tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEnjoying Ems' 'Self Time'

Enjoying Ems' 'Self Time'


Listening in to Emma's 'self time'

This is a true story. Retold from the view point of my husband Pete.


Hi, I'm Pete and had been married to Emma (Ems) for about a year when this story is set.

We'd met a year before we were married, hit it off and got married as soon as we could.

I'll explain why in another story but, for now, lets just say we were in love and couldn't get enough of each other or our bodies.

Never been sure if it was a good or bad thing but we started having sex on our 2nd date. I thought she'd be too hard to get into bed but, she has never ceased to surprise me with her sexy mind and attitude.

I'd had several girlfriends in my time but none were as sexy or as 'in control' of their sexuality and effect it had on other people.

Ems was 21 when we got married and I was 24. A gorgeous shoulder length, blue eyed bombshell of a young woman. My dream godess. A curvy but also slim size 10/12 with 32dd she definitely had the figure.

To go with the looks she also had the brain - a graduate who was a highly professional girl who knew what she wanted and how to get it.

When we met she had just gained her 2nd promotion at one of the leading financial consultancies in the city and was on track to continue rapidly climbing the ladder.

Ems was always sexy and presentable. She hovered over the line of flirty and professional with ease. When she walked in the room you knew she was the kind of woman who demanded respect just from her persona but, she also had a sexual attractiveness that made every man (and woman) want to get her to themselves to explore what was really on the side of her mind as well as her clothing.

Anyway, enough background...back to the story.

Before we were married we could get enough sex. She shared a flat with a good friend of hers but the friend was the kind of 'stay in' type. Therefore Ems was often over at mine most evenings although she usually went home to sleep - we lived close to each other and was always easier than organising work clothes etc etc.

But, once we got married work instantly got insane for us both and we found that the lust levels died off as we began to work later and had less time to unwind.

It wasn't that either of us were less horny, quite the opposite but, as I'm sure you know, as work increases the opportunities when you're both horny at the same time fades.

We were both putting in the same amount of effort into our appearances and were still in love but, sex just didn't seem to happen.

Ems had to leave for work earlier than myself and I have to say it was a highlight of my morning routine to see her get ready.

We lived in a city centre classy block of flats and so didn't have any overlooking neighbours which was ideal to encourage us to walk around naked - especially to and from the shower. We had a 2 floor flat where the bedrooms and bathroom where on one floor and the lounge and kitchen are on another lower level.

Again, this made the morning routine so much fun and I enjoyed my shave with Ems in the wet room shower next to me - in full view as she washed her hair, shaved her legs and trimmed her bikini line. Yes, every morning she did that.

Every other morning she went swimming and so had an incentive to keep her bikini line well maintained. Now, I must explain. She didn't fully shave her pussy. Far from it. She loved having a full amount of hair down there. She just made sure no hair escaped around the sides of her swimsuit and underwear. I have to confess that I found her hairy pussy incredibly sexy after the bald ones my previous lovers had. To my mind it's not often you see such a sexy woman with a hairy pussy these days and that made it all the more sexy for me.

After her shower it was over into our bedroom to dry her long blonde hair in front of the mirrored walk-in wardrobe I'd had made for her - she has so many clothes, nightwear and lingerie I had to make some room for it!

Once dry I'd be back in the bedroom and would lay on the bed pretending to be busy catching up on my business emails. But, secretly trying to watch her get ready.

Next was the lingerie...boy would she take a while choosing which meant she often got all her clothes ready the night before. Made the morning getting ready a lot more fun for me too - no long pauses while she deliberated over the fine tuning of her outfit!!

So...first on was this gorgeous pair of white lacy boyshorts which had the sexy touch of an internal satin thong. Made her bum look incredibly delicious. Then she'd often put on a pair of holdups - my favourites being some black fishnets.

Occasionally I'd get lucky and she'd choose not to wear a bra but, often she'd wear a cleavage enhancing bra which seemed to be able to show lots of cleavage but make it appear as if there was no bra around.

This day she chose to wear a black satin pencil skirt with a rather high thigh side slit. I thought it'd be too high to wear to work but, somehow she managed to pull it off.

On top she wore a heavy cotton white wrap top which, of course, she positioned to complement the bra underneath.

On her feet she wore the sexiest thigh high black boots a woman could wear to work - 4" heels, pointy toes and full length zips.

With her hair up in a lose bun/pony tail she looked amazing.

By the time she left the house I'd be so turned on I didn't know if I'd be able to resist a quick session of 'me time' before work. She'd often wink as she left the house and say something sexy remarking at the bulge in my boxers.

Now, I've come to realise that I'm actually very much a submissive guy to the point of being a avid cuckold. What this means is ultimately that I enjoy Ems having lots of sexual fun without me - her enjoyment is what gives me the most fun and if it's without me that's even more of a turn on. Now a lot of guys won't understand that but, a lot of men will. Especially those who would have seen Ems and seen what an effect she would have on any man she came into contact with.

So, seeing her dress so sexily for work wasn't just horny for me because of what I'd like to do with her but mainly because I knew she'd be working in a male dominated industry all day and flirting lots with all sorts of people.

After about a year of being married I'd realised we'd not been having much sex at all and we'd slid into a rather sexless bedtime routine.

During the first few months of marriage and with our workloads increasing I felt guilty about our lack of sex and so tried to boost it a little with some gifts for Ems.

I knew Ems masturbated a fair bit before we met as we'd discussed it before but, she assured me since we'd been dating she'd not played much as we were having sex so regularly. In fact she'd surprised me by saying she often played before sleep each night before she met me. Surprisingly again though, she admitted she'd never used a toy and just used her fingers.

So, I went on a bit of a spending spree and bought her a good range of toys over a few months. A large black vibrator, a glass dildo, bullet vibrator, ben wa balls and of course, a rabbit vibrator.

Each time I made sure I introduced the new toy during one of our rare sex sessions and each time she often just giggled, kissed me thank you and put it aside without even trying it.

This was quite disappointing to say the least so I also made sure I bought her some classy but very sexy nightwear. Thinking that might entice and encourage her to liberate herself some more.

This was received slightly better in that she'd model it for me that night but then it'd get put into the drawer never to be seen again. Unless of course I asked for it to be worn which kind of killed it for me. I'm sure many men have been here??

After a good few months of this being the case I just drifted into giving up to be honest. I had to work late most evenings and with her early starts Ems would often go to bed without me.

To add to this, while I was working I'd begun to finish my work off with a good amount of porn and masturbating to help me sleep.

This kind of routine had a strange effect on me. It'd made me miss sex with Ems less but at the same time I was finding her sexier than ever. This is when I realised my cuckold nature.

I'd begun joining a few cuckold communities online and really enjoyed reading stories of other men who's wives were considered 'hot' and played and dated other men.

This got me thinking of her toys, the nightwear and her lack of sex. What was she doing about satisfying herself? I mean, I was wanking most nights to get to sleep and, with what she used to be like, was she at it again as well??

I couldn't wait. I needed to check her toys. Were they being used?? It was late and I was tired so thought I'd wait until the next morning when she left for work. Her bedside drawer was where she stored the toys and so I knew I'd probably wake her if I tried looking then - it was already 2am!

I was so horny when I woke the next day, I had to find out.

As she pulled on a pair of silk white boyshorts I thought I'd explode. Thinking of her laying in bed each night while I was downstairs...enjoying her toys. Wow, it made me so horny.

As soon as she was gone I raced to the drawer and pulled it open. I carefully noted the placement of all the contents incase she noticed I'd moved anything.

First the ben wa balls..no, even the seal was still intact on that box :(

The bullet vibe I found out didn't have any batteries it in - she must have used them for something else. Probably her alarm clock as they were the same size.

Next I found her rabbit but that too didn't look like it'd been out of the box.

Then down the side of the drawer I found her glass dildo. It was a lovely fairly long one with several bumps down it and looked like it'd feel amazing going in and out.

I was speechless...it had the unmistakable misty look as though it most definitely had been used but not cleaned. The smeary look glass dildos have when lube or the pussy fluid has been left on. I was instantly hard! Wow, she had used it and I hadn't known!!

The large black vibrator! Where was that?! I searched the whole drawer and couldn't find it. I finally found it under the bed on her side - just in from the edge near the drawer. As I inspected it I got really hard again as I discovered some dry white stuff under the rim of the fake cock head. Just like a real cock when it hadn't been cleaned, this one had a dry white fluid around it. Again, I was so excited to find out she'd been using her toys. This one was a lot larger than me too and that just added to the kinky thoughts I was having.

But, both looked used from a while ago and the one off the floor had fluff on it which could be the carpet or indeed dust from being there for so long.

I had to find out or...even better, encourage her to play some more!

I decided I'd clean both toys and place them back in her drawer. I'd also be totally honest with her about enjoying herself and that she should do so especially since I was working so late most evenings.

That night I made sure I went up to our bedroom just as Ems was getting settled for sleep and gave her a cuddle. We cuddled lots, talked about our work, life etc and then I brought up the subject of sex. I said she must feel frustrated that we don't have sex as much any more and considering she used to masturbate every night before we met. She agreed and said it was hard but she understood. I then reminded her of the toys and that it was perfectly OK for her to enjoy them without me.

At this point she got shy and a little red and pleaded that it as OK but she really wanted me and not some toy. I then said I understood but, if it helped her relax, sleep and she really enjoyed it then why wouldn't she have some fun?

I then thought I'd got nothing to lose so went on to say how I'd cleaned all of them, taken them out of the boxes and put them in her drawer ready if she ever felt the courage to try one. I made out I didn't know she'd used them and I think she even forgot to be honest from her response.

Anyway, I thought I'd snog her lots to get her hot and horny before I left to go downstairs for some more work, porn and fun of my own.

As I sat in the lounge trying to focus on work, I couldn't help wondering if she was still awake and if she'd ventured into the drawer. I hadn't heard the drawer or any movement so I doubted it but I just couldn't resist sneaking up the stairs to have a listen.

Alas, all was quiet and I assumed she'd been too tired. In the morning this was confirmed by the toys being in the same place and perfectly clean.

This was the case for several nights until it came to Friday night.

We'd both got Saturday off work but I still 'had' to do some work that evening - or so I told Ems.

As I'd done all week I made sure I gave her lots of cuddles and kisses before leaving her to go to sleep. We made out lots this evening and it was obvious how turned on she was when I left her in bed. She'd even worn a short satin chemise to bed to try and entice me. But, I wanted her to have some 'self time'...

On my way downstairs I made sure to leave the door open a little bit so I'd be able to see the mirror on the wardrobe and hopefully hear anything as well.

I'd been sat downstairs urging the drawer sound to be heard and after 20 minutes I was all too ready to resign myself to it not happening again that night. Even after all the 'effort' I felt I'd put in.

But, 25 minutes since leaving our bedroom I heard the unmistakable sound of a bedside drawer opening slowly. We have laminate throughout the top floor of our flat and so any such sound easily travels.

Wow, is this it I thought?!

How the hell as I'm gonna sneak upstairs now without being heard I suddenly thought??

So, to avoid any unwanted sounds I quickly and quietly stripped naked and began to slowly climb to short stairs up to our bedroom door.

As I approached half-way I could see some light spilling out of the bedroom into the dark landing. Once just outside the door I could tell her bedside lamp was still on but it must have been turned slightly as the light wasn't as bright as it usually was when she was reading.

It was then that I heard the recognisable faint moan from Ems...the sound she often makes as I enter her. I just had to see.

As I edged around the corner of the stairs I could just begin to look through the small crack in the door and the frame. I'd cunningly left one of my shoes in the bottom of the wardrobe to stop one of the doors shutting fully. This meant it was angled a little so I could see some of the bed from the door.

From where I was I couldn't see too much due to my position and the lighting but, I could see enough to know that Ems was laying on her back propped up on some pillows and had her legs bent up with one hand between her legs and another slowly massaging one of her breasts.

I was suddenly aware of how hard I was. I hadn't touched myself but the most erotic sight I'd ever seen was now playing out in front of me.

My very own wife was now acting out some of my favourite porn scenes where a woman masturbates herself with some of the most intense orgasms.

Her moans were now becoming a little more frequent and I managed to see her hand move from her breast to begin feeding her fingers into her mouth. She then proceeded to suck her fingers and it looked like she was pretending them to be a cock.

I then began to wonder which toy she was using. I couldn't hear anything so thought it must be the glass dildo?

Just then she moved and I could see her raise up the toy from between her legs. Yes, it was the dildo. What surprised me next was that she then began to lick and swallow the dildo - attempting to clean it. While she did this her other hand moved to between her legs and she began moaning again.

Once the dildo was clean she also then sucked and licked her fingers clean.

Part of thought that might be it but I knew she hadn't had an orgasm yet so surely she'd not stop there??

Placing the dildo back in the drawer she then began looking through the drawer. It was a short while later she moaned a soft of 'approving' moan and pulled out the large black vibrator.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Ems then knelt up on the bed moving the duvet aside and began to lick and suck the large vibrator. Even from where I was I could see it was wet from her saliva.

Then, she proceeded to lift the bottom of her satin chemise and then turned on the vibrator and let it slowly drift over her labia and clit. Eyes closed she did this for a little while before slowly edging it towards her pussy. Without warning she plunged it deep into her. All the way it went in. I couldn't understand how she'd taken such a larger cock than me in one go!

Trusting it in and out of herself slowly she then gently laid back on the bed with her knees bent. Continuing to thrust the large black cock in and out she was almost constantly moaning now.

The chemise was high above her waist now and I could easily see the black cock sliding in and out amongst the dark shadow of her pussy hair.

I was so hard I hadn't realised I'd been stroking myself too and was far too close to be doing so in secret on the landing!

I tried not to touch myself as I couldn't give the game away now, not after she'd finally gone this far and would hopefully do this every night from now on!

Luckily she then began to have an orgasm and it was rocked through her so strongly she just left the vibrator inside her and she stuffed some fingers in her mouth to try and muffle her moans.

She bucked her hips and then quickly removed the vibrator. She lay there recovering, panting....probably covered in a small film of sweat too.

I then realised that she might want to visit the bathroom as she often did after sex and therefore she'd catch me! I decided I had to move then as quickly and quietly as I could before being busted.

I'd only been back safely in the lounge for under a minute when I heard her cross from the bedroom to the bathroom. She was there for quite a while before heading back to bed. Then I heard the drawer close quietly and heard the switch of her light.

In the morning again I couldn't wait for her to leave as I wanted to check her toys. And, to be perfectly honest, wanted to smell them too.

Sadly I discovered she must have taken the toys to the bathroom with her that night to clean them as they weren't in the same place but, were spotless.

I was so excited though and wondered when would the next time be...

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