tagIncest/TabooEnjoying the Drive Ch. 03

Enjoying the Drive Ch. 03


We spent four hours trying like hell to behave ourselves.

I had brought a book, and I read as much of it as I could while sitting within easy reach of my sister. It was hard to concentrate with her so close, and I knew that she was probably thinking the same thing. I probably only pulled in every third word or so, and even then I don't think I really remembered anything about the book.

It was too hard not to look. Every few seconds, my eyes would sneak away from what I was reading and I would peek at Dani. She had put her earbuds in and was listening to some band I had never really bothered to care about before. I inherited Dad's love of what Dani called "old guy rock", and Dani had inherited Mom's love of whatever happened to be on the top 40 countdown.

She had pulled her feet up and curled them under, laying her legs over to the side and giving me a perfect view of her smooth, tanned skin. Her butt cheeks peeked out at me from the bottom of her shorts and when she moved just right I would catch a glimpse of the edge of one of her lips slipping past the hem. Coupled with the sight of her loose t-shirt pulled tight across her chest, the effect was strong enough to keep me hard the entire time.

I caught her sneaking glances at my cock a few times and we would share a goofy, happy smile. I never thought I would stop fighting with my sister for any reason. I certainly never thought it would be due to anything like this!

It was just after noon when Dad pulled into a gas station and we all got out to stretch. While Dad filled the tank, I unpacked myself from the back of the van and yawned, reaching as high as I could and arching back a bit, feeling cramped up muscles burn pleasantly. Mom had popped around to talk to Dad about something and Dani jumped out of the van, landed lightly, skipped up to me and grabbed my still-stiff cock as I stretched. She laughed when I jumped a foot off the ground.

"You better get that thing under control, Fucker," Dani giggled. "Your dick is gonna get us busted."

"Yeah, right," I retorted. "You try not getting horny stuck in the back seat with you after this morning."

"I am," she said, then leaned close and stood on her tiptoes to whisper in my ear. "You just can't see how horny I am."

With that, she pushed off from my chest and jogged into the gas station, pulling her long hair into a ponytail and securing it with the ever-present tie on her wrist. I watched as long as I dared, then took a few deep breaths and tried desperately to think of something else.

"Hey, kiddo?" Dad called from the pump. "Run in and grab a road map!"

"Sure thing, Dad," I replied.

The inside of the gas station was the same as every other gas station out west. Air conditioned to the point of freezing, and filled to the brim with snack food, soft drinks, and tourist junk. Dani was nowhere to be found. I grabbed one of the big U.S. road atlases, paid, and headed back outside. Dad had finished fuelling up and was waving his hands at my mom in a gesture I have come to call "Fuck It, Whatever". It's the gesture he makes every time Mom gets him to cave on something.

"What's up?" I asked. Dad took the atlas and rolled his eyes.

"Your mother has decided we're going to camp in Yellowstone tonight, like we haven't done it before," he said.

"It's not that, dear. I just think it'll be nice to stay together in a place we all know we love. Both the kids are going away at the end of the summer, and I just-"

"I get it, love," Dad said. "Besides, I already said 'yes'."

Just as he finished, Dani bounced back into view from the gas station and handed me one of those long, ridiculous, twisty rainbow lollipops.

"Here you go, baby brother. Just for you," she said. She smirked irritatingly at me and hopped back into the van. Six hours ago, that would have started a fight. Amazing what a few orgasms between siblings can accomplish.

"Thanks, Jumbo! By the way, we're spending the night in Yellowstone, so it'd be a shame if you were to, say, leave a ham sandwich in your sleeping bag and get eaten by a bear!" I called after her. Mostly it gave me an excuse to watch her ass as she climbed in the van.

"We're sharing a tent, dude. He'd eat you too!"

"Fair point," I muttered to myself as I crammed my way back into the van. "How is it you make getting in this thing look so easy?"

"Easy," Dani replied, looking up from her phone as I dropped heavily into the seat next to her. "I'm tiny. You're HUGE." She overemphasized the last word in the same tone she used to use when she would call me fat when we were kids. Any hurt that might have come from it was erased before it started as she whispered, "You barely fit in my mouth," and giggled.

My phone buzzed in my pocket as I mumbled, "Fair enough."

I stuck the tip of the lollipop in my mouth as I fished it out and saw a new message from my sister, who was now giggling uncontrollably.

"Ib wassin tha fhunny," I mumbled around the lollipop as I clicked the message and suddenly understood the giggling.

Dani had sent me a photo of herself. She had obviously just taken it in the gas station bathroom. It was a "selfie", taken using the large mirror that seems to come standard in every girls' bathroom in the world, and it showed my sister completely naked, kneeling on the sink counter. Half the length of the lollipop I held between my lips was buried in her pussy. The message above the picture read, "Thinking of you.... And now my pussy is sticky :)"

I slowly turned to Dani, who was watching me, red faced from trying to hold back giggles, and very deliberately licked all around the lollipop.

"Perv," she whispered, and flashed me one perfect little tit.

Mom and Dad climbed back in the car and we took off. It took us another three hours to get to Yellowstone due to the unfamiliar route.

Dani and I teased each other the entire time.

She would stretch lazily and pull her shirt up, or spread her legs just wide enough for her pussy to peek out at me from the leg of her shorts. I would slip the leg of mine up just far enough for the head of my cock to slip into view and then push them back into place.

She would run her hand lightly up my thigh, just far enough to brush the back of her fingers against my shaft before pulling her hand back. I would swirl my finger along the hem of her shorts, snatching it away just as my fingertip brushed her clit.

She pulled her shorts down and slowly stroked her pussy, lying flat on her back on the seat, her feet pressed against my leg. Dani slipped her middle finger inside herself and pulled it out, leaned forward and ran it across my lips before falling back down and slipping it back inside. I freed my cock from my shorts and stroked it slowly, letting precum build on the head before scooping it up with my finger and feeding it to her, feeling her tongue swirl around my fingertip as she cleaned it.

Dani pulled her finger from her pussy and started rubbing fast circles around her clit, licking her lips and mouthing, "More."

I scooped more precum onto my finger, swirling my way around the head of my cock and reached towards her. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes, her tongue flicking teasingly out. At the last second, I changed my mind and plunged my precum-coated finger deep into her pussy.

Dani gasped at the invasion, then moaned as she realized what I'd done and started cumming on my finger, her pussy hungrily sucking the precum from my digit. Her mouth opened and she let out a long, shuddering breath as she fought not to cry out.

I smiled as she came down, and watched her sit up and lean over my lap, engulfing my length with her mouth and swiping away more precum with her nimble little tongue. I put my hand on the back of her head and gently pushed, feeling her relax as the tip of my cock pushed into her throat. When I felt her tongue tickle my balls, I gently pulled her up and off my cock.

I quelled the disappointment on her face as quickly as I could. I put my finger to her lips and whispered, "My next one is going in your pussy."

She smiled happily and groaned all at the same time. "You're killing me," she whispered back.

"You're not exactly suffering alone, here," I retorted. She just laughed.

We pulled into our campsite in midafternoon and set about building our tents. Dani and I picked a spot for our tent under a tree in one corner of the site, Mom and Dad elected to put theirs as far from ours as possible.

They started doing that every time we camped when we were both pretty young. At first, Dad claimed it was so that if bears came and ate Dani and I, he and Mom wouldn't be disturbed. As we got a little older, he said it was to avoid being kept awake all night by our constant bickering. A few years ago, Dani and I figured out the real reason and started referring to Mom and Dad's tent as the Shaggin' Shack.

About an hour after we arrived, both tents were set up and Dad and I had gotten a good fire going. Hot dogs were roasted, Dani grilled a couple of burgers and fried two eggs, one for me and one for her to put on our burgers. She has the ability to cook anything over an open fire, and I'll never totally understand it. Dessert was s'mores, and after we all sat around the fire, mostly quiet. Yellowstone is one of those places where I've never felt right about talking too much, and I don't know why. Maybe it's being face to face with what the world used to look like.

After a long silence, Dani stood up and stretched. It was still about an hour before dark, and other campers were starting to fill up the spaces around us.

"I'm going to go take a shower," she said. "I want to beat the evening rush."

"Honey, you should go with her," Mom said. "We're leaving early tomorrow, and you know I don't like either of you wandering of alone here." Mom has a deep paranoia about her kids and bears that somehow never stops her from bringing us to places where bears run free.

"Good call," I mumbled, and stood to grab my shower stuff and a towel from the van.

Dad stopped me and handed me a stack of quarters.

"You two take your time. If your mother decides to do this camping thing all the way to Florida it may be a couple days before you get another shower," he said. That was code for "leave us alone for a while."

I had to jog to catch up to Dani, who had started marching for the showers a few seconds after her announcement.

"Hey," I said as I caught her up. "Mom and Dad wanted some alone time." I handed Dani half of the quarters as we got to the building. "And Dad is worried she'll want to camp the whole way."

"Yeah, right," Dani laughed. "Mom likes to camp every once in a while, but she'll be demanding a hotel by tomorrow morning."

We stepped into the building to discover we were the only two there. All the stalls were free. Camp showers are set up a lot like dorm showers. There's a small, curtained off area in each one to get undressed and behind that is the actual shower. I stepped into one stall, Dani into the next. I took my time, slowly spreading all of my stuff out on the small bench in the "stripping area" as I heard Dani plop her things on the bench and feed quarters into the pay slot. The water kicked on in her stall, and I waited thirty seconds before I heard her step in through the curtain.

I quietly stepped out of my stall and into hers, opening and closing both curtains as silently as I could before carefully stripping off my shirt and shorts. My cock bounced as I stepped up to the last curtain between us and took a deep breath.

I jerked back the curtain and Dani whirled, water flying from her hair. I stood for a second and just looked, just drank in the sight of my sister completely nude in front of me dripping water, her hair plastered to her head and shoulders, mouth open, staring back at me.

"Fuck yes," she groaned, and jumped.

I caught her in the air, her legs wrapping around my waist as I stepped into her leap, her arms catching my neck, one hand slipping low between us, her mouth finding mine, our tongues swirling together as her hand gripped my cock and pulled it just a bit up. I kept moving, walking forward with her in my arms, gently crashing her back into the wall and using my momentum to bury my cock in her pussy.

"Uhn... Fuck," we moaned in unison. Her pussy was amazing, tight and wet, hotter than anything I'd ever felt. She came as my cock bottomed out, my balls pressed against her ass. I felt her shudder around me, on me, her whole body shaking as her orgasm pulsed around me. I pulled back and thrust forward hard, one hand holding her ass, the other on the small of her back. She cried out as I slammed in, her forehead pressed against mine, her hands clinging to the back of my head, her fingers curled in my hair.

"Fuck me," she moaned, her lips brushing against mine. "Give me what you promised."

I pulled back and hammered in, over and over, her hungry pussy gripping me with every thrust, her moans stifled only when she pressed her lips to mine. Water streamed over us, pouring from the showerhead as we fucked, feeding on each other's bodies.

Dani arched her back and pushed away from the wall, hooking her feet on the front of my hips, pulling and pushing at the same time, urging me to the ground, to my back. I sat, taking her with me, my cock never leaving her and lay back, feeling her grind against me, my cock never anything but completely inside her. She shook as she came again, her orgasm stealing her breath as her face turned red her body clenched.

I rolled then, taking her over, holding her to me as I took control, her legs wrapping around me again, her back on hard concrete and her head in my hands. I pounded into her, our bodies slapping together as my cock reached new depths. Her eyes fluttered and her fingers clawed into my back as I buried myself inside her and groaned, cum erupting from inside me and splashing into her pussy. She came again as my orgasm filled her, as though her pussy wanted to drink up every drop of my cum.

Dani grunted hard as her orgasm began to subside and started to breathe again in deep, fast breaths that were almost sobs. I kissed her, slowly this time, with less desperate hunger. The kiss of a lover, the kind that lasts and explores and learns.

We lay there for a few minutes, my cock still inside her. Her body would twitch with an aftershock of her orgasm, my cock would jump, we would giggle. After a while, my knees started to hurt on the concrete floor. I pulled up and away, sad to leave her arms, and my cock slipped from her pussy. I stream of my cum flowed down between her butt cheeks and she laughed.

"Now we really need to shower," she said.

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