tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEnjoying the Valentine's Scenery

Enjoying the Valentine's Scenery


"Enjoying the scenery again?" my wife Aliza asked me.

"You know me so well."

"Here we are, having a nice romantic Valentine's weekend without the kids and you can't stop looking at other women."

The words could have been harsh, but Aliza was chuckling as she spoke.

"It was your idea to come back to the scene of the..." I began to respond, but found myself unsure how to finish.

"...of the crime you mean to say?" Aliza laughed. "Caro was no crime. She was sublime." Caroline, who insisted that her lovers call her Caro, had been alone in this same bar the previous summer when Aliza had intentionally taken our kids for a nap, leaving me to enjoy more than the scenery. She had later found us in Caro's room, and discovered that she also liked to watch.

I felt Aliza's stocking clad foot teasing my crotch under the table. She sighed, not an exasperated groan, more of a slow sensuous moan.

"Well, I had fun with her. Too bad she ran off before you got back from checking the kids. I tried to make it up too you afterwards." I said.

"Your cock was so flaccid from fucking her twice that it was a good thing I came while I was watching. Waiting until late at night with the kids in bed was a drag. That's why I left them with your Mom this weekend. Now by the look on your face, you've found another playmate to desire." Her toes stroked my shaft through the fabric, urging more blood into my shaft. "But this time, it's your job to seduce them for me. And you have to watch."

"Do I get to fuck them after?"

"I don't think so, but we'll see. If you behave, I'm pretty sure you can fuck me."

As Aliza massaged my balls, I stared at the object of my attraction. Caro had been a classy looking beauty, not a teen, but not old either. We never had found out what she was doing by herself at the tourist resort, but I had been glad she had decided to have a drink just when Aliza had to put our boys down for a nap. With Aliza's help, I had seduced, or been seduced, by Caro.

"I was a bit shocked how you got so snuggly with Caro here in the bar, and then in her room, your desire for girly action was a big surprise."

I guess I expected Aliza to blush a seasonally appropriate red, to match the themed decor of the restaurant bar. Instead, she merely grinned, winked and kneaded my crotch harder. She still had not turned to see what I was watching.

"This time, the scenery is cozy over by the fireplace," I said.

"Is she as cute as Caro?"

"That's like comparing Picasso to Rembrandt. Both wonderful but very different."

"What's this one like?"

"Much younger than Caro. If she wasn't sipping a cocktail I'd guess she was underage. Barely legal, anyway. Blonde. Pixie features. I can't see much of her body but it looks like she has nice high round tits under her ski sweater."

"Ski sweaters are so unromantic."

No sooner did Aliza speak than the young blonde arched her back, sitting tall in her armchair, and lifted the snowflake patterned covering over her head. Underneath she wore a tight fitting white stretch tank top no doubt designed to be worn skiing. However, the heat of the fireplace, or perhaps her excitement, had made her perspire through the shirt, which now stuck to her like a second skin.

"Is she wearing a bra?" asked Aliza as I did play by play.

"Yes, unfortunately," I sighed, sipping my rum toddy.

"One of those ugly sports bras that plaster your boobs back against your ribs, so practical to ski in, but not sexy at all?"

I glanced over at my wife. She was flushed across her throat, her breathing was shallow. "If you are too hot, undo a button," I suggested.

Aliza complied, exposing her cleavage not only to my eyes, but to anyone who cared to look. The blush dived down between her tits. I could make out erect nipples through her shirt. Then I answered her question about Blondie's bra.

"No, it looks like a nice lace push up. Hard to be sure of the colour from here but I would guess it is a nice red for the occasion."

"Like mine," giggled Aliza. We both downed our drinks and it was Aliza who waved at the bartender for a fresh round.

"How about you undo another button so that the waiter gets a Valentine's treat," I suggested.

Again, Aliza quietly acquiesced in my direction, which was not like her. I knew that our experience with Caro had reinvigorated our failing marriage, but this was a new thrill.

"What is the guy like?" Aliza asked.

"Older," I explained, "just how some women prefer them." Here I was teasing my wife. I suspected her frequent recent infidelities had mainly been with father figures, searching for the approval that her own parents had always withheld.

"Ohhh," Aliza moaned, settling deeper into her chair, fingers instinctively brushing across her throat and down her chest. "I wonder if he's her husband, boss, boyfriend, or...or her Dad?"

Our waiter arrived, bending so low to place our refills on the table that his nose was almost buried in Aliza's cleavage. She squirmed as he lingered a bit obviously enjoying the delightful view. As he finally left, I noticed that Aliza was staring at his tight young butt. The hand which wasn't at her throat now dropped to her lap, resting softly on her own thigh.

I sipped the fresh drink. I spoke again. "He has that 'distinguished but crazy Brit' look. Spiky white hair, close cropped...."

"Like recent Terrance Stamp or Malcolm McDowell movies?"

"Exactly. I can't see if he has the maniacal eyes."

"What are they doing?"

"He has just given her a dozen roses. She put them into a water glass. He is drawing one out. He is tickling her nose with it, drawing it down across her lips. She is teasing the petal with her tongue. I bet the thorn is tickling her chin."

"I bet her nipples are hard."

"He is tracing the flower across her tits, so I guess he wants them hard. She is leaning forward and kissing him. Not daughterly at all. Her right hand is clutching his hair, holding him in a lip lock. I can't see her other hand."

"I wonder if she's doing what I am?" asked Aliza, kneading my swollen lump through my pants.

"Or else she's stroking his ass. He's tipped forward enough."

"What is he doing?"

"The back of his hand holding the rose is still rubbing her nipples. The rose is tickling her chin."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Aliza was squirming. It had been Aliza who had initiated the infidelity with Caro, and then discovered that she liked watching me fucking, and more. I was puzzled though how to solve the problem of peeling the nubile blonde away from the lover, or whether perhaps she might prefer to include him in the play.

"Aliza," a familiar voice shrieked. I turned to see Caro rushing across the room, her arms outstretched. Aliza stood and the two women hugged, and then flowed into a more than sisterly kiss. After much rubbing of hips, they stepped apart and Caro turned and smiled at me. She looked quickly at my crotch. "I see that winter hasn't cooled your passion."

"We're here for a romantic Valentine's package," Aliza explained, sliding an arm around my waist and resting her other hand tenderly on Caro's hip.

"So, you aren't shopping for another threesome?" Caro replied.

Aliza blushed as red as a rose.

"Well, we didn't think anyone else could be as thrilling as you," I replied.

Caro laughed boldly, right from her belly. This gave me an opportunity to drink in her beauty. Her long brown hair was tucked into a wool ski cap. She wore a shapeless white short ski parka, but it was open to reveal a tight white spandex top and painted on corduroy pants. Her erect nipples were testimony to the absence of a bra. My already swollen member struggled to get straighter inside the confines of my pants. My hand automatically shifted slightly as if to adjust myself. I stopped short when Caro giggled again and asked, "Need me to adjust that for you?"

By now Aliza had recovered enough to ask Caro, "What brings you here?"

"Much like you, we wanted to get away and rekindle our romance. I'm an avid skier, so this seemed like a good spot." She grinned. "And I had fond memories of my day with you two."

"If that's your hubby over there, I think he's getting awfully cozy with that blonde for a man rekindling a romance with you." Aliza said. Her hand was wandering up Caro's side, just lightly grazing along the side of Caro's breast.

Caro treated us to another lusty laugh. Her fingers trailed across the front of my zipper, teasing my cockhead through my pants. My balls felt likely to burst. "Sorry, Aliza I guess I never told you – it's not the guy that's my lover, it's the blonde. I sort of lied to you when I told you I prefer cock to pussy. I am bi, but she's been my main squeeze since a month after she turned eighteen, which was just last year. When you met me here in the summer, I had run away, trying to deny our passion, because it was so wrong. I am so happy that our time together freed me to know that I can love both men and women."

At that point, Caro paused, breathed and frowned. Her hand however continued toying with my erection. Aliza had stepped closer to Caro and was brushing a finger slowly along from one nipple to the other.

"So who is the guy?" I asked, nervous about the public display, but also feeling a bit awkward about being the one watching this time.

"That's Gunther, he's the guy that Thea took up with while we were separated. It's ruined our whole weekend. He followed us up here. He intercepted Thea while I was skiing and is doing the big romance thing. I was Thea's first regular lover. Now she's all confused about her orientation."

Aliza kissed Caro, a real tender 'kiss it better' smooch. The action of Aliza's hands roaming from tits to ass was decidedly more sensuous though.

"I have an idea," Aliza said after the kiss. "I'll distract him so you can get some time with Thea."

"Great idea, but how?" Caro answered. "He's robbed the whole Valentine romance theme from me."

Since Aliza had told me it was my turn to be the seducer, I wondered whether I should be as bold as Aliza. When she had seduced Caro for me by first approaching her, she had bragged about how good I was. Perhaps if I told Gunther how Aliza was the best lover ever. Except, I realized, he had an option which Caro had lacked last summer. He had Thea. Aliza was ahead of me as usual.

Aliza saved the situation by saying, "Don't fret, Bobby, since the game is changed I'll distract Gunther all by myself."

She then turned to me. "Honey, I might have to take one for the team here. I hope you won't be jealous."

I must have looked puzzled "She means she might let Gunther fuck her so I can be alone with Thea," Caro explained.

"What will I do?"

Both gals laughed. "You can watch," they said simultaneously, which made them laugh harder.

"Which pairing?" I asked.

Aliza and Caro looked at each other and shrugged as if it was choreographed. They doubled over again laughing. I glanced at Gunther and Thea, who were still lost in their own world. Maybe this was not going to work.

I decided not to push the hypothetical issue of who I would watch until Aliza proved she could seduce or distract Gunther. It was like Caro could read my mind. She pressed a room key into my hand. "In case it's Thea and I you decide to watch."

"You two go have a drink over at the bar," Aliza said. "I'll go get ready in our room."

Aliza was gone about ten minutes. Caro and I had not made small talk the first time we met, and this occasion was no different. I don't know if it was fond memories of fucking me, Aliza's caresses, or horniness over Thea, but Caro planted her hand right in my lap.

"I knew the idea of all this sex would make you hard," she said, massaging my cock through the fabric.

We turned and watched Gunther romancing Thea. He continued to rub her erect nipples with the rose. She was leaning back, oblivious, not caring how many others were watching. Caro was tensing up watching Thea's chest heaving. Though we could not see Gunther's lap, Thea's shoulders were moving, suggesting that her hands were busy.

I put an arm around Caro's back and caressed it gently, trying to be soothing. Very soon though, I detected a subtle scent which I recognized as arousal. Her hand got busier in my lap and I let my arm fall down to her waist. She swiveled on the barstool so that she could discretely unzip me and bury her tiny fingers deep in my lap around my growing cock. Her pants were too tight to undo, so I contented myself with squeezing her breasts.

Before I was able to consider whether others might be watching us, Aliza reappeared. She was oddly dressed in high heels and a long fur coat which I had given her that day as a Valentine's gift.

Aliza stopped at the end of the bar and ordered seasonally red martinis, which the bartender put on a tray for her. As she paid, she let the coat fall open. The poor college age kid behind the bar almost fell over, his eyes bulging out of his head. Aliza was naked beneath the coat. Her breasts were still firm despite the two kids. Her nipples were not only erect, they were rouged a suitably red shade. She let them dangle so close to the barkeep I'm sure his breath warmed them. She giggled, then said, just loudly enough so that Caro and I also heard, "Thanks, it is a bit cold in here. Or maybe I'm just glad to see you."

I made a mental note that Aliza could always bring the bartender to our room later if Gunther resisted. Although I ought to have known that even with his starry eyes over Thea, Aliza was not to be denied.

She tottered over to the pair by the fireplace, acting a bit drunker than she was and really perhaps a bit unsteady on her unfamiliar heels. Caro and I alternated between watching her progress and teasing each other. My thumb roughly rubbed her nipple through her sweater as her fingers tugged at my balls and clenched around the root of my shaft.

There was a nice bearskin rug between Gunther's chair and the fireplace. As Caro ran her fist up my rod, pausing to tickle the flap of skin under my helmet, Aliza managed to accidentally catch a heel in the fur, and her tray toppled, spraying martinis all over the lovebirds.

The liquid turned Thea's tank top into a wet T shirt. Despite the bra, her excited nipples were quite obvious as she jumped up, screamed, "You fucking clumsy cow," at Aliza, and told Gunther, "I better go to my room to change." She ran past the bar in tears, too upset to notice Caro.

"I guess that's my cue to go provide comfort," Caro said, dropping my erection and sliding off the bar stool with such grace that my cock popped free of my pants in appreciation of her rear view.

I turned quickly to see Aliza drop to her knees and swipe at Gunther's stained pants with a cocktail napkin. Her coat fell open, revealing her nakedness. I walked casually to the end of the bar. From this position I was able to see that Thea had left Gunther's cock in an excited state, but she had not opened his zipper. Aliza's attentions revived his interest quickly. I wondered if she was about to whip his cock out and suck it right out in the open. Other than the equally excited bartender, the place was almost deserted, and the few remaining lovebirds were cooing away seeing only each other.

Aliza was more creative than I imagined. She picked up the rose which Gunther still held loosely, carefully caressing the hairs on the back of his hand. She arched her back, thrusting her chest towards his gaze and drew a thorn across her nipples, allowing a tiny drop of blood to bubble up. Slowly she stood, offering the rose to Gunther's lips. He kissed the red soaked thorn, sucking my wife's blood onto his tongue, and pricking himself at the same time. Aliza leaned forward, equal to his height in her heels, and flicked her tongue out to catch the drop of blood about to roll down his chin.

He then ran the soft petals of the rose down from Aliza's neck to her belly, slowly rolling the velvety texture in the valley between her breasts. Still no one had interrupted this public sex play. Time seemed to stop as Aliza, the barkeep and I all held our breath. Gunther drew the rose lower, the thorns tickling Aliza's loins. She reflexively opened her legs wider. He again drew the flower down, pressing the tender head between her labia, crushing them in the slit.

Aliza could stand it no longer. She reached behind his head and guided his lips to her red tipped left nipple. He rolled that nub on his tongue and gracefully kissed across to the other tit, still pushing the rose deeper into Aliza's pussy.

Only at this point did my wife look over at me. As if by telepathy, I imagined her thinking, 'no wonder Thea can't resist, he is a daring and gallant lover.'

I smiled, waved at Aliza and remembered to zip my pants, painfully capturing my swollen cock as I went out to check on Caro and Thea, also allowing Aliza time to take Gunther to our room. Only once I was in the hallway did I realize Gunther must have his own room, and that he might take Aliza there rather than risk my disturbing them in our room. Besides, I bet that in his room, he had more roses, and Aliza would be unlikely to resist a choice of sex on a bed covered in rose petals.

Caro's room was up the stairs in a secluded corner. Despite her giving me a key, I wondered how I could enter without disturbing her and Thea. I paused at the door and listened to their heated conversation. Thea was still in tears, and upset.

Caro said, "Here, let me help you get that top off, before you catch cold."

"What, are you my fucking mother now, you old bitch? I bet you put that cow up to spilling those drinks."

Caro sputtered, unable to deny the accusation.

"I knew it. I hate you, bitch."

I barely had time to step back from the door before Thea ran out of the room topless, though still wearing a soaked red lace bra, just like I had imagined. She slammed right into me, bouncing me back against the wall. She sprawled to the carpet. I bent over to help her up as Caro came out of the room.

"Bobby, how lucky you were here," Caro cooed, once again cool and in command. She slipped a shawl around Thea's shoulders, covering her chest and warming her. I watched Caro rub Thea's back like a mother calming a toddler after a tantrum.

Thea allowed Caro to hug her tightly and began sobbing. "I'm so sorry, Caro mia. I'm such an immature little girl. Here you plan this great trip and the moment Gunther shows his face, I lose control and fuck it up."

Caro lifted Thea's chin with a fingertip and kissed her softly. I took advantage of that moment to slip behind them into the room and hide in a closet with a convenient louvered door which allowed me to see into the hallway, as well as the bed.

"Well, it is a rugged handsome sort of face," Caro said, showing sympathy. The two lovers chuckled together, bodies relaxing into each other.

"Not half as handsome as his cock," Thea replied. "And he really knows how to use it." The sobs were subsiding into sighs. "As much as I love you, he has made me realize that I can not live without cock. I thought I could. The barely legal boys I fucked before you were pigs, and only you taught me what sex could be, until Gunther showed me another world."

Caro was leading Thea into the room. I saw that the bed was turned down, the lights low and two heart shaped red candles lit the bed dimly. "That's okay, love because I discovered that I need cock too," Caro said and suddenly she and Thea were giggling girlishly, just like Aliza and Caro had moments before.

"Let's get that bra off," Caro continued, turning Thea around so that I could watch.

The young woman had spectacular breasts, two perfect half globes standing naturally upright, cherry red nipples crowning porcelain skin. Caro stood behind her lover and licked below her ear, reaching around to cup those mounds in her palms and hefting them even higher, teasing me. She thumbed Thea's nipples, which were already erect, making the girl sigh and toss her head back.

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