You wake up and looked around the room. The sun is shining in the windows and you noticed the bars on them. The room is a soft yellow in color with pictures of people you do not know. You sit up in the bed and notice a camera in the top right corner of the room. You get out of the bed and walk to the door trying the handle but the door is locked. You start feeling scared standing there alone. You walk to the window and look out across a well-trimmed lawn.

There are flowers around the base of a tree in the middle and hedges across the front. Then you hear a noise coming from the door. You turn and look as the door comes open. A man walks in and says to you that you are safe and no harm will come to you as long as you learn the rules and obey them. You look at him and ask him who he is and what he is talking about. You realize his picture is the one over the bed. My name is Master John and this is My castle. From now on this will be your room and your name will be crystal.

But my name is Linda and I don't live here. Where am I?

As I said this is your home now and this will be your room. you will listen or be punished. Do you understand?

No, I don't understand. Who are you and why am I here? I know you said your name is Master John. Master of what? How did I get here? What happened that I don't remember?

I am the Master of My realm. I sent rhonda for you to join me and be my slave.

I don't want to be...

Quite! I did not give you permission to speak.

I don't need permission to speak. "you walk toward the door to try to leave but the man grabs you by the arm."

I said Quite and you are not going anywhere.

"He pulls you toward a chair sitting in a corner and pushes you into it and stands in front of you"

As I was saying, I am now your Master for as long as I decide. If I decide I know longer want you as my slave I will sell you or release you what ever My desire is and how well you behave, is that understood.

you look around the room and realize there is nothing you can do so you look up at him and say yes.

It is Master to you. Now answer Me correctly.

you put your head down trying to hide the tears that sting your eyes and whisper yes, Master.

Look at Me slave and listen to My demands.

you look up at him and the tears you tried so hard to keep from falling roll down your cheek. He bends down to face you and runs His fingers across your cheek, wiping away the tears.

No need to cry My lil slave as I said no harm will come to you as long as you follow the rules.

He stands up pulling you up beside Him motioning you to follow Him. you follow Him to a door. He opens it revealing nothing but slinky black, blue and red dresses and on the floor in rows there are several pairs of hills. There is also lingerie you would never dream of wearing hanging in the left-hand corner. you notice tags on all the dress and hills with numbers on them. you look at Him.

When W/we have company you will wear one of these dresses. you can pick which dress you want to wear unless I say otherwise. Match the numbers on the dresses to the ones on the shoes.

He walks to a dresser and opens the drawers one by one revealing to you your new undergarments thigh high stockings, lace bras and matching thongs.

When W/we have no company again you may pick what you want to wear but this is how you will dress.

I could never...

Oh, but you can and you will.

But they are so...so...revealing.

you will get use to them in no time crystal.

He walks toward another door and opens it.

This is the bathroom. It is adjoined to My room and you may come and go between rooms as you please. But you are not to leave these rooms unless I send for you. I am leaving the doors unlocked but E/everyone outside these doors will be watching to be sure that you do not stray. If you do you will be punished accordingly.

And how do you mean by punished?

Are you speaking to Me? Remember, I am Master to you and you will give me that respect by addressing Me as such when you speak to me.

You lower your voice.

Sorry, how will i be punished Master?

Well, for instance, the first time you try to leave without permission you will be bent over My knee and spanked.

Spanked? Master.

Yes, spanked.

You think spankings are for misbehaved children but you do not speak.

He walks into the bathroom motioning again for you to follow. you look around seeing a hot tub and a separate shower. There is a full-length mirror covering a wall with a vanity lying below it. On the vanity there is make-up, a blow dryer, curling iron, hair spray and several kinds of perfumes.

These are all your things. I will have rhonda come in and show you how to prepare for today’s lunching. Do I need to explain anything more about this room?

No Master, but i do know how to get myself ready.

As I said rhonda will show you how to get ready.

You start to feel frustrated but just sigh.

He walks into His bedroom and you follow. He sits on his bed and pats it. you hesitate.

It's okay I will not harm you in any way.

you walk over slowly and sit down beside Him. Looking round you see His room is in blue. and you notice there is bars on His windows as well. He notices you looking at the window.

The bars will be removed as soon as I feel you have settled in. Now, W/we are having a lunching today and you will watch the other slaves and Masters and learn from them. Doing as the other slaves do. If you have any questions just ask one of the slaves or Myself. you are to stay beside me at all times until I tell you otherwise. I will give you time to visit with your sisters and brothers.

But, i don't have any sisters or brothers Master.

you do now. All the slaves are now your sisters and brothers. When I sit down you are to sit at My feet except at the dining room table then you are to sit next to Me. I will pick what you are to eat and what you will not.

You look at Him and think this has to be a dream. Then you really see Him for the first time. He is a very handsome man. Clean shaven with a mustache, long dark brown flowing hair, and deep blue eyes as deep as the ocean. He stands and walks to the door you realize He stands about 6' feet tall and very masculine.

You feel your heart skip a beat and you gasp. He turns toward you and asks if you are okay. you say yes Master and feel your cheeks burn with embarrassment but you don't understand your reaction to this Man who is holding you against your will. Then you remember.

Master, You never told me how i got here except that you sent rhonda. I sent rhonda for you last night. I gave her something to put in your drink that would make you rest. Now, you need to take a shower and I will send rhonda in to help you when you have finished. Pick a dress and rhonda will show you how to get ready from there.

He walks out the door and you sit there for a minute trying to figure out what is happening to you. Then you get up and walk back to your room and open the closet door. you look at the dresses trying to figure out which one is the least revealing. you decide on a blue one then you walk back to the bathroom and climb in the shower. The water feels good running off your hair down your body. you put your head back and run your hand through you hair then decide you better hurry so you could be dressed before rhonda arrived.

you pull the dress over your head and pull it down the sides of you body down to just below your thighs. you take the tag off the dress and look at the number then walk back to the closet to get your shoes but instead of getting the shoes picked to go with your dress you pull out another pair. You walk to the dresser and pull out a dark pair of stockings. you just get the stockings on and you hear someone knocking on your door. you walk over and open the door and rhonda walks in.

rhonda looks at you and tells you to turn around. you turn and she tells you the dress fits you well.

Sir John asked me to pick you out the best of clothes. i was hoping i got the right size.

Sir John?? you don't call Him Master?

Oh no, My Masters name is Blaine. If you have any questions just ask and i will help you adjust to O/our lifestyle.

Come on we need to get your hair and make-up done. Sir John will be back to see how you look shortly.

We walk in the bathroom and rhonda picks up the hair dryer and starts talking.

you are very lucky Sir John has picked you to be His slave.

Against my will.

Just give it time and if you don't like being His slave He will release you as long as you behave. If you misbehave He will sell you to the highest bidder no matter who He is. If you decide to stay by His side and He agrees to keep you then He will collar you.

Collar me?

rhonda turns off the blow dryer and plugs in the curling iron. Then she turns you toward her and picks up some foundation to apply to your face. Before she does she shows you a black leather collar around her neck. On it is a silver plate that reads Blaine's treasure.

Yes, it shows ownership. i belong to Master Blaine. He takes care of all my needs and wants as He feels they should be. He is my Protector and my Mentor. i trust Him no matter what He does. i know He will not lead me the wrong way.

Why does John want me to be his slave?

Don't forget its Master John for you. All the other Masters you need to call Sir.

Oh yeah, i forgot.

Sir John has fallen in love with you ever since the first time he saw you at the pub.

Why have i never seen Him?

He has been sitting in the corner booth at the back of the pub. His eyes never left you from the time you would walk in until the time you left. Just look at you. you have high cheekbones a small nose and beautiful gray eyes. your skin looks like silk. Not a blemish in site. your body is the perfect size.

Rhonda picks up the curling iron and starts curling your hair.

i'm not that pretty.

Ssshhhh..don't let Sir John hear you say that. You may get spanked.

For what?

For downing yourself. you should be proud of who you are. Okay, we are done. Look in the mirror and tell me what you think.

you turn and face the mirror but the image is not of you but of someone else. you wonder did rhonda transform you into this crystal person John has said you are to be.

i..i..look different.

Well, do you like it?

Well, yes, thank you i look very nice. i never knew you had a Master. i never noticed the collar before.

Master Blaine told me to remove it while i was working for Sir John.

Working for Sir John?

Yes, Sir John didn't want you to ask to many questions about the collar and be scared away before He had all your things prepared for you. Now, let's go in and get your hills on. Sir John will be here any minute to see the results.

you walk into your room and pick up the shoes you had picked out to wear.

Where is the tag to your dress?

Over there on the table, why?

she picks up the tag and looks at it then takes the shoes and puts them back in the closets pulling out the shoes that are to go with the dress.

This is a sure way to get spanked.

Over a pair of shoes?

This is one of your lessons to learn to go by the rules. Follow the rules and you will not be punished.

But i am not a child.

Act like one and you will be treated as one.

i sit in the chair and slip the hills on my feet. then stand in front of a full-length mirror on the bathroom door to look.

i look like a...

a slut?

Yes, a slut.

Maybe i should pick something else.

No, leave that on i think Sir John will be pleased.

But i don't want people to think i am a slut.

you will fit right in with the others.

you hear the door open in the other room and your heart starts beating fast. you feel so naked in these clothes and scared your new Master will not like the clothes.

You may leave now rhonda.

Yes, Sir. Thank you.

rhonda turns and walks out the door. you stand there feeling awkward waiting for Master John to walk in the room but he doesn't.

crystal, come here.

You walk through the bathroom and open the door that goes into His bedroom just a crack and peek in at Master John.

I said come here. Don't be ashamed. i am sure rhonda did you well.

you slowly open the door and walk into the room watching Master John watch your every move.

Stand in front of Me slave.

You walk toward Him and stop just in front of Him.

Now turn slowly in front of Me so i can see all your beauty.

you turn slowly around feeling His eyes watching you. You feel nervous but you keep turning until you are facing Him again. He cups your chin and pulls your head up until you are looking in His eyes. Oooh, those eyes. you try to put your head down but he holds your chin firm but gentle. you feel an ache for Master John and think why do i feel this way. you can not figure out why at this moment you want this Man. You want Him to touch you, caress every part of your body. You want Him to kiss you.

you are very beautiful My crystal. Don't put your head down. Be proud of how you look. rhonda has done better than i expected. you picked a nice dress. it looks good on you.

He reaches up and runs His fingers down your cheek. you close your eyes and you moan then snap your eyes back open hoping that He did not notice your reaction to Him. But, you realize He did as He stands there smiling at you. He puts his arms around you pulling you close to Him. You feel the heat between your legs, an ache of need you have never felt before. you put your hands on his chest trying to push Him away but find you can't. your legs start to feel like jell-o as he starts to kiss the side of your neck and nibble on your ear. you moan again in want and need. you run your hands up his chest and around his shoulders he kisses you and you can feel the wetness between your legs. His hands slide up your sides until they reach your tits He squeezes them and kneads them first gently then harder. You moan with desire. You want this man more than any you have ever known. Then He stops and backs away. You feel flushed and embarrassed. You start to turn and leave the room but he stops you.

You liked that didn't you ill one.

You don't speak but just look at Him.

Well? Did you?

You lower your head feeling shameful.

Yes, Master.

Raise your head. Do not feel ashamed. I can take care of your needs but not now. I need to dress. Go get me my blue shirt and jeans from the closet. The shirt should go nice with what you are wearing.

You walk to the closet and open the door. You grab a blue shirt and jeans. and walk back to him holding out his clothes.

Lay them on the bed and undress Me so I can shower. Then it should be time to greet O/our guests.

You walk over and lay his clothes on his bed and turn toward him and stop.

Now undress me.


Have you never seen a naked man before?

Yes, but...

Then undress Me.

Yes, Master.

You walk to Him and start unbuttoning His shirt slipping it off his shoulders. you look at Him feeling the heat between your legs again.

Well, now the pants.

You unfasten the button on his pants and slide them down his thighs. He sends you to the bathroom to start his water then hands you a bath sponge to wash him with and climbs in the shower.

Well? Do I need to tell you what to do next?

No Master, but if i wash You i may get my clothes wet.

Yes, you are right. Give me the sponge. From now on I will wash first. you may go for now.

you walk into your room and see the stereo and walk over and turn it on. you scan the channels until you find something you like. you sit in a chair listening to the music. After a few minutes Master John walks into your room and announces that it is time to go down stairs. you stand up and walk to the door excited to get out of this room. you reach for the handle. As you start to open the door Master John grabs your arm and turns you toward him.

W/we will go down stairs. you are to follow behind Me. Do not try to sneak out and do not make a fool of Me. you are not to speak unless spoken to and never without my permission. Is this clear?

Y..y..yes. Yes? Yes what crystal?

you put your head down. “Yes, Mas…

Head up lil one.

You hold your head up…Yes, Master John.

Master is all you need to call me.

He grabs the door and walks out. you follow Him looking around as you walk down the spiral stairs. It’s beautiful. The railing is made of what looks like gold. you put your hand down to touch it. As you get to the bottom of the stairs you see rhonda sitting on a cushion beside a man. you figure that must be Blaine. she looks up at Him and asks if she may greet. He tells her it is okay. She gets up and walks over to Master John and hugs Him. Hello Sir.

Hello to you lil one. you did a fine job with crystal.

rhonda smiles proudly. Thank you Sir. i am glad You approve.

Then she walks to me and hugs me.

Hello sis. you look nice.

you whisper…i feel naked.

you look fine. she looks at you and smiles.

crystal, you are not to whisper at this time is that understood?

Yes, Master.

Now tell Me what you said.

she was just saying…

rhonda He did not ask you he asked crystal now come back to me and sit.

Yes, Master…rhonda walks back to the man and sits back on the cushion and sits down quietly, watching Master John and me.

Now crystal, what did you whisper to rhonda?

you feel your face flush and you turn your head hoping know one notices. i was jus….

Look at Me.

you look at Him.

i was just telling her i feel naked in these clothes.

Oh, you feel naked do you? And if made you take off your clothes?

Shocked, you look at Him with a glare. I WOULD NOT!!! Not down here and certainly not in front of You men.

Oh, is that so? Well then, let us see what happens. crystal, take off your clothes NOW!

you look at Him in disbelief ….NO, I WILL NOT!!!

Now, Crystal.


He walks toward you and you start backing until you are against a wall. He grabs your wrists and holds them above your head. you try to get away but John is to strong for you to break his grip.

He speaks to you in a low, gentle voice. Take them off.


Either you take them off or I will.

These clothes are not coming off of me.

you glare at Him with a dare in your eyes but before you can move you feel your clothes being ripped off of you. you gasp and feel tears spilling from your eyes from embarassement. you hear a knock on the door and realize the first of the guests are starting to arrive. John looks at you with admiration in His eyes. you look at him with anger. you grab the torn clothes and hold them close to your body. John backs from you and you run for the stairs, tears moistening your cheeks. you run up the stairs and John lets you go. you find the room you had been in and run inside. You fall on the bed, sobbing from with anger and embarrassment. you cry until you can not cry no more.

Linda? Linda? Wake up.

You open your eyes thinking i must have been dreaming. But soon realize your still in the room with the yellow walls. You turn and look at who just called your name. It is a police officer standing there. you look down and realize you are still laying there naked and jump into the middle of the bed grabbing the blanket, wrapping it around you.

Linda are you okay?

Yes. you look around seeing John leaning against the door jam with a worried look on his face.

Are you sure? We have a missing persons report on you. Someone out there is very worried about you. We found out some information that showed that you may be here.

You look at John realizing that you may want to be with this man and want to give him a chance as long as he agrees to some things. you look at the officer.

Yes, Sir i am fine and I am not missing as you can see. i moved in here last night with uuhh…John.

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