tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEnslaving Elliot Ch. 09

Enslaving Elliot Ch. 09


Most men would be overjoyed to return home from work to find three scantily clad women waiting for them.

Dr Cox was not most men, "Oh Dear God, what is this now!"

"It's good to see you too sweetie." Jordan said sarcastically, taking a gentle sip of her coffee before adding, "Where have you been?"

"Mm, let's see, saving lives, saving lives, saving lives, getting drunk, saving lives, saving lives, doing paperwork, getting more drunk, thinking about cheating on you, saving lives." Dr Cox listed off, holding up his hands and sticking out a finger for each activity for emphasis, "You know, the usual."

"Ah yes, your inflated sense of self-worth never ceases to amuse me." Jordan said with a disingenuous smile, "But do you know what I find more amusing?"

"Look, Jordan." Dr Cox said, knowing he had to tread carefully, "I've had a long, long day, and whatever this is I want no part of it. Sooooooo, how about you give me, oh, let's say an hour in here to watch sports and then you can do whatever the hell you want to-"

Dr Cox stopped midsentence as Jordan's footstool moved her head slightly to the side, revealing herself to be Carla Espinosa. That was the last thing Dr Cox had been expecting. Elliot Reid kneeling with her head down by becoming all too familiar sight in his home, and he was very used to seeing Jordan with numerous women surrounding her in various positions but he never thought Carla would be one of them. And he certainly never thought he'd see her in a porno version of a nurse's uniform, only identifiable as such by the little Red Cross on her hat as the garter belts, stockings and push-up bras she and the annoying blonde doctor were wearing left nothing to the imagination.

"I'm sorry, were you going to finish telling me how you were too tired for this?" Jordan questioned mockingly.

"So... what?" Dr Cox glared at Jordan, "You're doing me a favour? Letting me screw the only woman around here I can actually stand, whilst screwing over one of those knuckle dragging surgeons. No, wait... I get it. This is entrapment. I screw Carla and you hold it over my head for the rest of my life. Reminding me the only reason it happened was because of you. Is that it Jordan?"

"Half right." Jordan smirked, "See, I would never let you fuck Carla. Not because it would make you really happy, but because it would only confirm the fact that she isn't the one for you. Then you'd go looking for some other skank to fantasise about who might actually give you the time of day."

"Awww, you're afraid to lose me." Dr Cox interrupted, knowing for once he'd actually got one over on her.

"Hardly." Jordan gritted her teeth. She hated when it was implied she cared for anyone, especially when it was true. Getting back on track she continued, "We both know that no matter what dysfunctional relationship you might stumble ass backwards into you always come crawling back to me. It would be just a pain to have to remind you of that. Then again, even if I offered you Carla on a silver platter you'd just come up with some bull shit excuse, because she's your friend and in a relationship with someone you don't like but respect, and no matter how much you'd like to pretend otherwise you're just not that guy."

"I do not respect that bald-headed cutter!" Dr Cox grumbled.

"The point is, you're not as much of a jerk as you think you are." Jordan said, her softer side almost briefly showing for a second before she quickly added, "Then again your little protégé has been fucking me pretty regularly. Didn't know that did you? He feel so guilty about it. It's really kind of cute. He's even more of a girl than my little blonde pet, which is kind of got me thinking. My little blonde headed sex slave's previous relationships include a male nurse and your extremely feminine protégé, so is she really just a total dyke after all? Should I stop making her suck cock for my amusement? What do you think Perry?"

"I couldn't care less." Dr Cox shrugged dismissively. Then he realised where his ex-wife was going with this, "No. I am not having sex with Dr Barbie. There's no way-"

"I'll let you watch me fuck Carla." Jordan quickly interrupted, "We both know that'll be the closest you'll ever get to her, and it will give you something to fantasise about for the rest of your underachieving screwed up life. It'll also give you something over those newbies JD and Turk without having to worry that you're forcing someone you actually like to have sex with you."

Dr Cox paused for a moment, and then said, "Still not worth it."

"Ok, let's get into fantasyland for a second and pretend like you have a choice." Jordan sneered, before sweetening her tone slightly, "It would really turn me on to watch you fuck my little sex slave, so if you're willing to play nice you can fuck her in each and every one of her slutty holes. Then, if you're good, maybe I'll let you fuck me wherever I want. And if you're really good, maybe I'll even let you be on top."

A slight smile briefly crossed Dr Cox face. He quickly forced it away and thought long and hard about it. This wasn't the first time Jordan had tried to talk him into fucking the annoying blonde, but it was the first time she had done it with anyone present, a clear sign she believed this time she would succeed. If she didn't she would make him pay and then go back trying to force him to have sex with the life-size Barbie doll until eventually she got her way, so he might as well save himself some mental and potentially physical torture by just giving in now. Maybe then Jordan would just drop it.

"Just in case you were wondering she wants you to fuck her." Jordan said, turning her attention to the kneeling blonde, "Isn't that right twinkie?"

Looking up at Dr Cox for the first time since he came in Elliot seemed to demand his attention like never before with just her eyes in a way which despite himself Dr Cox found kind of sexy. Then Elliot softly said, "It's true. You're scary, and most of the time when I dream about you you're yelling at me, but sometimes you push me to my knees and make me suck your cock to prove how sorry I am for making yet another mistake. Then you'd spank me, and fuck me, and call me a stupid whore, and, and... it would make me so hot. And that was before my wonderful Mistress put me in my place. Now I'd love to serve you in the way I serve her. Be your little slut. Your cock sucker. Your anal whore. And yes, I'd say all this just to please my Mistress. I'd do anything to please my Mistress. But I mean it. I want you to fuck me."

Looking up at his ex-wife Dr Cox gave Jordan a unimpressed look, "Nice speech. How long did you make her practice it?"

Jordan smirked, "A while. But she means it. I just helped her express herself."

"You're such a giver." Dr Cox said mockingly.

Glaring slightly Jordan grumbled, "You know what, I'm horny and getting tired of all this talk. Are you going to do it or not?"

Dr Cox thought about it for a long time. Part of him still just wanted to go collapse on his bed and go to sleep. Maybe have a shower first and jerk off. That would be far more relaxing, and probably more satisfying, then just once again giving Jordan what she wanted. Of course bad things tended to happen to him when he didn't let his ex-wife have her way, and even though he didn't really want to admit it the bulge in his pants proved that he was not entirely repulsed by this whole idea.

That didn't mean he wouldn't try to get something out of this, "Ok... here's the deal, next time there's a game, or I want tonight to myself for any reason, you'll leave me alone."

Jordan smirked and gave her ex-husband a counter offer, "Next time we bump into each other at work, I'll let you have the last word."

"Done." Dr Cox agreed, knowing from experience it was probably the best he was going to get.

Another smirk crossed Jordan's face at this, the smirk staying on her face as the closest thing she had to a boyfriend lazily pulled down his pants and underwear and then collapsed down onto the chair behind him.

Looking distastefully at the still kneeling blonde Dr Cox asked his ex-wife, "Are you sure I couldn't just watch you fuck them?"

"Please, we both know nothing would make you happier than just laying back and letting me do all the work." Jordan scoffed before adding, "Besides once you felt twinkie's talented little mouth on your cock you're going to regret not begging me to let you fuck her sooner."

Dr Cox chuckled loudly.

Before he say anything smartly Jordan turned to her blonde pet and said, "Go on stick, show him what he's been missing."

"Yeah, go ahead Barbie." Dr Cox said, his mirth slowly slipping away as the blonde crawled towards him with surprising speed and enthusiasm, "Why don't you show me, ohhhhh fuck!"

Dr Cox found himself lost for words when the blonde's lips closed around the head of his cock and began sliding up and down the shaft, the whole time gently sucking away at his poll with this infuriatingly soft sucking technique. It felt way to good, Dr Cox finding himself gripping onto the arms of the chair and gritting his teeth in an attempt to quiet himself down and decrease the pure pleasure he was feeling.

Earlier in his life Dr Cox had been easy to satisfy. A warm wet hole had been more than enough for him. Then he met Jordan who had spoilt him with good blow jobs. Not that she gave them to him that often, but when she did it reminded him of why he put up with all her crap. The amazing sex was another reason for that, and unfortunately it seemed that a lot of women just couldn't measure up to Jordan. Not that Dr Cox would ever tell Jordan that of course.

Jordan rarely ever revealed her tricks to the weak minded women who she seduced and turned into her sex slaves. None of them had been lousy cock suckers, but none of them compared to this annoying blonde, or the women who Dr Cox had been with before Jordan. Truth be told Dr Barbie's skills at cock sucking might even rival those of her mistress.

Her mouth was just so... knowing. It sucked him with a perfect rhythm of increasing and decreasing as those heavenly lips slid up and down his shaft. The whole time this was happening the blonde's hands were stroking the bottom half of his cock or massaging his balls, her hands concentrating on the latter when it became time to do a little deep throating. That was something Dr Barbie did with amazing ease, her nose quickly coming to press against his pubic hair as his dick slid as far as it could go down her throat.

"Told you she was good for something."

Suddenly aware he closed his eyes Dr Cox quickly opened them to see Jordan was now lying naked on the couch with Carla's head in between her legs.

"I guess." He said noncommittally as he closed his eyes again and just tried to focus on the amazing blow job he was receiving.

Another smirk threatened to crossed Jordan's face but she forced it away. She didn't really like smiling, or showing any emotion if she could help it, as it would only lead to wrinkles in the long run. It wasn't easy though, and as much as she tried to spend most of her day emotionlessly insulting whoever crossed her path and being quietly happy about it Jordan wasn't made of stone. It was twice as hard during sex, Jordan trying as hard as she could to limit any amount of praise she gave her lovers, however for the most part she just couldn't help herself.

This was no exception, Jordan forced to use the muscles in her face and worse let out loud moans of pleasure as Carla's tongue gently slid over her pussy lips.

Jordan hated paying the woman such a compliment as moaning loudly for her. What Jordan hated even more was that she couldn't really take credit for it, Carla had proven to be a skilled rug muncher from the first moment her tongue had touched Jordan's twat a few nights ago. Worse Carla had only got better with practice, mostly without much prompting from Jordan. Not that Jordan refrained from giving her prompting of course.

"That's it nurse, lick my pussy!" Jordan growled, making sure to make the word nurse sound as patronising as possible, "Lick me harder! Mmmmmmm fuck, get that tongue inside my cunt you stupid little nurse! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk, do I need to get your little doctor friend to show you how to do it again? Because I will. Mmmmmmm, ask your little doctor friend to show you how to eat pussy like a good little dyke. Mmmmmm, then maybe I'll let her give you a lesson on sucking cock so you can actually please your man for once. Wouldn't that be fun little nurse? Mmmmmm yeah, I think it would be, ahhhhhh, and that's all that fucking matters you little lesbo nurse!"

As she continued talking dirty Jordan grinded her pussy up into Carla's face, tightening the grip she had been keeping on the Latina's dark hair so she could push Carla down into her cunt with every upward thrust. Just as Jordan expected Carla annoyingly didn't even flinch at this treatment, the nurse easily continuing to lick her pussy like Jordan wasn't even doing anything.

Carla knew how much Jordan loved getting a reaction and was determined not to give that satisfaction. Or more accurately minimise how much of that type of satisfaction she gave her. After all no matter what Jordan did to her the older bitch couldn't completely take away Carla's pride, and no matter how hard she tried Carla couldn't not react to certain things.

Luckily, if that was the right word, at this moment in time Carla could easily hide her reaction by pressing her face deeper into Jordan's cunt, which despite herself Carla had to admit was delicious.

For a while after getting together with her boyfriend Turk she had sworn off sleeping with other people. Carla had barely even thought about being with another man as while she would never say it out loud in fear of inflating his ego, Turk was very good at satisfying those needs. But she had needs he couldn't satisfy, and as much as she loved being with him Carla had missed being with another woman. One of the things she had missed most was eating pussy, and while by far Carla prefer to be in control at the moment it really wasn't so bad, not when another woman's pussy juices were flowing into her mouth.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, fuck, lick that pussy you nasty little dyke nurse!" Jordan growled as she continued using Carla's face as a fuck pad, "Fucking eat it, yessssssssss, mmmmmmmmm fuck! Get your tongue inside me you little bitch, get ooooooooohhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooh, fuck yes! Tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck my cunt you little lesbo slut! Ohhhhhhh fuck me! Fuck me! Oh fuck, tongue me, yes, just like that, do it you nasty little bitch! Fuck me my little nurse slave. Mmmmmmm yessssss, I'm going to, I'm going to cum, fuck me, yes, make me cum, make me cum you little nurse bitch! Yeeeeeessssss, fuck me, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

As soon as she got the command Carla slammed her tongue into Jordan's cunt and began fucking the other woman as hard as she could. At first they were just relentless thrusts, but then after half a dozen or so Carla began curling her tongue to attack Jordan's G-spot. This first made Jordan lose the ability to speak coherently, and shortly afterwards Jordan was cumming hard all over Carla's face. Of course Carla tried to swallow as much as she could because while she hated this woman her cum was delicious, but there was so much of it and Jordan was grinding on her so roughly that Carla just couldn't keep up.

At roughly the same time Dr Cox's manhood was pulsating and bulging deep inside Elliot's mouth in a way which told the blonde that the guy who had yelled at her more than anyone and had been responsible for a lot of her crying sessions was about to blow his load down her throat. And rather than pull away like she would have done with a previous loving boyfriend, let alone a guy she really didn't like very much, Elliot lowered her mouth downwards until her chin was resting against the older doctor's balls and then began sucking on that big hard dick with all her might.

To her credit Elliot had been deep throating the long fuck stick for quite a while now, bobbing her head up and down with continuous suction, only stopping to occasionally take Dr Cox's balls into her mouth for a brief sucking.

It was the type of passionate blow job Jordan had been teaching Elliot to give, and all that time sucking the older woman's strap on and blowing random guys because she was ordered to by her owner paid off, because in the middle of yelling at Carla her mistress had moaned, "MMMMMMMM, good work stick! You're sucking that cock like a professional whore."

Elliot's submissive heart had fluttered at the compliment, the blonde still beaming when Dr Cox's cum started shooting directly down her throat. She was so lost in what her mistress said that Elliot didn't even realise what was happening until the first couple of blasts, at which point she quickly pulled back and allowed the last few shots of sperm to land on her tongue. Then Elliot very carefully sucked on the sensitive tip to make sure she got all of Dr Cox's cum, then she pulled back, looked up at him and then stuck out her tongue to show she still had his semen on her tongue.

Given the look on his face it seemed he was expecting this, and he remained emotionless as Elliot took her tongue back into her mouth, swallowed loudly and then stuck her tongue out again to prove that she'd taken every drop of his cum down her throat. Of course she hadn't done it for him, even though admittedly it had been fun. Elliot had done it for her beloved mistress, someone she now looked to for approval.

At first it was hard to tell whether Jordan was giving her approval or not given the wide smile on the dominant woman's face had to at least partly be because like her ex-husband Jordan had just cum hard into an obedient mouth. However then Jordan clearly turned her attention to the blonde doctor, her words once again making Elliot's heart flutter, "Good work twinkie, now get him nice and hard again so you can ride his cock. And as for my little nurse slut, go get my cock and strap it onto me. Jerk face over there isn't the only one who's going to have a submissive little bitch riding him."

Carla frowned. It was an automatic response she immediately cursed herself for and then turned to do as she was told so she wouldn't have to see Jordan smirking.

While she slowly crawled into Dr Cox's bedroom to pick up the strap on dildo that Jordan had left there Carla couldn't resist looking back at the sight of her best friend Elliot taking Dr Cox's dick back into her mouth and beginning to suck on it even more eagerly than before. It was a truly bizarre sight she couldn't take her eyes off as she returned, her best friend eagerly sucking the cock of a guy she hated. Then again that was the effect Jordan's influence could have on the naturally submissive, and really perhaps Carla should just be grateful that this was the worst that Jordan was prepared to put Elliot through.

Truthfully Carla hadn't known Jordan to be much more vindictive than this, but there was always a first time and initially Carla had been fearful for her friend's well-being. Now, even though she still hated her, Carla was convinced Jordan cared enough about Elliot not to abuse her in a way she wouldn't like.

That didn't mean that Carla strapped the toy cock around Jordan's waist with any enthusiasm. On the other hand just because she wasn't going to enjoy the submission she would have to endure, it didn't mean that the thought of having a large dildo inside her didn't make Carla feel far more aroused than she would have liked.

Jordan, who had briefly stood up so that the dildo could be strapped around her waist, looked back down at Carla with a smirk, "Tell you what, since you've been such a good submissive bitch for me, I'll give you the choice. You can either jump on my cock right now, or you can give it a little lube with your mouth. Which would you prefer?"

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