tagErotic HorrorEnslaved by Lesbian Vampire Cougars Ch. 05

Enslaved by Lesbian Vampire Cougars Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Family

Mel Sanchez was the love of my teenage life, she was pretty and fit and kind, we've been friends since we were both 12, and since then she's been the target of my affections ever since.

She was the first girl I ever came out to, and the first one who rejected to me, I tried to kiss her and she freaked out. She didn't tell anyone but we never spoke after that; I was never that outgoing and coming out of the closet was the last thing I ever wanted to do, I'm thankful that Mel never spread my homosexuality around school or anything, but we never spoke after that.

It's weird how things work out, I would've dreamed of this kind scenario every night before in bed before I fell asleep, I don't deny I would've touched myself furiously thinking of this scenario. Now that I have it, I don't want to say that stupid cliché, whoever said it wasn't being faced with the possibility of being brutally tortured to death and eaten.

With any luck I'll be seeing her again very soon, just as long as nobody finds this floorboard. Of all the things that would save me it turned out to be a broken piece of wood under the bed where I spent my first night in this house. It was 5 AM and I'm praying that no one else is up except me, one 'vampire' thing I'm hoping is true is that these women still need to sleep, even if it's not in a coffin they still need to sleep. Sneaking into Farah and Vanessa's room was easy enough, those two had exhausted themselves after a loud night of makeup sex; my brain had been so heightened by the constant fear of everything that memorizing where the key's location was easy.

I had to hide the key for now, like any wealthy house this one had a security system that would sound an alarm any time the front door or any other entrance was open, I couldn't risk guessing the code or even the noise of the engine starting. I was lucky that they didn't really seem to care much for the guest attic, it was something I didn't even notice at first but again that hyperactive memory of mine noticed a creak in the floorboards my first time here. And like a gift from god as I was able to find a loose floorboard, I had to bend it a little but with a little force I was able to break it loose; that little hole in the floor held my salvation, I pray no one in this house would find it.

I snuck back into Veronica's room and curled up into her embrace, have to keep calm, have to control heart rate, she's a vampire she'll sense any changes in my body. Keeping my breathing even and my body still was surprisingly difficult, I was so tense and anxious by the time I actually came relaxing wasn't until sun came up, just in time to wake up.

"Wake up sweetie pie, it's your special day!"

"Yes mommy." I hate that word, I don't even like my own mother that much.

"You don't want to keep Regina waiting, she's set aside all her affairs just spend the day with you."

What could she possibly have to do other than kidnapping and molesting random girls?

"Now come on, we gotta get you all washed up and ready."

She pulls the covers from the tight grip of my foetal position and leaves me naked in the breeze.

"Oh come on buttercup! We'll have plenty of fun later on, we gotta get you all ready."

"I'm not feeling well, I've got a stomach cramp, I think I'm having my period."

"First off no you're not, I don't smell any blood; second off you won't have to worry about that after today."

"Are you really going to turn me into a vampire?"

"Kind of, it's complicated, but it'll all get explained to you once we meet Regina."

"I just don't want to get up today."

"Sweetie, do you want another visit from the tickle monster?"

"You mean as opposed to every moment of every day and night since I've been in this house."

"You do realize I'm still bigger and much, much stronger than you. You bored of tickling? How I about I find some more creative ways to make you cooperate."

"You can't hurt me, those are the rules."

"No I just can't break your skin, there are lots of ways I could hurt you without breaking your skin: wrestling, pinching, spanking, twisting, biting."

"Biting counts as skin breaking."

"Not if you apply the pressure just right."

"Why is it all your torture methods sound either incredibly childish or silly and fetishistic?"

"Sweetie I worked my entire mortal life as a prostitute, believe me when I say that anything involving physical contact is sexualized. And they can also be really painful if you don't get turned on, there's a reason why that shit is filed under sadomasochism."

"Alright I'll get up."

That was stupid, but it felt good, can't risk anything now, have to wait until the right moment to steal the car.

Veronica wouldn't leave me out of her sight, literally guiding me around the house like some kind of disobedient cat.

"I don't know where it is!"

"Well it didn't just sprout legs and walk away did it?"

"Why do you think I lost it?"

"Because you're the one who drove last!"

I could hear Vanessa and Farah arguing over the missing car keys, I almost feel bad about that, almost. I just prayed they didn't find the keys before I had a free moment to get away, just praying that between now and then that enough people will be out of the house. I don't even know how to drive a car, but it doesn't matter, if I can crash into something that's all I need, just get enough attention out in the open to attract the police or some neighbours. I know it's a stupidly desperate plan but that's all I could think up right now.

As we entered the bathroom Veronica's giddiness was palpable, she kept giggling and shaking and humming all the way through, this time I actually really was sorry about this. Veronica wasn't exactly stable but she was kind, and she genuinely wanted me here, I wonder if I stay here will eventually become like her? She'll be happy, she'll have the companion she wanted, but honestly what good does that do me? Being the child will only have appeal for so long, it's still the bottom of this hierarchy, like Veronica used to be, how long before I want my own companion and force these horrors on another unsuspecting girl.

At the same time, Veronica seemed so innocent and happy, I started to hate myself for leaving her.

"Stop with the sour puss already, do you want Regina to think you don't want to see her! She's more fragile than she looks, she's like a tender flower, you can't look like you are now in front of her! We need to get you smiling all good and proper!"

Another attack of the tickle monster, of course that had to happen; as she plunged her hands between arms and underarms, locking her cruel fingers between my defensive and sensitive body parts whose protective instincts have now become its own worst enemy.

"He-hey! Don't you want to save a bit for later, isn't it also rude if you get started without Regina?!"

"Oh fine, go ahead ruin my morning, I swear you're lucky Regina's waiting for us. If she weren't I'd string you up upside down, slather you up in ice cream and make it a party so everyone in the house gets a turn at turning that frown upside down!"

"I'd like that, could do it some time? To celebrate?"

"Only if you ask nicely, now come on let's get you cleaned up."

Veronica, it's hard to remember all the horrible things she's done, to the woman who raised her, to the nameless girls living on the street she's preyed on, to everyone and everything she hasn't told me about yet. She's a rapist, a serial killer, a cannibal and a sadist, and that's just the shit I know about.

And yet, as terrible as she is, as short a fuse as she has, she and I have made love, and while I know that I can't help but feel sympathy for her. Maybe it's stupid hormones, maybe it's my stupid sex drive, but even when she's rough with me I feel real love radiating from her, when we make love I feel like I never want to leave her side. Oh crap, I have Stockholm syndrome now don't I?

The bathwater felt nice, it never stops feeling nice, one of the constants of this place is good water heating. All the sweat, grim and unpleasantness of the previous day and night just get cleaned off, and considering how relatively little sexual assault happens in the bathroom it becomes something of a sanctuary, although Veronica's bed is probably the only true sanctuary in this house.

"Can you call me mommy again?" Veronica asked as she sat herself next to me in the tub.


"Not like that, with feeling, I want to hear it properly."

"Mommy!" Give her what she wants, just keep her happy.

"Now you're obviously trying too hard, I'm asking 'you' to call me mommy, not some cartoon bimbo who acts like a six year old."

I don't know if I can do that.

"Do you want another visit form the tickle monster?"

"No mommy!" This time I tried really laying it on thick, embracing her and laying my head upon her shoulder. She returns the embrace and brings me closer to her warm body.

"I love you too sweetie."

I can't believe she keeps falling for that.

"And soon I know you'll actually mean it."


"I'm not stupid you know, you think I can't see through you? You think Devana's the only one in this house who can smell out a liar?"

"Are you going to kill me?"

"No, because I'd be naïve enough to think you'd just be into it just because we kept you captive? I'm not so detached from the world to know that's kidnapping and rape and all kinds of other stuff, I know you've had a shitty time since you got here and I know I haven't exactly been a pillar of support; I haven't been that supportive either, strangling isn't exactly something that turns a girl on."

I ... I wasn't expecting this.

"But you're still here aren't you? You closed that door because you wanted to be with us, and don't we didn't see you. As far as I'm concerned, and I'm sure everyone else agrees, you're our daughter now, all we have to do is make that official."

"But what if I don't want to?"

"Don't be silly, you're here because you want to be."

"You didn't give me a choice."

Of all the things I could've tried I never thought of asking politely.

"I know, I know you've been scared this whole time, I know this isn't a fairy tale, a little princess like you deserves princess charming, not wicked step sisters. I promise from today things will be different, and Regina will make sure of it. Just talk to her, she'll make all the nasty little doubts in your head disappear."

She'll brainwash me you mean.

"I know it's hard to explain, you're probably not taking me too seriously now, but I mean it. Today you're going to meet her and it'll be the best day of your life because you'll see what real love and family means."

Hearing that made me want to vomit, I'm lucky I have good control of my gag reflex otherwise I would.

"Come on, we stay in here too long we'll get prunie, you don't want to disappoint your new grandma do you?"

Veronica guided me out of the bath, drying me off and letting the water drain, for some reason the sound of water made me envious of getting away from here as much as possible. No matter what I say or do nothing seems to damper Veronica's mood, she dries my skin and combs out my hair with almost pedantic detail. Veronica refused to dress me, I can't say I'm bothered by it since nudity is the fashion of this house, she told me Regina wanted to see my beautiful body.

When we reached Regina's door I felt trepidation, superficially it was just an ordinary white painted door like any other on this floor, but since I had been here this place was treated differently, it was always closed as far as I could see, I've never seen the inside of this room, not even a glance.

"Regina, it's us, Emily's here for her special day!"

The door opened of its own accord with no one behind it, magic telekinetic doors are probably the least frightening thing about what's happening now. Veronica gently walked me inside and to my surprise rather than jewellery or statues or gaudy bright colours or any of the things I'd associate with decadence or demons weren't present. Instead what I was faced with was wall to wall rows of bookshelves filled with books of every kind of description, books on history, books on culture; it should probably come as no surprise that I grew up the shy bookish sort, if this weren't such a horrible place I might actually enjoy this room.

Between the book cases were big windows that let the sunlight in, I never took the time to look through a window in this house before but now that I have I can see what a beautiful neighbourhood this was, and what a beautiful garden they had. I was extremely tempted to open a window and scream for help but knew better; I moved my field of view to Regina on her bed, she was of course naked and smiling gleefully as she was expecting my arrival, her skin was so pale that it was almost ghostly, when the sun hit her the light bounced off with such brightness it blinded me.

"Veronica, you're positively glowing and we haven't even begun little Emily's conversation yet. Your enthusiasm is quite adorable."

Grinning like a child who just got her mother's love, Veronica shut the door behind us and made her towards us. I thought before that Devana was a real Amazon, but this woman stood over 7" feet tall at least, I can't believe I've never really noticed until she was this close. She embraced both myself and Veronica in a massive huge that lifted the both of us off the ground.

"I'm excited myself, I've never seen a vampire being sired and know even less about how it's done."

She carried the two of us around like a pair of children in her arms, she walked us over back to her bed and dropped Veronica and I on one side of the bed while she lay on the other. Veronica cuddled up behind me, pressing her body against my back, her warmth felt oddly comforting, it was weird that being near Regina didn't cause anxiety, instead it caused a mix of giddiness and trepidation. As the two women encircled me in an embrace I felt again that comforting warmth that's kept stalking me since I entered this house, every time it overtakes me I'm overwhelmed with the delusion that these women love me.

"Such a sour face, we can't have that today."

And again my daily visit from the tickle monster has started, with both Veronica and Regina's fingers tickling my breasts, ribs and underarms; they were tender and gentle, a light jovial tickling, I giggled as they played around with my body. A lot of anxiety melted away and even though my conscious mind was fighting against this, it feels really good to be in the presence of these women.

"There now, not so bad was it? A little tickle means a smile, ironic that a lot can be a punishment."

"Mm, it's a only a punishment if you've been naughty." Veronica said licking her lips.

"That's true, have you been naughty sweet little Emily?" Regina looked at me with piercing eyes.

Oh god, please don't read my mind, all that anxiety came flooding back.

"Do you know what I do with naughty girls? Ask nicely and we'll re-enact it together."

"Did these horrible things involve tickling me?"

"Only if you want it to!"

Regina and Veronica snuggled up together with me in between them middle, being the meat in a sandwich is always pleasant. They planted kisses along my neck and collarbones, I almost forgot what they were really doing, they were coating in their saliva, they were trying to make me high, or at least relaxed enough that I wouldn't move. No wonder there's no bondage gear in this room, I guess Regina isn't the type to wrestle her submissives into submission.

"Tell me about yourself Emily dear."

"Tell you about me? You're going to start going on and on about yourself?"

"All in good time, don't take offense, it's that your aunties aren't interested in you, it's more about acclimatizing you to your new life, you should know what kind of people are going to be your new family."

"My life isn't that interesting, why would you want to hear about that?"

"Don't be that way, all life has value; your youth just means that you can surpass your current limits, and if you would have us, we can offer you all eternity to make your life the way you wish it."

"I'm to blame too buttercup, I got so caught up in having someone new in the house that I just gushed all about myself: the big, bad vampire pedicurist. I didn't think for one minute about learning more about you, everyone in this house including me are just so proud of ourselves, we became insular, we look down on people outside the family."

"All the more reason why we need you in our lives as much as you need us. A learned girl like you should know what happens to families who think themselves better and isolate themselves from the rest. We'll become irrelevant and unprepared for the world, we'll stagnate and grow bored with each other, how long do you think it'll be until my dear children leave me, leave each other?"

"That'll never happen mama!"

"Sweet baby Veronica, there just comes a time when all us are old enough to realize relationships are the first things to disintegrate."

"Not for us!"

"You're right to an extent, but I think the time has passed in where I can keep calling you my little baby Veronica, you're going to be a mother after all. We all will, myself included, our family is the kind where a child truly will be raised by the village."

"See there sweetie, you're gonna be in the best family there is, I'd let you even call everyone else mama if I weren't insanely jealous."

Polyamory, such a beautiful word, big family means big love, I think might be a little high right now.

"Tell us Emily, what's your family like?"

"My family, why do you want to know about that?"

"Why wouldn't we want to know?"

"You're not going to hurt them are you?"

"Only if you want us to."

If I keep my mouth shut they'll get angry, if I say anything they might use that later on.

"I'd really rather hear about you, everyone says so much about you but they never tell me anything, they all say it's not their place to tell your story. With that build up I'd love to hear your story."

"Such a flatterer! Very well, you'll get your wish, but first you'll have to pay a small toll."

Let me guess, you're about to eat me out.

"You're probably thinking I'm going to perform cunnilingus on you, and you'd be right. It's not just for fun though, Farah and Vanessa told me about their little 'interactive storytelling' and I thought the idea was utterly delightful. It was so delightful I decided this will be our new family tradition from now on, when we bring a new girl in you'll get to treat her to a proper welcome like we've given to you."

But I like being on the receiving end.

"This is how I welcomed my girls into my family, isn't that right Veronica?"

"Oh yeah, that was the best welcome party I've ever had, imagine my surprise on top of being able to see the sun I get to be the centre of a one-way daisy chain. First Regina, then everyone else."

"What better way to introduce myself then to give my girls a hands on demonstration of my parenting style."

"Should I narrate or should you?"

"It's my story sweetie, I'll narrate between orgasms."

"Then what am I gonna do?!"

"Then you can do the rest, I only have two hands and I can't reach everywhere. You've spent so many nights with her I'm sure you know all her tickle spots, besides if she falls asleep she needs to be punished."

"You want to make her squeal try sticking your tongue under her clitoral hood!"

Oh god please do!

"Alright then, I get the bottom and you get the top, it's actually been a while since I've played with a girl's toes, I hope my technique doesn't bore you."

As a little warm up Veronica began massaging my breasts, it felt so good to feel her warm hands on my skin. It felt so good, she knows exactly how to make me feel good, no need for lotions and oils, it feels so good. Wait a second did she lick her hands when I wasn't paying attention?

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