tagErotic CouplingsEnough Ch. 02

Enough Ch. 02


Her hot mouth was wrapped tightly around my cock, moving up and down my shaft slowly. I was almost there -I could feel myself getting closer to that edge. I grabbed a handful of my little whore's red hair and pushed her head down, making her take my cock deeper into my mouth until she choked on it.

"Yeah, take it, Lisa." I groaned, smirking when I felt her gag around my cock.

She ran her hands up my thighs, raking her fingernails along my skin and it did me in -I bucked my hips roughly, still holding onto her hair as I came down her throat, cursing and grunting loudly. God, she was so fucking good with her mouth.

And thank god no one was in the office.

"Get dressed and get out." I mumbled, tucking myself back into my pants, "I need to get home."

"To your loving wife?" Lisa snapped, "When are you going to leave her, Drew? She's not stupid. You know she knows you're fucking around."

"She doesn't know shit, Lisa, now get out."

My wife was clueless. We had been married for five years now -together for seven. I had married her based on the fact that I needed to -a man at thirty two was suppose to settle down, as I was taught. And mom always liked her.

I had been fucking around behind my wife's back after the first month of our relationship. The sex was great with her -it always was. She's just...dependable? No, not dependable...convenient. A warm body to fuck when I cant go out anymore. I'm not into marriage. I don't believe in it.

Last month she had found a girls phone number in my brief case when she was looking for a pen. I had to convince her that it was a client's number. She bought it -she's stupid and naive like that. She trusts too much -especially me.

And I was late coming home yet again. I sighed heavily, getting out of my car and walked carefully to the front door, making sure not to wake her up. I knew I smelled like sex and I didn't need her bitching about it or finding out -making me have to explain why exactly I was fucking my secretary, who actually thought I cared about her.

And there she was -my wife. Standing in the living room, across from the front door. I smelled the cigarette smoke in the air and froze -I hadn't been expecting her to be up.

"I waited up for you." her sweet voice filled the silence.

Her long blond hair fell in waves down her back, a light silk robe draped around her fell to the floor in a puddle and I grew hard at the sight of her. She had bought new lingerie -and she looked so sexy. She always had. Her body was in perfect shape -flat stomach and lean legs that went on for miles. Some of my buddies couldn't understand why in the hell I would cheat on her. But I did.

I pulled her against me and she ran her fingers through my hair. She loves my hair -pulling on it, burying her fingers in it. She could go on and on sometimes about how good it felt rubbing against the insides of her thighs when I went down on her.

She said something about me working, but I didn't listen. I didn't care. I just followed her to out bedroom, kissing and licking her skin every now and then. She always tasted so good.

I had her pinned beneath me now, pressing my lips against hers and slowly making love with my mouth. She moved against me, kissing me back with just as much energy and want. God she felt so good under me like this. I ran my hands all over her -anywhere I could touch.

She bucked her hips when I cupped her through her panties lightly, feeling the moisture. I teased her through the lace, dipping my fingers around the material and into her hot core. She groaned and arched against me. How can I deny my wife anything? I smirked against her lips and pumped my fingers in and out of her until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Do you trust me?" she asked several moments later.

"Of course, baby." I grinned. How can I not trust her. She's totally devoted.

She disappeared into the closet for a moment, then came back with a couple strips of material in her hands. I knew I paled at the sight. I always tied her down, not the other way around. Call me a control freak, but...well okay so I'm a control freak. But I trust her.

The next ten minutes of so, I kind of blocked out. I was too busy remembering Lisa's lips wrapped around my cock, begging for more. She had such a lovely mouth, really. Perfect size for my cock. And her tits too -they were large and had a perfect spot for me to slide my member between.

My wife had her lips wrapped around my cock. If anyone knew how to suck me off the best -it was her. She teased me, like always, to the brink of insanity. Lips, tongue and teeth were used. Taking me deep into her throat then back to teasing the head of my cock, licking it like a damn lollipop. She was so fucking good at giving head. I was beginning to see stars. I was almost there -again. But she fucking stopped. Just stopped.

I hate when she does that shit. And she knows it. "Baby please..." I whispered, giving in to her power-trip slightly. I just want to come.

She crawled up my body, grinding against me with those damn panties and kissed me hard. Just like I like it. She felt so fucking good, rubbing against me like that, and I know that she loves the way I feel too, so I bucked up hard against her, making her moan into me. I smirked. But I needed her I wanted her. I wanted to come.

"Need you." I mumbled.

After she slipped her panties off, she sank down on me and I was gone. For that fraction of a second, I think I died. She always felt so fucking good wrapped around me like that. Her muscles clenched tightly around me and I panted heavily. Until she slipped off my cock and grinned at me.

"Fuck!" I cursed loudly. All I want is to come, and I cant even do that. Yeah, Lisa made me come, but I wanted it again. I could never get enough.

She reached into the nightstand drawer for something -I don't know what for and I couldn't care less, but her tits were heavily sitting in front of my face, just begging for some attention. What kind of a husband would I be to ignore them?

She was riding me with earnest now, and yet again, I was gone. Completely gone. Her hips bucked, and she rode me up and down my hard shaft, needing release for herself as well. Call me a selfish lover, but all I'm concerned about right now is coming again.

I focused on her breasts as they swayed and bounced with her every move. God she had great tits. Her muscles contracted around me as she bucked her hips and moved against me. I knew I was groaning loudly -who wouldn't, when a woman like this was fucking you into the mattress?

When I looked up at her, she smirked and stopped moving completely, sliding off my body. What the fuck was going on?

"Baby...what's going on?"

"Why don't you tell me?" she held up a piece of paper with a name and number on it. Tracy. From accounting.


"Baby, that's nothing." I lied. I had fucked Tracy in the supply room last week, and she had given me her number. Like I would even use it. But she did have a night tight, pink pussy that was worth it. So I put it where I thought she wouldn't look -but stupid me- she did.

"Fuck you... don't call me baby!"

She proceeded to get her shit out of the closet and pack them into suitcases. I was still lying, tied, on the bed, hard and aching. I needed to come and my wife was leaving me. Thank you, karma.

"Come on Angela!" I yelled at her. She ignored me. "I'm sorry, okay. It was nothing. You know I love you."

Still nothing. "I said I was sorry! I'm sorry! Hello!?" I yelled some more. She ignored me. I hate being ignored and she knows this.

"At least untie me!" I grunted, "Angela! Fucking untie me! You cant just leave me here." She was going to fucking leave me here...naked as the day I was born, hard and aching. That bitch.

"You know what. I'm not sorry! Fuck you Angela! Fuck you!" I spat. "Took you long enough to see what was right in front of you." I watched her pack up the leather jack I had bought her in Italy on our honeymoon. "That's right, leave. Your not wanted!"

She caught me -I gave up yelling. It did nothing. I heard her calling my mother in the living room to tell her that she ought to come take care of me because I was sick or something. What a bitch move. Calling my mother? Fuck you, Angela.

And she left me. God I was going to miss her.

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The real story to explore is...

Why do women date punks like him?

And expect us to continually lend a sympathetic ear when it crashes on them time after time.
Kind of like fools like my late baby brother whose "type" (ICK) was manipulativemore...

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Good job

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