“What you need is a man.”

Taryn looked over at her cousin. “Really? Don’t you think Marius counts?”

Lora waved her hand in dismissal. “I said a man, not a krod.” They neared the Market. “Maybe you could find a pleasurer here.”

“We have need of strength, not pleasure.” They entered the building.

“Good day, miladies. To what do we owe your visit to us today?”

“We are looking for a warrior,” Taryn answered. “Male warrior.”

He wrote the request in a large book. “The name of your House?”

“The House of Eudora.”

“The House of Eudora?” He looked up in surprise. “Miladies, right this way. Only the best for you.”

Taryn and Lora glanced at each other before starting down a long corridor. The majordomo opened a large door, leading them into sunlight.

“Oh my,” Lora whispered. She glanced at the men on each side of the pathway. “I think I know where to come for my next pleasurer.”

“Quiet,” Taryn hissed, looking to see if the majordomo heard.

He stopped and waited for them to catch up. He gestured wide. “Miladies, these are our finest.”

A commotion caught Taryn’s attention. “What’s going on?”

The majordomo frowned. “A troublemaker. He has injured five of the guards.” They heard a crack then a scream. “Make that six.” She began to wander in that direction when he halted her. “Milady, he is most unruly. He has been here a week now and has resisted all of our efforts to subdue him.”

She bypassed him, walking towards the noise. For a moment, she could not see him because of the guards. She heard a low roar and saw a guard flying by. Looking to where he had first been, Taryn felt her mouth fall open.

He was large. His sun-darkened skin gleamed with sweat. His muscles bunched and strained as he shook off the other guards. Anger fired from his dark eyes.

“By the Goddess,” Taryn heard Lora whisper. “As you can see, milady. He is unruly and violent.” The majordomo tried to steer her to the other side of the path. “Now, over here . . .”

“What is he?” Taryn asked.

“A Sentary. Now we have an Aguarian this way.”

“I have made my choice. I want his contract.”

“Milady, the Aguarian would suit you needs better.”

Taryn raised her eyebrows. “Are you questioning my judgment?”

“No, milady.” He bowed. “Right this way please. We will fill out the contract. Clean him,” he called to the guards. “He goes to the House of Eudora.”


Holt watched through hooded eyes as the ladies followed the majordomo.

“Move, dog.” A guard shoved him from behind.

“Touch me again and I’ll break your nose,” Holt growled. He was shoved again. Turning quickly, he planted his fist in the guard’s face. He grinned when he heard a crack beneath his fist. More guards jumped him.


“He will be delivered to your home as soon as possible.” The majordomo bowed low as Taryn and Lora exited the Market.

“You have chosen well, Taryn. He will be a good warrior.” Lora tilted her head. “I wonder how he would be in bed.”

Taryn shot her cousin a look. “He is for protection, not pleasure.”

“I had heard Sentaries are some of the most skilled lovers known on Migaia. They learn from the cradle how to pleasure a person.”

She blushed as images flashed through her mind. “You talk to much, Lora.”


Marius looked down his nose at the man standing in the parlor. “I still don’t see why you had to contract him,” he whined. “I would have loaned you a few of my warriors.”

Taryn ignored him. She watched her warrior as he stared off into space. “A warrior is needed at Eudora Manor.” She leaned against her desk.

“Are you sure you didn’t get him for another reason?” he asked snidely.

She looked at him, her eyes narrowed. “We are pledged, Marius, not bonded. Continue with the remarks and our pledge could be changed.” She rang for her steward, who appeared. “Cerene, please get food and drink for our new warrior.” She smiled as the other woman nearly ran into the door.

“I will call upon you later this week, Taryn.” Marius planted a kiss on her cheek and strode to the door.

“I will be Eudora Manor for the next several weeks until things are cleared up there. I will let you know when I return.” She paid no attention as his face tightened with displeasure before he left. Cerene entered the room carrying a large tray of food. She set it down and waited for directions. “That will be all, Cerene.”

Holt breathed in the smell of bread and flowers. He glanced around when only he and his new employer were alone. He sat in a chair near the table where the food was placed. Picking up a piece of bread, he tore a chunk out of it and began eating.

Taryn’s lips curled upwards. “Please, have a seat and eat your fill.” She watched for a moment. “What is your name?”

“Holt,” he said around a mouth of food.

“We leave within the hour for Eudora Manor. All will be explained to you on the way.”

He drank deeply from a tankard. “Is one of my duties to warm your bed?”

Taryn flushed. “I have no need for a pleasurer.”

“Really?” He smiled, showing off straight white teeth. “You have never had a pleasurer?”

Her blushed deepened. “I said that I have no need for one, not that I haven’t ever had one.”

Holt chuckled at her discomfort as he continued to eat. “What are my duties to be?”

“Mostly as a protector, a guard. We will see from there.” She glanced up as Cerene opened the door.

“The carriage is here, milady.”

Taryn nodded. She started towards the door. She stopped short when Holt stood up suddenly, blocking her path. Glancing up, her eyes met his. He bowed and moved aside.

“Milady.” He followed her out of the room, smiling. Inside the carriage, he took the seat across from her. He watched her as they exited the city. Her brown hair caught and held the light from the sun, turning it into fire. Her smooth skin reminded him of the sutol blossoms of Sentar. Her eyes were the dark blue of the sky at night. Her lips were full, as if ready for a kiss. He felt a tightening in his groin. His gaze wandered farther down. Her gown hugged her body, outlining her full breasts and small waist.

“What is Sentar like?”

He brought his gaze up to hers. “Much like your countryside. We are not that different from your people.”

“Do all Sentaries have skin as dark as yours?”

“Only the warriors.” He inhaled, breathing her scent in. She smelled of the sutol blossoms.

“I have heard rumors.”

He flashed as smile. “Of what, milady?”

Taryn felt her face begin to warm. “Of you ways as lovers.”

“You wander if they are true.” She nodded. Getting off the seat, he knelt between her legs. “What is it that you’ve heard?”

She felt a heaviness descend upon her stomach. “That a kiss could bring one to ecstasy and leave one craving for more,” she said softly.

He leaned closer. “Shall we see?” He captured her lips. When he lightly ran the tip on his tongue over the seam of her lips, she parted them slightly. He slipped between them, coaxing her to respond. He began to caress the inside of her wrist. He released her lips when the carriage rolled to a stop.

“Why has the carriage stopped, Tarl?” she called to the driver.

“Another carriage is on the bridge, milady. We have to wait for it to pass.”

“May I continue?” Holt asked, his voice like smoke. Not waiting for an answer, he dipped down and kissed the hollow of her throat. He traced a line to her cleavage with his tongue. The coach started forward again, swaying slightly.

Holt softly scraped his thumbnail across her wrist. He swirled his tongue around her bottom lip then raked his teeth across her lip. She inhaled sharply. He sealed his lips to hers, plundering her mouth.

Taryn felt the pressure build in her stomach. Heat and wetness pooled between her legs. She sighed as he continued to make small circles on the inside of her wrist. She coaxed his tongue into her mouth, sucking on it gently. She whimpered, thrusting her hips forward. She drew his tongue in deeper, dragging a groan from him.

Pressure continued to build in her groin. She tried to edge closer, but he would not let her. He pushed her deeper into the seat of the coach. With his unoccupied hand, he lifted her dress. He moved her closer to the edge of the seat, her dress now around her waist. Releasing her mouth, he sat back. He pushed her legs farther apart.

Taryn gasped, trying to draw air into her lungs. She lay there, exposed to him. She watched him as he positioned himself between her legs. He blew softly on her. “I thought you brought ecstasy with a kiss.”

He smiled up at her. “Milady, this is also a kiss.”

Holt ran his tongue along her slit. He flicked the tip of his tongue against her clit, causing her to jump. She moaned as he gently sucked on it. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as he lightly raked his teeth over her. He continued his ministrations, alternating between licking, sucking and biting. Soon he was sending her into orgasm.

He moved and sat back on the other seat. Beneath hooded eyes, he watched her. She lay there for a moment, trying to catch her breath. She sat up and arranged her skirts. She soothed the bite mark on her bottom lip. He mentally tapped down his erection. He smiled at her.

“Now, milady, about the duties I am to perform.”


Taryn watched Holt lift the rock and place it into the cart. Sweat glistened on his skin. She felt heat pool in her stomach. Hearing a throat clear behind her, she turned to see her solicitor watching her.

“Milady, your signature is needed.”

“And the pledge with be broken?” She crossed to the desk. With a flourish, she signed her name. “It is done.” They began walking towards the door.

“Yes, milady. By chance, does the broken pledge have anything to do with the warrior you have been staring at this morning?”

She smiled sadly. “I never wanted the pledge with begin with. Safe journey.” She watched as the carriage rolled out of sight. Turning to return inside, her eyes caught with Holt’s. She nodded before retreating.


“You’ve hardly touched your food, Taryn. This is to be a feast.” Lora bit into her slice of bread.

Taryn’s mouth tilted on one side. “And what are we feasting to?”

“Your broken pledge to that krod. Really, what did you see in him?”

“It was Granna’s idea. She’s the one that chose Marius.”

Lora snorted. “So you are now free to explore with your warrior.”

“I do not take advantage of the people under our protection.”

“I saw his contract on your desk. I know you bought it from the Market. Is he going to stay here?”

She shrugged. “I haven’t decided.” She pushed away her food. “I will see you in the morning.”


Holt stood in the shadows on the balcony, watching Taryn at her bath. He knew of the broken pledge to that sop he saw weeks ago in her office.

He followed the path of the sponge as it glided down her arms, across her chest. Her nipples pebbled from the cool air. He ached to join her, to replace the sponge with his hands. He felt his dick grow hard. Cursing under his breath, he silently climbed down the stairs to the courtyard.


Taryn sat quietly in the moonlight. A splash broke the silence. Looking down into the courtyard below, she saw Holt bring up a bucket of water from the well. She watched, entranced, as he lifted the bucked over his head and doused himself. Rivulets of water cascaded down his toned body. Her fingers itched to follow the water.

When he turned and sat on the edge of the well, she realized he was naked. He stared up at her room. She held still, fearing he would see her if she moved. She gazed in fascination as he enclosed his fist over his cock. He slowly began to stroke himself. She felt moisture gather between her legs. He closed his eyes. His movements began to quicken. He licked his lips and tilted his head back. She heard his soft moan from where she sat. His pace increased. She watched as he tensed when he came.

Holt opened his eyes as his orgasm receded. The shadows on the balcony shifted slightly. He smiled when Taryn crept back inside.


“Milady, you wanted to see me?”

Taryn glanced up to find Holt standing in front of her desk. Heat infused her cheeks as she thought of his display the evening before. Clearing her throat, she nodded. “Yes, I would like to discuss you contract.”

“Am I returning to the Market?” he asked quietly.

“No. Actually I found that it has expired.” She handed over to him. “You are free to return to Sentar.”

“If I do no?” He made no move to take it.

She frowned slightly. “You may do as you wish, Holt. I am informing you that you no longer are contracted to the House of Eudora.” She laid the contract back on the desk.

“Why did you break you pledge?”

“How do you know?”

He smiled. Picking up his contract, he bowed low. “We will meet again, milady.”


Taryn sat up in bed. She strained to hear what had woken her from her sleep. Hearing nothing, she laid down again. Closing her eyes, she began to drift off again when the covers were torn back and she felt something grab her wrist. A hand covered her mouth before she could scream. Warm breath caressed her ear.

“It’s me, Taryn,” Holt whispered. He slowly released her mouth. Freeing her hand, she hit him.

“You scared the lift out of me! I thought I was going to be ravished in my bed.”

“You are.” He captured her lips and pulled her under him. He kissed her deep as he parted her legs.

She gasped as he blazed a trail down to her breasts. He rolled a nipple around his tongue before sucking on it gently. He blew on it, causing it to harden. He turned his attention to her other breast as he slipped a finger inside her. He licked and nibbled his way down her stomach. She moaned when he sucked on her clit. She bit her lip as her orgasm neared, crying out when it peaked.

Holt positioned himself at her entrance, holding her legs wide. He thrust forward, their groans breaking the silence. He moved slowly, going deeper with each stroke. Taryn felt the orgasm build again. He drove deeper into her, touching her center. She opened her mouth to scream her release. He kissed her to keep her from waking the household. He groaned as he came soon afterwards.

He collapsed on top of her, using his arms to hold his weight off her. She lay limply beneath him, her ragged breathing mingling with his. He rolled to his side next to her, propping up on an elbow to watch her in the moonlight. He traced the outline of her brows, down her nose to her lips. She nipped his finger before sucking to pain away.


Taryn woke with her head on Holt’s chest. Lifting up she noticed he was still sleeping. She smiled as she recalled the night before. Sitting up she examined his body. It was well muscled. His arms and legs were as thick as branches of the kao tree in the courtyard.

Starting with his lips, she ran a finger down his throat and across his chest to his nipples. She lightly scrapped her nail over one, causing it to harden. She did the same with the other. Leaning down she flicked it with her tongue. She sucked on it gently then turned her attention to the next one. He moaned in his sleep, shifting a little.

She skimmed her hands down his flat stomach. Bypassing his groin, she continued down his legs. On the way back up, she cupped his balls in both hands before taking hold of his cock. She positioned herself between his legs. Bending over she placed a kiss on its head. She swirled her tongue around its tip. Slowly she engulfed him. He groaned, weaving his fingers through her hair.

Holt tugged a little on her hair. She let go of him and began to lick and nip her way to his lips. Straddling his hips, she gradually lowered herself onto his erection. He pulled her forward, fastening his mouth to hers. With his hands on her hips, he thrust up into her. She began to move, rising slightly then lowering slowly. He groaned again, letting her set the pace. Sliding a hand between them, he brushed her clit, urging her toward climax. Her muscles tightened around him. With a final shove, he spilled himself inside her, sending her into orgasm.

Taryn fell onto his chest. He gathered her close as their breathing returned to normal. He caressed her back in soothing motions. She sighed contentedly.

“Do you feel thoroughly ravished?” he asked.

She smiled. “Yes.” She propped her head up on her fist. “You have me enslaved.”

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