tagBDSMEnslaved to the Mob Ch. 13

Enslaved to the Mob Ch. 13


(Author's Note: Here we go again. I feel as if I'm nearing the end of this storyline. There are still a few more chapters to go, but not very much. If anyone would be interested in some private role playing, send me a feedback message. I could go for some to get my creative mind flowing once again. As with all of my stories, all characters mentioned are eighteen years of age or older, and are the sole property of this writer.)

His laugh was cold, devoid of that warm amusement as he wiped his fingers clean of her feminine wetness against her bed. "I know you won't say anything to the Boss, if he lives to see the sunrise. Accidents happen. It would be a shame if he found out you decided to jump from the window to your death for freedom." Dmitri mused, his smirk dangerous as he turned from Angelique and slowly made his way from her.

"I would be careful who I insult if I were you... You never know, I might be your next Master." Dmitri remarked with a grin as he closed the door, leaving Angelique all alone within the bedroom with nothing but her thoughts to keep her company.


The rest of the night was completely restless for Angelique as she laid within the bed. The threat Dmitri left her with still lingered within her mind. More and more she continued to question her choice of Mikhail's life and safety over her own freedom. There was no doubt within her mind that if he died, if something had happened to her Master, it would be all over for her. She truly did not want to be Dmitri's slave. The man was downright frightening and cruel. Even though she did first think the same of Mikhail when their paths had crossed, there was something to him, some tender care in his eyes that lurked beyond the sadistic gleam. With Mikhail, she never thought he would kill her. With Dmitri on the other hand, there was no telling what he was willing to do.

Hours were spent lying within the bed, tossing and turning in the comforts of her bed without an end. Her mind was so restless and stressed with the long ordeal of the night she had endured, and yet, through it all, it all went back to one question: why did he save her?

There was no doubt within her mind that she was trouble for him. She was still news according to the morning news she watched before turning to try and sleep. Her mind could not help itself. Curious as to what was going on, whether they were still looking for her, Angelique had turned on the television and watched as her name and picture came across the television, along with pleas from her parents for her safe return home. Tears came down her face as she watched them, as she saw the terror and fright etched in their faces as they begged for her to be sent home. It was all one big taunt to her, a cruel joke. She had freedom within her hands, ready for the taking, and she threw it all down the drain for a reckless act of kindness to a dying man.

Over and over again she asked the same question to herself: Did I do the right thing? As she rested her head upon the thick, fluffed pillows of the bed, she could not help to ask herself that question. Mikhail had risked his life to save her. He bought her, saving her from a fate unimaginable by powerful men and women that couldn't risk having such a slave with that much attention. He went out into the house, risking his own life in a gun battle to shield her. He gave her a gun, willing her to defend herself under the bed. He had given so much for her, and yet, now he lay dying. What would happen to her if he was gone was something she couldn't think of. It was too frightening, too disheartening and dreadful for her to think of the endless possibilities. If Mikhail died, so did she.

It took some time for her to finally fall into the comforting embrace of sleep. The exhaustion was too much and overwhelming for her to stand up against. Her dreamless, deep sleep comforted her, giving her some respite from the troubles and stresses of her reality.


It was the late afternoon when Angelique finally awakened. However, it was not the bright summer sun that shone through the windows that awakened her, but that of a knock to the door. For a moment she paused, looking at the door with a sense of dread filling her. The last thing she wanted to do was to wake up and go back through the hell she had suffered through.

When she finally climbed out of the bed, putting on a robe from the closet, she opened the door, and much to her displeasure, saw the man she was dreading.

"It's about time you woke your lazy ass up." Dmitri said, his eyes looking over her body. "I should fuck you in the ass for making me wait. I bet you would like that, wouldn't you?"

Angelique said nothing. She could already feel her anger growing and blossoming within her, waiting to be unleashed upon this man before her. Just being in his presence made Angelique's body and mind tense, the threats from the previous night still lingering within the forefront of her mind. He was dangerous to say the least, a man that was putting himself in position to strike. She could feel it in the air, the tension palpable amongst the men when she entered the building, to the sense she received from being around him.

He smirked at her silence. "You're lucky he woke up. Otherwise, you'd be down on your knees begging for mercy." Dmitri remarked, smirking as his eyes wandered across her feminine form.

"He's awake?" Angelique asked, her eyes wide with hope as she spoke.

Again he smirked, slowly pushing his way into Angelique's bedroom. "Yeah, he woke up this morning, and he's lucky to be alive." He said as he slipped beside her, slowly walking into her room after closing the door behind him. Dmitri paused at the window, overlooking the vast, sprawling city beyond the glass. "But, for how long, no one knows. Poisons like that can be very tricky to contain over time."

More and more Angelique was beginning to dislike what was going on. With him in her room she felt so naked and exposed, as if standing under a spot light waiting to be hurt. Dmitri seemed to her to be just that kind of man, that kind of ruthless, sadistic man that took pleasure in the discomfort of others. How far he would take it, she did not and could not know. There was no denying he was a dangerous man, capable of bringing everything down, the kind of driven man that would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

"I want to see him. Now." She said, trying her best to sound resolute and firm in her stance when she felt nothing but fear and dread for the man standing before her.

His laugh was mirthless as he turned to face her, that gleam in his eyes unsettling as he sat himself down upon the corner of the bed. "Look at you. You're the Boss's fuck meat, and you already think I'm going to take orders from you." Glancing over his shoulder, Dmitri turned his eyes to her own, locked in upon the look of dread. Oh she could try and hide it all she wanted. He could see right through that façade to the fear and dread that filled her just being in his presence. "You and I are going to discuss a few things..."

Tightly Angelique pulled the robe around her body, completely on edge just to be around Dmitri. "Like what? I have nothing to discuss with you." She said remarked with stiffness in her voice.

"I would beg to differ..." Dmitri said, his body gradually sitting up upon the edge of the bed. His back was straight, eyes cold and determined, his presence exuding a dominating sense of confidence and power that intimidated the young woman as she stood before him.

"You see, your Master is in no position at all to give commands and take control as he once did." He began, his voice unwavering as he spoke to her. All too well he knew he was playing with fire, taking a risk that could destroy him, but there was just something about her that made him want her all the more. She was beautiful, intimidated, fearful, and ripe for the picking. No matter what happened with Mikhail, Dmitri was going to see to it that she was going to be his. "The men aren't very confident in him. Men have been killed, families and lives put on the line, all because of him and his actions..."

It would be easy, very easy for me to take control of things around here. He could be in a coffin tonight if I wanted it to happen, and you could be in some ditch with a bullet between those pretty eyes of yours." Slowly he began to adjust the cuffs on his sleeve, straightening them with idle care as if this were nothing more than just an ordinary conversation. "But I'm not such a bad guy. I'm pretty smart once you get to know me. I know that nothing has to happen to the Boss for me to take control. I'm already in charge with him lying in that bed of his. There's nothing stopping me from going in there and finishing the job that those Haitians couldn't do."

From the very beginning, Angelique didn't like where the conversation was going. Her stomach was knotted over in dread of what was taking place. The smart woman knew what was coming, what the bastard was getting to, and she was powerless to stop him. Deep within her heart, it pained her to know what was expected of her, what was needed to save not only her life, but Mikhail's as well. There was no way out of it. She knew that much. If she ran from the room, and what Dmitri said was true about the feelings of Mikhail's men, it would be the end of them. There would be nothing stopping Dmitri from killing them both then and there.

Tears ran down her face as she looked into the face of Dmitri, despising the glowing look of victory in his face. Just seeing the tears made Dmitri chuckle as he slowly began to rise to his feet. "I see you already know what I want from you." He said as he slowly walked towards her. There was no denying that look in his eyes, that predatory gaze filled with an insatiable hunger. It frightened Angelique just to just look at him, feeling even more alone in the world at that moment. The world felt so far away, as if she were all alone with Dmitri with nowhere to run or hide.

Seeing the tears slowly rolling down Angelique's cheeks made Dmitri laugh. His forefinger slowly moved towards her face, wiping away the tears as he towered over her. "I love it when sluts cry." He remarked crudely as his hand slowly moved lower to the bejeweled collar still around his neck. For a moment, he hesitated, his eyes locking upon the diamonds and rubies that gleamed in the light through the windows. All too well Dmitri knew he was playing with fire, a dangerous game that would bring him even closer to death. It was that thrill, that excitement that made him want to do it even more. After all he had done in the recent few days, all of the planning he had put together, to be ruined by her, it was well worth it.

"Now get on your knees." Dmitri commanded with his voice full of seriousness. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you too badly."

For a moment, Angelique hesitated. There was nothing more in the world she wanted rather than to punch the bastard before her. Her anger and instincts so badly wanted to take control of her, to unleash the fury that the stress of the past hours had added to. But she wasn't stupid. She knew who held the cards. Dmitri was a man with power, with the means of getting what he wanted, and at that moment, it entailed murdering Mikhail and her right then and there. It was a matter of life and death, a choice that was not easy for her to come to terms with.

Her eyes burned with pain, that excruciating emotional pain that no amount of physical pain could compare to. It hurt her so much to know what was expected of her, what was needed for her, as she slowly and hesitantly sank down to her knees before him. The amused chuckling sigh from him only made matters worse, knowing that she was betraying Mikhail more and more each moment. That sickening, gut wrenching feeling was consuming her. It was amazing to her for that brief moment, thinking that she was actually feeling so guilty, so sinful, by betraying her Master when there was a time she didn't want anything to do with him at all.

She could only look away, her eyes focused upon the floor beside her as the sound of Dmitri's pants zipper was slowly unzipped. No matter what, Angelique could not deter her mind from what was about to happen, especially as she felt the hot, fleshy hardness of Dmitri's cock slowly caress her tear-ridden cheeks.

"Open wide..." He said, taunting her with his cruel words as he continued to press his hot, throbbing cock against her face. "Or do you want me to force your mouth open? There's a reason why I'm banned from the whore house, you know... I tend to take things a little too far when I don't get what I want when I want it."

The threat was more than enough to bring her gaze from the floor to him. She allowed her eyes to linger upon his cock for a moment, eyeing the thick tool that jutted out from the dark slacks. Just seeing it brought another bout of fresh tears down her face, knowing what she was about to do. In the end, she knew there was no other choice. It was be killed, or be humiliated and used. There was no way out.

As soon as her plush lips opened slowly, a sure sign of the hesitation flowing through her mind and emotions, Dmitri struck, and did not hold back at all. A low groan escaped his lips as he felt his thick member invade her tight moist mouth, feeling her cheeks spread and cock ever so beautifully slide down into the depths of her mouth. Angelique was helpless to stop him, even though every part of her wanted to fight back and run, run for the safety and comforts of her Master.

Dmitri's groans were quickly filling the confines of Angelique's private bedroom. It was too powerful of a sensation that crept up his spine, feeling her warm, wet mouth engulf his cock like a glove created especially for his length. Even as she tried to put as little effort into it as she possibly could, containing the motions of her tongue against the underside of his shaft, it still felt incredible to his senses.

Through it all, Angelique tried her absolute best to keep her mind clear and clean, void of the thoughts that threatened to break through into her mind. It took all she had to keep her mind focused on something other than the fact that the bastard was face-fucking her. There was no way she could force herself to give into his desires. She couldn't bring herself to please him, a man so downright cruel and frightful. All Angelique could do was to kneel before him, her hands held tightly behind her back as the tears continued to come down her face.

Slowly, with each thrust of his hips, Dmitri began to take more and more control of the situation he placed himself in. What started off as simple pushing of his hips against her face soon turned into harder, forced thrusts. His hands gripped the sides of her head, holding her in place as his hips pushed his cock deeper and deeper into the tight, hot throat that seemed made for sucking cock in his mind. More and more groans continued to slowly come from his lips, the pleasure becoming almost unbearable to contain.

"Fuck yeah..." He groaned out, forcing Angelique to accept his length with brutal, merciless thrusts of his hips. Tightly he held onto her head, leaving her no room to escape his punishing thrusts as she tried to pull herself away from him. Too consumed in the passion and lust that burned through him like a wild fire, Dmitri didn't punish her. The feeling of her hot, moist mouth wrapped around his thick, fleshy hardness was too powerful. He couldn't stop himself, and soon the sensation was too much to fight back.

With a low groan, and a tightened grip upon her hair, Dmitri gave one last thrust of his hips into Angelique's face, his cock spasming uncontrollably as his hot, thick cum began to spurt. Angelique tried her absolute hardest to fight him off, to prevent the bastard from filling her mouth and throat with his seed. It was the last thing she wanted in the world, to suffer through yet more embarrassment and humiliation as he came down her mouth, but she was helpless. Too strong was the grip upon her head, holding her firmly in place as his member continued to spurt and spurt until his cock slowly began to deflate.

Softly Dmitri muttered in his Russian language, panting as his hands slowly left their places upon Angelique's head. Almost immediately when she was freed, she pulled herself off of his cock, coughing her lungs out from the choking and humiliating experience. Tightly she clutched her chest, trying with all of her might to try and cough up the seed within her mouth.

"Stupid little slut..." Dmitri mused, chuckling to himself as he gently tucked his member back into his pants after wiping it clean upon her bed sheets. "You should be thankful I allowed your mouth to be graced with my cock."

Angelique slowly looked up to him, her eyes filled with the tears from the rough throat fucking she had endured. "Fuck you, you goddamn bastard." She said, extending her middle finger to him.

In that moment, there were so many things Dmitri wanted to do to her. Vividly he envisioned breaking her little finger, snapping it into two before laying into her body with all of his frustration and anger. It was an unwelcomed change for the blonde Russian who had become so accustomed to dealing with troublesome whores with his fists and legs. She was off limits. She had to be pristine, her creamy, porcelain flesh unblemished by the rough, hurtful bruises he was aching to inflict upon her. If Mikhail found out, if had caught any whiff of what he was doing behind his back, he would be a dead man.

For a moment he watched as Angelique slowly rose to her feet, watching him with complete and total contempt in her eyes as she made her way towards the private bathroom. Through the doorway he watched as she tried to maintain some decency and it made him want to laugh. The sight of her standing there, washing her mouth out and brushing vigorously in her nude form was erotic and amusing to him. A slave with decency. She was spoiled goods in his eyes. Mikhail was no man or Master at all. Dmitri could already see himself breaking in the little bitch, breaking her with his fists and kicks until she feared him. His body was all the weapon and toys he needed for breaking whores. They shouldn't fear the toys. They should fear the Man and Master, and all he was capable of with his body.

"Not bad. Not bad at all." Dmitri mused, unable to pass up an opportunity to torment the young woman even more. "There'll be plenty more opportunities to prove your worth to me. Don't you worry."

Standing within the small, private bathroom, Angelique turned to look at Dmitri at the sound of his comments. She didn't need to say anything at all with the look in his eyes. A rage burned within her for the man. He was beyond cruel, a man that knew no bounds. Angelique had no doubt within her mind that he was enjoying this torment, and hated him all the more for it.

"Next time I'll bite your dick off." She threatened, turning her attention back to the mirror and sink to clean up and ready herself to see her true Master.

His laugh was cold, filled with a sick and demented humor at her threat. "And when you do that, I'll make sure it's the last thing you ever taste in your pathetic life." He said, slowly moving to stand within the doorway of the bathroom. "There's one more thing before I send you off to see the Boss..."

Turning off the running faucet to the sink, Angelique crossed her arms over her chest and looked to him. What more could he possibly want from her? "And what would that be?"

"You get to be the one to tell him that his Nikolai is dead. You've met him before. Big, tall, dumb-as-fuck idiot that was his so called 'Brother-in-Arms'." Dmitri said, becoming more and more relaxed by the minute as he leaned in the doorway. It was becoming so easy for him in his mind, a solution to another problem vexing him. Why should he be the one to tell the Boss, or why should anyone of his valuable men tell the Boss his best friend and right hand man was murdered? Let the expendable slut tell him. Maybe he would take care of her in his rage. "They found him shot up with a few of those poisoned bullets the Boss received. I'm sure it would sound nicer coming from you."

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