Enslaving Elliot


"Stick your fingers inside yourself stick!" Jordan ordered, as she continued savagely fucking Elliot's face, "Slide your fingers inside yourself and cum you little bitch!"

Hearing the words she had been waiting so long to hear Elliot plunged two fingers inside her own cunt and rapidly thrust them back and forth, fucking herself like she had never fucked herself before.

Elliot moaned into Jordan's already highly on edge pussy and the vibrations of the moaning cause Jordan to finally go over the edge and she came, stars flying past her eyes as she continued thrusting her cunt into the blonde's face.

The exact second Jordan came Elliot's thumb brushed against her clit triggering an orgasm of her own. Forgetting everything but her own pleasure Elliot screamed into Jordan's pussy, not caring that her face was being covered in another woman's cum, far too wrapped up in the fact she was experiencing the most powerful climax of her life.

But when her climax died down Elliot was in for a horrible shock.

"Hey Perry." Jordan panted as her orgasm died down, "How can I help you?"

Elliot went white as a ghost. Perry... Jordan couldn't possibly mean...

"Just came for this." Dr Cox said dismissively as he grabbed what he came for and headed towards the door.

Oh frick.

Oh frick, oh frick, oh frick, oh frick, oh frick!

Wait, Elliot thought, what had he seen? The back of her head? Maybe he didn't know it was her. Maybe she would be ok. Maybe...

"Goodbye Perry." Jordan said cheerily.

"Jordan..." Dr Cox said emotionlessly, leaving via the door, but not before adding somewhat more coldly, "Barbie."

Double frick.

Once Dr Cox had left Jordan pushed Elliot's face away from her pussy and pulled up her pants and panties. She was disappointed that seeing her with Elliot had failed to get a reaction out of her ex-husband but she should have known better. After all, this wasn't the first time this had happened and it had never got a reaction out of him before. Maybe if she allowed him to catch her with his precious protege JD.

Oh well, there was still at least one person in this room she could fuck with, literally apparently.

"Not bad stick." Jordan said, as she brushed herself off, making sure she was presentable to leave, "With a little practice you might just become the perfect little pussy pleaser, and now I've revealed you for the little rug muncher you are I imagine you'll have your face buried in pussy a lot from now on."

Jordan then turned and headed for the door but a voice screamed in Elliot's head not to let her go. She still needed her help.

"Ms... Ms Sullivan." Elliot said hesitantly.

Jordan turned around and looked at her with a look of annoyance on her face, "Yes?"

"About Mr..." Elliot began.

"Oh right, you're patient." Jordan said dismissively before a wicked smile crossed her face, "I'll tell you what stick, since you tried so hard to please me with that mouth of yours I'll help you out, all I want in return is for you to remember how it is you got my help, because if you think about it, this makes you nothing more than a little whore."

Jordan then turned and left, leaving Elliot to her misery.

Those last words, along with everything else that had just happened in the room, echoed in Elliot's fragile mind until the blonde came to a horrible realisation. She had just used her body to get what she wanted. Jordan was right, she really was a little whore. No, worse, she was her mother.

Alone in the dark, half naked and with her face covered in pussy cream Elliot Reid began to cry.

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