tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEnjoying the Great Outdoors

Enjoying the Great Outdoors


To the reader: you may find that this story has a vaguely similar plot idea to my story "Wild Blue Yonder". While I will admit that there is that vague connection, let me assure you - this is NOT "Wild Blue Yonder". I think if you read it, you'll discover that this is a totally different story. It's certainly a different writing style. Enjoy!

* * *

Greetings, readers. Welcome to a tale of exaggerated proportions, ridiculous occurrences, and felonious fiction. Yes indeed, while this story does in fact have a basis in reality, it's changed so much in my mind over the years that it probably only bears a passing resemblance to the original event.

One thing that is true – my name is Wainwright. Yeah, Wainwright. At least, that's what I go by. You know why?

Because of my first name – George.

And my last name – Bush.

Yeah, that's right. When I was born in December of 1988, my kind, dear parents – Marcus and Linda Bush, dedicated Republicans both, decided to name me after the just-recently-elected President-Elect George Bush. They also thought it would be nice to name me after my mom's departed father, Wainwright Tennant.

Thus, I'm George W. Bush.

Well, fuck that. I decided to go by Wainwright. In fact, starting my freshman year of high school, I insisted on being called Wainwright (and finally, Wayne for short, thank God). There was no way in hell I was going to be called George W. Bush.

Moving on. When I went off to college, I decided on Columbia University – yes indeed, the illustrious college that hosted President Mahmoud Ahmadinutjob of Iran in September 2007. Wheee.

My friend Emily also ended up going to Columbia. Emily and I had known each other since we were three. We got caught playing "doctor" in my parents' garage when we were six. Boy did I get an ass whupping for that.

We'd been friends our whole lives. It had never gotten to be anything more than that – that just would've been awkward. So, while remaining friends, we had gone our separate ways relationship-wise – I had all of one girlfriend in high school, and she had a few boyfriends. It was rumored that she was pretty good in the sack, but I just couldn't even bring myself to fantasize about that – too weird. I had expressed concern about it once, but she assured me that she was on the pill.

Anyway, so all through our first year at Columbia, Emily had been trying to land a local modeling gig. On first glance, you'd probably say she has the body for it, too – but she was rejected time after time. Most of the people who rejected her said that her boobs were too big.

Finally, in early April 2008, she came and practically beat down my door to tell me the news.

"I got a modeling job!" she squealed, rushing me. "There had to have been at least forty other girls there, most of them had more of the 'model' body that everybody else wanted, but I got the job! They made me take a blood test afterwards, which I thought was weird, but who cares! I got the job!"

"That's fantastic!" I said. "What are you gonna be doing?"

"Outdoor shoot for an off-roading magazine," she said. "Since it's been so warm this spring, they wanted to get an early start on seasonal shooting. And you're going to get to see it all."

Warning bells started ringing in my head. "What?"

She got quiet and blushed a little. "Well... they said that part of the shoot would be nude..."

Well, that explained why she got the job instead of the waifs – big boobs get you a long way with nude shoots.

"...and I trust you, and it'd just make me feel better if you were there."

Oh boy. This was going to be awkward. The last time I had seen her nude was when we were six. In high school, she had always seemed, well, almost asexual to me. I wasn't sure if I was going to be comfortable seeing any part of her nude.

She seemed to sense my discomfort. "Is that alright?" she asked, concern in her voice. "Will you come to the shoot?"

Doubt filled my head. I shouldn't do this, I thought. Hell, she shouldn't do this.

But I shook the doubts away. "Yeah, I'll be there."

And so it was that early on a Saturday morning, we drove my land yacht 1964 Ford Galaxie out into the country and ended up in a secluded part of a regional park. I was amazed – I never knew you could find a spot quite this secluded in New York State.

There were a few ATVs parked on site – props for the shoot. There were also two large tents set up – makeup, dressing room, etc. A number of people were milling about, setting up cameras and lights, doing lighting tests, everything that ordinarily accompanies a photo shoot. I for one parked myself under a tree with a John Grisham book, and there I stayed for nearly an hour before I heard Emily call my name.


I looked up, and there was Emily – clad in a skimpy-ass red bikini top, and cut-off shorts so short that her ass was hanging out of them, unbuttoned and unzipped, exposing matching red bikini bottoms. My mouth dropped open – I had never seen her quite like this, and I was impressed with what I saw. Apparently, so were other parts of my anatomy, which I tried to conceal as I stood.

"Ummm..." I could find no words. "Jesus."

"I know, I look good," she said, giving me a sly wink.

I opened my mouth to say something, but then her name was called. "Okay, I gotta get started," she said.

Running over to where the director was standing, he directed her to a couple of simple poses so they could do lighting tests with her. "She needs darker foundation; she's washing out," I heard one of the photographers say.

One of the makeup guys ran over with what must have been foundation (I have no clue on makeup), and started applying it to her. Apparently, the cameraman was most concerned with Emily's thighs washing out, because that's where the makeup guy applied most of his attention. When he ran his fingers up under Emily's shorts, it looked like she ground his crotch against his hand and a little smile crossed her face. The pleasure was all on her part, though – I could tell just from looking at him that the guy was gayer than Elton John.

They did a few more test shots, and the photographer nodded his satisfaction. Then they called for the male models to come out.

Seven guys came out of the second tent. All were wearing Speedos. All appeared to have impressive packages. All of them were in very good shape – not ridiculously muscular, but good enough for the makeup guy to lick his lips and have to adjust his crotch as they walked by.

Emily appeared to be impressed too. She gave an approving whistle and looked them all up and down. "Yeah, they'll do," she said.

Finally, around 8:00, the shoot started. They had Emily in a variety of poses – riding the ATV, standing by it, one leg slung over it, holding onto the handlebars with her head tossed back and her eyes closed. Then, one by one, they had the guys join her. They did more poses with her – her driving the ATV with one of them sitting on the seat behind her, and vice versa; one of them standing by the ATV with her hand on his chest, one of them standing in front of the ATV and looking into her eyes. When the director had one of them stand next to the ATV and told her to place her hand on his crotch, she did so without hesitation, even giving it a gentle squeeze as he did so.

Then, he had one of them stand behind her and slip his fingertips into her bikini bottoms. She closed her eyes and smiled, leaning her head back against his chest as he did so. Finally, he had one of them sit on the ATV seat facing forwards, and then had Emily straddle him and sit on his lap, facing him. It was clear from the expansion in his crotch that he was enjoying this, and Emily didn't seem to be minding either.

At that point, the director sent the seven men back to the tent to prep for the next shot. While they were gone, he took a couple more shots of Emily. He had her pose in the act of pulling her shorts down, then had her stop with them around her ankles, and then had her hold them up and toss them away. During this set, it became apparent that those matching red bikini bottoms were a very skimpy thong. Not much was being left to the imagination here.

When the men re-emerged from the tent, even less was left to the imagination. They were all stark naked. They were all also very apparently aroused. Not one of them had an erection smaller than seven inches, and they were all shaved except for small patches of pubic hair directly above their cocks.

When Emily saw this, her eyebrows shot straight up, and she turned pink. I expected her to freak out – but she didn't say a word.

The director had the first guy stand behind her. He wrapped his arms around her midsection, and his cock settled into her asscrack. She giggled when he made contact, but didn't react otherwise. The next guy had a similar pose, but the director took this shot with him pulling down her bikini top, exposing her quite magnificent boobs for all to see.

Holy damn. I had never seen her boobs naked. They were a-fucking-mazing. My cock was now rock hard, and it was all I could do to keep from rubbing it.

Then, the director had her sit down on one of the ATVs, and lean over the handlebars, her large breasts hanging. He had the third guy straddle the seat behind her and rest his cock in her ass crack. He then instructed the guy to reach forward and play with Emily's boobs a little. He did so, caressing them, and pinching and twirling her nipples.

By this point, she was pretty much gone. She had been swept away to the land of pleasure, and it was going to be a while until she came back.

For the next shot, the director had two of the guys come and stand on either side of the ATV. He instructed Emily to reach out and take a cock in each hand. She hesitated at first, then shrugged her shoulders and grabbed. While she was holding the two cocks, the director had each of the guys play with one of her boobs, like the guy before them. As they were doing so, she began to unconsciously stroke their cocks.

Then, the director had Emily stand up with her legs slightly spread. The sixth guy walked up behind her, and slid his cock between her legs. He rubbed back and forth a little, with only the skimpy cloth of Emily's thong separating his cock from her pussy. Her lips parted and she moaned slightly, leaning her head back against his chest as he moved beneath her.

Finally, he had Emily sit down on the ATV seat, facing backwards, and lay back on the handlebars. Then, he had the seventh guy straddle her chest and slide his cock between her boobs. He instructed Emily to press her boobs together.

I almost came in my pants right there. This was driving me wild. I needed relief, and I needed it now.

Fortunately, just then, the director called for a five minute break. He told everybody to go get their makeup touched up. He also told Emily not to bother with the bikini top when she came back – to just keep the thong on.

While they were off getting their makeup touched up, I ran off behind a stand of large trees. Looking around nervously and not seeing anybody, I dropped my pants and furiously began jacking off. In under a minute, I came, shooting a stream of cum against a tree in front of me so hard that I could actually hear an audible "splat" as it hit.

Relieved, I put my cock away and resituated myself, dashing back out to the shoot area as Emily strode out of her tent, clad only in the little red thong. The director walked over to her and whispered something in her ear. Her eyebrows shot up again, and the pinkness returned to her face, but a little smile crossed her lips, and she nodded.

It appeared that the makeup guy had paid special attention to her boobs. Her nipples had had their red color enhanced – they were rouged, I was told later – and the same dark foundation that had been applied to her thighs was applied had been applied to her boobs. My cock came straight back to attention, despite the fact that I had just taken care of things.

Then the seven guys emerged from the tent, and it looked like they'd had makeup applied, too – on their cocks, no less. Now that was just weird to me, but hey – I'm not a professional photographer or model, so what would I know?

For the first pose, the director had Emily sit side-saddle on the ATV. The first guy walked up and stood in front of her. He instructed her to take hold of his cock, and told him to put his fingers inside her thong, by her pussy. They were supposed to be giving the illusion that mutual hand-jobs were in progress, but there was more reality than illusion here – Emily was definitely stroking his cock a little, and his fingers had to have been doing something under that thong, judging from the look on her face.

When the second guy came up, Emily was instructed to bend and kiss the tip of his cock. This she did, and then she parted her lips a little and let the head of his cock slide between her lips. That was all she allowed in, but she must have been doing something pretty phenomenal with her tongue judging by the look on the guy's face.

The director then had Emily sit down on the ATV seat facing backwards, and had her lay back on the handlebars again. He had the third guy come up and rest his cock right on top of her pelvis, with only the thin cloth of her thong between his cock and her pubic strip. He had her take hold, and look into his eyes, as if she was going to be guiding his cock into her in a brief moment.

He told her to stay lying down, and then the fourth guy came forward. He knelt behind the ATV, pulled her thong aside, and then put his face right up against her pussy and stuck his tongue inside. Oh, she was pleased. A huge smile spread on his face and she closed her eyes, letting her head drop back. I made a mental note to see if I could get this guy to give me some pointers, because he clearly knew what he was doing.

Then, the director had her get up. He had the fifth guy lie down on the ATV, like Emily had been, and then had her lie on top of him, facing the opposite direction – a definite 69 pose. And that was confirmed when he had the guy pull her thong aside again and eat her out, while she slipped her lips around the head of his dick.

After getting plenty of 69 action on film, the director had her stand up next to the ATV and slip off her thong. He got a couple good shots of her doing this, and I got a good look at her pelvis – close-cut "landing strip" of pubic hair – and holy damn, she was a natural blonde – and a small, but very prominent clitoris. He instructed the sixth guy to come stand behind her and assume the same pose he had earlier, with his cock slid between her legs. However, when it didn't come out the other side, my attention was piqued.

I got as close as I could without being a nuisance and got a good look. Was he – was – no. The tip of his cock was partially submerged between her labia, and he was moving his pelvis in tiny circles, rubbing his cock head against her vaginal sphincter, but he hadn't entered her. She wasn't even attempting to hide the fact that she was enjoying this, with one hand rubbing her clit, her eyes closed, small moans escaping from her lips.

When the director told them to separate, a look of sheer disappointment crossed her face. "Don't worry," the director said. "We've got something even better for you."

He told her to sit down on the ATV, facing forward, and lean forward over the handlebars. Then he instructed her to scoot her ass back as far as she could. She did so, and as she did, her asscheeks spread wide, and her pussy was prominently exposed.

The director told the seventh guy to come up behind her, and I expected that he was going to do like the third guy had earlier, and rest his cock in her ass crack –

But he apparently had other plans, as he rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy briefly, and then slid it all the way inside of her.

My mouth dropped open in disbelief, and her mouth dropped open in utter pleasure. The seventh guy fucked her slowly and first, slowly and gently, but then he began to pick up speed and force. As he hammered into her with more and more strength, it caused her clit to rub against the seat of the ATV. Her boobs wobbled with each thrust. Her eyes closed, her mouth open, moans escaping unbidden. She grasped the handlebars, and I could see her hands shaking.

Her moans turned to cries as she began to cum. Her orgasm intensified as the guy continued to slam fuck her, withdrawing almost all the way, and then burying his cock deep inside her. Her cries turned to gasps as she came down from the orgasm, and then he pulled out and began furiously jacking off.

He came quickly, and like my jet of cum earlier, it landed with an audible splat, although it was on the small of her back. He didn't have much control over where his cum was going – nor did it look like he was particularly trying to control it – and shot stream after stream on her back, her ass, her pussy.

Finally, he finished. "That's a wrap!" the director called. The seven men returned to their tent. Emily just lay on the ATV for a moment, completely wasted, and then finally dragged herself off the ATV and away to her tent.

When she had gone, I realized something wasn't right. Looking down, I realized that I had cum in my pants. Oops.

I clearly didn't want Emily to see that, so I went and got in my Galaxie to wait for her. When she finally came out, she was cleaned up, and looked immensely happy. She got in the car, and we headed off.

Neither of us said anything for a while, and then, I finally said, "Well, that was really something."

She looked over at me, then looked down at my lap, giggled a little, and said, "I guess you approved."

I turned bright red and went silent. "Oh, don't be embarrassed," she said. "It's a compliment."

I still didn't say anything, so she said, "Stop the car."

That got my attention. "What?"

"Stop the car."

We were coming up on a rest area, so I pulled off the road. The rest area was utterly abandoned, and it was only after I got out of the car did I realize that every single sign said "CLOSED."

Emily got out. "Lie down on the hood."


"Do you know another word besides 'what'?" she said, doing her best to channel Samuel L. Jackson. "Lie. Down. On. The. Hood."

So I did. The Galaxie's hood is almost as long as I am tall, and I'm 5'10". Then, Emily came around the front end of the car, and leaning over me, she whispered, "I think it's been far too long since we played Doctor."

She undid my pants and dragged them and my boxers to my feet. Then, she kicked off her flip-flops, undid her own jeans, and dropped them to the ground. Stepping out of them, she climbed up on the hood of the car, and grabbed my cock. It went instantly hard.

"Very nice," she said. She stroked it a little, then kissed the tip. She slipped it inside her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head. I moaned, and I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't cum right then and there is that I had already cum twice within the last few hours.

She lifted her mouth from my cock. "I think a more thorough examination is in order," she said. Straddling me, she lowered herself over my midsection. She stopped just short of pussy enveloping my cock. Rubbing her labia against the head of my cock, she giggled again. "It is my medical opinion that that needs immediate attention," she said with a smile.

I just smiled back. I really hoped she didn't expect anything else, because my mind was completely blown. And, apparently, she didn't, as she slowly, agonizingly, lowered herself onto my cock.

Sweet Jesus. Remember when I said I had always looked at her as almost asexual? Yeah, not anymore.

Sitting there with my cock completely inside her, she gently rotated her hips, her pussy caressing my cock as she did so. It felt amazing. Then, leaning forward over me, she ever so slightly began raising and lowering her ass, with just the barest bit of my cock slipping out of her.

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