Enslaving Elliot Ch. 05


This entire time Jordan just stared at her emotionlessly, terrifying Elliot into thinking she had made a mistake before the dominating older woman smiled wickedly.

"Kiss me stick." Jordan ordered.

Eager to obey this command Elliot lowered her lips down and pressed them to Jordan's, the two women engaging in a surprisingly soft kiss considering the circumstances.

Unsurprisingly the kiss didn't remain soft for long, Jordan entering Elliot's willing mouth with her tongue and shoving it down her throat, the younger woman relaxing onto the body beneath her and melting into it as the older woman's hands slid over her body, Jordan dominating her mouth with her own.

After a few minutes of Elliot moaning into her mouth every time she squeezed her new slave's ass or tweaked her nipples Jordan broke the kiss, placed her hand on top of her pet's head and began pushing it downwards, Elliot meekly allowing herself to be pushed downwards until her mouth was hovering over Jordan's breasts.

"Suck my nipple stick." Jordan commanded as she pressed Elliot's lips to her nipple.

Jordan then smiled wickedly as the submissive doctor obediently took her nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it gently.

While tangling her fingers in Elliot's hair Jordan used her other hand to push her breast into Elliot's mouth, breast feeding the young doctor as if she was an infant in need of sustenance.

Elliot seemed to digress back into that stage of her life as she allowed herself to be guided from one nipple to the other, Jordan making her suck each nipple to full hardness before pushing her head lower.

Once her mouth was hovering over Jordan's pussy Elliot tried to lower her head but Jordan had a firm grip on her hair and she wasn't going anywhere.

"Did I say you could eat my pussy twinkie?" Jordan questioned.

"No Mistress... I'm sorry Mistress." Elliot apologised.

"I didn't think so." Jordan said, pausing for a little while before then commanding, "Smell my pussy stick."

Elliot did as she was told, taking in a loud breath of Jordan's heavy aroma.

"How does my pussy smell twinkie?" Jordan asked.

"Good." Elliot said, before quickly adding, "It smells good Mistress."

"Do you want to eat it?" Jordan asked.

"Oh yes Mistress, I want to eat your pussy." Elliot replied obediently.

"Beg for it then. Beg for the privilege of eating your Mistress's pussy slave." Jordan commanded.

"Please Mistress... please let me eat your pussy." Elliot began to beg, slowly forcing herself to beg more confidently to show her mistress this was what she really wanted, which it was, "I... I want to eat your pussy. I want to eat your pussy so bad. Your slave wants to eat your pussy so bad. Please Mistress, let your slave eat your pussy."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Jordan said as she pushed Elliot's face into her pussy.

The second her lips were pressed against Jordan's womanhood Elliot stuck out her tongue and slid it over Jordan's pussy lips, squeezing a moan from her mistress, and then another, and another, and another as Elliot repeated the process, lapping at the other woman's cunt with slow, gentle strokes of her tongue.

"That's it, lick my pussy just like that, good girl." Jordan said, stroking and patting Elliot's head like the little pussy licking pet she was turning her into, "Remember to lick around my pussy lips... mmmmm, good girl. Very good girl. That's it, slide your tongue up, down and all around my pussy, good girl, good little cunt lapper."

Elliot paid close attention as Jordan continued to give her instructions, but the blonde also tried to remember what she had done the other two times she had gone down on this dominating woman.

Since she had until today considered herself completely heterosexual it was unsurprising Elliot obsessed over the memories of her first and second tastes of pussy. Any woman in that position would, but Elliot Reid tended to obsess over even very tiny little details in her life and this one in particular had her mind on overdrive.

Even though she had come to the conclusion very quickly that she liked the taste of pussy Elliot had continually obsessed over what that meant for her sexuality all day. First Elliot had worried about being a lesbian and then when Jordan had proved she wasn't by making her have sex with the janitor she worried about being bisexual, and then she worried about becoming another woman's slave and there were about a thousand different thoughts in between, but now all those thoughts were silenced.

As soon as Elliot slid her tongue over the soft lips of Jordan's pussy and the sweet flavour of her mistress's cunt juice hit the blonde's taste buds all the noise inside her head went away and all that mattered was Jordan's tasty pussy.

Remembering everything that had made Jordan moan loudly in the last two previous times she had the privilege of eating this dominating woman out Elliot slid her tongue all over the soft entrance in front of her, paying extra close attention to certain areas, especially the little ball of flesh at the top of Jordan's pussy.

Jordan moaned loudly and dug her fingernails into Elliot's scalp as the blonde's tongue played with her clit, sliding around it and gently flicking it in a way that drove her wild.

The dominating brunette was very impressed with her new little cunt lapper, the blonde doctor giving her the best head she had received so far today even before the blonde got her tongue inside her.

When she had first made Elliot go down on her earlier that day the blonde had been so timid and unsure of herself, her tongue clumsy and awkward as it cautiously slid over and inside her pussy. Now the blonde seemed much more comfortable with eating pussy, perhaps even a little confident as Jordan moaned encouragement.

Jordan didn't like her slaves to be confident, quite the opposite, and she often delighted in beating the confidence out of them but there were exceptions to this rule and one of them was definitely pussy eating. When it came to pussy eating Jordan liked her slaves being very confident in their abilities, that way they normally gave better head, a theory that definitely was being proven true with her new little pet.

The submissive blonde was showing skills that took most of her pussy lickers weeks, even months, to learn, her tongue applying just the right amount of pressure at just the right time at the right place to drive Jordan wild. Elliot even pushed her tongue inside her at the exact time Jordan wanted it and began tongue fucking her at just the right pace, then waiting until just the right time to speed it up just how Jordan liked it.

"Oh yes, that's it, that's exactly it, good little slave." Jordan praised as she pushed Elliot's face even deeper into her pussy, "Fuck my pussy with your tongue. Tongue fuck my pussy you little dyke. Get that little made for pussy licking tongue as deep inside me as you can. That's it, push your tongue in deep, good girl, good little lesbian slave. You want to be my lesbian slave twinkie, then show me what you can do. Show me how much you want it. Show me how much you want to be my slave."

Shortly after these words were uttered Elliot devoted herself completely to Jordan's pleasure, the submissive blonde doing everything she could think of to show the dominating brunette how much she wanted to be her slave.

With her tongue as deep into Jordan as it would go Elliot twirled her tongue around inside the other woman's pussy, desperately trying to remember where all the spots were which made Jordan moaned the loudest last time and attacking those spots with her twirling tongue. More often than not Elliot was right on the money, a fresh batch of moans from Jordan letting the usually timid doctor know she was on the right track to proving how much she wanted to be enslaved, each one of those moans feeling her with previously unknown levels of confidence.

Elliot had never felt this focused in her entire life. For once she was totally in the moment, her mind not a minefield of thoughts as she tried to decide what to do next but an organised collection of thoughts telling her how to eat pussy.

Later the fact that eating pussy was the one thing she could ever truly focus on would scare her into probably several little freak outs, as would the fact that she had never felt so at piece than when she was in between this woman's legs, but none of that mattered now. All that mattered was proving to Jordan she wanted to be her slave.

Normally what girls like Elliot wanted mattered very little to Jordan but here she found great amusement in it.

Only a few hours ago this uppity little intern had the audacity to stand up to her, twice, and now look at the little bitch, submissively eating her pussy to prove how much she wanted to be her slave.

Jordan just loved bringing other women and men to their knees and turning them into her little playthings, and from the way her new pussy eating pet was moving her tongue around inside her Jordan knew she was going to have a lot of fun playing with her new toy.

The submissive little plaything had already improved her pussy eating skills so much in such a short time it was clear that Elliot might just become one of the best little rug munchers she'd ever had. If Jordan hadn't already had so much fun fucking the blonde and spanking her butt she might have just considered turning this natural born cunt lapper into her own personal pussy eater and just use her mouth and tongue whenever she wanted. As much fun as having a slave exclusively for the use of eating her pussy Elliot was too cute not to fuck. Besides, the blonde looked like she could do with a good fucking, which Jordan was more than happy to give her as soon as her new pet made her cum.

Jordan didn't have to wait too long, Elliot's tongue doing such a great job of fucking her pussy that it brought Jordan to the edge faster than she could ever remember by a new slave, the eager little cunt licker seeming to worship her pussy with every fibre of her being.

With her nails digging deeply into Elliot's skull Jordan cried out and humped her slave's face, drenching it in her juices as the submissive pussy eating blonde brought her to a nice series of orgasms which made her body go numb and her eyes roll back in her head.

Right from the start Elliot's mouth had created a tight seal around Jordan's pussy lips so she could swallow all the other woman's delicious juices. When Jordan came those juices became even more delicious, the more dominating woman's cum flowing into her submissive mouth and down her submissive throat, Elliot working as hard as she could to swallow as much of the heavenly cream as she could. With her still very limited experience in pussy eating some of the juices escaped onto her face but what had to be the majority of it eventually ended up in her stomach and for that Elliot felt a twisted sense of pride.

Elliot remained in between Jordan's legs licking and sucking her pussy clean until the hand on her head pulled her upwards, the submissive doctor meekly allowing herself to be pulled up into a hungry kiss from her new mistress who seem to devour her with her lips.

Jordan smiled into the kiss as she felt her new toy melt into her arms, the little slave's body feeling so good pressed against her own in all the right places as Jordan continued to enjoy tasting herself on the young doctor's lips. Jordan liked tasting herself on someone else's lips, it was a nice reminder she had just manipulated someone into licking her pussy. That went double when it was another woman she had manipulated into licking her pussy. Still, Jordan wasn't in the mood for a long kiss so she soon pulled away and addressed her plaything.

"Still want to be my slave twinkie?" Jordan asked with a grin.

"Yes Mistress." Elliot replied softly.

"Good girl, that's what I thought." Jordan said, lazily stroking Elliot's hair for a few moments before firmly adding, "Get down on your knees on the floor."

Moving quickly Elliot got off the bed and moved to get onto her knees. She hesitated for a moment as she wondered where she should kneel but when she caught a glimpse of Jordan staring a hole through her Elliot simply fell to her knees on the spot.

Jordan smiled as she got off the bed and examined Elliot's position, her new slave on her knees with her hands in her lap and her head down, just as Jordan wanted her.

The more time Jordan spent with Elliot the more it became clear the girl was a natural submissive. Most people had both a dominant and a submissive side, sometimes with slight leanings to one or the other, but there were a few who seem to be either completely dominant or submissive. Jordan considered herself a natural Dom so for her a natural Sub was quite a find. The majority of Jordan's slaves were thrown away or forgotten about when she grew bored of them, but this girl was a keeper, or at least a pet she could see herself using for a very, very long time.

Pulling herself from her thoughts Jordan went to her closet where she kept her sex toys, retrieved her favourite strap on and then stood in front of the kneeling blonde so she could anticipate what was about to happen to her.

"Look at me stick." Jordan commanded once the harness was firmly around her waist.

Elliot did as she was told, her mouth falling open slightly as she saw the 12 inch dildo sticking out from between Jordan's legs.

In her very limited experience Elliot had never seen a dildo that big and it both frightened and excited her.

"You see this cock twinkie?" Jordan asked rhetorically as she pointed the strap on at Elliot so the head was only millimetres away from her face before she began to stroke it menacingly, "This cock is going to help me enslave you. In a second I'm going to slide this cock into your tight little pussy and fuck you like the little slut we both know you are. Then it's going up your ass. So if I were you I would want this cock to be as wet and slippery as possible, which is why now I'm giving you the privilege of sucking on it I expect you to give this cock the greatest blow job of your life."

Elliot gulped nervously. She had been expecting to have to suck on that dildo but Elliot wasn't sure about giving it the greatest blow job of her life. Technically Elliot had given The Janitor's cock the greatest blow job of her life so far and her blow job skills hadn't exactly impressed Jordan, in fact she had called them pathetic. What if Jordan thought the blow job Elliot was about to give the strap on was pathetic? Would she punish her? Would she spank her again, or whip her, or refuse to enslave her? Would she...

"What the hell are you waiting for stick, suck it already!" Jordan said impatiently, waking Elliot from her thoughts.

Her eyes focusing to see the angry look on Jordan's face Elliot quickly did as she was told, leaning forwards and taking as much of the strap on as she could in one go. All she could take was a few inches and without looking up Elliot could already tell Jordan was far from impressed.

In an attempt to impress her new mistress Elliot took a deep breath through her nose and then pushed forwards, not stopping until the head of the strap on was pressed against the back of her throat.

Unfortunately even then the dildo wasn't yet halfway in yet but rather than immediately try and force it down her throat Elliot began bobbing her head on it as quickly as she could, sucking loudly so she could hopefully please her new mistress.

Jordan couldn't help but smile as she watched her new slave sucking loudly on her strap on. The blonde was clearly trying to remember everything Jordan had taught her about giving head from sucking on The Janitor's poll, something that actually pleased Jordan greatly.

So many little slaves at this stage of their training would still make the same mistakes over and over again, Elliot was at least trying to learn how to be a good slave which actually made Jordan happy, not that she'd tell Elliot that.

"Is that really the best you can do? Pitiful." Jordan said, "I'm not going to just fuck you with half of it twinkie, I'm going to use every inch to stretch out your little pussy and make it mine. So I expect you to take every inch down your throat. Come on slut, all the way down, all the way down, I taught you how to deep throat so get that cock deep in your throat bitch!"

With the words 'come on slut' Jordan grabbed hold of Elliot's hair and began pushing her down on the strap on, the slave in training desperately relaxing her throat muscles as her mistress forced the big dildo down her gullet.

Elliot struggled to keep herself from choking as the strap on slid into her windpipe, the tightening of Jordan's grip reminding her she had to keep sucking which was even more of a struggle.

The dildo was so long there was no way Elliot thought it could fit down her throat but Jordan was determined and eventually the fake balls of the strap on bumped against Elliot's chin announcing somehow the monster cock had been able to fit inside her windpipe.

Of course Elliot almost immediately started gagging but that didn't stop Jordan from holding her new pet in position for a few moments so she could enjoy the sight of her strap on completely embedded in her new slave's mouth and throat before pulling back to allow her some much-needed oxygen.

"Keep sucking stick." Jordan ordered, pushing Elliot back to her strap on after allowing her a few moments to breathe, "Remember, I expect nothing less than the greatest blow job of your life."

Giving Jordan's strap on the greatest blow job of her life was quite the challenge for Elliot, but after gagging half a dozen times she was able to establish a rhythm which actually seem to keep Jordan happy.

First she would bob her head up and down on the shaft, taking a few inches into her throat each time so she could get about three quarters of it into her gullet and still get a break to breathe, then after doing that for a very long time she would go lower, taking the entire thing into her throat and sucking on it for a few moments before pulling back and repeating the process. Every so often she would break this rhythm to slide her tongue up and down the shaft or lick and suck at the fake balls, remembering this was what Jordan had made her do to The Janitor and hoping that meant it was the type of blow job that her mistress wanted to receive.

It was but Jordan wasn't going to tell Elliot that.

While Jordan definitely liked her slaves to be confident in pussy eating she liked them to be constantly second-guessing themselves in nearly everything else, and giving a blow job definitely counted because there was only so much pleasure Jordan could receive from it. Sure, there was a very nice button on the inside of the dildo which stimulated her clit with every movement but it wasn't the same as actually having a mouth worship her cunt, and while there was a certain amount of mental stimulation from making another woman give her a blow job Jordan much preferred the mental stimulation of fucking another woman.

This blow job had been fun, probably the best her new pet was capable of, but now Jordan wanted to move on.

"Ok stick, that was... adequate, but now it's time for me to enslave your little pussy." Jordan said, stepping back and pulling her strap on away from the blonde, "Go lay down on your back on the bed."

Eager to be fucked by the big toy Elliot got off her knees and quickly got into position on the bed, spreading her legs wide for the woman who was about to claim her as her own.

Getting in between Elliot's legs Jordan licked two of her fingers and then ran them up and down the blonde's pussy lips, smiling to herself at the wetness she found there.

"You really do want to be my slave don't you stick." Jordan said.

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