tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEnslaving Elliot Ch. 07

Enslaving Elliot Ch. 07


Elliot had been here before many times over the past year. She had come here to hang with her little group of friends and of course to see JD, who she had been into from the beginning, but only a couple of times she came here specifically looking for Carla.

There had always been a connection between her and JD, Turk was easy to get along with, but Carla was someone it was difficult for Elliot to talk too.

Things had gotten better between them lately, Elliot had even began thinking of Carla as a friend as opposed to a friend of a friend, and then Carla bought Elliot for the night. Elliot now had to do whatever Carla said, be her willing whore for the night, and now all of a sudden their friendship was tossed out the window, not because Elliot was angry at Carla for buying her, but because Elliot realised she wasn't worthy to be the strong, dominant woman's friend. A friendship would imply they were equals when nothing could be further from the truth as Carla was clearly too good to be friends with such a submissive little slut like Elliot.

This fact, along with other thoughts of the sexy Latina, had Elliot practically creaming her panties all day.

By the time she reached the door to JD and Turk's apartment, the place she had been to so many times before, the place Carla practically lived, she knocked on the door, fell to her knees and lowered her head in submission without a moment's hesitation.

A few seconds past, Elliot remaining on her knees like a good little slave, her training preventing her from looking up when the door opened. As it did Elliot's heart skipped a beat as she imagined the humiliation she would feel if JD, Turk or anyone other than Carla opened the door and saw her kneeling there. To Elliot's relief that's not what happened.

"Mmmmm, punctuality, got to love that." Carla said before stepping back and opening the door for the blonde, "Come in."

"Thank you Nurse Espinosa." Elliot said before slowly crawling inside as she had been trained to do.

"Ha, Jordan really does have you well-trained doesn't she?" Carla chuckled at the display of submission as she closed and locked the door behind them.

"Yes Nurse Espinosa, my wonderful Mistress has me well-trained. I'm her good little slave." Elliot said submissively.

Carla smiled. She had been worried Elliot was being forced into being Jordan's slave. It was a valid worry given how prudish and sexually awkward the blonde had seemed before. True she had seemed happier lately than she used to be, and while it was possible Jordan had been forcing her to act that way the more and more Carla got to know the new and improved Elliot Reid the more and more clear it became that the young doctor wasn't being forced into anything. Elliot seemed quite willing to play the part of the eager little sex slave, and while Carla intended to put that theory to the test she doubted Elliot would do anything except happily submit to her every whim.

"Stand up." Carla said, finding it amusing how unsure Elliot looked at the command and how long it took for her to slowly and awkwardly get to her feet, "In the kitchen there is a bottle of wine. Go open it and then get it and a couple of glasses and join me on the couch."

Elliot was a little taken aback by the simplicity of the command. Carla hadn't ordered her to strip before getting her the wine or anything. In fact it hadn't even seemed like an order as the tone of Carla's voice made it sound like she was asking her for a favour, not something she needed to do under the circumstances. Normally her Mistress would order her around, telling her exactly what to do, and sometimes even how to do it, but Carla had not and Elliot wasn't sure how to react to it.

Still, Elliot's confusion did not stop her from doing as she was told, the blonde quickly walking into the kitchen area of the apartment to fetch the wine and glasses. Because the kitchen and the main room were all technically in the same room Elliot was able to glance over and watch as Carla went down to sit on the couch, the blonde going to her when she had retrieved the desired items, but hesitated to sit next to her.

"Sit next to me." Carla said.

The Latina's tone of voice was firmer this time, her words coming across as much more of an order then an a suggestion this time and thus Elliot found it easier to obey.

"Pour us each a glass." Carla said firmly, making it easier again for Elliot to do as she was told, "Ok, now, tell me how you ended up being Jordan's slave. Tell me everything."

Again Elliot was a little taken aback but didn't hesitate to obey, starting from the beginning when she stood up to Jordan and then telling her everything literally up until this moment.

Under Carla's orders Elliot went into graphic detail, telling her owner for the night how good it felt submitting to another woman for the first time, how good it felt to have another woman spank her, how she almost came on the spot the second Jordan slid her fingers inside her and began fucking her with them, how the other woman knew just how to touch her to drive her crazy, how she used that touch to make Elliot kiss her and then fall to her knees to lick her pussy. Elliot spent 5 minutes alone talking about her first lesbian kiss, and then 10 minutes describing the taste of her mistress, how much she loved it, how much she craved it, how she wanted to spend the rest of her life kneeling before dominating women like her mistress and worshipping them with her mouth and tongue.

When she finally stopped talking about her mistress's pussy Elliot told Carla how she stupidly confronted Jordan and how that had led to her mistress dominating and fucking her time and time again, even making her fuck The Janitor just to prove who was in charge. Then Elliot described how her mistress had broken her completely, how she had made her confess her undying devotion to her, even making her kiss her feet after she took her with her strap on, Jordan filling all of Elliot's holes with her cream so the blonde was properly marked as her property.

Finally Elliot told Carla all about her training, how her mistress had delighted in humiliating and degrading her over and over again, Elliot loving every perverted moment of it.

Although they had both opened up to each other in the past Elliot had never opened up as much to anyone before and it felt oddly freeing.

"So, you really think you're not worthy to be called a woman?" Carla asked when Elliot had finished.

"Yes Nurse Espinosa. Women should be like you and my Mistress. Strong, confident, dominating. I'm weak, nervous and submissive. I'm... I'm a disgrace to you and the rest of my gender, and you should punish me for it." Elliot replied, sounding hopeful at the chance of being punished.

Carla raised her eyebrows, took a sip of her wine and reasoned, "Elliot, there's no shame in being submissive. Some people are just born that way. It doesn't make you any less of a woman."

"It... it feels that way to me Nurse Espinosa." Elliot said timidly.

Elliot really should know better than to argue with a superior woman but she couldn't help it.

"Is that how you really feel, or did your bitch of a Mistress train you to feel that way?" Carla asked.

"That's how I really feel Nurse Espinosa..." Elliot replied, before adding in that super hyperactive speed she used when she was nervous after Carla gave her a look, "I mean sure, my Mistress helped, but she didn't teach me anything I didn't already know about myself. Deep down I always knew I was weak and a disgrace to women everywhere. I always knew I wasn't fit to lick the boots of a real woman like you, my Mistress just helped me see myself for the slut I truly am. She did me a huge favour by putting me in my place. Now I get to make up for being such a lousy woman by worshipping real women like my Mistress... and you."

"Mm, well there'll be plenty of time for the worshipping soon enough, but first I have a game for us to play. In fact, we're going to be playing it all night." Carla said as she got up, "Follow me."

As Carla led Elliot to the bedroom the sexy Latina nurse thought about what the blonde doctor had just said, marvelling at just how submissive the other woman was.

Once they reached the bedroom door Carla stopped, turned and looked at Elliot, "I want you to go in there, strip off your clothes, put on the sexy little uniform I got for you, and then I want you to clean this apartment. Oh, and for the rest of the night you are to address me as Ms Espinosa. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ms Espinosa." Elliot replied obediently.

"Good girl." Carla said, stepping aside and allowing Elliot into the bedroom.

Elliot's eyes widened and she blushed furiously as she saw the uniform waiting for her but didn't hesitate to strip off her clothes, put on the uniform, pick up the little feather duster and walk out to where her owner for the night was waiting for her with a huge smile on her face.

"Mmmmmmm, don't you look sexy... my little white maid." Carla said, licking her lips as she looked Elliot up and down.

"Thank you Ms Espinosa." Elliot said timidly.

"Well then, don't just stand there. Start cleaning." Carla said.

"Yes Ms Espinosa. Right away Ms Espinosa." Elliot said, gasping at the little smack on her butt Carla gave her as she started to go about her duties.

Carla would slap Elliot's rear every time she walked past her and leer at her as she did the housecleaning, not that this was a put off for Elliot. Jordan had made her clean her house naked many times and the blonde was well practised in presenting her body in such a way to make sure she was always giving the dominant woman in the room a good view of her while she was performing her duties, gently guiding the duster all around the apartment, hovering the place, etc. To do something so simple and yet subservient had always been a turn on for Elliot. It was one of the many things she seemingly enjoyed too much, but really it wasn't that hard to understand. Elliot had spent so much of her life being pampered, a maid always cleaning up after her and her family's messes, not to mention cooking their meals and doing their laundry... oh how she hoped Ms Espinosa would make her do that.

To do these things naked was one thing, but to be forced to do them in a slutty maid uniform was somehow more perverted.

Her family may have always looked down on their maids, but they never made them were anything like this. The cleavage was so low Elliot's tits were practically popping out and her little skirt was so low it barely covered the tiny thong which was digging into her butt crack. The white stockings, garter belt, high-heeled pumps and weird white tiara seemed to be the cherry on top of this humiliation sundae, and yet Elliot adored it. She loved it when Jordan made her dress like a total slut, it only added to her twisted enjoyment, and this time was no different.

It was impossible however to really enjoy cleaning a toilet, or indeed to make it sexy, partly because it involved disappearing from Carla's sight, but mostly because Elliot couldn't really make scrubbing it sexy. As such it was the last thing she left to do, thinking Carla would stop her before she finished to make her worship her, but she didn't and Elliot was left wishing she did this first so she could then concentrate on going out and dusting in the sexiest way possible.

When she was done with the toilet Elliot was in for a surprise as when she left the bathroom she was greeted by Carla holding out a finger at her.

"What is this?" Carla asked.

Elliot stared at her blankly.

"Did I not tell you to clean this apartment?" Carla questioned.

"Y... yes Ms Espinosa." Elliot answered timidly.

"Then how do you explain this?" Carla asked.

Elliot squinted and saw a speck of dust.

"I'm... I'm sorry Ms Espinosa." Elliot stammered.

"Sorry isn't good enough." Carla snapped, getting into the role of angry employer, "I paid for your services tonight and I expect you to give me the highest quality of service available. If you cannot do that I will ask for a full refund."

"No, please Ms Espinosa, my Mistress will be so upset if you do that." Elliot pleaded.

"Well, perhaps if you do better at the rest of the night's activities I will be lenient, but I will not tolerate this type of sloppy workmanship." Carla said, sitting down and patting her knee, "I know there's only one way you're type learns how to do what it's told, and I'm prepared to do what is necessary. Lay down across my lap."

Trying not to smile Elliot did as she was told.

"Now, your owner was very clear that I was to at least give you 100 spanks at some point to help keep you in line, so the question is how many more should I give you?" Carla asked rhetorically, pretending to think about it, "I suppose the work you did was mostly adequate but that doesn't mean you should be excused for almost getting the job done. So let's say... 200 spanks in total. Does that sound fair to you slut?"

"Yes Ms Espinosa, but I'm just a lowly whore, so it doesn't really matter what I think. All that matters is what you think." Elliot said.

"Good answer." Carla said, again impressed just how well trained the blonde was before asking, "You're Mistress really does have you well-trained. I wonder... if I said I want you to do something for me while being spanked, could you guess what it was?"

"Count and thank you for the spanks Ms Espinosa?" Elliot guessed.

"Correct, and that's exactly what you're going to do for me, isn't it Elliot?" Carla asked, lifting Elliot's skirt out of the way.

"Yes Ms Espinosa... owww... one, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... two, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... three, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... four, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... five, thank you Ms Espinosa..."

As Carla began to bring her hand down against Elliot's ass cheeks again and again the blonde struggled not to moan in between each strike but it was hard for her.

Elliot had grown to love being spanked. Her training taught her to see it as something shameful, that she had displeased her owner, or in this case her temporary owner, and while she hated to displease those superior to her Elliot craved the wonderful feelings of shame and humiliation she felt every time she was spanked.

She can still remember her first time, forced to lean over and stick her ass out while Jordan spanked it in the middle of a supply closet while she was supposed to be tending to her patients. It was something she never had to endure before thanks to her rich upbringing and it was easily the most humiliating moment of her life up until that point, which was really saying something given her almost daily mistakes. Of course since then her wonderful mistress had redefined her understanding of words like humiliation, shame, and agony.

For example, being bent over another woman's knee like this was even more humiliating than how she was first spanked because not only was she in such a humiliating and submissive position with her most private of parts on display but her womanhood would end up rubbing against the other woman's thigh, meaning whatever perverted stimulation she might get from getting her butt beaten was increased tenfold.

To Elliot's shame she had cum many times just from being spanked by her mistress, and she would cum again if only Carla would spank her just a little harder.

It wasn't Elliot's place to question the decisions made by superior women like Carla, but the blonde wished she had permission to beg for a harder spanking, because if it was just a little harder, and maybe a little longer too, Elliot knows she could cum.

"Owww... ninety eight, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... ninety nine, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred and one, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred and two, thank you Ms Espinosa..."

The ever increasing moisture on her thigh did not go unnoticed by Carla, the Latina nurse smiling at this development.

This had been another thing Jordan had told her about which Carla wasn't sure whether to believe or not. Sure she had spanked plenty of submissives who got off on being punished, some even to the extreme extent where they could cum, and given Elliot's background of repression it really shouldn't have been surprising, but Carla had pegged Elliot for the type that was so repressed that they would barely enjoy regular sex, let alone the kinky variety.

Ever since the moment she realised Jordan had succeeded in turning Elliot into her slave Carla had wondered if she had been wrong about the blonde and now she was very eager to learn just how wrong she had been.

Elliot's enjoyment of the spanking had been a nice surprise, but as fun as it might have been to make the young doctor cum from it Carla had no intention of letting Elliot get a release so soon. In fact, by keeping the spanking mostly soft and playful Carla was able to punish Elliot far more effectively than if she had beaten her ass with every ounce of her strength.

Towards the end Carla cruelly gave Elliot some false hope by delivering a few hard slaps to her ass, but just as the blonde was crying out excitedly the brunette softened her strikes once more, leaving Elliot to whimper in frustration as the spanking came to an end.

"Owww... one hundred and ninety six, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred and ninety seven, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred and ninety eight, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... one hundred and ninety nine, thank you Ms Espinosa... owww... two hundred, thank you Ms Espinosa."

Elliot was unable to stop herself from letting out an extra loud whimper of frustration as the way to gentle for her liking spanking came to an end.

Carla grinned widely at this whimper as she gently caressed the now slightly pink flesh of Elliot's rear, grinning again at the moan escaping the blondes mouth and she began to squeeze those firm little ass cheeks, Carla looking forward to enjoying Elliot's tushy even more later before letting go of the doctor's butt.

"Sit on my lap." Carla ordered, smirking as Elliot winced as she sit on her lap after slowly getting herself in position, "Now kiss me."

Elliot was unsure how this fitted into there employer/employee role-playing, nor was she sure that they were in fact still playing, but regardless she did as she was told, leaning down and pressing her lips to the other woman's. Carla kissed her back, softly and gently at first but quickly growing in passion and intensity. It wasn't long before Carla's tongue slid into Elliot's mouth, the blonde eagerly welcoming it with her own as the kiss grew deeper.

Just as the kiss was starting to take Elliot's breath away Carla broke the kiss and smiled up at the submissive doctor, gently stroking her blonde locks affectionately, "You know, your mistress guaranteed my satisfaction, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to displease your mistress by failing to satisfy me, would you slut?"

"No, of course not. I want to please my Mistress and satisfy you Ms Espinosa, more than anything." Elliot panted lustfully.

Carla smiled, "Good, then let's go to the bedroom so you can satisfy properly. Who knows, maybe if you do a good enough job of satisfying me I won't tell your mistress of the lousy job you did cleaning the apartment."

Elliot hoped that would be the case she got off her temporary owner and followed her into the bedroom.

Once inside Carla turned to her, "Take off my clothes."

Jordan had made Elliot strip her many times and the submissive blonde practically danced for joy at the chance to do so for Carla, first slowly pulling her top over her head, then removing her bra before falling to her knees and pulling down her pants, taking off her shoes and then finally her panties.

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