tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 04

Enjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 04


She woke up and groggily peeked at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

"Oh, shit," she exclaimed realizing check out time was in a half an hour.

She rolled over only to find the other side of the bed empty. She got out of bed and padded out to the sitting room where she found him smoking and watching a national news channel on the television.

"Morning again," she said as she leaned down and kissed him before sitting beside him on the sofa. "Why did you let me sleep so long? We have to leave soon."

"You just looked so content I couldn't bring myself to wake you," he said as he put his hand on her knee.

"You're a mess," he said with a giggle as he looked down at her crotch.

The maple syrup from earlier had adhered to her and was now a crusty mess.

"Yeah, thanks to you," she said teasingly as she elbowed him playfully and put a throw pillow over her lap to cover up.

"So, when is your deadline again?" he asked.

"Five more days, but I don't need them this time. My story is almost complete, just a little more tweaking to do. Why?" she said with curiosity.

"Well, it looks like a big storm will be hitting my town tomorrow...and I can't work in the rain...so I thought..."

"That we can stay another day?" she interrupted, her eyes grew huge and started to sparkle.

"That's what I was thinking. But it is really going to cost you. Are you in?" he said knowing he didn't really need to ask. She was always up for anything.

"Well, duh?" she mocked as she elbowed him again. Her excitement could not be concealed even if she tried.

"Then go get cleaned up and put on the clothes I have set out for you on the sink. I got them out of your bag while you were napping." He playfully ordered, for now.

She jumped up off the sofa and almost skipped to the bathroom. It was probably the quickest shower of her life. She hurried getting dressed and did her hair and make up in record time.

She took one last check in the mirror and a deep breath to calm down before sauntering out slow and sexy, eager to take whatever punishment awaited her.

"Lay down on the table on your back," he said gesturing to the coffee table in the sitting room area of his suite.

He intently watched as her long leg stretched across the table as she straddled the table before lying down in full compliance. She was excited, yet nervous not knowing what she was getting herself into, but she was sure that she was going to end up enjoying it.

She felt his big strong hands under her arms as he pulled her towards him and her neck rested on the edge of the table, her head tilted back over the edge, her long brown hair hitting the floor. Her arms were placed over the edges of the table, bent at the elbows so that her wrists were under the table and behind her back, a small length of chain connecting the wrist cuffs together. Her legs bent at the knee and on either side of the table, ankles tied to the table legs, spreading her wide open with all her most tender flesh completely exposed.

The image of her bound like this was sure to be burned in his memory forever. He had thought about this fantasy for a long time, sometimes he even went to sleep thinking about this moment. Her nipples were poking out of her peek-a-boo bra, the stainless embedded in them glistened in the afternoon sunlight that shined in through the window, her tanned stomach accentuated by the black garter belt that was hooked on to the black stockings that hugged her thighs like they were a part of her, running down her legs to her sexy "fuck me" high heels that strapped around her ankles, arched her feet to the point of pain and looked so hot he felt his dick twitch at seeing them on her. Her soft, shaved gash was spread open so wide and so inviting. The metal down there punctuating the pinkness of the pussy that was all his to do with what he pleased when he pleased.

He stood above her at her head, bent over her and reached down between her legs. Feeling how wet she already was made his cock swell.

"OooHHHHHHHH," she gasped and jerked as it felt like a current ran from her pussy to deep in her stomach as his strong hands touched her clit.

"Uuuuuummmmm," she groaned as he began rubbing her clit with firm pressure, grinding into her pubic bone. Her clit being thrust against her piercing made her very close to cumming already. As the pleasure built her head moved from side to side on the edge of the table, her hair swaying.

He reached across her with his other hand and sunk two fingers deep in her wet cunt.


He was fucking her so hard with his fingers her forehead slammed against his thigh every time he jabbed them in her. Watching her pant and try to writhe around made his cock rock hard.

He decided it best not to let her cum yet. He knew she was getting very, very close. He needed her hot, frustrated and begging for what was to come. He withdrew his fingers and took his other hand off her clit and slid both of them over her stomach to her full tits and cupped them in his rough hands and began to rub them.

"If you are good and do what you are told I will make you cum later so hard you will see God," he said noticing the disappointed look on her face.

"Oh, and if you beg well enough." He added as he noticed her expression changed a bit from disappointment to determination. That was just what he was hoping for.

It did feel good to have his hands playing with her tits, the metal in them sliding back and fourth under her nipples made them even harder and a sent a message to her pussy reminding her how bad that she needed to be fucked. Her clit start to tingle again as his hands moved from her tits to her neck and briefly grab her hard around the throat. There was something very sexy about him putting his hands around her throat that turned her on like nothing else. Maybe it was feeling his power, maybe it was feeling helpless. She didn't care or know but made her pussy wetter instantly.

He moved his hands from her neck across her face so lightly working his way to her long mane hanging off the edge of the coffee table. Strands of her hair draped across his hands slipping between his fingers. Her hair was so soft and long and felt like satin in his calloused, hard working hands as he stroked it. He grabbed a handful of hair at the base of her scalp and pulled hard, He jerked her head over to his face and looked into her eyes then kissed her deeply.

"Your are mine now, I have you just where I want you," he growled in her ear as he jerked her hair hard and got into the zone he needed to be in carry this out to the max.

Her heart fluttered and her clit felt like it jumped hearing him talk this way. She loved it when he was in charge 'in he bedroom' She couldn't explain it but she almost needed it as much as she needed air to survive.

He wrapped a bungee cord tight around her hair creating a ponytail and secured the hooks to the table legs making her head immobile and stretching her mouth and throat open.

He stripped to nakedness, just inches from her face, as she watched from her bound, upside down view. The sight of his strong biceps and chest, his big, hard cock and his great ass sent a wave of desire over her.

He bent down and grabbed something out of his bag and brought it to her chest.

"OOOOHHHH," she said as the clothespin bit down firmly on the soft, sensitive flesh of her right tit. The initial hurt was intense but it immediately faded as he kissed her upside down and she secretly hoped he was going to add more to increase the pain.

She didn't have to wait long. The clothespins came fast and hard. Each one taking a toll on her now tender breasts and making her beg for more at the same time. He placed each one next to the other creating a circle of them around each nipple. The looked like tittie daisies. She was pretty sure she was not right, needing this to get her off, but it felt so damn good and made her so turned on that she couldn't resist. Besides, she knew that by enduring the tortures that he inflicted, she was turning him on immensely. The outside world did not exist for her at this moment. The only thing that mattered was feeling good with him.

She was panting now from the pain of the chest full of clothespins and with each breath her chest heaved making the clothespins move, bite and twist her tit flesh.

He walked around the table to survey his prey, stalking her almost, before he moved in for the kill. It turned him on to see her take all of this and want for more. She was one hot, kick ass, crazy bitch.

"OOOOOOOO, YYYYEEESS." She howled as she felt the pussy clamps chomp down on her pussy lips with expert precision. She jumped and felt a flood escape her pussy as he stood over her hot, wet gash and licked the sensitive skin on her pussy that her piercing was buried in.

Her pleasure was short lived however, as he attached a weight to the chains on each of the pussy clamps and flicked them off either side of the table with his thumb and middle finger.

"OOOOOOOWWWWWW SHIT," she yelled as the momentum of the weights came to a screeching halt in mid air and hung there causing the clamps to bite and pull her pussy lips apart painfully.

He grabbed the riding crop and laid it down in her cleavage with the handle pointing toward her head as he moved into position. He knelt down on his knees and brought his steel hard member to her lips. He ran the head of his hard cock over her full lips. Her tongue jutted out of her mouth instinctively and bathed it in her saliva.

Suddenly he ran his hands lightly over the tops of the clothespins to make them inflict severe pain and rammed his enormous cock in her mouth and down her throat as she was about to scream. His cock slammed in to the back of her throat and she started to gag. The force made her body move just enough to make the weight start to sway, the clamps twisting and pulling at her pussy in sheer torture.

He thrust his fuck stick violently in and out of her throat as she gagged and gasped for air. Holding his cock deep in her throat he picked up the riding crop and grazed it over the pins making them wave back and fourth before striking each of her inner thighs hard.


"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!" She tried to scream. The vibrations of her vocal cords sent a feeling over his cock that made him want more.

He picked up speed and fucked her face harder and faster as he batted the weights with the crop, hit the pins again, and cracked her clit with two hard, quick licks.


"OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!" she exclaimed inaudibly as tears started streaming down her face. The pain was excruciating yet somehow made her feel alive.

CRACK! CRACK! This time directly on the soft flesh of her inner pussy lips.

"AAAAAAAWWWWW," she let out. She felt like she was ripping into a million pieces from all of the torment. She loved it.

He could feel a monumental explosion coming on as he fucked her face as hard as he could, his engorged balls slamming against her nose, her tongue running all over his cock as it violated her mouth and throat. Her hot body glistened with sweat as she heaved trying to breathe and squirmed with equal amounts of pain and pleasure, tears still streaming down her face.


He sent two more licks to her pussy this time hitting her leaking fuck hole before he dropped the crop and grabbed her around the throat with both hands and thrust his throbbing cock so far in her mouth he couldn't see the base of it.

"RRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH," he let out as his body tensed up and he came so hard and in such quantity down her throat it probably shot directly to her stomach. He pulled his dick out of her throat just far enough that she could breath through her nose, leaving it in her mouth to milk out every last drop of cum.

She heard her vibrator start up, then in a mixture of pain and pleasure, felt vibrations on the clamps that were pinching and pulling at her pussy lips. He rubbed it slowly up and down her gash finally resting it against her clit, the feeling, enhanced by the steel in her piercing, had her moaning with pleasure immediately.

With his cock still in her mouth, and one hand busy pleasuring his well deserving sub, he used the other hand to start removing clothespins. The intense pain upon their release as the feeling returned to each tiny spot was worse than their initial application. She whimpered and tried to cry out, gagged by his dick, as they were removed one by one, causing great feelings for him.

With the vibes on her clit, and the pain in her tits, she was getting closer and closer. He sensed this and ordered her not to cum without permission.

She was still holding back as the last clothespin was removed. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked around the table all the while keeping the vibrator on her clit and piercing. Making sure to get the weights swinging before sticking three fingers of his free hand into her soaking wet pussy.

"Pllleeeeezzzz may I ccuuummmm?" the poor girl said begging to be allowed to release her primal feelings.

"Yes, you may." Finally he gave the permission she so desperately needed.

In her immobile, helpless position, tits aching, vibrations searing through her clit, and his relentless finger fucking, she came hard, her juices flowed out around his fingers as she bucked wildly in her out stretched position.

After multiple orgasms, when he felt she was about done, he removed the clamps. The incredible pain in her pussy lips sent her over the edge again.

"AAAAAWWWWWW GGGGAAAAADDDD," she howled as he kept up his work on her pussy as she begged him to stop claiming she couldn't take any more. After an eternity of forced orgasms he finally let up. She was done; she was panting, sweating, and grateful.

She was still trying to catch her breath as he bent down, lifted up her head gently and kissed her deep.

"That," she panted. "Was unbelievable. Thank you. I trust you enjoyed it too?"

"Absolutely," he said quickly as he reached under the table to undo her binds.

"Can you leave them please?" she stammered.

"What? Why?" he asked incredulously.

"I just want to lay here for awhile and compose myself and enjoy this feeling," she said softly. "In fact, can you please go down to the lounge and order us a couple of cheeseburger baskets and have a beer or two and wait for them. I am starving!"

"Are you sure?" he asked unsure of what to say.

"Positive baby." She said raising her head up and smiling big at him.

He got dressed and grabbed the key card and headed for the door. He felt a little uneasy leaving her like this even though it was her idea.

"Still sure?" he called out as a last attempt to let her change her mind.

"Yes, just please don't be too long." She said, her breathing returning to normal.

He opened the door and put the "Do Not Disturb" tag on the outside handle before turning back and looking at her. She looked incredibly beautiful, sexy, and peaceful lying still, relaxing in her afterglow still bound in his scene. He shut the door softly, smiled to himself and felt like the luckiest man in the world.

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