tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnslaved by an App Ch. 14

Enslaved by an App Ch. 14


I want to thank everyone who read, voted and commented on this story. Please be aware that this story contains non-consensual exhibitionism and sex. It is however a work of fiction and fantasy, so if this is not want you want to read, move on. Please be aware that every one of the characters in this story is over 18.

Again I wish to thank Rebecca for all her help with this series, even though she has moved on. Her art was a critical element for most of the series. I truly hope she returns and contributes again. It just isn't the same without her. I welcome your comments, both positive and negative, however if you want to criticize please be brave enough to sign you name.


Maggie woke at the sound of her alarm. She groggily reached over to turn it off. It was 6:00 AM and it seemed like only a few minutes since she went to sleep last night. Yesterday was probably the hardest day in her life, certainly the most life changing. It started with edging the moment she got up. It continued with edging at school all day, and ended up with her surrendering her freedom to Jon and Suzy, leaving her a slave.

It didn't let up when she got home either. Her unknown blackmailer had her edging every hour from eight to midnight. After two hours, she was continuously edging as by the time she had accumulated the required 15 minutes, it was time to start over. It was after 1:00 AM before she completed her task.

Maggie trudged to the bathroom to shower and try to clear her head and get ready for work. She turned on the water and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were bloodshot, her hair was a total mess and still plastered to her face from Suzy's cum still coating it. She slid her hand down between her legs and touched her still dripping pussy. She gasped when her fingers touched her red swollen lips and almost climaxed.

'How can I still be aroused? I can't believe how badly I need to cum.' she thought.

Pulling her hand away from her kitty, she turned and climbed into the tub to clean up. It only took about ten minutes to finish and get out. She couldn't touch her pussy as just the slightest touch sent waves of arousal pulsing out from her cunt.

Maggie walked downstairs and to the front door to get her clothes for the day. She didn't even think about opening the front door and stepping out on the porch naked any longer, being naked felt normal now. Once inside she opened the bag and pulled out her outfit. It consisted of a black button up skirt, a white silk button up blouse, and four inch stiletto heels. She slipped on the skirt and was please it came down to about three inches above the knee. However when she buttoned it up, the bottom two buttons was removed. Groaning, she put the blouse on. Again the top two buttons were missing and it was a size too small, leaving it straining to contain her tits. With the buttons gone, she was showing too much cleavage and the third button straining to remain fastened.

She stood in front of the hallway mirror and groaned, 'I'd better stay in my office today. I can't parade around school wearing this.'

Maggie went to the kitchen, fixed herself a cup of coffee and sat down, trying to calm her body wondering what the day might bring. Her adventures yesterday caused her body to flush and her pussy pulse in spite of all her efforts to calm herself. Finally, she walked to her office to see if she had any further instructions.

While her computer booted up, Maggie's body tingled as she wondered what she might have to do today. After edging all day leading to several massive orgasms, and having erotic dreams all night, her mind and body has been under constant sexual bombardment, leaving her a quivering mass of aroused flesh. She couldn't think about anything but how badly she needed to cum.

Maggie sat there for a minute, calming her body down, before she clicked on her mail server. Taking a deep breath she opened the new mail. Right on top was a message from her mysterious blackmailer. With a shaking hand she opened the message.

Good Morning Maggie slut,

Today is the first day of your slavery to Master Jon and Mistress Suzy. As we told you last night, you are to obey them as well as completing your assigned daily task. We will be watching your every move and will know if you disobey.

You may or may not know, your lovely slut daughter has lost her job. We noticed that you have an opening for an aide to the athletic department. We think that would be a perfect position for her. Today you are to call her in and have her interview for the position. We believe that Ms. Barkley would love to have a sexy young slut like Denise working under her. As a special treat for Ms. Barkley, explain to her that Denise is your daughter, but you don't agree with her current lifestyle and would like to have her learn about discipline. Tell her that if she agrees to hire her, she would have complete control with no interference from you.

That however is not your task for the day. Immediately after school today, you are to go to Jon's house. You will go to the back door, strip and go up to his room. There will be a bag on his bed with a pair of cuffs, blindfold and gag. Cuff your hands behind your back. Put on the blindfold and gag then kneel on the floor. You need to be in position by 4:00 PM, no later. You are not to move or speak. Jon will release you when he gets home.

Just so you know, we will be able to see you in his room also.

Enjoy your day slut.

Maggie groaned at what she read. Ms. Barkley and her didn't get along at all. Maggie was intimidated by her as she looked more like a man than a woman. They had had many arguments over funding and her questionable behavior around young co-eds but nothing was ever proven. Giving her Denise with no control would be a disaster.

But that wasn't the worst of the mail. The instructions to go to Jon's house was eerily like the dream she had just two days ago. Maggie closed her mail and put her head down on her desk. Just the thought of doing what she was told was having her body teeter on the edge of an orgasm.

'What is wrong with me? Why do these orders have me so excited? I should be disgusted not excited. Maybe I am a slut,' Slid through her head.

Maggie got up and walked to the garage and to her car. She was glad that she was wearing a black skirt today, as there was already a wet spot on the back. Maggie drove to the school half dreading it and half excited. She was afraid of what Suzy would make her do, but hopefully Master Jon would be there and give her an another amazing orgasm.

Maggie arrived at school shortly after seven am. She walked to the main office and was happy she was the first one there. Not wasting any time, she quickly walked into her office and shut the door.

'Whew, I made it and no one saw me.' She whispered to herself.

She turned on her computer and tried to concentrate on work. After the last couple days, she was way behind. It's a good thing she was planning on staying in her office today; she really needed to catch up. Maggie fired off an email to Denise telling her about the job and to come to her office around eleven. Then tried to focus on the reports she needed to finish, however her mind kept drifting to what might happen when Suzy arrives. She didn't have to wait long to find out as ten minutes after she sat down, her office door opened and in walked Suzy.

"Suzy," Maggie exclaimed, "I wasn't expecting you till later."

"Why aren't you naked and on your knees slave?" Suzy barked.

Maggie was shocked at how aggressive her student receptionist / Mistress was, but quickly jumped up and rushed around her desk, stripping as she went.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I was trying to finish some work before you arrived." She tried to explain.

"NO EXCUSES SLUT!" Suzy barked again, "Tomorrow I want you naked when I get here, so I would advise you to strip when you get in and kneel until I arrive. I'll let you off today, but that's your last chance."

Maggie gasped, "Mistress, what time can I expect you?"

"Any time I want to arrive. It could be six am, or eight thirty, regardless you're to be naked and kneeling." Suzy ordered.

"Please Mistress, someone else could walk in. I can't be seen naked. Please Mistress I'm begging you." Maggie pleaded.

Suzy stood in front of the kneeling naked principal, a big evil smile plastered on her face.

"Okay slave, I'll be easy on you. Starting tomorrow, you arrive nice and early like you did today. You will remove your skirt, put it in a bag and hang it on my chair. You can sit at your desk until I arrive before you finish stripping and kneeling in front of me. That way you can hide your naked pussy behind your desk if anyone should walk in." Suzy gloated.

Maggie looked at her young Mistress in shock. Not only would she be half naked, but there would be no way to get dressed until her Mistress arrived, but the alternative was out of the question.

"Yes Mistress, I will do as you wish." She answered.

"Good," Suzy answered as she walked past the naked principal and sat down in her chair behind her desk. "Now crawl over here and lick my pussy, while I explain what you're to do today."

Maggie crawled around her desk and between Suzy's legs. She was surprised when she discovered she wasn't wearing panties. Not wanting to anger her Mistress, she reached out and pushed her legs apart and started to lick up her thighs and to the sweet pussy of her student Mistress.

"Jon instructed me on what I am allowed to do to you. So here is what I expect. Every morning I will arrive and you will eat my pussy and ass until I tell you to stop. You will also play with your nasty dripping cunt the entire time. You are not allowed to cum without Master Jon's permission. We will repeat this again mid-morning, at lunch, and in the afternoon; depending on your scheduled visitors. After school your ass will be mine, unless Master Jon has assigned you a task to perform. You can expect to visit my home or take me to yours for some extra-curricular activities."

"Now I am not allowed to expose you to the school, have you suck cocks, or eat out my friends while at school, unless of course Master Jon approves. I also am not allowed to have you walk around the school naked. That is unless you are bad and I'm allowed to punish you." Suzy continued.

"However in this office, I can have you naked and eating my pussy and ass, or anything else I desire. So I'm not letting you out of here today. I'm taking your skirt with me and you will spend the day naked from the waist down. I would suggest you remain sitting for any meetings today. If you're good and beg nicely, I might let you have your skirt if absolutely necessary, but I wouldn't expect it. Now get busy licking and playing with your pussy, slave."

Maggie couldn't believe her ears. She was going to be half naked in her office all day! Just the thought sent shivers up and down her body and converging deep inside her dripping pussy. She wanted to be disgusted but instead her body once again was betraying her as her pussy sent drip after drip down her thighs.

She tried to maintain her composure, but as soon as her tongue slipped into her Mistress's sweet pussy, she attacked it with a passion, savoring every drop of the sweet nectar oozing down her throat. Maggie was just getting into a rhythm when Suzy pushed her away and onto the floor.

"Oh fuck you're good. I need a break." Suzy panted.

Maggie stared up at her Mistress confused. She was pleasing her and doing her best to make her cum. She watched as Suzy sat there with her eyes closed her body still trembling. Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled. "AGAIN!" SHE BARKED.

Maggie practically fell over rushing to plant her mouth on her Mistress's cunt. In seconds, she was again drinking her fluids and savoring her flavor, all the while she was attacking her own pussy. Her world had once again shrunk to her pussy and tongue.

This time Suzy was moaning and groaning as Maggie centered her tongue on that bundle of nerves just above her slit. Maggie felt Suzy's hands on the back of her head pulling her in close and grinding her pussy against Maggie's face.

Maggie knew her Mistress was about to explode when again she was pushed away. She looked up at her and smiled. It suddenly dawned on her why. "Master Jon won't let you cum either." She calmly said.

She could see that Suzy was still trying to regain control, but her head nodded telling Maggie that Suzy was also under Jon's control. Maggie knelt on the floor and waited for Mistress to tell her what to do, when she heard noises outside her door. She glanced at the door and prayed it was locked.

Seconds later, Suzy stood and pulled her skirt down. She grabbed her purse and took a couple deep breaths. Finally looking more composed, she opened her purse and pulled something out and set it on Maggie's desk.

"Okay slave, Jon gave me a couple toys you are to use today. You're to put them in and they don't come out until I tell you. She then walked around the desk and towards the door. Just before she opened it, she turned and said, "Don't clean your face or wash up. I want you smelling my pussy all day. I heard Denise is supposed to stop by. Let me know what time. I have class for the first three periods so I wouldn't get up and walk around much if I were you. You have five minutes to get yourself together before I start sending in anyone who wants to visit." Suzy opened the door and walked out leaving the naked principal still kneeling on the floor covered in pussy juice.

Maggie quickly jumped up and grabbed her blouse. She slipped it over her shoulders and turned back to her desk to see what Mistress Suzy left her. She moaned when she saw the anal plug and wireless egg sitting beside her computer. Maggie sat down in her chair and grabbed the toys. She wondered how she would ever get them into her body; she slid her fingers back to her cunt. Hoping she was aroused enough, she grabbed the egg and lined it up with her hole and pushed. Luckily it slid right in but it took everything she had to keep from climaxing.

Now the big problem, how was she going to get the plug inside her ass? Without thinking, she grabbed the plug and shoved it into her mouth, while going through her purse to find some lotion. Finally down on the bottom she found a small vial of hand lotion. She pulled the plug out of her mouth and coated it with the lotion. Knowing she needed to prepare her ass, she squirted some lotion on her fingers and probed her ass praying it would be enough.

Maggie was sweating now. She knew her time was almost up, grabbed the plug and shoved it into her screaming rear passage. Maggie eyes were tearing up as the pain was very intense. Her brow was dripping sweat and her blouse still open when a knock was heard at her door.

"Oh god please not yet," She whispered as she buttoned her blouse and slid up under her desk.

"COME IN!" She called.

The door burst open and in walked Ms. Barkley. "Morning Ms. Morgan." Amanda Barkley said her voice filled with sarcasm.

"Good Morning Ms. Barkley," Maggie answered, the two of them had never gotten along. Ever since Maggie was made principal, they had battled over just about everything. The previous principal, Mr. Abrams, Amanda had wrapped around her finger and basically got everything she wanted. Maggie stopped that and it's been a fight ever since.

Maggie was trying to maintain her composure. She was sitting behind her desk, naked from the waist down and a slave to two of her students. Now the one person in the entire school who would love nothing more than to ruin her career or even worse to have something to hold over her, was sitting across from her.

"So Ms. Morgan, have you found me an aide yet?" Amanda Barkley spat. "You know I put in my request over a month ago and the funds were approved almost immediately. What in god's name is taking so long?" She continued.

Maggie took a deep breath and slowly looked up at the intimidating athletic director. "I'm glad you stopped in today, Amanda. I think I've found someone that will work. She's my daughter, Denise." Maggie stated.

"Your DAUGHTER, you think I'll hire her? You have the balls to think I'll let you put a spy in my department so she can report to you every little thing I do? Are you fucking crazy?" Amanda Barkley spat, the venom in her voice sent shivers down Maggie's spine.

"Please Amanda, It's not like that. I know we've had our differences but I'm not interested in spying on you. In fact I think you're exactly what Denise needs. Please hear me out." Maggie explained. She wanted her voice to be more assured, but instead she sounded like she was pleading.

"Oh no, just exactly why should I believe you, you have been trying to get rid of me since the day you started." Amanda barked.

"Please, I have her resume right here, just take a look. All I'm asking is you give her a look. I'm not asking for any special treatment, in fact I'm asking just the opposite. I think she is making some bad choices and needs some discipline. I think you are just exactly what she needs." Maggie hated every word but she had no choice. The last thing she wanted to do was turn Amanda Barkley loose on Denise.

Maggie reached into her brief case, pulled out Denise's resume and held it out to the scowling nemesis sitting across from her. She waited for her to reach for it but Amanda just sat there with a scowl on her face. Finally, Amanda extended her arm but didn't reach across the desk.

Amanda realized that something was up. She was very good at reading people and situations. There was no way Maggie Morgan would offer her daughter to her without something forcing her. She knew she was in a position of power and wanted Maggie Morgan to know it too. So she waited for her to reach out and hand her the resume.

Maggie was stuck. She couldn't get up, if she did, Amanda, her enemy would know she was half naked. She held out her hand a little further, but Amanda didn't move a muscle. Finally, she rose slightly and reached as far as she could, trying not to expose her nudity.

Amanda watched Maggie closely and finally grabbed the resume from her hand. Just before the nervous principal sat back down, she thought she noticed a bare hip. A smile cracked her face, and she wanted to push her advantage.

"Okay I'll consider your slut daughter, but only on one condition. She reports only to me and you cannot interfere. She will be mine and mine alone. I set her schedule, her duties, and any punishments. If she complains you tell her that I'm in charge and it's my decision. If she accepts the position, she stays until the end of the year. If she leaves, she has to refund any money she was paid the moment she quits."

"Amanda, be reasonable. You can't expect me to accept those terms, that's totally unreasonable." Maggie reasoned.

"Fine, then find me another candidate and make it fast. I'm tired of waiting and I'm about to go to the superintendent. I'm sure he will listen to me." Amanda barked.

Maggie knew that the superintendent was her sister's husband. That's why she was still working here. She also knew that her task was to get Denise hired and working for the evil woman sitting in her office. She was about to tell her to get out, when Amanda stood and leaned over her desk, almost coming nose to nose with her.

Maggie almost panicked. She scooted closer to the desk trying to hide her nudity. Amanda smiled an evil smile and whispered, I like your new outfit, kinda risky though, and sat back down.

Before she could respond, the egg buried in her kitty came to life. In spite of her best efforts she groaned her body already on the edge, threatened to plunge over the cliff and explode. When the anal plug joined the egg, Maggie just stared at her desk and whispered, "I agree." Maggie was shaking and very flustered. She closed her legs to keep the noise down but the constant buzzing was all she could hear. Maggie looked up at Amanda and saw the look of victory. She knew that life at school had changed forever.

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