tagIllustratedEnslaved by an App Ch. 01

Enslaved by an App Ch. 01


Greetings all, Rebeccasm and I are again collaborating on another story. She is again doing her fantastic job with the art and I am filling in the blanks. Yes it will eventually slide down that proverbial rabbit hole to our usual level of perversions. However with this story we will require your assistance.

Synopsis: This story centers on a young woman and her friend who are shameless material girls. However with limited education and big desires their desires far exceed their budgets. The promise of an App that gives big rewards for a little exhibitionism is too tempting to resist. So these first couple chapters sets the stage, and starts off simple enough, but the later stages we will want your help in coming up with ideas for "Tasks" for our two material girls.

This story will contain women initially voluntarily exhibiting their bodies on the internet, but it will soon move into forced exhibitionism, and increasingly deviant sexual acts. So if this does not interest you move on. Any similarly to persons living or dead is strictly coincidental. No persons under the age of 18 are depicted.

As a side note this is a shameless attempt to garner votes and comments so your participation is welcome.


Denise sat at her desk at work. She was an entry level file clerk for a very conservative accounting firm. She only worked part time and at just over minimum wage she hardly made ends meet. It took everything her and her boyfriend Matt made to pay the rent and eat. Hardly what she envisioned when she graduated with a fine arts degree last year. She loved the arts and also loved nice things. Unfortunately they weren't compatible. She needed to get her Masters to be able to teach and jobs at the local museums were few and far between.

Matt on the other hand was an app designer. However he only did contract work and then it was only short term. Matt made good money but contracts were sporadic and it was feast or famine. He was very good at what he did but he never reaped in the benefits from his work. It was always the company or the individual who made the money from his work. His last contract was the best paying, but he just finished the job and was now unemployed until he found another contract. Right now there was money in the bank but that would only last a couple months.

Denise loved new clothes, her passion was to dress in the latest fashions and fortunately she had the body to do it. It seemed like a lifetime since she was able to go out and buy a new outfit. The last time she spent over five hundred dollars for a new pair of shoes. Matt hit the ceiling when he found out but she had already worn them and couldn't take them back.

She stared at the pile of files sitting on her in basket, she wanted to be anywhere but where she was right now. Looking at the clock she still had another two hours before she was off. She grabbed the files and headed for the file room to finish her work. In seconds her mind drifted off thinking about her life. "God, what I wouldn't give to win the lottery!' she thought. I can't stand my job and life is just boring without shopping.'

Denise was staring out into space when Mr. Johnson stepped into the file room.

"Miss Maxwell, what are you doing? I'm not paying you to stand and stare into space." He barked.

Denise jumped at the sound of his voice. She hated him. He was always on her ass, but as the managing partner of the company she couldn't afford to piss him off.

"I'm sorry Mr. Johnson, I got distracted." She tried to explain, as she turned to face him. But he wasn't looking at her face but was staring at her boobs. 'He's such a perv, my face is up here asshole?' flashed through her mind.

Jim Johnson quickly jerked his head up and stared at the beautiful young woman. "Get busy young lady or I will find someone who will." He said as he turned and walked out of the room.

The rest of the day, Denise concentrated on her job and prayed for five o'clock.

Denise made if home in record time. She wanted nothing more than to put the day behind her. She expected her boyfriend, Matt to be sitting on the couch when she walked through the door, but was pleasantly surprised to see him banging away at the computer.

"Hey honey," she said and walked up behind him. Watch'ya doing? Did you get another contract?" She asked as she wrapped her arms around him, giving him a big hug.

"Not now sweetie, yeah I did but I need to finish it by Monday. If I do I get a bonus." He answered.

"What is it, anything fun?" She asked.

"Yeah actually, it's an app to entice women to show their exhibitionist selves. If they do they get a reward or even cash" He explained.

"What the fuck? Are you serious?" Denise asked. "How does it work" Denise was intrigued.

"Well it's kind of a game; I'm really not allowed to talk about it because I signed a non-disclosure contract and I can't tell anyone about what it does. If I do I could lose my commission." He answered as he typed the code.

"A game? I doubt that, it's a pervert's game just to get women to show off their bodies." She groused.

"No its not. I can't really say anything, but it's about women who agree to do a task that involves them showing their bodies in different ways and taking a picture or video. If they complete the task in the time allowed they get money or a reward. Depending on how difficult the task the more money or the bigger the reward they get. Now I've already said too much, so no more questions." Matt stated and turned back to the computer.

Denise turned and walked to the kitchen. Her mind thinking about what Matt just said. 'I wonder how much money?' She thought.

Denise started dinner but in the back of her head her mind was thinking about what it might be like. Denise loved to show off her body and this might be easy money.

That evening, Denise decided to get Matt drunk and get him to tell her more. She finished fixing dinner and called Matt to the table.

Matt grumbled as he was coming down the home stretch and hopefully would finish later tonight or possibly early tomorrow. That would give him all day Sunday to debug it and deliver the finished product on Monday and on time.

"Honey I need to keep working, I'll eat later." He called from his desk.

Denise knew she had to do something so she changed into her tightest pink top the showed her large tits off and a tight pair of jeans. She walked into Matt's office and slipped up behind him. "Oh sweet heart, it's Friday and I've been looking forward to going out all week. How much more time do you need?" She asked while slipping her hand down his chest and to his cock buried in his shorts.

"Denise, please you know I can't work when you're like this. I don't have much more to go only a few hours. Then I can spend tomorrow and Sunday debugging it." Matt explained as his cock reacted to her strokes.

"Matt you have plenty of time to finish it tomorrow and still debug it on Sunday." She begged and pulled on his cock knowing he would break soon.

"God Denise, you know I can't resist you. Okay we can go out for a while after dinner. Just let me finish this section." Matt capitulated.

Denise squealed and pinched his nipple as she ran back to the kitchen. "You won't regret this honey. I'll make it worth your while." She sang as she left the room.

It was about three hours later when Denise was able to pull Matt out of his office and down the street to their favorite pub. Matt was not really happy about going out. The App was done, but he was worried about what it would do. He knew that there was the possibility of some women getting in too far and losing more than their clothes.

Denise on the other hand was on a mission. She knew with her body this App might be a way for her to get all the things she wanted.

For the next two hours, Denise flirted, caressed, kissed and kept Matt's drinks full. She knew he was getting loaded and as usual his brain stopped working. She slowly prodded and caressed his cock. Shoving her tits in his face and finally taking him to the men's room and pushing him into a stall.

Matt was almost comatose between the booze and the constant assault on his cock, he broke and told her much more than he should. However knowing that he couldn't tell her everything, he only told her about the lower levels of the game. The levels where the woman would be plied and bribed to do, showing more and more until the game took over.

Denise soaked it in listening to every word. She knew that this App would be her salvation. But it wasn't finished and she needed Matt to get to work. She wiped any cum from her face and pulled him out of the stall and out of the pub.

The walk home took longer than she wanted but soon they walked in the door. All that was going through her mind was getting Matt to work, but that was where her plan dissolved. Matt collapsed on the couch and was out like a light. Denise knew he wouldn't be working tonight. What made it worse was she was horny as hell and Matt wasn't going to be available for that either.

Denise tossed a blanket over him and headed to the bedroom. She stripped out of her clothes, her mind thinking about doing just exactly that in front of a camera. 'No one could resist this body!' she thought as she looked at her naked body in the mirror. 'All I need to do is make sure he finishes it.'

The next couple of days went too slowly for Denise, but Matt was so hungover he had trouble concentrating on his work. He did however manage to deliver the App on time, much to Denise's delight.

The following week at work, she had trouble concentrating on her job. Her mind was filled with fantasies on what the tasks could be. She even dresses the part, wearing shorter and shorter skirts and dresses at work.

It was Thursday when her world threatened to collapse. She was in the file room, her body on fire as her mind was a million miles away thinking about all the things she might do with her rewards. Unfortunately she was grabbing her tits when Mr. Johnson walked in on her.

He blew up and suspended her on the spot and sent her home.

She was now on an unpaid forced vacation for the next two weeks. It didn't matter how much she apologized she was sent home with the entire office staring at her.

The good news was when Matt told her the App was going live the next week. Denise almost jumped for joy when she heard that.

The next morning she called her best friend, Sarah and made plans for lunch. Sarah and Denise had grown up together and both lusted for the nicer things in life. Sarah was a waitress at a local club that was the hottest place in town. She worked mostly nights and on weekends.

They met at a local sandwich shop and Denise quickly told her about the new App about to hit the internet. Soon both were babbling about how and if they would sign up. Denise knew she would, but Sarah had doubts. But Denise quickly talked her into being her cameraman and would keep her under control.

That afternoon when Denise returned from the coffee shop, Matt broke the news that there was a problem with the App. The company releasing it wanted a volunteer to beta test it and in return would reduce the points necessary to get paid or a reward for the candidate. Matt's ass was on the line because if it didn't work he would have to refund the commission and even the bonus. Now that Denise was suspended they really needed the money. Denise went to the bedroom and changed into a sexy dark blue baby doll nighty. She already knew she was going to do it but she needed to play with his head for a bit. When she walked back into the living room, Matts eyes locked on her tits and his cock tented in his pants.

Denise tried to remain calm and said she needed to see what was expected and told Matt she might be interested. Matt wanted to tell her that he really didn't want her to do it, but he was getting desperate and needed someone tomorrow. So when she agreed he called them and was given a password for her to sign on.

Matt opened her iPad and called up the site. In a few minutes she was registered and reading over the rules.

"Wow Matt, these are nice rewards." Denise gushed as she looked at the names, Versace, Vere Wang, Dolce and Gabbana, Givenchy, and Louboutin. She was practically drooling.

It was only a couple minutes before a popup appeared on the screen thanking her for beta testing the new App. To start she needed to fill out the profile page with her picture and sizes. When finished she would be directed to the main page and as a special reward she would be sent a gift from their Vera Wang collection.

Denise was hooked from that moment on. She clicked on the profile page and spent the next hour filling out page after page of questions. It never struck her that some of the questions were very personal. It was an exhibitionist web site after all she justified.

Finally she made it to the first page of tasks. The instructions were she had one week to complete up to four tasks from a list. Each task had a point value and if completed she would receive the points. Points could be accumulated to purchase clothing or cashed in for money. The tasks ranged from flashing her tits in her apartment, 5 points, to going topless in a public.

Denise looked down the page at the rules.

General rules of play, other rules will be added at the higher levels:

  1. You are doing this of your own free will and not being forced in any way.
  2. Each task has a specific time to be completed or it will be considered a forfeit.
  3. Each participant is given a bank of 20 points to start.
  4. Each task successfully completed adds the associated points to the bank.
  5. Forfeits can be paid out of the bank or in lieu of not enough points a punishment can be selected from a list of punishments equal to the forfeit.
  6. Points can be redeemed for rewards from a catalog of items listed on the rewards page, or cashed in for money based on a dollar a point.
  7. Once you start a level you must complete the level in the time listed at the start of the level.
  8. Failure to complete a level, forfeits all point earned on that level.
  9. Point values double with each level and access to larger prizes is granted.
  10. Each level the time to complete the level goes down and the tasks are more difficult but rewards are incrementally larger.
Denise read the rules and felt a bit nervous, but after looking at the first level she knew she should be able to at least finish that level. Below the rules was a list of suggestions.Suggestions for a successful and profitable experience:
  1. You should use a quality camera. If you do not have on we will provide one for you. If the picture isn't of suitable quality it will be rejected.
  2. You should have a friend help you as some tasks will be difficult to do and take pictures.
  3. The more the better. A single picture if it is accepted gets the minimum points. Multiple pictures increase the chances at least one will be accepted. Multiple pictures accepted increased the points awarded.
  4. Videos are always accepted and encouraged. Videos increase the points awarded by 2 times.
  5. Additions to the task, adding toys accessories, people, or doing more than required increases point awarded.

We encourage you to have fun and enjoy your experiences. If you wish to use our camera just contact us and one will be shipped free of charge.

Denise finished the page and quickly emailed and asked for a camera. She sat back and looked at Matt who looked like he lost his best friend.

"Matt, what's wrong. This is going to be fun. You'll see." She chirped and sat in his lap. Matt looked into her eyes and knew it didn't matter what he said she was going to do this.

"Honey, remember you can quit at any time. I've seen the later levels and they are pretty extreme. I think you should quit after a level or two." Matt sounded almost like he was pleading with her, but Denise was on cloud nine and didn't even notice. She was back on the rewards page and thinking about what she could get.

Matt finally got her off the iPad and pulled her to the bedroom. Denise was hot as hell quickly stripped off her clothes and slid her hyper excited body up next to his. "Just think if I'm this hot just thinking about what might happen what will I be like after a task or two." She breathed into his ear before dropping to her knees and opening his pants. She didn't even drop his boxers but pulled his cock out and stroked it rubbing all over her face.

Matt and Denise had enjoyed great sex before but Denise was completely out of control. She usually let him take his own clothes off and they both made passionate love in bed. Denise couldn't wait and as his pants hit the floor she swallowed his cock whole. She heard a loud groan coming from him and hummed knowing the vibrations would drive him crazy.

Matt stood there a look of shock on his face. He grabbed her head and held her tight to his crotch. The sounds of her choking and her red face told him to pull her head back and watch as she gasped for air as copious amounts of saliva poured out of her mouth coating her tits.

Matt had never forced his cock down her throat before but it was exactly what she wanted at that moment. Her body needed to be used and wanted to taste his seed.

For the next several minutes, Matt fucked his girlfriend's face. Grunting like an animal as he was quickly about to cum.

Denise wanted to be fucked but she wanted his cum first. She knew that if he came in her mouth he would last longer later when he fucked her needy cunt. It wasn't long before she felt his cock swell and made sure she pulled back in time to catch his cum in her mouth.

Denise had given Matt dozens of blow jobs in the past and usually swallowed his spunk, but tonight he was out of control and filled her mouth with just the first couple of spurts. She pulled back and sprayed the next few volleys across her face and on her tits. Denise noticed his knees buckle and held his legs to keep him from falling. She looked up at him with a big smile.

"Well my love did you enjoy it?" she cooed.

Matt staggered to the bed and collapsed his pants still around his ankles. He looked up at Denise and smiled. "My god Dee, I've never seen you like this before. I don't know what got into you but I like it."

Denise looked at him and watched as he seemed to be in deep thought when he continued. "If this is about the App then I think I just might get used to this. When do you think you will start your first task?"

"Well seeing as I'm suspended from work, I'm calling Sarah tomorrow and we will decide then. Who knows maybe tomorrow?" She answered.

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