you look back at John seeing Him relax in relief. John walks over and sits next to you on the bed. you look back at the officer again.

Now, if you please, I was taking a nap when you rudely barged into my room. Leave a name and number of the person who is looking for me with the butler and i will contacted them this evening.

Sorry Ma’am, we didn’t mean to disturb you.

The officer turns and walks to the door and John follows him. As he reaches for the door the officer turns to him and tells him he was sorry for the intrusion but they had to check and see if everything was okay. John looks at him and tells him he will show him to the door and turns toward you telling you to get dressed to come back down stairs and He would be back up after you in a few minutes. He then walks out and shuts the door. you sit there looking at the door for a minute wondering why you just protected this man. you could have left and went home but you didn’t. you climb off the bed and walk to the closet pulling out the sexiest dress you can find that will match His blue shirt then looking through the shoes you find the ones that go with the dress you are holding. you slip the dress on then the shoes and walk into the bathroom to freshen up your make-up and your hair. You just lay the comb down. you hear Johns bedroom door open and close and start feeling nervous as you hear Him cross the floor. you turn toward the door as it opens and you spin around and ask Him what He thinks.

He smiles at you and says you look very appealing then He gets a serious look on His face and asks:

Why did you do that?

Do what?

you could have had Me sent away for a very long time but you didn’t.

i don’t know why I didn’t turn you in, you looked so defenseless standing against the door and i could see something in your eyes pleading with me. Now, i did something for You now you can do something for me.

He raises a brow with curiosity.

What is that?

i have some standards that I have been raised with and live by and the main one is I don’t go around showing my body to everyone. Only the One i am with. i do not like being humiliated in front of others any more than You do. W/we should have an understanding about things before they are done. Fair?

John sighs and then he smiles.

Fair enough.

i will be Your slave and will abide by Your rules. i don’t know why i am doing this but i will give it a try for let’s say a month. If i like it and we both agree i will stay if i do not like being with You then i am to be released, not sold. This will be hard for me but i will give it a try.

Now for my rules. you stay for the month and if W/we agree that you stay sometime in the following month I shall collar you as mine. you will be mine only. No, playing around with others meaningfully. If you feel the need to have your desires met you come to me and when I feel the time is right I will take care of those needs. you may now have the run of the house with this understanding and the bars will be gone by the time you go to bed tonight. I am trusting you lil one don’t break that trust. Also you may leave only with rhonda or Myself. I have credit cards with your name on them and your new identification cards. you may use the cards as you wish but you are to show me everything you buy and if I approve it you may keep them.

you look at him in surprise but then smile.

Agreed. you put out your hand to shake His. He grabs your hand and pulls you to him.

Now come here you.

you swirl into His arms and look up into His eyes. He looks down at you and bends to kiss your waiting lips. you give in eagerly, wrapping your arms around His neck. John slides His hands down your sides then back up grabbing your breasts firmly in both hands. He kisses you on your neck and slips the straps to your dress down your arms slipping your dress down off your body showing him all that belongs to him. you quiver and slip your arms up to cover your breasts as He gently grabs you arms and lowers them back to your sides and kisses your your neck slowly sliding his tongue down until it reaches your nipple he sucks it gently. you moan and feel a need for Him wanting Him. you feel a desired heat between your legs. He slips his tongue down your stomache, his hands tracing your sides. His mouth slipping down and nipping your clit sliding his tongue around your inner thigh. He is careful not to touch you where you want Him most. Then He stops, picks you up and carries you to your room laying you on your bed. you look at Him as He stands there looking at you then says...

sleep, lil one. you can meet the others soon enough.

you sit up on the bed.

WHAT?? sleep?

you will learn.

Learn what? That You can't finish something that You start? Why are you doing this to me.

He walks to the door and opens it then turns to you. but all he says is "patience lil one" then turns and walks out.

you bang your fists on the bed. Then grabbing the blanket you lay down covering yourself. shortly you fall asleep.

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