I was 18 yrs of age and that summer of 1951 was to be the time of my education. Mother had acquiesced to her best friends enquiry, as to whether, during the college holidays, I could carry out some of the more menial tasks of which her husband usually took care. Mrs Jean Goodyear's husband Tom, was serving overseas as was my father, they had both been recalled when the Korean war started and they were somewhere in Korea, Japan or even Australia but we were not likely to see them for some time.

Mum had agreed that I should carry out the tasks that Tom usually saw to, little realising, as I am sure Jean Goodyear didn't at the time of asking, nor indeed did I, that some of the tasks would become much more enjoyable than mowing the lawns or cutting the hedges. Tasks that would rarely be left for a mere teenager to do!

Oh wow, spend some time around the lady who had been a masturbation fantasy of mine for some time. The times in my bed I had lain, cock in hand, thinking of fucking this lady who had frequently visited our home. She wore low cut dresses and every opportunity I had strained to see her tits and, until my mother said to get up, I would lay down on the floor, ostensibly reading but in fact making an attempt to look up Mrs Goodyear's skirt.

Like many of my contemporaries, I had no idea what it would be like to fuck a woman, nor had I seen a woman's cunt at that time. All we knew came from books; God knows where they came from, tattered badly printed books, also foolscap sheets of paper stapled together. Stories guaranteed to give callow youth "the horn" as we called a 'hard on' in those days. "Autobiography of Flea", Lady Chatterley's Lover (banned in the 40's and 50's) "Ulysses," "Lady on a Train" even "Mother knows Best." The times I had spent on my back, wanking my cock with the vision of Mrs Jean Goodyear as the female in the story being ravished.

My mother had even given veiled warnings. "Geoffrey, what are you doing to your pyjamas and bed linen?" - "Geoffrey you know what they say, it can affect your health" What's that mother?" - "You know very well what I am talking about - maybe you should get yourself a girlfriend. No forget I said that, we don't want any trouble."

After reading "Mother knows Best" I would have loved to have countered with; "Okay mum, I should love to fuck you." but I do not think that would have been advisable.



Chapter 1 - I become a Voyeur and lose my virginity

One task was mowing the lawns, usually I would walk by, and if the grass looked long or the hedge overgrown I would just go to the garden shed, get the ATCO mower or the shears and do whatever was required.

On what was to become a fateful day, I went over to the Goodyear's and noticed the lawn did indeed need cutting. I went home to change and told mum where I was going, she persuaded me to wait until after lunch so, it was turned 2.00pm when I returned.

I went straight to the garden shed, the key was under a plant pot, I unlocked the door went in and took the cover of the mower and was about to wheel it out when I glanced through the window.

I don't know if my mouth dropped open or my heart stopped beating but I was looking at a naked female. Not the sort one found in The Naturist magazine or |Health and Efficiency which were all the rage amongst Nudists. The photographs in there depicted ladies with breasts without nipples and absolutely no sign of sexual organs. This naked lady was not just lying on a mattress she had a letter in one hand and to my delight, she was pinching one of her nipples between fingers and thumb. I could see that the other one was dark red and appeared to be standing proud of her breast. It was at this point that I realised that I was looking at Jean Goodyear, absolutely naked. My cock stiffened in my trousers. I was enthralled and it is entirely possible that it was that moment in time that my desire always to have sexual experience with older women was born. After all Jean was the same age as my mother and mum was 40. Jean would not have seen me enter the shed as the door was directly opposite the window and I had approached from the front. I was in heaven, perhaps my first experience of voyeurism as she was no further away than a three or four yards.

Suddenly she moved her had from her breasts to the mound of curly brown hair at the juncture of her thighs and started to stroke herself. Oh my God she was touching her quim, I had heard that some girls touched themselves but did not believe it, thinking it to be another story of wishful thinking, after all girls did not have a cock so what could they stroke. This was exciting, she was still reading the latter but she opened her thighs wider and i could see that she was moving a couple of fingers between her legs.

My cock was hard and aching, I unbuttoned my fly (yes, in those days we had buttoned flies not zips) and released my hard prick and started to gently rub it. I think I was enjoying the best wank I had ever experienced but I did not pay enough attention to my surroundings. My elbow caught a paint can and knocked it to the floor.

Quickly Jean sat up, one arm across her breasts and demanded to know who was in the shed. I called back that it was only me and I was just getting the mower our to mow the front lawn.

I think she said something like "Yes Geoffrey, and I can see you so you must be able to see me., come out here this instant."

It is almost impossible to push ones hard cock back into ones trousers and button up the fly.

She called again "Geoffrey! Here now."

So I stumbled out, my fly half open and walked towards her. She was still on the mattress but once more her breasts were in full view which did not help my 'hard on'.

"Don't stand there, come here to me" she said.

I did as I was bid but my cock still tented out the front of my trousers even though I was quite frightened that I was in trouble the least of it being she told my mother. I had heard that "Peeping Toms" could be taken to court.

I stood by her side and she looked me up and down. "lease Mrs Goodyear, please don't tell my mother, I am very sorry" She touched the bulge in my trousers and asked "Is all that for me?" Without further ado she unbuttoned my fly again and took out my cock.

"Mmmm not bad for someone your age, take off your trousers and underpants. Oh Geoffrey I know I am wicked but I do love a hard cock. Tell me have you ever fucked a girl and don't worry, I won't tell your mother? Let her find her own boyfriend. She is so attractive, you must have noticed, I bet some of your schoolfriends would love to fuck her. Like me, I'll bet she plays with her cunt every night. "

I was astounded, never in my wildest dreams had I expected a woman, any woman especially one so well up in social standing in the village to use such words, it was almost as if my mother had said them. My dick quivered, but I was to hear more naughty words from this lady before the day was out.

"No Mrs Goodyear I have never f... ff.... fucked anyone." I stammered

Jean gazed at my cock which stood hard and vertical against my stomach, she reached out and touched it. Oh God I was so embarrassed, she only took hold of my cock in her warm hand and suddenly I was cumming. I could not help, the white spunk erupted from my cock and balls spraying it over her face and tits until suddenly she leaned forward and to my utter amazement took my cock in her mouth. I seemed to keep cumming for ages and she swallowed it all.

"Oh Geoffrey, that was wonderful" she said her tongue licking a few drops from her lips. "My what a lot there was, you needed that didn't you?.. What a lovely young man you are... come on Aunt Jean needs to sponge you down and wipe herself too then we will see just how potent you are."

Entering the house she took me up to the bathroom where we both showered. I almost came again as she put my soapy hand between her legs. "Thats right darling, wash my cunt for me" she said. Then after sluicing with hot water we both dried ourselves on large fluffy towels.

Jean then led me to the bedroom.

"Now young man I am going to have that lovely cock of yours fuck me, but first I am going to teach you a little about women.

She took my hand and placed it on her breast, explaining about the nipples and how they hardened and grew as the woman became ready for sex. She also explained about the labia, inner and outer, how they became engorged, how the clitoris could be excited, teased. Jean explained it was all part of foreplay and should not be rushed. "Just because you show her you hard cock doesn't mean she is ready to fuck." she said, and then added," but I am."

I thought that she was going to lie back and let me fuck her, but no, instead she leaned forward. taking my cock in her hand she started to jack me off at the same time she lowered her mouth over the end and started to suck. I was ready to cum very quickly and told her but all that happened was she wanked me harder and sucked and licked me more, then for the second time that afternoon I shot into her mouth.

She looked up and smiled, I could see my cum around her lips and she licked them with her tongue. "I knew you wouldn't last long again and next time you cum I want you in my cunt and I want to cum too."

Saying that she pushed me flat on my back and told me to hold my still hard cock upright, she then straddled me and lowered her cunt, which she helf open slowly until the whole of my 7 inch prick was inside her. Then she started to fuck me. My god what a feeling, I had never experienced the like. she fucked and fucked then I watched as she started to play with the nubbin she had explained was her clitoris. Faster she fucked me rising and falling at the same time her fingers seemed to fly up and down her clit. She moaned and groaned and fucked me harder suddenly shouting "Oh YES Geoffrey... oooooo ooooo yesssssssssssssssss." I did not realise she was cumming, but I did too.

After yet another shower it was time for me to at least start mowing the lawn. I had to explain to mum my reasons for returning to 'Aunt' Jean's the following day. I told her the mower was giving problems!!

Jean played her part asking if iIcould help with a few 'internal' jobs she had. Mum said that was OK.

I spent almost every day that week fucking Jean and learning more about the body of a woman and even how to lick a pussy before and after sex.

It was at the end of the week that Jean told me her mother , a lady of 65 yrs was coming for the weekend. I was desperately disappointed for obvious reasons.

"Oh Geoff. no need to be glum, you mum always needs you to help on Saturday mornings but never fear, I shall think of a reason to get you out of your house."

"Come over at the weekend? But what about your mother being here, or is it that you have some tasks for me?"

"Geoffrey, my mother is coming here this weekend because I have been telling her what a marvellous fuck you are, I take after my mum, she loves to fuck even at her age and she can't wait to sample your big prick."

To be continued if there is interest.

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