tagBDSMEnslaving Ev 02 Pt. 03

Enslaving Ev 02 Pt. 03


Californian Slut

Ev is my slave in real life. She is a beautiful Asian slut. This is the story, written by both of us, telling of what happened following our first explosive weekend together (described in Enslaving Ev on Literotica) ...


Slut ...

I lay naked in bed. I had finished my essay, I had showered and I had come to bed early.

I had sucked the stranger's cock.

I screwed my eyes shut in an attempt to make the image in my mind go away. It had happened as Master said it would. He arrived, I took the paper from him, led him by the hand to my room where I knelt down took his cock out and sucked him dry.

It was awful. He even had a ring in the end of his 'thing' to make my job harder. I was grateful that, probably because I did the best I could, the experience didn't last long. Five minutes of me sucking him was all he could stand before filling my throat with his seed. I nearly choked but managed to stop myself. I held his juice until he had gone.

The worst thing was that he threw fifty bucks down onto me. That was worse than blowing him. Doing something under Master's instruction was part of my life as his slave. But being paid fifty dollars to do it made me feel like a common street whore.

Now the voice in my head wouldn't stop.

'You sucked the stranger's cock!'

Shut up!

'But ... his cock? You took it out and blew him. You didn't even speak to him.'

Please, shut up.

'How could you?'

I don't know, stop asking questions.

Rika was a bitch. How could she fasten me up so and then free me only when I had been chained for so long. She must have been collaborating with Master because all the timings were so ordered given that 'the man' had turned up just after I had completed my other tasks. It was a thought that caused great inner turmoil for me but one that I had no channel through which to ask the question without being punished. I had not seen her since the man had left. How would I face her again?

I wanted so badly to sleep but couldn't. My mind listened to the voice in my head and it was driving me insane. Then there had been Master's final email. It had told me what he expected of me the following day by way of dress when I went to college. I was to be allowed panties again – or at least a thong – but I was to wear a short denim skirt. My hair was to be pulled tight into a pony tail so that my SLUT earrings were permanently and clearly on display.

I was to wear a cropped tube top that was tight enough to reveal once again the rings though my nipples, and, of course ... no bra. My skirt was to be worn low on the hips so that enough bare skin was on show between that and my tube top to reveal the tattoo on my lower back. It said 'SLUT' and even though it was a Chinese symbol there were enough people of Chinese origin at CAL to know what it meant. I was to wear 4 inch heals. The way I had been asked to appear would scream out 'SLUT!'

Before leaving I was to wake Rika, who had another study day at home, so that she could check I had complied to the letter with Master's instructions regarding my appearance.

I was at college until 3 in the afternoon tomorrow. 2 full lectures and a lunch, during which Master had instructed me to go onto the grassed area and kneel in the Nadu slave position once I had finished eating my sandwich. This would normally have been fine as I could probably pass it off as a form of Yoga ... but given my planned state of dress, it would be horrible.

Sleep would not come. The voice was still there.

'His cock, his cum in your mouth just pooled right there in your mouth. You didn't even speak to him.'

I know, I know.

'And he paid you 50 bucks. You're a whore, a useless, worthless whore!

I said I know – just shut up! Please!

But I was juicing. Despite all of this going on in my head, my pussy was wet. My mind was in turmoil as my fingers sought to provide satisfaction to my hot, horny body. I writhed and groaned and moaned as my fingers became slick. I saw the man again, his cock, his cum ... felt it at my throat. My clit grew hard and I came, so hard, so much, so satisfying.

My eyes felt heavy, and my mind wandered and sleep came to me. It was a glorious, restful, rejuvenating and much needed sleep.


My nipples were even more erect than normal under the tight constraints of my tube top. Fuck knows, they seemed to be permanently hard anyway these days with the rings through them, but today – wow! What's more they were visible easily through the thin material.

Rika stared at my chest and smiled making me flush even more.

I stood, whimpering and afraid, and my mind was already picturing the humiliating walk to college. I had been worried about the nature of my appearance ever since reading Master's instructions but now I realised that despite the sunshine and relative warmth, November was no time for short skirts and cut off tube tops! I shivered and looked at my roomie, remembering what she had done to me the day before. Still, on the plus side I was well rested and had completed my essay.

"Okay then, off slut goes, go on shoo." It was time, and Rika was treating me like a dog. "And make sure you walk to class, not run or catch the bus, walk."

I smiled weakly, picked up my bag, took a large breath and started walking. My head was turning quickly around, trying to look at all the houses and streets in front of and behind me. I heard giggling over my shoulder and glanced back. A group of girls was following me. I didn't know them or what they were saying but they had to be laughing at me, dressed as I was.

It seemed to take forever for me to walk to college that day. Every sound made me jump and seemed magnified. Every corner turned was a place where I was totally exposed. I was scared to death, but excited too. My nipples felt even harder and I was afraid that I was going to soak my thong in pussy juice.

When I got to school I once again ducked into the same alley-way as the day before. I exhaled, almost slumped over, in relief. I vowed to not let the situation get to me as I had a long day ahead.

I moved away from the alley and bumped straight into a girl and a boy walking together. CAL students but I didn't know them. I surprised myself by crashing into them and the bag slipped from my grasp making my files fall loosely onto the ground. I stumbled but did not fall.

"Whoaaa, sorry didn't see you there," The boy said. I glanced up at him before I remembered how I was dressed. He was handsome so I smiled before bending down quickly to gather my things.

"It ... it ... it's ok," I mumbled, wanting only to make my exit as speedily as I could. His girl sniffed at me as if I was some sort of slut or prostitute.

"Look how she's dressed Joe, what a slut – in fact that's what her earrings say. Joe look they say slut, can you believe it oh my goodness what a whore!"

I was beyond caring at this point. I just wanted to leave them. Did I blush? Of course I did.

The boy was silent but I could tell what was on his mind given the sly glance he gave me as I managed to get away from them. Her excited pronouncements had brought me a little attention and a few surrounding girls pointed at me now. Fuck this was already proving to be worse than I had imagined. I wanted to run but remembered my promise to Rika.

I was embarrassed and humiliated but I was juicing. I hated this yet loved it at the same time. I really was a slut!

By now a group of four or five girls were looking at me. I tried to check that Mei Ling was not amongst them. It was hard to tell but I didn't think so. I was so aware of my tight top and short, short skirt not to mention my slut heels and tattoo, braces, mouth stud ... oh fuck what must I look like? I couldn't meet anyone's eyes. I was so red-faced it was unbelievable.

Without further incident I entered the lecture theatre and saw Julia, who was in my Tuesday morning class along with several other friends. The day before I had arrived late, sat pretty much on my own and Julia wasn't in that class. So I only had to suffer the humiliation from people relatively unknown to me. But today I would have to acknowledge my state to my friends, somehow. My ringed nipples were hard as pebbles and showing quite plainly through the top.

As I slid into the long bench desk next to Julia I knew what would happen. My short skirt rode up high on my thighs. I saw my saviour from the day before look down at the ever expanding expanse of Ev flesh and raise her eyebrow. I was not sure if my thong was exposed and I didn't look to see but I was blushing deeply when I looked at her and smiled. She was grinning back at me as she leaned in towards my face. For a brief, exciting moment I thought she was going to kiss me but instead she simply whispered,

"What the fuck are you wearing?"

I looked at her and felt tears spring to my eyes. She must have noticed this as she turned away to face the front saving me from making an embarrassing explanation or lying to her. The lecture was due to start. The professor entered the theatre. He looked up at his class. There was around twenty of us present so not a huge number to hide in. As he started to speak I just knew I would be singled out – on today of all days!

"Okay class, so first things first. Hand in your essays please. And to start that task I would like Miss Wang, Evelyn, to bring me hers. She was late to her lecture yesterday and so it would seem fitting I think you will agree. Miss Wang?"

It wasn't even done maliciously by the professor, he was simply trying to make a point in what he believed was an innocent manner. But today was the wrong day for him to do this. Julia glanced at me as I slipped off the bench, her eyes full of sympathy.

I stood up and my stiff denim skirt managed to release another inch or two of flesh as it stayed creased. I held my essay in my hand as I made to descend the stairs towards his lectern. I could see his eyes widen at my appearance from the length of the distance that existed between us but that wasn't the worst thing. Of the twenty in attendance there were only 6 or so girls, and the many boys dotted around the theatre began to whistle and catcall. Then, horror of horrors, they applauded. Hand clapped my skimpy attire, fuck this was so demeaning.

I approached the professor with the class in uproar.

"Th ... there you are Sir."

"Thank you Evelyn," he responded. The applause and the shouts of abuse showed no sign of abating.

"Would you like me to leave Sir?" I asked. I was aware that Master had commanded I stay but I would have to handle him down the line. This was proving to be too much.

"No. No thank you Evelyn," his eyes roved over my body too. I made to return to my seat.

"Look at those earrings!"


"Come here Ev and let me see what colour panties you're wearing."

The laughter became louder.

As I ascended the steps I felt myself grabbed.

"Hey," I shouted, "let me go!"

Whilst off balance I was thrown quickly over the desk piece of the wooden bench and felt my skirt moved down an inch or two.

My mind was a blur. Not in class. Please don't. What's going on? But they were after my tattoo.

"Fuck it says 'SLUT' in Chinese. She's a little slant eyed slut!"

More laughter.

I was pushed back out onto the theatre steps and fell over. With my skirt being so short there were few options for getting back to my feet with grace. So I struggled, and gave everyone a flash of thigh and thong whilst doing so.

"Come to daddy Chinese Ev, slutty Ev ..."

"Ha, ha, ha." The laughter continued but I seemed abstracted from it now, somehow distant. I reached the place where Julia was sitting and my mind was numb. I picked up my bag and ran for the exit. As the doors swung shut behind me just one shout rang out.

"Ev, wait, stop." I stopped and turned. It was Julia standing facing me in the doorway. I stared at her feeling like a frightened deer. She looked directly back at me. I was on the verge of running to her and throwing myself weeping into her arms, but a group of lecture-less students wandered between us and so I took my chance to escape. When the group had passed by I knew that Julia would not know which way I had turned. I was gone.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! I had only lasted 10 minutes. Master had ordered me to remain the whole time but he didn't know what he was asking. Each day, he had said, my appearance would get more slut-like. Well shit, I didn't know how much more slut-like I could get, save coming in naked. Then the word 'naked' stuck in my mind. No, surely not – he wouldn't, not naked. But the thought now scared me because I couldn't be sure how far he would push me.

I decided that I would leave the campus grounds and walk into the woods nearby until lunchtime. Then I would do the lunchtime Nadu as ordered before attending the afternoon lecture. My immediate friends and Julia would not be there at the later class. It was an off curriculum class on Sociology Research. I must go and then I could be as true to Master as possible.

I took off my shoes and walked. It was sunny and nowhere near as cold as I first feared. My nipples were still very erect though and my experience, as much as I hated it, had made me juice. I began to fantasise about what could happen to me in those woods. I could be abducted and held as a sex slave or tied up and raped or ... just then a quick movement ahead startled me and woke me from my day dream. It was only a rabbit. I laughed to myself.

I was still tired after my non stop induction into the world of slut-hood and so I sat down in the sun on a grassy bank. Making sure the sun shone on me and that my skirt, brief though it was, protected me from the touch of the grass, I drifted off into a welcome morning sleep.

I slept soundly, waking a good while later. I saw from my wrist watch that it was almost lunchtime and so I stretched my body back into life and made my way to the main grassed area stopping to buy a sandwich from the many sandwich carts to be found on campus. I sat quietly and alone to eat my lunch. I pondered on whether my life had really changed as much as it now seemed. How could I be friends with Julia and the other girls whilst Master ruled every waking – and sometimes sleeping – moment of my life? Could I really count Rika as my friend now that she could become the 'bitch from hell' whenever she felt like it? And what about Master Si? Was he my boyfriend, were we 'together' should I expect to move in with him sometime, would I want to?

All these questions were still to answer and no answers were available. So instead I put them out of my mind and calmed myself in readiness for the afternoon. I replaced my shoes (after all to be slut/slave like for Nadu I would need my heels), found a clear piece of grass and knelt on it. I opened my knees as far as the skirt would allow and placed my hands on my thighs. I thrust out my tits and cast my eyes downwards. There, that was okay and it didn't feel too bad.

I stayed in that position for the lunch period and managed to last out uninterrupted. I think I probably looked okay except for the lack of girly composure that my spread knees gave away. But I thought of Master, worshipping his cock and I thought of Rika – how I hated, and loved and lusted after her. Then my thoughts went back to Master and I imagined myself chained to his bed, crying for his attention and writhing to his touch. By the time my Nadu was over my pussy was soaked and I was sure that I smelled of sex. That thought made me a little nervous again. But I would go to my lecture, I had to.

The walk was short to the Soc research class and I encountered no hostility, just a few lewd comments. I slipped into the class relatively quietly and sat near the back. The downside was that there were only about 10 of us there but I was seated and from the waist up I looked ok. I had no one sit near to me and so the strong smell of my arousal – or so I imagined – was not drifting up anyone else's nostrils. Then it was over and the fear induced excitement of the day started to give way to a nervous anticipation at what might lie in store for me when I returned home.

I had a study day the following day and so did not need to attend any classes. That meant that I would not have to suffer an even more slut like appearance than the one I had suffered today. I hoped that I would be allowed to rest – how I needed to!

I switched on my cell phone and it beeped into a life. A text message – from Master! I skimmed the words. It was telling me to get a cab to his house. In fact that's all it said, nothing else – no 'kisses', no 'love from Master', it was an order plain and simple. When you finish get a cab to my house was all it said.

I felt light hearted, more so than I had felt all day and was desperate to relieve my lust fuelled frustration.

I walked out of the theatre and into the dusky evening. It was 3pm and the sun was starting to set. Then it happened. One minute I was almost skipping away in my heels, and the next a trio of young women – clearly CAL students, who had been laughing and joking loudly, suddenly stopped and stared at me. None of the three girls moved for a long moment, then one of them stepped forward and, before I could stop her, and as if in slow motion, she hit me. SLAP! My head flew to one side as her right palm crashed down with full force onto my left cheek. I screamed and my bag and files flew everywhere. I fell to the ground and my eyes burst into floods of tears. I was shocked and hurt and so I did not fight when I felt a hand cup my chin and lift my head. I looked up with hope, but that hope was shattered when I saw the look of disgust on the girl's face.

I saw her lips pucker but my cheek was already so wet from my own tears that I hardly felt it when the spit that she forcefully showered me with fell onto my face. My sobs intensified yet again.

"You disgrace us all!" the girl admonished me loudly. "I don't like to use these words unless it is warranted, but in your case, it definitely IS warranted. You are a slut, a bitch, a whore, a no-good cunt, and you are an absolute disgrace to women everywhere!"

Again she spat at me as did her two friends before they ran off into the distance. My world had crashed around me. My head was spinning and my face hurt. I could now feel their spit dripping down my face and felt their harsh words deeply. Did they mean what they had said? I had not thought about how I made other people, other girls, think. I had looked only at what my situation meant to me. Shit, this was a new dimension. I would need to be careful in future about my public attitude and displays.

I scrambled to my feet giving anyone who saw me a great view of my thong covered bare ass. My pony tail had come out and so I brushed my long flowing hair behind my ears.

"Oh Master, what have you done to your slave?" I cried quietly to myself before dusting myself down, picking up my files and walking in a more subdued manner to find a cab. My phone once more played a tune back to me indicating the arrival of a text message. It was again from Master. Slut, you will be finished now. I have arranged a cab for you from outside the Sociology faculty building. Go there now – it will be waiting for you. Another text message clear and to the point. I began to walk with more purpose now to the waiting taxi, diverting only for a brief visit to the ladies rest room to remove the remains of the spit from my face. I felt the churn in my tummy as I thought of what might lie ahead.

Rika ...

It was early afternoon. I had just finished my lunch and was thinking about starting to revise my work again; after all I was supposed to be on study leave. But it was hard when images of Ev and Master Si would not disappear from my mind. I was alone in the house and so had not been too concerned about wearing clothes. I sat in a pair of high cut panties and an old faded white T shirt. If anything, my attire was the source of further distraction because my pussy and tits were just far too accessible to my curious fingers. So even though I had hardly read a word from my work I was already fingering the nipple rings through my T shirt. Just then an email arrived ... it was from Si. The subject read – What are you doing? I clicked the mail open.

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