tagSci-Fi & FantasyEnhancement: Experiment Ch. 06 Final

Enhancement: Experiment Ch. 06 Final


"Jerome! What are you doing in my room? "

I'd been relaxing, catching up on interstellar news when Jerome walked in and closed the door behind him. He stood in front of the door, naked and huge, and stared at me. His eyes roved over me as I lay in the bed, my news reader doing nothing to hide my massive tits. His eyes fixed on them and his limp cock started swelling.

"I can't take it anymore, kitten. Every day I watch you getting fucked and having those huge breasts milked and the most I ever get is to unload in your mouth. I'm tired of being jerked off into a beaker! I need you, kitten, I need to fuck your huge breasts and cum in your tight pussy."

His face was tight with desire and determination as he made his declaration.

"But, the mistress would never..."

"I don't care!" He growled and pounced on me, pinning my arms to the bed and kissing me fiercely. I moaned at the forbidden contact. It was true. For the past two weeks I'd had near endless orgasms but no touch, no warmth. I melted into his mouth, kissing him back. He felt my acceptance, my eagerness and let go of my wrists, doing something so that my ever present harness melted away. His grasped my breasts and started kneading them fervently, his huge hands dwarfed by their fullness. I wrapped my arms around him, reveling in his smooth warm skin. He squeezed my tits delightfully hard and I moaned into his mouth. My nipples were leaking and his fingers were getting slippery as he played with them. He stopped kissing me to pull back and watch. He tugged at my nipples and milk squirted from them, coating his fingers.

"Amazing," he whispered and then leaned over to suck one long nipple into his mouth. I gasped as I felt him suck hard, then bring up his hand to squeeze my breast while he sucked. His other hand tugged at my other nipple and each suck and tug and squeeze sent jolts of pleasure to my pussy. I moaned and brought my hands down to find his cock. It was not difficult- he was huge and hard against my thigh, slick with precum. I spread it around with my hands and then started sliding my hands up and down his cock. Even with both hands I could barely encircle his girth. He groaned against my breast as I toyed with him, and then switched nipples, eliciting another gasp from me. After he'd had his fill of that one he squeezed my huge tits together and sucked both nipples at once into his mouth.

"Aah! Jerome that feels amazing!! Harder! Suck harder!"

He did, gulping down the milk that flowed from my swollen breasts, and each suck sent a spike like a mini orgasm to my soaking cunt. His cock was so huge, and he was humping my hands as he sucked. I wanted him in me, splitting me open, so badly. He finally gasped and pulled away. "Too much! I want to fuck your magnificent tits first." He moved up to kneel over my chest and cradled his massive cock between my melon-sized mammaries. His cock head emerged from the top of my tits and nudged me in the mouth. I drew him in and started sucking up his delicious precum a he wrapped his cock in my milk-slicked breasts.

"Oh gods! You feel amazing!" He cried as he fucked them. With each thrust my nipples squirted like mini fountains, and his cock responded with an extra spurt of jizz in my mouth. The aphrodisiac in my milk was affecting him because he was producing more precum than usual. In turn, the hormones in his jizz were affecting me. I could almost see my tits get larger and milk squirted out with force, more with each thrust. We were soon covered in jizz and milk and soaking the bed in both.

"Jerome! Jerome!" I cried, trying to break through the animalistic fog that had crept over him, "please! I need you to fuck me! Please!"

He didn't seem to hear and kept thrusting manically at my tits. Finally the slipperiness undid him and his cock burst free from between them.

I seized my chance- my own animal-like fog was demanding I force his gigantic cock into my pussy and suck it dry. I flipped him onto his back and kneeled over him. My huge breasts hung over his face. My pussy was drenched with my desire and his cock with slick with jizz and milk but still, it took long agonizing seconds to force his steel-hard thickness into my tight cunt. As I worked myself onto him he took both long nipples into his mouth and sucked hard, pulling at my tender breasts and gulping down more aphrodisiac milk. He was so wide, wider than my personal fucking device could even go. It hurt but I was determined, impaling myself millimeter by millimeter. I took him as far as I could and hung panting, my pussy throbbing with pain and pleasure as it stretched around him and he suckled at my tits.

I whimpered as he moved his hands to my hips and started lifting me up and down with slow thrusts. My pussy loosened up a fraction and accepted a little more of his thick long length. He started fucking me faster. I screamed at being stretched so wide, yet at how unbelievably good it felt. Faster, he fucked me and I could feel his cock swell even more and knew he was about to cum. Instead, he lifted me until just his tip was stretching my entrance and held me there. I whimpered and wiggled in his hands, close to my own orgasm, needing to suck his cock into the depths of me and drain his sperm. Just when I couldn't take any more he slammed me down onto him. I screamed as he penetrated depths no one had ever been before. My nipples popped free of his mouth as he buried his face in my enormous tits and yelled, his hips jerking as he unloaded his massive load deep into my womb. I yelled too, as pain and pleasure washed over me and my pussy convulsed around his exploding cock, pulse after pulse of hot jizz filling me up. My pussy sucked it up greedily, deep into my rapidly filling womb.

I collapsed on top of him, my breasts smothering him. He rolled us to our sides and started sucking at my nipples again, languidly. We rested, but his cock refused to soften, still painfully hard and reaching far into my depths. It made a tight seal so not a drop of his massive load had leaked out. It made my womb feel swollen.

"Fuck... Kitten," his voice was tight, "I need to cum again, I'm so hard... This has never happened before!" He latched back onto my nipples, sucking and biting them painfully as he drew out more milk. Having swallowed his jizz, my breasts released even more milk, yet continued to swell painfully. I think the direct penetration of his semenal hormones to my womb were having an even larger effect on my milk production than usual. He started pumping into me again, short quick thrusts, trying to bury himself deeper and deeper into me. I felt painfully full, both my tits and my cunt.

"Jerome, please... My breasts, my womb... I feel like I'm going to burst! Don't cum in me again!"

I pushed at his shoulders but he just growled and sucked harder on my nipples. He seemed mindless, thrusting harder and deeper, sucking at my nipples until I wondered how he had managed to drink all the milk I must be producing. His thrusts were faster now and his cock swelled painfully large. He grabbed me and held me to him, letting out a strangled groan as he unloaded another massive load deep into me. I cried out with the pain and pleasure of feeling so full, my abdomen visibly swelling with each throb of his cock. With one last thrust and a whimper, I felt Jerome's whole body go slack.

"Jerome?" I shook him. He had fainted, milk dribbling from his slack mouth, his eyes rolled back in his head. I knew now why our encounters had been so carefully controlled. Our enhancements were each so strong and complementary that they could create a feedback loop until we fucked each other into permanent injury. Already my breasts ached and leaked uncontrollably as the direct input of two massive doses of his enhanced sperm increased my milk production.

I groaned and worked myself away from him, trying to unwedge his cock from inside me. Even unconscious he was thrusting his hips and loosely grabbing onto me. I finally extricated myself and was rewarded by a flood of semen gushing out of my pussy. It soaked what few dry spots were left on my bed.

Jerome whimpered as his cock reluctantly popped out of me and his hand went to his cock, pumping it. I licked my lips. Even now, my breasts swollen and leaking painfully and my pussy throbbing and sore, desire to suck his cock and swallow more of his delicious semen washed over me. Instead, I waddled into the bathroom and locked myself in. I turned on the shower and milked my own aching breasts in relief as I stood under the cool water.

I hoped Jerome would be OK. The aphrodisiac properties of enhanced milk only had a weak effect on humans, but Jerome had drunk a lot, and there was no telling if his own enhancements would increase his susceptibility. As I finished milking my tits I yawned, suddenly overwhelmed with fatigue. I dried quickly and then stumbled out of the shower and bathroom, darkness encroaching the edges of my vision. The sight in my bedroom startled be briefly back into alertness.

Amilia, fully clothed and standing in front of two hulking Temunitu, was in my room waiting for me.

"Well, kitten. Did you enjoy that little love fest? As soon as I saw Jerome succumb to you, I knew that was the last straw for me. You and Jerome and mistress will all pay for treating me like you do. Take her!"

"What..?" I gasped but the huge green reptilian-like aliens were already on me, their massive three-fingered hands muffling my cries and binding my arms and legs. Jerome continued weakly fucking his own hand, dead to the world. I saw two more large Temunitu grab him before I was bundled into invisi-cloth and carried away...

To be continued in:

Blackmarket Brothel.

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