tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEnjoying Spring's Almost Arrival Ch. 02

Enjoying Spring's Almost Arrival Ch. 02


Expression revealing just how powerfully her now perfectly positioned pussy was enjoying the pulsing water jet, becoming mindless as her fully captivated body surrendered itself. This was not the first time my wife had cum here, holding on to the stainless steel edge of the pool, face reflecting her helpless state. No longer able to care that it was public place, where anybody could see her masturbating. In part because her enjoyment was quite discrete, with little to see but her back, and the bubbling stream going through her legs.

Though in notably larger part simply by being too horny to care about anything but how good cumming felt, overwhelmed by waves of pure lust. For at least the second time as I watched, legs slightly spread along the smooth metal side. She'd taken a short pause between the first session and second at the pool's side, thoroughly seduced by the jet's accessible pleasure. Her body rode the peaks of orgasm several times as I stared, cock swelling, leg and thigh compacted, hard nipple easily seen in the clear water.

With her eyes tightly shut, utterly entranced in the streaming water, much more comfortable this time indulging herself. She was not quite pressing her cunt against the opening, but kept bobbing, using her curled legs and arms to move in the currents creating such intense pleasure between her naked legs. Exposed to anyone with even a hint of awareness of one of the more common ways women masturbate.

Unlike during our first visit to the no longer so new part of the sauna complex, this time my cock was also enjoying its own personal stream of water. Taking a further step into the sort of public pleasure that my wife tends to decry, except when it concerns herself. She is thoroughly addicted to things like vibrators and water jets, which we both play with regularly, in private. Unlike now, both of us succumbing to the simple pleasure of a directed water stream in a public pool.

Though unlike my utterly unaware wife, I kept paying some attention to our surroundings. Knowing that cumming outdoors like she did was undesirable for myself in a non-natural setting. Not that such considered awareness kept my hand from reaching down to my cock, moving it in the enticing current, getting swept along the same pulsing stream of sensation. Losing concerns about being so publicly horny, much as my wife had several minutes ago.

We visit public mixed saunas several times a year, mainly rotating among three local ones, with the occasional longer distance diversion. However, her unstated preference is for the newest one in the city, especially its recent addition of a Finnish pine blockhouse sauna, with an accompanying divided stainless steel pool. On the warm side only, though the much smaller cold water basin has its own use in terms of helping a potential male erection subside quickly - or making erect female nipples appear in seconds.

After the Finnish addition was completed 18 months ago or so, our first visit included enjoying the small cafe, eating paninis and drinking Russian porter beer, her loosely wrapped towel exposing one breast or the other as we ate and drank. On our next visit, I discovered how nice the jets in the stainless steel basin felt, introducing her to experience it for herself when no one was near. Knowing from long experience that as soon as she allowed herself to feel the sensations, she would be helpless.

As delightfully turned out to be the case, with her ending up humping the jet in public, cumming repeatedly with the pulsing current between her legs. Breasts pressed against the side, feet moving her body up and down as she ground her skin against the warm smooth metal.

During a following visit, the jets were not working. Which considering how many couples were in the pool every time we were, kept potential frustration low. Especially on my wife's part, as she loathes admitting just how slutty she can get, particularly when she does not have to undress at all.

The warm pool is large enough for several couples to share it without getting too close, offering just enough of a hint of privacy for them to be more than occasionally affectionate. This is always part of the background tension of anywhere naked adults can be together, though it is easily enough handled through a basic sense of decorum - including overlooking (or paying far too much attention too) those people who stray beyond the boundaries.

Both times we entered the pool after stretching out in the Finnish sauna, several couples were kissing - along the wall with its non-functioning jets, in the corners, and on the bench against the wall on the side where the steps were. We went to the middle of the wall opposite the cold basin, my eyes remaining more or less focused on my naked wife's body. Which did not help in keeping my cock from being on the all too tempting verge of getting harder.

Another couple entered, both of them in their 30s, a woman with flat nipples on largish breasts and and wide hips, walking down the steps just a couple of yards away, in front of the man. I'd noticed them putting their towels and bathrobes on the rack along the edge of the ramp, in front of the stainless steps that led into the still heated water. Seeing how her breast rose as she hung her towel, naked after removing her bathrobe, showing her lush ass before turning, her black pubic trimmed into what is not quite poetically called a landing strip.

They stepped gingerly into the clear water, woman first. Seeing that my wife was also looking, I turned my head, watching how her big breasts floated in the water as she reached the pool's bottom. Slightly smiling as she turned her head to watch her partner reach her, apparently enjoying the close up view of what seemed to be a good sized cock.

They settled next to us, on my wife's right. Looking only at each other, and not the newcomers, it was not quite possible to ignore the reality that they had begun gently kissing and caressing. Much like my wife and I were stroking each other's gently pressed thighs.

As time passed, the other couples left, finally leaving just us and the now restrainedly passionate couple next to my wife. Who I was looking at, providing adequate reason for my head to be turned in the direction of the pair close to her, looking at two very different women's breasts and nipples.

My wife said it was time to leave the sauna for the day, a reasonable enough wish after more than 3 hours here. A desire that would also provide the naked couple privacy in the pool. We showered briefly, then collected our towels. I couldn't stop from glancing towards the remaining couple several times, knowing they were no longer paying much attention to anyone around them.

Their lips were tightly pressed, her arms to each side of his head, holding on to the edge, trying her best to grind against him without making it obvious, no longer merely being affectionate with her partner. Her legs were outside of his, providing a bit of privacy from onlookers, though her rubbing was growing less subtle as time went on.

We took the fairly broad, rough surfaced concrete ramp up to the original section (another addition is being built this winter). The ramp is quite long, turning at the top so as to create an L. At its bottom, the section wall tends to obstruct viewing those in the pool. But going upwards, past the half way point, an aerial perspective is created. In summer, the shrubs offer privacy, but in winter, without their leaves, the view down is quite unobstructed.

Providing a surprisingly discrete place to observe the pool. A fact discovered while pausing to let my wife rewrap her towel, looking at her as she took it off completely, goosebumps on her skin in the chill air, nipples very erect. And behind my wife, the couple we'd left alone. Noticing my gaze, she turned a bit to see what had drawn my attention after her breasts and bush were covered.

The pair was now kissing deeply, the woman's legs spread, breasts lightly pressing against his chest. The water was still clear, but ripples were spreading out as she moved diagonally - a combination of up and down and back forth. We saw how they broke their kiss, the woman's head moving back, her black hair fanning out in the warm water. Plainly and erotically grinding against the man, though the angle and their position made it impossible to see what was happening precisely.

"They're fucking, aren't they?," I asked quietly. My wife looked downwards, and after a bit, agreed, before moving up the ramp in the chill air. I couldn't resist glancing back several times, still not quite positive whether this was the second time in my life seeing a man and woman fuck. My now swelling cock being quite convinced that the woman had been able to turn her partner into having a willing hard cock which was now deep in her horny cunt.

That the ramp provides a discrete place to observe was not a concern of my wife's then, fully aware of how such a sight had drawn my attention as we left, causing me to pause several times. It was not a conscious concern now, particularly as unlike the couple, especially the woman whose tits and spread legs were in full view of anyone on the ramp, there was nothing to see of my wife except bare shoulders, and a stream of bubbles between her legs.

Noting a woman with shortish brown hair in a loosely wrapped red bathrobe coming down the ramp, it appeared as if she was not precisely avoiding looking our way. Prompting me to move a bit to the side of the bubbling stream, both hands out of the water. My wife's expression and fairly subtle motions were unseeable to anyone but me at this point. Knowing from decades of experience of how she gets off, aware that she was completely lost in orgasming now. Low moans providing further evidence of what a total slut she'd become.

The woman entered the Finnish sauna entrance area just as my wife regained a bit of awareness, no longer so thoroughly dominated by the pleasure she'd been unable to control. Well practiced over the decades we have been married in 'forcing' her to return to pleasuring herself, required to only provide the barest of excuses for her to continue cumming. My words removing any feeling of responsibility for acting so slutty, excused by following someone else's base wishes, not her own.

Nonetheless, she does care about discretion, in the sense of not having anyone around when blissfully enjoying the pool's publicly available jets.

Prompting me to truthfully reassure her that no one was around right now, so she could keep enjoying herself. Not feeling particularly guilty at skirting the situation, knowing that she'd have less concerns about a woman realizing what was going on. My wife has her twists - she is actually something of an exhibitionist, but to do something like this in front of a man would be too overt, unless she had an excuse. Like being married, providing a bit of diversion for her husband, as any married woman might. Something that another woman would fully understand, in her eyes.

Soon, her eyes fluttered shut as a hand went down between her legs, holding on to the wall left hand only, low moans growing louder, opening her cunt lip to expose her clit. Turning almost still, body tensing as she started cumming again, legs pressed against the polished side of the pool, unaware of how obvious her moans' rhythm had become.

I noticed the woman leaving the sauna, letting the door close, again not quite looking our way, walking very slowly. I did not follow her as she walked up the ramp, my attention soon focusing completely on my wife. Along with how good it felt when touching my cock again. Unconcerned even if the woman could see us, at least potentially. I knew that not cumming would be possible, particularly after making sure to have my wife make me cum playing with my nipple a couple of hours before our visit.

As expected, the jets stopped, releasing us from their magic. My wife just hung limply off the edge for a bit, as I turned and put my arms straight into the adjacent cold water basin. She moved unsteadily past me when going up the steps, providing a nice view of her ass, with her still swelled labia quite visible. Unable to even grab her towel off the peg the first time she tried.

Clearly, it had been another relaxing visit for her, making the probability of her getting off in public again much higher next time.

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