Standing in front of the mirror, Jared let the images of the last time he was with his girlfriend Alice roll through his mind like a pornographic home movie. She has such a wonderful way of handling his enormous cock with her delicate fingers that it drove him absolutely crazy. The way she touched him so lightly, running her fingers in every odd direction imaginable was all at once exciting, frustrating, intense and subtle that she often had him at the very edge of coming for what seemed like hours.

As his cock began to grow he thought of how incredibly large she told him he was and looking into the mirror he realized she was right. It made him feel good, made him feel manly as Alice would whisper to him how she had to stretch her fingers so far to hold him, but he knew there was a downside. He'd always heard that size was not important, all the experts said so and the women would agree, but then he'd heard that when women were alone together they'd say something different.

And yet, Jared thought as he reached down and began toying with his nipples, it reached a point where a cock could be too enormous, so big it actually would scare women off, afraid it might hurt them. Even though Alice wasn't a virgin, she still told Jared she couldn't let him put his cock into her pussy, it was simply too big for her. Instead she would use her fingers or on special occasions run her tongue along the entire length of him and then opening her mouth wide slide her lip over his head. Even that hurt her jaw some, so he knew there was a certain amount of responsibility that came with having such an enormous cock.

In the mirror his cock was beginning to twitch some as it was coming fully erect and Jared thought of how he would please Alice. She was always very responsive to him and would often come several times as he used his fingers inside her. As she stretched her fingers around his incredible girth he would push his index finger in and out of her pussy whispering in her ear how wet and soft she was.

Occasionally Alice would let him move his head between her legs and kiss and lick her pussy. As he did this he'd use his tongue and push it into her, tasting the tangy flavor of her. Then he'd move up and suck on her tiny clit while he moved his fingers into her. She would come quickly when he did that. It was all very nice but he wanted more, he wanted to put his enormous cock inside her, no, not just her, he wanted to put his enormous cock inside any woman, just to see what it felt like.

So, while once again Alice had teased and titillated Jared as recently as just last night and it was nice as her fingers had him spurting his cum up on his chest as they sat in his car, he began working on his plan to find a woman who might be physically able to take his cock into her pussy. He plan was simply to put an ad in the local free press describing his problem and hopefully, somewhere out there was a woman who could handle his enormity.

Now standing in front of the mirror he looked down on his cock in its entire magnificent enormity. He grabbed his ruler, pushed it to where the base of his cock mingled in with his pubic hair and then, straightening out the curve a bit with one hand he pressed the ruler against his cock and looked at his length. He looked closely, reading it down to the eighth of an inch and then writing the information onto his notepad.

He was a bit disappointed he didn't have a sewing tape so he could measure the girth of his cock and though he tried wrapping his fingers around himself he realized that wouldn't work. Putting the ruler down he looked back into the mirror and tried to imagine what it might look like to see his cock slide into a woman's pussy. Jared was never one to want to look at pornography, so he really had no idea what it would look like exactly, all he could do was picture what his finger looked like sliding into Alice's pussy and then imagine his cock there.

Apparently that image was good enough because as he began stroking his cock back and forth he could feel the sensations begin to take over. The pleasure that Alice was so good at drawing out of him was coursing though the entire length of him. He stroked faster and faster, unable to mimic the often frustrating, but in the end, incredible way Alice would draw it out so painfully for him, he just kept pumping until he felt a jolt of pleasure. Arching his back he watched his cum arch from his enormous cock and splash, once and then again on the mirror, running down the silvered glass.

He grabbed a towel and wiped off his cock and then the mirror. Tossing the towel aside, he went to his computer and began working on an ad. Looking down at the length he had measured, he looked back to the keyboard and carefully typed five and seven-eighths of an inch. He felt a little embarrassed typing that length, it felt too much like bragging, but in the ad he simply had to warn the women of his monstrous size. It was the responsible thing to do.

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