tagErotic CouplingsEnjoying Life Pt. 02

Enjoying Life Pt. 02


Two months passed since I had sex with Hessian69 and I wanted to meet with him again. He was young and attractive, he fucked me perfectly in our first encounter and the long distance between us would keep him out of my way. The ideal fuck buddy. For a one night quickie or a weekend now and then.

He went to military training in December and came back in January but he was stuck in a base on duty.

His email found me in Turkey visiting my parents. He asked me if I wanted to join him for two nights in his military base.

"Is this even legal?" I said.

"Guys do it all the time with their girlfriends! No one will find out!" he said.

I don't know why I thought this was going to be ok. But I was bored in Turkey so I cut my trip a week short. Everyone thought I would do a "sightseeing tour" around the German state I was living in.

I took a train to him and he waited for me at the station. We drove in a forest five minutes away from the base. Both of us were nervous and didn't talk much but I felt it would all be over when I would be inside.

Then came the hardest part. The 15 minutes travel in the trunk of his car. It was cramped, dark and the smell of fuel was suffocating.

When he opened the trunk, inside the base, I took in the clean cold air as if was my first breath. He hurried me in the back of the building and after walking down empty corridors we got into an office.

"I have to do a tour of the base. When I come back I'll fuck you as you've never been fucked before," he said.

"I can't wait," I said and I gave him a tired smile.

I couldn't wait to rest and shake off the dizziness that I had from my trip in the trunk. My clothes were fuming of gasoline and I had to take them off and stuff them deep in my bag. Only then I could breathe properly. Sitting with my underwear on a wooden chair in the cold room, I hoped that this venture would go smoother from now on.

It wasn't long when an alarm rang and made me curse out loud. I was about to put my home keys from an office desk I had left them while undressing into my bag. The alarm kept going and there was running in the corridor outside and a key scratching the lock. It was Hessian, breathing fast, and had lost all colour from his face.

"You have to go! We are being raided!" he said and grabbed me by the hand.

"Are we under attack?" I asked having frozen in place but Hessian dragged me out of the room without explaining.

We run down the corridor. My bare feet were freezing on the cold floor that was freezing. After descending two sets of stairs Hessian told me to wait there.

"Don't forget me here!" I yelled at him but he didn't answer and I was alone waiting at the bottom of the dark stair that was lit by some safety signs.

Having lost time I was pacing and wanted to pee. I came back to reality by footsteps going down the stairs. They were slow and methodical, cautious I should have understood the difference from Hessians' energetic walking.

"Is it over?" I said but got no reply. Instead, the footsteps kept coming down the stair until a tall dark figure stood in front of me. I couldn't make out a face but he was a foot taller than Hessian.

The man asked questions that I couldn't understand. It was barking more than speaking. Probably who I was and what I was doing there. He caught me, there was no point hiding and with a step front, I revealed myself. I stood tall but I struggled to keep my legs from shaking. He took a step back as an expression of surprise appeared in his face when he saw a half-naked woman.

He nodded me to go up and I did.

When we reached the top of the stairs. He asked me again in German.

"I don't know!" I said in every question. Then he asked me in broken English who brought me

in the base.

I shrug my shoulders and smiled but he wasn't laughing. He gave me his camo jacket that fitted me as a mini but heavy dress.

If I had to, I could tell him later. For now, I would play it dumb. It wasn't much of a plan but the situation overwhelmed me. Despite my fear of the police or a scandal if my aunt found out, walking into Hessians office and gave him up felt cowardly. I would wait to see what he would do..

"You come with me," he said and I followed him up to the outside door. He drove the military Jeep to where I was and I quickly got me in the back. There was no one else around.

From the driver's seat, he tried many times to reach a few different numbers on his cell phone. He couldn't get through and he cursed with the words my aunt used when she struggled with something.

He worried about the situation and I was ashamed for it; being a burden on other people shoulders. I managed not to cry and after twenty minutes of trying to find someone on the phone, we drove out off that camp and into another.

He walked me an empty building and we saw no one else on the way to an office. It was spartan in its design and furniture and grey just like the day outside. A desk with a computer, two chairs, a place to lock guns with a locked gun and maps of the base hang on the walls.

He sat behind the desk and I sat in a chair in the front. Sizing up each other for a fight.

If it was a real fight I would probably lose. My 1.65m tall stature, full perky breasts, and a tight butt couldn't scare anyone away. On the other hand, he was tall and lean with short blond hair, piercing eyes, ears pointing out and a thick nose. He had an athletic body. Beautiful in a manly way.

He called someone and after slamming the earpiece to the phone he started questioning me.

"Are you an officer's fiance or girlfriend?" he asked with a caring voice and continued "we are not here to destroy someone's career."

"No," I said nodding my head. If I would say yes I would have to say who my fiancé was and he had to say the same.

"Are you a prostitute?" he said with a raised voice this time.

I denied that and I asked to use the bathroom or I would have an accident.

He crossed eye me, losing patience but he leads me in his sleeping room that was attached to the office. In there, was a single bed, a small closet and a TV with a DVD player. Behind another door, there was a good size bathroom with a toilet, a sink, and a shower.

"How do I get outta the mess I got into?" I thought as I sat on the toilet. I was ready to speak, to make him understand.

"My name Is Asya," I said standing at the door of the office. He tried to say something but he stopped.

"I followed a friend in for some fun... nothing more... it doesn't matter who... Just let me call someone to come and pick me up and you will not hear from me again", I said out of breath and with a broken voice.

"When you tell me who brought you in the base I will let you go," he said.

"I prefer not to say, I..."

He interrupted me.

"Would you prefer to tell the police!" He yelled at me and I felt my body vibrating from the shock.

"Nothing bad happened. It was a dumb thing to do. I take responsibility and I promise not to do it again."

"You won't tell me?" he asked and I remained silent nodding my head in denial.

He laid back on his chair with a look of approval and a smile.

"You don't betray your friends. That is admirable," he said.

My mind tried to form a smile on my face but I was on the verge of crying.

"I cannot have an honest conversation in here, even for something silly, without someone telling it to the Defence Ministry the following day," he said and sounded bitter.

"Are you going to let me go?" I said with a mix of happiness and dread. I wanted him to say yes but I was scared he would say no.

I was sweating from the anxiety and brought the zipper from his jacket all the way to my belly button. The hot air escaped and caressed my face.

His eyes became wide open as I opened up and exposed my flashing half nude body inside his jacket.

A second wave of hotness came upon me, this time from embarrassment. I smiled and closed the zipper up.

"Can you lend me some money and clothes to go home? I will send them back immediately." I said.

"Yes, and Yes," he said. "But you'll leave tomorrow when there are fewer eyes around."

"Thanks!" I yelled and he told me to be quiet so no one else would know I was there. That would complicate things.

I nodded in agreement.

"Thanks again... I don't know your name yet..." I said.

"Felix..." he said and pointed at the tag above his left pocket of the jacket I was wearing.

He brought me food and water and locked the office as he left for some job, leaving me access to the room with the bed and bathroom.

For the first hour, I had difficulty believing how lucky I was. Mentally and physically drained I lay on the bed, slipped under the sheets where I fell asleep.

What happened next was the most vivid wet dream in my life.

I was in a cage, looking out a snow-covered plateau in front of the walls of a castle. It was in the Middle Ages and I was a prisoner of some kind. The cage dragged behind horses and was escorted by knights armed to the teeth. I could feel the cold on my fingers and my face, the only parts that were not covered by the thick wool cloak I was wearing.

The carriage came to a halt and the door of my cage opened. I came down a few steps and as I did I was sure that my cloak gave way. The Master Knight in front of me and the others knights behind him surely saw my bare pussy or at least the thick brown bush that hid it. I stood in front of him and just by looking at the Master Knight's eyes and lips, the only parts of his face that the helmets did not hide, I could tell that he wanted me.

I had the same want, apart from the cold palms and feet, the rest of my body was burning from lust. As if he could read my mind, he answered my desires. He said something I couldn't understand, but I took it to be German and pulled my cloak open revealing my left breast and my pussy.

I felt ashamed and scared but even more erotic knowing that he would take me in front of his fellow knights. He cared nothing about my shame and crouched to take my nipple in his mouth and cup my hot pussy with his cold hand.

Before I had to feel his lips on my nipple, I heard a loud bang. I woke up in my room with one hand on my left tit and the other feeling my wet pussy.

The air in the room was very cold like the heating had stopped in the middle of my sleep. As I looked around still confused and helplessly horny, I saw Felix standing by the bedroom door with an erection that made his cock head ready to poke a hole on his camo pants.

I didn't know for how much time he was there or care to explain the awkward situation we found ourselves in. I pulled the sheets revealing my ass and asked him to come to me.

He didn't waste any time. He let a bag he was holding fall on the floor quickly release his penis that was fully erect. So hard and upright that it almost touched his belly. I mustn't be fully awake when he jumped on the bed and landed on me. I was in a dreamy situation and I could feel his strong hairy legs moving over my silky ones, his bearded cheek that was scratching my neck and the rugged scent of the body that he brought with him made me raise my head and look for his lips to kiss and taste him. His hairy balls rested on my legs, then he moved up and pushed his cock inside my wet pussy. With one loud moan, I let all the air of my lungs and buried my head on the pillow as he continued to fuck my pussy harder and harder.

I just needed his cock for two minutes to get me off and then I pulled him out not being able to continue anymore.

He was a real man and knowing the right thing to do he withdrew and let me sleep.

I woke up early in the morning and he made me coffee. We didn't discuss what happened the night before.

Outside it was still night but I could see the light coming from the small window.

He had brought me some clothes and suggested I watch a movie until he could take me out of the base in a few hours. There was a collection of action movies in disks scattered around the DVD device but I was too bored for that and I told him that I would try the clothes he found for me.

He left the room and I got up to get dressed. I closed the door and took off my bra and panties I had on when I was sleeping and fucking.

I tried on a laughably big shirt that he brought me and shook my head with disbelief of my good luck. My deviant face on the mirror admitted things I would feel ashamed to say. I loved my adventure. The excitement, my attitude, and sex. The last especially I couldn't get of my mind and it made my body hot.

Only wearing the shirt I walked out to Felix in the office next door. The room that was scary and grey a few hours before, now felt like my bedroom. Friendly and happy.

"This is too big," I told him with the shirt split open, channeling his view from my bare breasts down to my wet cunt.

He was tying his boots when I told him that and he looked up at me smiling. He came up to me and kissed me on the mouth and his hands grabbed my ass and lifted me up. He would fuck me right there if I let him. Sure that he didn't have a condom I went down on him instead.

I took his cock in my mouth and sucked his cockhead both hard and sensually, making him moan and groan. I was giving him pleasure equal to the one his dick gave my pussy. He tried hard to hold on to his orgasm but it was impossible. He shot his sperm flew over my shoulder with some big ropes attaching their warm silky texture on my back and all the way down to my butt.

He picked me up and we kissed for a long time.

An hour later I was on the back of a jeep with a tarp over me. We stopped for a few seconds in the gate and then I was out.

Felix left me at a bus stop to take a ride to the train station. He wrote me his phone number and I gave him my email address. There was no point of giving him my number since it was lost along with my bag.

I got back home fully satisfied and full of energy. Something that was not lost to my Aunt in the Bakery. So much so that she insisted to plan more breaks like this from work.

A few weeks later I would take her on her word.

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Keep it coming...

I hope there is more of this...

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