tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEnjoying the Female Form

Enjoying the Female Form


Missy and I have a great marriage. The neatest thing about her is that we can talk about anything honestly and openly. One of the things that she has been able to accept about me is that I love the female form more than anything else to look at. In art, movies, plays, ballet, or any other place, I just love the female form. I have always enjoyed going to the beach or any other place that allows me to see female bodies. I am an amateur artist and photographer as well. I have a ton of other hobbies of fishing, camping and exercising as well, but Missy has been patient and understanding about my fascination with the female form.

We met and fell in love towards the end of college. Early in our relationship she noticed that I really liked going to the park, going to the beach, etc. where I could people watch. She noticed that there are certain types of girls, clothes, and activities that I really enjoyed. As we talked about these things I told her about my fascination of the female body and the power or influence it has in our society. She kind of scoffed at this comment, which spurred on a whole deep discussion. One of the examples I gave her is a close friend of Missy's, Kimberly that is very popular with guys. She is attractive but not drop dead gorgeous or anything. Missy has commented before that she has never understood why guys go after her so much. I used Kimberly as an example of a girl that understands the power and influence of the female form. I told her the next time we were with Kimberly I would show her what I meant. We kind of left the conversation at that point, as we had to run off to class.

A couple of evenings later that week, Kimberly and several of our friends came over studying and eating pepperoni rolls. Missy and I started talking about Kimberly to continue our conversion on the female form and the influence it can have if one understands it. I told her to watch as she talked with the guys at our house. I pointed out that her body language was always open to who ever she was talking to. She would touch their arm, put her hand on their side, and kiss people quickly when anyone arrived. Everything she did with her body language was in a manner to say please get close to me, I like being close to you. She would be careful to make eye contact and hold on to what one was talking about like it was very important and interesting regardless of what the subject was. It was funny that as I pointed out all of the things she was doing, Missy was almost shocked that she had not really noticed that Kimberly always did these things. We both really like Kimberly because she is so easy to get to know.

Missy and I then talked about her hair. I mentioned that she kept her hair long down to the middle of her back. She has beautiful hair but it is also the way she always makes sure that she will lay her head on some ones shoulder and let it dance on somebody's arms. Or when everyone is sitting on the floor she will stretch out and put her head on a guy's leg so that her hair is lying around the guy's thighs and crotch. I told Missy that this really drives guy's nuts.

Next Missy and I talked about Kimberly's clothes. She always wears tops that are very thin of silk or light cotton. They will usually button up the front or have an open neckline. She was wearing a button up tonight and I told Missy to notice that she always has the buttons undone to right in the middle of her breasts so that it is easy for a guy to see the tops of her breasts and bra, or even her bare breasts and nipples. I said to look at all the other girls in the room and they have at least one more button fastened and sure enough they did. Missy asked about her not wearing a bra and I told her I had seen her bare breasts and nipples on several occasions. Missy could not believe it. She had never seen it. I also said that she purchases lacy bras and very thin bras so that when her nipples get hard they poke out and show a little, which also drive guys crazy.

I mentioned that 90% of the time Kimberly wears very baggy legged shorts or a skirt. Either one is very sexy and inviting. She will move around in such a way that her thighs open and that one can get a glimpse of her panties. Missy laughed and said no way. Kimberly was wearing shorts tonight that had baggy legs. I told Missy to go and sit across from her for a few minutes.

We split up at that point and Missy made her way over and took a seat generally in front of Kimberly. About 10 minutes later Missy came over to me and kissed me on the lips and gave me a hug. When she was hugging me she whispered in my ear that they were very thin pink panties and that she saw her vagina-covered panties twice. She said she could not believe it.

After everyone took off, Missy and I had great sex. Afterward we were cuddling and she commented that she would always look at Kimberly in a whole new way. I said it is not just Kimberly that many girls do the same things and I mentioned that I felt many movie stars have done this very successfully in their own way. Missy said that she felt like this was the first time she understood how a guy thinks about things, which was really cool. I asked her what she was thinking about and she said she was curious to try doing some of the things and see if she would notice a difference in how boys acted around her.

A couple of days later Missy started wearing button up tops with buttons undone down to the middle of her breasts. She said she noticed guys making casual glances at her breasts when they were talking to her. She said she also noticed guys that never really talked to her in class before made it a point to come by her desk or talk to her after class. She was pretty excited about her new "game" as she called it.

We went to the mall the following week and she wanted to buy some clothes. As we started looking I noticed Missy was looking at thin button up tops. She found two she liked. She also bought a bra that was made of silk material that was very transparent. When you held your hands in the cup of the bra you could easily see your fingers. I started looking at some soft baggy shorts and she said I don't know about those. I encouraged her to try them on at least. They felt like they were made of pajama material but they were just regular shorts. She tried them on and they looked good on her. Ultimately, I talked her into getting them.

She went back to her dorm and I went to my apartment. I went to pick her up to study that evening as we did often. When she came out I found out she did laundry and was wearing one of the new tops and shorts. I said she looked amazing. She kissed me on the check and told me she loved me and then said that as soon as I knew what color her panties were to whisper it in her ear. I leaned over and kissed her again. We went to the apartment and laid out our books in the living room to study. As she shifted around studying, I got a glimpse of the ivory colored panties and a couple of peaks at her breasts. She was wearing the new bra and it was almost as if she had gone braless. Her nipples were hard and made visible bumps on the front of her shirt. I got up to get a drink and asked her if she wanted one. I bent over kissed her and told her Ivory. She could not believe that I already had gotten a peak. David, my roommate came in an hour after that, said hi, and went to his room.

We fished our schoolwork and turned on the TV. I sat at the end of the couch and Missy lay her head down on my legs to watch. David came in and sat on the other end of the couch down by Missy's feet. After a little while, David got up to use the bathroom. When he stepped out I told her I had a dare for her. She asked what the dare was. I reached over and grabbed her left knee and pulled it up against the back of the couch with the other being down on the seat of the couch causing her shorts to really sag. She asked me to go to the other end of the couch and look and make sure not too much was showing. I did and her whole crotch was visible. I told her that her panties were a little visible but not too much. She said she would be too embarrassed.

I asked her to just do it this once to see what would happen. David came back in and Missy froze. When David sat down his eyes went straight to her crotch. She stayed that way for 3-4 minutes with him constantly stealing glances at her crotch. Missy got up and stretched like she was tired and I followed her to my room. She shut the door and immediately took off her clothes with me right behind her and we had fast sex and then cuddled. She said she could not believe that she let David look at her with just her thin silk panties on. Missy said it made her super horny to know that she was showing off.

That was the beginning of her exploration with the full understanding of the influence of the female body on men. Missy noticed a big difference in the way our friends treated her and that she quickly became much closer to several of them. She said it was funny how boys getting "innocent" glances of her created a type of bond between them. It was like she became "one of the boys" in a way by having greater incite to guy's voyeuristic desires and thoughts. We both feel that there is really no harm in this innocent play as it has helps keep us sexually charged and close, as well as close to many of our friends even after college.

We have found different ways to innocently show off her female beauty, whether it is by taking the liner out of the top of a swimsuit or wearing soft white cotton shirts.

I feel very fortunate to have a wife that has developed the same interest in human nature's fascination with the female form.

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