tagLesbian SexEnslavement 06

Enslavement 06


For weeks we continued our existence in the house where Mistress trained her pleasure slaves. There were no new additions to the household and one day in early fall, I was ordered to take the place of 22 who had been delivered to her European purchaser.

Mistress told me that as I had been fully trained I was to grow my hair again. I had become used to my smooth scalp and even found it very erotic but I did not dare disobey her.

While my hair grew I made sure that Gillian was hairless. My mentor 22 had shown me how to use a straight razor and I loved the daily ritual of lathering Gillian's scalp and carefully scraping away all of her hair. 22 had also shown me how to prepare and use the wax that kept our bodies smooth. I had waxed Gillian's beautiful little pubis on several occasions and enjoyed her discomfort as the hair was uprooted.

Gillian became more and more submissive as she was kept hairless while I found myself enjoying my power over her. While my hair grew back, I kept her shaved, bound and beaten.

As always, the days passed without any kind of indication that there was an outside world but each morning I ran my hands over the stubble that had sprouted on my scalp. After about a week, it was long enough to grasp with tweezers and I amused myself by plucking a few hairs along my hairline. Having slept a little late, I decided that it was time for me to discipline Gillian.

I showered quickly and slipped into a kimono before opening the door into the room where I normally prepared Gillian for the day. She was waiting for me but this time she was not alone. Instead, Mistress stood beside her with a cruel looking riding crop in her gloved hand. The Mistress was wearing her usual leather corset and looked ready for business.

I was perplexed and wondered what was going on. I did not have to wait long for the answer. Gillian spoke:

"We have come to the moment of truth. Both of us have made a long and difficult journey to arrive at this place. Both of us have been stripped naked, whipped and shaved bald. Now the last act in this play begins."

I looked at her and tried to make sense of what she was saying. She was dressed in a form fitting jersey dress that showed her body beautifully. Her head was shiny and her make-up was fresh. She continued:

"I always wanted you to become my hairless slut and when you agreed to shave your head, I realized that you were halfway there. Next I wanted to break you down until you had lost your identity and had become so completely submissive that you would be willing to do anything that was asked of you."

I looked at her as she continued her version of our recent history.

"When I saw that you were reduced to a beautiful submissive slave, I realized that my dream was close to being realized. All that remained was for me to learn what it was like to become a slave so that I could be sure that it was bearable.

"I had myself captured by Mistress so that I could learn what a sex slave needs to know. I found pleasure in being your smooth slut and now I know that you will find pleasure in being my smooth slut. I have learned what a slave needs."

She smiled and ceased her monologue.

Mistress made a gesture and the door opened again. A small Asian lady entered the room pushing a light wheeled table. I looked at its contents which were heated wax in a small pot and strips of linen which were laid out beside it. This was what was used when I had a depilatory wax and my body was very smooth so there was no need for it.

Then I realized what was happening. The hair on my head was long enough to be removed by waxing it. The Asian lady was there to remove my head hair and make me completely smooth once more.

I sat meekly in the chair, resigned to the fact that Mistress and Gillian could over-power me with ease and it would be better to simply submit.

My hands were bound behind my back and my legs were taped to the chair legs so that I could not interfere with my final humiliation.

The woman was very professional and she worked quickly. She started at the back of my head and neck. She spread the hot wax with a wooden spatula and then pressed a linen strip into it. Then she yanked it away quickly, uprooting the stubble that had grown there.

The pain was very great but I endured it with as much stoicism as I could muster. Each time she ripped out a strip of my hair, she pressed her palm on the denuded flesh to sooth it then repeated the process where there was still hair remaining.

By the time it was over, tears were streaming down my cheek, partly as a result of the pain and partly as a result of the knowledge that this sort of treatment would surely cause me to become permanently bald if repeated very often.

My inflamed scalp was soothed with a medicated cream and Gillian touched my bare head softly.

"You are mine now Cypher. I am going to take you home so you can become accustomed to your enslavement."

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