tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 03

Enjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 03


"OOOOOHHHH GGGGAAAWWWDD," she cried out as she was on all fours and felt the cock she loved the best filling up her more-than-abused-this weekend pussy. Nothing felt better in her than his big, hard perfect dick. She could never get enough of his fucking. She wanted to cum just feeling him enter her. It was not just the size of his monster stiffy that made her feel so good, it was also the fact that he knew her body well and made her feel like a woman inside of as well as outside of the bed. Unfortunately, her "normal" life didn't afford her that luxury very often.

In return, she had decided he could do anything to her he wanted as far as fantasies went. All he had to do was ask or initiate it. She trusted him that much and life was too short not to feel this good as often as the situation presented itself. She would never play any of these games with anyone else, hell she would never even tell anyone else she had such hardcore fantasies if her life depended on it. But with him it seemed very easy to be so open, natural almost.

She even gave up on wanting to have sex with other men. It was a waste of her time; no one could ever made her feel as good as he did. Not to mention it was not worth the risk of disease or meeting someone crazy. She was attractive, smart, fun, and could probably have anyone she wanted but as much as it fucked her up, she just wasn't interested. She would rather just masturbate and wait for the good stuff. The thought had entered her mind to get a girlfriend to keep her company when he wasn't around though. He even suggested that once. She just wasn't sure yet. But it would be kind of nice to have adult companionship every once in awhile.

When they were together they easily got lost in each other both sexually and non-sexually. They could talk about everything and nothing for hours on end. They were both very guarded, very strong personalities, but when together it worked out very well. In bed they were so much in sync and would do just about anything to make the other feel incredible. It turned each of them on immensely to make the other feel good and they both worked hard at it.

"OOOOOHHHHH YYYEEEZZZZZ FFFFUUUCK MEEEEEE," she cried out as his rock hard cock sank so deep in her she felt a jolt of nerves shoot to her belly button.

His wood violated her wet pussy with a thirst like it hadn't been there several times over the last two days. Her pussy walls screamed with excitement at the feeling of their best friend rushing past them in and out, over and over, stretching them out to perfection. She was pretty sore and a bit swollen from the weekend of marathon fantasy fucking. The soreness, however, made it feel even better.

He grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her in closer as he thrust deeper in her. With every forceful jab of his hard cock her back sloped down and her ass rose up to him seeming to invite him in, begging almost.

He reached a hand around and put his index finger in her mouth knowing she would suck on it. When she got it good and wet he removed it and stuck it her ass as he reached around with the other hand and started vigorously rubbing her clit.

"OOOOHHHH FFFUUUCCCCKKKK YYYEESSSSSSS!" she cried out as she threw her head back making her long, tangled brunette mane spill across her back Her hips started grinding every which way. Each movement brought a new, yummy feeling that was bringing her very close, very quickly to exploding.


Suddenly she couldn't move and her feelings of ecstasy were abruptly gone except for a tiny thumping in her clit. .

"Oh my God I am having a stroke," she thought to herself in a panic for a second before dispelling that notion.

"Where am I and what is wrong with me?" She desperately wondered silently trying to shake of the fuzziness of slumber, her mind and heart racing.

She tried to open her eyes only to realize she was blindfolded. She tried to speak but nothing intelligible came out. Something had been placed in her mouth that opened it, stretched it out and was tied to the back of her head. She thought she must be on the end of the bed because her feet were on the floor with her legs spread so far apart she could feel the burn in her inner thighs. She felt something soft against her ankles immobilizing her feet. She felt something stretched tightly over her abdomen keeping her pinned to the mattress.

Her arms were stretched tight together above her head in what she knew was handcuffs, but she couldn't budge them. She could only move her fingers. She moved them around enough to feel a chain attached to the cuffs. The more she tried to move her hands around the more the chain pulled on the cuffs hurting her wrists.

"What is going on?" she thought, as she awoke fully and realized being fucked doggie style by him was all a very wet dream, as evidenced by the moisture she felt in her cunt. She was a bit embarrassed wondering if she had been yelling out and writhing around like she had been in her dream.

It was their last morning together she was obviously it for it again. It was not surprising that she slept through the binding, gagging and blind folding; they had played really hard this weekend. She was exhausted. She was also a little irritated at him. She really wanted to wake to him snuggled up next to her and being sweet because they had to part ways at check out time.

"Are you awake finally?" he said with a laugh.

Not amused, she nodded her head as she felt something flat but bendable start stroking her.

It moved from her neck down her right side, over her rib cage, tickling the side of her waist and then gliding back up to her neck on the same path before moving to the other side. Its touch was light and sensual. It tickled a bit but mostly just woke up every nerve it touched along the way. It felt really good to be touched light like this.

"Ok," she thought to herself, "maybe this wasn't a bad way to wake up."

Her clit started to tingle again up as it started circling her breasts then outlined her areolas before lightly touching her now erect nipples. Then...


"AAAAWWWWWWWWW" she howled through the gag and jerked as she felt it produce a sharp sting on each nipple. She was totally caught off guard. IT was the riding crop.

He guided the crop lightly over each nipple again and took away the pain before running the crop down her cleavage and stomach. Her stomach involuntarily spasmed as the crop touched her gracefully. It stopped just short of her hood.

"MMmmmmmmmmm," she groaned as she wished it would continue to her swelling clit.

She tried to jump as she felt the crop grazing her inner right thigh moving slowly over the side of her knee and calf to the arch of her foot and back up, ignoring her pussy entirely and then doing the same to the other side. She was on the verge of an orgasm just from the teasing and light touch. Her ass dug into the bed as she felt the urge to feel him inside her. She had to have something inside her right now.

"ROOM SERVICE," she heard a voice say as she heard a knock at the door. Her head snapped around to the direction of the door.

"Come on in," he said while she listened intently to try to figure out what would happen next as she heard the male voice enter and the clanking of dishes.

"NNNOOOOOO!" she screamed out with so much force spit flew out of her gagged mouth. She was spread out like mayonnaise on a sandwich! No one had ever seen her bound and submissive but him. Panic and fear hit her like a semi. She could barely breath.

"How could he do this to me?" she thought as she strained against her binds.

Anger at him was replacing her panic and fear. He knew damn well she would never do a three way with another man and him. The thought did not turn her on in the least. She could not believe he was going to make her do this.

"Where would you like your breakfast, Sir?" Carl from Room Service asked as she heard his voice getting closer.

Carl had worked at The Hotel Ravish since it had opened and was quite accustomed to what he may walk into a room seeing. He was not surprised at seeing anything. Once he even delivered two 'House Salads' to a room where a gentleman had two lovely ladies on all fours on the bed, one wrist handcuffed to each other, the outer hand of each lady cuffed to the bed post, the sides of their asses touching against one another. Their beautiful fuck holes waiting for their 'salads'. At The Hotel Ravish a 'House Salad' was oil and dressing on the side, one large whole cucumber and two nice size carrots.

Carl had always been an over achiever of sorts. Although he barely stood at five feet ten inches he was almost an athletic legend in high school. He had a young, outgoing personality, but yet managed to maintain an air of professionalism way beyond his years. Carl found this job very entertaining and worked hard to cater to the hotel clients in whichever manner they requested. He was going to really miss it in two years when he graduated from law school. But for now, the hours were great and the money was even better.

"Go ahead and put it over there, please." He said as he pointed to the desk and grabbed his wallet to tip the hard working kid.

"Thank you Sir. Will there be anything else?" Carl asked.

He was really unsure if he should go farther with this, but finally decided to go for it. She would be really mad about this he thought, but he was going to try it, it may be his last chance to ever do this.

"I want those," he said pointing to the three sausage links on the plate, "in there!" He said pointing to her scared snatch.

"PPPLLLLEEEEEZZZ NNNOOOOO," she tried to exclaim as she violently protested and tried to break the chains that had her securely bound to the bed. She couldn't see what he was doing, but it did not sound good. It sounded like he was asking another man to touch her. The chained cuffs dug deep in her wrists as she tried to escape her perfectly secured bonds. Drool ran down her chin and tears started streaming down her beautiful face.

"But I don't want you to touch her. You only touch the sausage and slide it in. Not even a graze on her. Do you understand?" he said totally in control of the situation. When he meant business, it was hard for anyone, male or female, to not pay attention.

"I understand fully Sir." Carl replied.

It did make her feel a little better to know that he was thinking of her wishes. She was still really scared. Had he lost his mind? Was she only a fuck toy for him? She did say, however, that he could do anything to her. She tried to calm down and relax and trust him.

"Go ahead Carl," he said as he saw her relax a bit and her ass lay against the edge of the bed in preparation of the unknown. "All three at once, one time only deal." He said as he watched and lit a cigarette a bit apprehensive about how he would feel seeing a man even close to her. He didn't like the thought of another man being close to her and didn't really know why he was doing this. Testing the both of them in someway maybe.

Carl was sensing the tension in the room and kind of wished he wasn't even part of it, but it was his job. He grabbed the three very greasy sausage links between his first two fingers and his thumb and picked them off the platter turning around and letting out a small sigh of determination to do this right for the clients.

"OOOOOHHHHHH." She let out at the feeling of the heat against her vulva.

"OOOOWWWWWWW AAAHHHH," she screamed through her gag as the hot, greasiness slid easily inside her wide-open gash. It was so hot it felt like it was cooking her insides. She pulled violently on her bounds and had to fight not to pass out as her pussy got used to it.

"That is enough, leave them out a little bit. That will be all." He said dismissing Carl.

Even though it was all fun and games and it was at his command, it was really hard to see another man so up close and personal to her. He was thinking he would have to apologize later.

"Yes Sir," Carl said relieved that he was allowed to leave and also happy that he was able to help out with a client fantasy.

"By the way Miss," Carl turned his head to say as he was walking out the door, "You really do look beautiful like that this morning."

She didn't know if she should feel proud or violated.

"Hang on to those and don't let them slide out of there or I will put them somewhere else after I reheat them in the microwave." He said trying not to chuckle.

He locked the door and walked back to the bed to survey his creation before he continued. She was quite the sight. Bound, gagged, blindfolded, pissed, but yet obviously turned on. The silver of her binds against her tanned skin, her body stretched tight, her nipples bulging with excitement and stainless steel, her innie belly button adorned as well, her pierced pussy hood jewelry snuggly up against her bulging clit with three sausage links hanging out of her hot hole. If she weren't so sexy he would have started laughing.

He was going to have a good time with this he thought to himself as he pulled up a chair and sat at the end of the bed holding his plate of hot pancakes in one hand and a fork in the other just inches from her shaved, immobile pussy hovering at the very end of the bed. He stuck the fork into the pancake at the top of the stack and placed it on top of her gash.

"UUUMMMMM!" she cried out and her head jerked back and sunk into the mattress as she felt the warm hotcake drape over her pubic bone just barely covering her clit like a warm blanket. The warmth on her clit felt wonderful, but the warming of the metal in her hood was like nothing she could have expected. It felt like she was being tickled from the inside out. Those sensations combined with how tight she had to keep her kegel muscles as to not release the invading breakfast food almost made her cum immediately.

"Do you like that?" he asked in a lower than usual voice. He was using his 'calm and in control' voice which turned her on so much. It sang of self-confidence.

She nodded.

"One minute." He said as she heard him scoot the chair back and heard his feet walk across the room. She heard a click and two beeps several seconds later.

"Oh, shit" she thought to herself, "the microwave!"

Her body tensed up and pulled against her restraints as she heard him sit back down and move close to her. She knew what was coming next and tried to brace herself.

"AAAAAAAWWWWWWHHHHHH FFFUUUUCCCKKK!" she screamed through the gag as the hot syrup dripped off of the pancake and down her pussy lips. The hot stickiness seemed to take forever to roll down over her fuck hole and its contents, to the sensitive skin between her holes before finally stopping as it seared her 'back door'.

"I want you to see this," he said as he stood up and removed her blindfold and gag.

She craned her head up as far as her binds let her to see him sit back down and pick up a fork and butter knife.

"Just lay back and enjoy it. But don't release the sausages." He said as she lay her head back down as she felt the tines of the fork softly but firmly on her pubic bone as the knife slid gently across twice in an almost crisscross pattern.

He ate what he had just cut up and she felt the same softness of the fork on her right pussy lip and the knife touching her so lightly as it cut another bite of his breakfast. It was so fucking erotic the only way she could stop from blowing the sausages out of her pussy with a flood of cum was knowing that this was a fantasy of his. She truly did not know how long she could take this. She had no clue this could be so hot. She felt so warm down there and all of the odd new sensations were blowing her mind.

He repeated the same on her left pussy lip when she realized that he was tormenting her and working his way slowly to her clit. She craned her neck up again to see him watching her intently. He was such a visual person. He liked to see everything very pretty and erotic to enhance his experience.

"OOOOOHHHH." she let out as she felt the fork tenderly go through the pancake covering her clit.

She had never felt anything like that on her clit. The tines of the fork touched it securely but gently. He seemed to know her genitalia perfectly as he cut the pancake with the knife carefully grazing each side of her clit.

"OoooHHHH YYEEESSS," she squealed as she felt the knife outline her clit. The teeth of the knife rubbing lightly along her clit felt so good.

"Do you like that?" he asked as he kept eating and cutting up more pancake. Moving the hotcake up to cover her clit before repeating more of the same, dabbing each bite in the syrup that covered her pussy.

He wanted to stick his now rock hard member into her so bad right now but he was caught up in the moment and could tell she was really getting off on this.

"Baby, I need to cum." She panted. "I can't hold it any longer."

He put the last of the cake over her clit and held down her engorged clit with a little more force of the fork as he ran the knife along the sides her clit guiding her through her orgasm. Her body rose and fell with each wave as he pushed the fork a bit harder into her clit and outlined her clit with the butter knife, picking up speed and pressure. Her toes curled up tight and she grabbed the chain attached to her cuffs.

"OOOOOO, OOOOOOOOHHHHH!" she yelled as she felt a huge wave of orgasm take over her entire body as he pulled out the sausages she had held in her pussy like a trooper and put his index finger over the serrated edge of the butter knife and sunk it and his finger deep inside her.

"OOOOOOHHHHHH! FUCK! YES! OOOOOOOO!" she screamed as she came into convulsions as he slid his finger and the knife up by her pubic bone to hit her G-spot and wiggled them around violently but carefully as to not let his finger off the knife.

No one else had even ever been able to bring her close to 'being a jumping bean' but he seemed to easily. He knew all the right spots and how to touch them. It just felt so damn good.

He removed his finger and the utensil from her as she fell limp and closed her eyes. Her metal infested chest heaved while she lay silent except for the sounds of her trying to catch her breath.

"Are you OK?" he giggled and asked thinking he had crossed a line.

"Yyeeaahhhh," she breathlessly let out "I think so."

He moved quickly to undo her binds and rub her wrists, thighs and ankles. As he did she curled every limb up to her body and stretched them back out.

"Ooooo that feels better," she said when fully released before putting her arms around his neck and pulling his face in close to her.

"Please don't ever do that to me again. No other men involved," she stammered. "It ended very well but I just can't do..."

"It is alright, I won't, I promise, never again." He said as he kissed her forehead. They only had five hours before check out so they had to make the most of every minute. He lay down in his boxers next to her naked stickiness and pulled her in to him as close as they could get.

All of her anger disappeared as she drifted off in his arms and enjoyed the feeling of safety for the last few hours before heading back to the 'real world.'

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