress moved her other hand to his hip as the last couple inches of her cock worked their stay way into his tight hole. With only an inch or so left, she grabbed his hips and slammed home. Jerome grunted and small burst of jizz squirted from his cock. "Oh yes, my darling, you like that don't you," my mistress murmured and pumped fiercely into him again. And again. Each time she slammed her fat cock into him another burst of jizz would squirt into the beaker, as if she was milking him of cum. Soon he was arching back to meet her, their big balls slapping together with each thrust, each motion pushing his cock into Amilia's hand. The pace increased until an almost constant stream of cum was flowing into the jar. Both of their faces were tight with lust and Jerome was gasping, his huge balls high and tight as they knocked into Amilia's small hand which didn't come even close to encircling his painfully swollen cock.

"Now, Jerome!" The mistress cried, "fill up that beaker while I fill your ass with my cum! Make me proud!" She cried and slammed into him harder and faster than before. Jerome gave a strangled yell and ropes of hot jizz spilled into the beaker, almost splashing over the sides. The mistress gave a cry of her own as she spilled into him but kept stroking as stream after stream of cum poured into the beaker, filling it rapidly. Jerome clung to the metal rail, head hanging, shuddering with each load that left him. Slowly the pulses tapered off until each pump by the mistress's cock produced nothing more than a couple drops of jizz and a whimper from Jerome.

"There we go, darling. Magnificent. That looks like almost 700 millilitres from here," the mistress leaned back and let her softening cock ease from his ass with a small wet plop. "Amilia, go set that in the specimen fridge and then clean me up with that lovely mouth of yours. Jerome, put your plug back in... I don't want you leaking all over. You can clean up after we've got my pet all settled in the milking chamber." She turned towards me and twined her fingers in Amilia's hair as the servant knelt down to lave her mistress's cock. "Now, my pet... What's this?! You've made quite the mess!"

I hadn't noticed, but my nipples, high and tight from lust as I watched the scene before me, had been steadily dribbling blue tinged milk down my chest. I blushed. "I'm sorry mistress," I murmured. She jerked Amilia's head back from where it had engulfed her cock and strode towards me, her kimono falling into place. She swiped a finger through some of the liquid dripping from a breast and sucked it into her mouth. I gasped at that small sensation and another few drops dripped from that nipple. "Hmmm." She contemplated, "it could just be your milk production is already so high that you're overflowing and will need more frequent milking...but I think it might be one if those unknown factors I mentioned... You might leak when you're aroused, my dear. Well, time will tell. Jerome, Amilia, clean her up, the full works. Then fit her with a size 2 anal monitor - she's far too tight. We'll need to train her up to a 6 so I can fuck her comfortably... Or maybe a five... Wouldn't want you too comfortable, hmm? Put her in her milkmaid gear and then bring her to the milking parlor. No other attachments in her harness though until we get her first reading. Oh, and cap her nipples... We can't have her leaking all over the place." With that the mistress swept out of the room, muttering about volumes and serums.

"Ugh! I hate it when she makes me clean her up after anal!" Muttered Amilia as she turned towards the cabinets.

"You think she doesn't know that? That's why she makes you do it, Ames." Jerome said as he moved towards a stall, moving a bit unsteadily, and started filling a basin. I stood mute for a second as Amilia moved towards me. After a second I blurted "are we allowed to speak?"

"You aren't, cow," she gave me a rough shove towards a stall. "We're servants. We came willingly into her service, not bargaining for some silly fetish enhancement. You are just livestock." She sniffed at me and fingered her jeweled collar.

"Oh get over yourself Ames. You're just jealous you didn't think of it and now it's too late. The mistress won't give you any enhancements until you've stopped being an uppity snob. No one likes a bratty sub." Jerome said as he bent me over a bar in the stall. He held me there at the neck and inserted a thin lubed nozzle into my ass with his other hand.

"Hmph. I wouldn't want any anyways. I've no desire to be a lab rat or a milch cow." Amilia took another nozzle and started washing my hair.

"That's too bad. Did you see how much jizz I made today? And it felt incredible! Hold still now kitten, we're going to fill you up nice and slow. Don't be embarrassed, everyone goes through this. God you have magnificent tits. And they're leaking too... Does that warm water feel good filling you up? Your tits are already bigger than Bunny's were the day after she got her enhancement, and now she's got the biggest tits in the complex. I'm betting yours will beat hers. How I'd love to fuck them, slick with all that milk from your arousal and all the precum I make..." Jerome kept up his chatter as he filled me uncomfortably full. Amilia finished with my hair as Jerome turned off his nozzle.

"There you go. Now clench up tight while I remove the wand and then off you go to the water closet over there. We'll at least give you that much privacy." I did as he instructed, and came out several minutes later. Amilia and Jerome continued chatting and verbally sparring as they finished soaping, rinsing, drying, lotioning and lubing me. Once that was done they worked another plug into my ass, larger than the one the day before, and slipped me into a leather harness. The harness was comprised of various straps around my thighs, hips, waist and shoulders along with metal rings. My breasts were lifted by wide shallow cups as if being served on a tray and a few decorative ruffles actually managed to suggest "maid". A second harness was fitted over my head and a bit slipped between my lips.

Finally a couple of caps were strapped in place over my nipples to catch any leaking milk and I was guided out of the room to my first milking.

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