tagBDSMEnslaving Ev 01 Pt. 03

Enslaving Ev 01 Pt. 03


Ev is my slave in real life. She is a beautiful Asian slut. We are taking a short break right now whilst she concentrates on her studies. This is the continuing story, written by both of us, telling of how we first met ...


Master (7) ...

Although Ev was now becoming more conditioned by the minute to being my slave, I could still see the indignation on her face as she stood facing me, naked save for her bondage. I could sense her thinking 'I'm outside ... okay I'm round the back of a small, seedy sex shop ... but I'm still outside and he's got me naked ...'

I had a T shirt on with my beach shorts and track shoes. I knew that my being clothed would highlight Ev's nakedness in her own mind even more. The thought caused my cock to throb.

As she moved in front of me I could see the reddish tint to her pert ass cheeks from the spanking she had just received. My cock throbbed even more!

Ev had come a long way in a short time. Only a couple of hours ago she had headed down to the beach with the single thought of getting some sun. Now she had lost her virginity, been tied in very restrictive bondage and made to walk with stones in her shoes. Delightful!

When she had stopped to ask the jogger the time, my plan to maximise her humiliation had almost backfired as, despite my rough treatment of Ev, I relished having her as my slut and felt a pang of genuine jealousy as she talked with him.

Watching her walk over the beach knowing that she was moving the way I had decreed with the chain and spider had been really cool. Finding out that she was almost climaxing as she walked across the sand, despite her pain, just confirmed that Ev was a natural slave.

"Master, may I say something?"

"Yes slut, speak."

"Did master pick up his slave's shoes?"

It seemed a crazy question for Ev to ask given all she had been through combined with her current predicament.

"Yes, slut I did."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Come on slut," picking up the bag with her shoes and clothes and my sweat top in, I pushed her hard in the back towards the rear entrance of the shop.

"Knock on the door," I ordered.

She hesitated for a moment and then did as I had asked. Her knock was quiet and so I had to command her to repeat it before the door opened slightly. Once the person on the other side saw it was me the door opened wider and we were ushered inside.

"Hey, Simon, pal, how are you? And who is this?"

John, my sex shop owning mate, was eying Ev up and down.

"It's a while since you brought me anybody, and a long time since we had one as stunning as this. And she's Asian as well ... gorgeous."

Ev turned to look at me, "Master?" she said inquisitively.

"He is my friend, and so slut will do for him whatever I ask. Understand?"

I could see that she was very uncomfortable with this situation but accepted it none the less, nodding her agreement.

"Speak slut, tell me how grateful you are for being allowed to serve Master's friends. I have a reputation to uphold and by opening this cunt ..." I gripped her hair and twisted cruelly, "... to my friend, I trust it to service him well."

"Ouch!" She cried. Ev's hair and scalp obviously hurt as I twisted even harder and forced her to her knees.

"Kiss his cock slut!"

Looking pleased with the opportunity John stood before the prostrate Ev and presented his groin. I watched as my slave, Evelyn Wang, naturally assumed the Nadu position, which pleased me, and leaned her head forward. I saw her eyes close.

"Slut, open my eyes and look at him whilst you follow my orders."

She opened her eyes and moved her mouth to the denim covered outline of John's hardening cock. He placed his hand in her hair and gripped her flowing locks tight again as she looked up at him with large, pleading eyes. I smiled thinking how much her head must now hurt from having her hair pulled.

She moved her lips along his length and then deliciously kissed the burgeoning tip.

"Fuck yeah. Si, it's good to see you too."

I bade slut to stand as John released his grip on her hair. I trusted that being forced to kiss the outline of his penis had made Ev feel even more humiliated. I certainly hoped so.

"I need to leave slut's car parked round the back until Sunday Jonno," I remarked.

"Sure thing buddy, no problem. Gee you got a whole weekend with this? She's sure gonna suffer I'll bet."

I laughed at how his flippant remark had just confirmed Ev's worst thoughts.

"Listen bud," I said, "this slut is special, and so I want her marked now before I get her back to my place. Can you help?"

"Hey, sure -- payment terms as normal?"

I nodded.

"Listen, it's nearly 5pm and so I'll go close the shop and be right with you." John disappeared through the room's internal door and back into the shop.

Ev looked at me. "Master, may your slut speak?"

"Go ahead," I consented knowing full well what was on her mind.

"How will your slave be marked, Master?"

"Don't know yet slut, maybe piercings, we'll see."

"And what are the normal payment terms Master?"

I laughed. "You'll have to use your imagination until the time comes slut."

John returned.

"Okay buddy what's it to be?"

I look Ev up and down and paused to ponder, making sure I took my time and making her wait time as agonising as I could.

"Let's get this lot off first. Legs apart and hands up behind your head," I barked out my order. Ev obeyed instantly.

"Impressive pal," Jonno observed as he looked lecherously at Ev's bondaged pussy between her spread legs and her thrust out perky breasts.

I released the padlock and unwound the chain. This action caused no little pain to Ev as the chain imprints came into view. I saw her biting her bottom lip trying not to cry as I unhooked the bungee spider and peeled the legs out from between her soaking pussy lips and released her waist.

Ev really did look stark naked now.

"Keep your position," I ordered knowing what was coming. I watched as Ev felt the blood return to her body parts that had been secured and she cried out in pain, collapsing to her knees.

"I love that part," Jonno laughed, "but she didn't keep her position, so maybe a whipping later?" He raised his eyebrow and I smiled. Ev was now performing for both of us and she clearly was not happy but dare not show it.

"Show your sluttish gratitude cunt," I ordered, "kiss my friend, on the lips this time."

"Master please ... don't make me ..."

I looked harshly at her.

"Yes Master."

Ev moved slowly to John and placed her mouth on his. I could see his hard on pushing against the denim of his jeans as her kiss became deep and meaningful. She was a good slut -- I would pierce her.

"Okay enough," I said pulling Ev away from John by her hair. She yelped delightfully and reached up to rub at the point where I had gripped her.

"Jonno, get the piercing gear, I want my pussy pierced."

"Oh please Master, no, I couldn't stand it not on my pussy."

"Slut, you are the pussy to which I refer, I am not going to pierce you there, I will only pierce your ears again." She looked relieved.

"And don't forget you are not 'I' now ... and your pussy is my pussy, so if I wanted to pierce you there I would!"

"... I ...slut is sorry Master."

"You will be punished later."

Ev cast her eyes downwards.

"Sit, cunt, in that chair." I pointed to an old padded chair. Ev, head bowed, walked slowly over to it and sat down. The old chair was representative of the entire surrounding and I saw Ev glance at the bare, cold brick walls and the stark stone floor. There were no windows and I smiled as I saw Ev swallow hard realising, I guess, that anything could happen to her in here.

She sat gingerly down. The blood in her body would still not be flowing freely yet. I used some Velcro strips to confine her wrists to the arms of the chair. She looked at me with surprise.

"Just to make sure you don't jerk at the wrong time and spoil the piercing, slut."

Jonno brought the piercing gun and approached my slut. He moved towards her head and ogled her naked flesh at the same time. Reaching to her left ear first he captured her upper lobe skin and slipped the piercing needle smoothly through. He then completed his task on her other ear.

"Good work Jonno," I commented.

"I brought these for her Si," he held up a pair of hoops, slightly smaller than her current pair with a letter 'S' hanging from them.

"Excellent bud," I said, "'S' for 'Simon', 'Slut' or 'Slave' ..."

"Or 'Sex toy'," laughed Jonno.

Ev gave a small smile and seemed to be more relaxed, I imagine because her experience in this seedy little shop had not been a painful one so far, save for the agony of having the spider removed and the fact that she was butt naked of course. She knew that a second piercing was common among girls her age, and she could always remove the dangling S and replace the ring with a stud or even leave it open when visiting her parents.


"Yes, cunt."

"May your slave speak?"

I nodded.

"Can we leave now Master, I want to do things for you ...?"

I moved to my slave and taking her hair once again in my hands I twisted until she screamed out.

"Master, please don't ..." she cried with tears in her eyes.

"Listen, slut, don't you show disrespect for my friends and I like you just have ever again."

"But Master, I only wanted to ..."

"Shut up, slut. Jonno fetch the nipple piercing instrument."

"You got it pal," Jonno responded immediately.

"What?" cried Ev," no Master, no way..." and she struggled to get out of the chair.

"Don't tell me what I can and can't do cunt. When will you learn?" I reached down her body and twisted her already erect nipples hard and painfully into a state of enhanced prominence.

I gripped her hair tighter and bent her head back. Jonno approached and took the opportunity to fondle Ev's breasts until, I noticed, his hard on was raging. She struggled like mad, making our task difficult.

"Please, Master, not my nipples, don't let him, please how will I explain pierced nipples to Rika or," and she paused in horror as the thought sunk in, "my parents ..."

"Who gives a fuck about your parents or Rika? You are my slut, not them, although perhaps, if Rika is half as tasty as slut is, I might make her my slave as well so that you two can both serve me ... together!"

I paused momentarily reflecting on the pleasing image of Ev and her room mate writhing naked together in chains on my bed. Delightful!

"But Master, please, no!" Slut's whining brought me back to reality.

"Slave, be quiet!" I had lost patience now and moved to her side and slapped her hard across the face with my open palm. It was something I did not do often and something that I was not proud of. But she was really pissing me off!

"Ouchhhhh!..." she yelled and looked at me directly. "You bastard! Let me out of here. Fuck you!"

I was shocked to hear her speak so, although slut was now silently rubbing her cheek.

"Pass me a pair of hand clamps, Jonno," I asked. He did.

"Open up your mouth Ev and stick out your sassy tongue."

Ev, shocked at both the harshness of my slap and the fact that she had dared to call me a bastard, was still a little stunned and she did as ordered. As soon as I saw her pink tongue emerge I moved swiftly and clamped it hard between the two flat ends of the hand held instrument and pulled her head away from the chair.

"Nnghhhhhh!" she uttered unintelligibly. I guessed that slut meant to say 'No!'

"Jonno come here and pierce her tongue."

Ev's eyes went wild with fear. Her breathing was raspy and her fear was evident.

"Nnghhhh!!" she tried to scream and she bucked in an attempt to throw me off. I pinched her tongue harder and extra tears rolled down her cheeks.

Jonno place the tongue piercing implement like a staple gun with her tongue in between the needle and the base. He squeezed the trigger and smoothly holed Ev's tongue.

"Fkkkggg Bstddds!" she uttered. I knew what she meant!

"John fetch me a tongue stud with both a standard fastening and one with a four foot thin chain attached."

"You're the boss," Jonno skipped off to fulfil my request.

Ev was blubbering now at the thoughts of what I had done to her and the sense of what I might be about to do. She was breathing in deep gasps, mixed with sobs.

Jonno was back in an instant with the required stud and fasteners, and some cuffs. Damn, if the guy could not read my mind! I watched, keeping Ev securely clamped, as he fastened the stud in place. A nice shiny top stud and a fastener with a chain attached to it. I released the clamp but not before I had started to pull on the chain.

"Nnnnnnggg, plssssss." Ev could still not speak clearly as I pulled harder and forced her to follow me just as dog would follow its Master.

"Hey slut you're my bitch now," I laughed. I released her wrists and before she could do anything, Jonno grabbed her wrists and cuffed them behind her back.

I started to lower the chain towards the cold, stone floor making Ev, of course, lower her body to the ground.

As I lowered her I wrapped the chain around my fist until I had her cheek resting on the floor, her exposed tongue almost lapping up dust and, more significantly, her ass cheeks raised high in the air.

"Okay Jonno, payment time."

Ev looked at me out of the corner of her tear filled eyes.

"Her ass is yours pal."

Jonno looked extremely happy.

"What, really?" he questioned disbelievingly.

"Yes bud, all yours." I hadn't had her virgin ass yet but I felt that Ev would be even more humiliated by the fact that I had given her to a complete stranger for him to take her anal virginity. By the look of complete horror in her eyes I was right.

Jonno moved behind Ev, spread her thighs and positioned himself appropriately.

"Fuck me, Si, she's juicing some down here."

"Well use it to lubricate her then," I laughed.

"Good plan bud." I could see Jonno place two fingers in Ev's pussy and start to smear her pussy juice around her sweet anal rose. Ev mewed her discomfort.

"Pllsss, dnnnt!"

After a short period of his ministration, and much to Ev's embarrassment, her backside began to writhe deliciously. Jonno placed his cock at the entrance to her ass and pushed. Ev groaned. He liked it this way and was expert at making sure that all the recipients of his ass fuck received him to the full!

He shoved some more, pausing from time to time, to ensure that Ev was settled around his shaft. Then he felt her sphincter and he pushed through the final muscle with one almighty thrust impaling poor Ev entirely on his hard cock.

She cried out and tried to raise herself up but I pulled the chain harder and that kept her in position. Jonno fucked her ass thrusting time after time rocking Ev's body backwards and forwards on the cold stone floor. She was getting royally fucked and I have to say this scene was sending my own hard on into overdrive.

Jonno was fucking her faster now as his own climax built up to a crescendo, and then he was there.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssss!" His orgasm was signalled with several well aimed slaps down onto the peach like shape of Ev's exposed buttocks. She screamed again, the slaps making her humiliation complete. Then she went rigid as Jonno poured his seed deep into her Ass.

"Fuckkk yeah," he cried out, his conquest complete. Thrust upon thrust ensured that my slut took the full load of Jonno's sperm into her body, until finally he came to rest slumped over slave's back.

"Fuck me Si that was great.

I looked down upon my cunt."

She looked beautiful. Evelyn Wang, 21 year old student, pierced and freshly fucked in the ass -- stunning!

"Oh man, she's one hot chick," exclaimed John as he fastened his cock away inside his jeans. "I could ream her forever. You really gotta go?"

"We should be away John ... really."

"Listen man, I got Stacy coming round in 10 minutes."

My eyebrows raised, I was interested -- Stacy was one great looking girl.

"Go on ..." I said.

"Well, you might remember earlier that your little cunt here referred to herself as 'I' ... and she failed to keep her standing position when you took that bondage gear off."

Ev looked at me from her still prostrate position. She looked scared.

"Indeed she did," I agreed.

"So let's get her into my dungeon, get the bullwhips out and you, me and Stace give her a good flogging. What d'ya say old buddy? It'll be great..."

I thought carefully, Stace was a tasty broad and it sure would be good to see her whipping my slut. Plus the fact that the worthless cunt would be thoroughly humiliated by being whipped, and maybe even fucked, not just by me, who she had only known a few hours, but by a total stranger and his gorgeous blonde girlfriend.

"Come on pal," cajoled Jonno, "I will get the best lay ever after you've gone if we go for it."

I looked at Ev. Her eyes were pleading 'No Master, please don't,' and she was making mewing sounds of pain and humiliation. So despite Ev having been pushed to her limits in the past hour, I agreed to let her be whipped.

"Ok Jonno you've got it."

I lifted the chain upwards raising Ev off the floor. She got unsteadily to her feet and it was then that I noticed streams of Jonno's spunk running down her thighs. Nice!

"Reach me the normal stud fastener please Jonno," I asked. I swapped the normal fastener for the chain fastener, making sure I secured that one in my bag. Ev was free from the chain but still trapped in the desolate room with nowhere to go.

"Pleath, Mather, "Ev could speak again, but the stud caused her sounds to slur. "Don't whip me pleath, you've done enough..."

"Slut, what happens to your useless body is up to me. When we get home I will make you belly crawl across sharp stones just to suck my cock you fucking useless cunt. But for now you will be whipped and no doubt fucked, so shut up."

Ev burst into a crying sob. This, I knew, would be hard for her to take.

A loud bell ring sounded from the front of the shop.

"Hey, Stacy's here, I'll let her in. Come on Si old pal, you know where the manacles and ropes are, so get your cunt strung up and I'll fetch the leg spreaders and whips."

I reached out and grabbed slut by the arm,

"Come on slave," Ev struggled in vain against my dragging her to her fate as she yelled,


Slut (7) ...


What have I done! I only meant to flirt with him, to play with him and feel frisky. Now I was naked, cuffed, raped, tongue pierced, and with no hope of escape, trapped for at least two days. I had been caught by his charm and the potential excitement of our situation down at the boat house -- now I was suffering and regretted my compliance immensely.

My tongue, it hurt so badly and how would I ever hide the stud? And that awful chain! I was totally horrified and being treated like an animal. The moment I was free, I would take out the stud and if my tongue was still swollen, I would just tell my friends and parents that I had accidentally bit it.

I decided I would play along and be more submissive in order to avoid further punishment and pain... although I am not sure that my submissiveness to a lesser or greater degree would make any difference to what Simon, John and his bitch had in store for me.

As John went to get his girlfriend, Master took me by the arm with my wrists still cuffed behind my back, led me down a dark hallway and into a side room. He said nothing and I dare not speak. The silence just highlighted the terrifying feeling of suspense that so engulfed me.

He flicked on the light and I must have gasped. It was like a bondage torture chamber. There were chains and whips and all sorts of stuff and the smell of leather was strong.

He led me towards one of the cold, stark dusty brick walls, and when we stopped some 3 or 4 metres away he turned me to face the bare brick giving my bottom a harsh spank as he moved to my rear.

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