tagBDSMEnslaving Ev 02 Pt. 07

Enslaving Ev 02 Pt. 07


Californian Slut



"You did what? I paced back and forth in my basement dungeon.

Rika cowered away from the obvious anger in my voice.

"Well ..." I followed up not wanting the question to hang in a rhetorical fashion.

I ... I ... Set Celina up with Mei Ling so that she would take her and have some fun with her.

"Have some fun, have some fun," I repeated, "well she certainly did that!"

I was furious now.

"So let me get this right. You sent a text message to Mei Ling that informed on Celina's movements. She then abducted my slut, tied her to an old wooden beam before stripping, abusing and raping her?"

Rika nodded back at me. I replied by lowering my tone.

"Well cunt," I spat, "you can take Celina to the shower room and wash her clean."

I looked over at slut and she had been brought back to me dressed in shorts, and an old football shirt that she had been given. I knew that the rest of her clothes had been torn to shreds, and she would be naked apart from what I could see.

"And you wash her lovingly Rika, otherwise I will get to hear and then you will suffer!"

The two gyrls shuffled off in the general direction of the dungeon shower room.

"I'm going upstairs to think about what to do next. When I return I want slut dry and naked, and you Rika dressed in only your bra and panties."

With that I disappeared back up the stairs to gather my thoughts.

It was 30 minutes later before I reappeared and the two gyrls were waiting for me attired precisely as I had ordered ... Rika in bra and panties and Slut naked.

Both of them looked radiant, good enough to eat! Celina was becoming ever more resilient to the burden of being a submissive slave. It was obvious that she had been seriously abused but she had no doubt juiced and enjoyed a lot of it and so now here she was, clean and refreshed and no doubt ready for more. Well I would have to make sure she got it!

It was a matter of some chance that I had made contact with both gyrls when I did. I had sent a simple text to Celina telling her to be at my house once school was over, and when I heard nothing I sent a message to Rika. My text had arrived at the point when the group had finished with Celina and so I commanded Rika to get Slut over to my place as soon as she could, and so now they were here ... showered, clean and looking stunning once again.

I addressed Rika. "Just what do you think you were doing you stupid cunt!"

"I ... I ..." she was lost for words and obviously scared.

"Shut up!" I shouted before she had even started.

"Do you think Celina has suffered enough?"

Rika nodded, "Yes master."

"Well you're probably right, but now because of you she will suffer some more ... as will you."

I noticed Celina take in a short breath.

"Do you understand sluts?"

"Yes master," replied Celina, followed by the same response from Rika.

I ordered the naked Celina onto all fours and pressed a button on the remote control device in my hand. She turned her eyes in the direction of the small electric motor she now heard purring. A small hoist lowered from the ceiling on the end of which was a gleaming, silver hook. I manoeuvred the hoist next to my slut, and smiled when I saw the look on both Celina and Rika's faces. I lowered the chain on which the smooth cast iron hook was attached. I stopped lowering the hook when it came to the level of Celina's face.

"Do you know what I am going to do with this my bitch?"

"Y ... yes Master," she replied a little tentatively.

"What," I teased.

"Put it into my ass Master," she audibly gulped as she said this.

"Kiss it slut," I ordered.

I watched as Celina moved her face forward and lovingly kissed the metal hook. She caressed the shining object with her lips leaving a wet trail behind her.

"Good gyrl," I praised her. She smiled looking pleased. Praise from master was praise indeed. She lived now to please me.

The hook had smooth point on the end of it, which curved upward in a gentle arc for about four to five inches. Whilst it was slim at the blunt point, it grew thicker as it went downward until it was about two inches thick at the bottom. Although small by general crane hook standards, it was anything but small when it came to the human body.

Taking a tube of lubricant, I applied a generous gob to the tip and sides of the iron hook. I then gently guided the point into position until it nudged the pink rose hole of Celina's ass. She jumped delightfully when the cool, lubed tip touched her ass-hole. With my free hand I guided it in, as the motor slowly pulled the hook higher.

"Ohhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Masterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Celina was feeling the object deep inside her. My slut strained upwards but was too controlled by the hook to move properly. I took her ankles and chained them to floor bolts which added to her inability to get away from the iron intruder now invading her body. I eased in another half inch and allowed her bottom to adjust to the increasing thickness spreading her apart. The hook had no rough edges and so I knew it would not damage Celina in any way ... not physically anyway!

With almost two inches of it now buried inside her, Celina's body started to relax a little and her efforts to twist away from the hook were less vigorous. As she relaxed another half inch slipped inside her, and she attempted to strain away again, but the strain was weakening her resistance. The smoothness and shape of the hook would not actually be hurting her; it was just a very intrusive thing to have inserted in one of your most delicate cavities.

"Master please, take it out ..."

As she lowered her body again another inch sank into her and she moaned.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!"

It was not a moan of pain.

She now had a full three to four inches of the hook inside her, and she only rose up a short distance every few seconds to adjust to the thick steel in her ass. When she seemed to be calming down, I gave the button one last little nudge and the hook was now fully embedded inside my lovely little slave. She jumped at the last push, as the hook pretty much disappeared inside her.

I rubbed another smear of lube between the iron and her skin to keep her from chafing, and she moaned from the touch of the cream on my fingers. The tip of the hook now inside her was also stimulating her in ways that no plastic vibrator or male flesh had ever done.

As she dangled on the cast iron ass dildo, I used the push button switch to quickly lower the hook, and then just as suddenly reverse the action. The resulting motion caused the lubed hook to move in and out of Celina's ass. Her eyes widened and seriously increased the level of her moaning.

I glanced at Rika and saw that she was mesmerised. Her mouth was dry as she hardly dared to blink.

Using my free hand I knelt down and squeezed Celina's tits, pulling on her nipples at the same time. When her moaning increased, I gradually started pinching her erect buds a little harder.

Moving to her side while continuing to machine fuck her ass with the hoist, I started to smack Celina's ass cheeks.

"Ooouuchhhhhhhhhhh! No please Master ... don't ... please!"

Her jumps and moans seemed made the hook bury itself even deeper into her bottom. As her cheeks reddened, I saw a long string of pussy juice drip from her cunt. Celina suddenly arched her back as much as her restraints allowed, and moaned loudly as a stunning orgasm racked her body. I was surprised to say the least. I had not even touched her pussy. She had reached orgasm because of the fact that her ass was hooked combined with her general submissive, slave like position. Fuck, that was a shock ... but a nice shock.

I moved to my slut's head and took her face in my hand. I turned her head towards me and kissed her hard on the lips.

"Thank you my Celina, thank you for giving Master an orgasm from his cunt!"

After a few moments, I lowered the hook slowly, and it made an audible "plop" as it pulled free from her ass. Celina's pussy was drenched. She exhaled heavily. Kneeling in front of her, I undid her chained ankles so slut could relax more than previously. Again I kissed her. Despite her suffering she seemed genuinely happy that I seemed pleased. She was still breathing rapidly, so I stroked her head until my slut seemed a little more calm.

Celina remained on all fours as I had not let her get back up. I now turned to Rika.

"You," I said displaying the fact that I was still angry with her, "Down."

Not wanting to displease me any more Rika, still dressed in a nice matching white bra and panties set, was quickly down onto her knees.

"Okay my bitches, onto your backs."

Immediately they obeyed. I positioned them so that they were laid in opposite directions with their faces coming together at a central point and their lips almost touching.

"Kiss one another," I ordered and then watched as their lips met in a passionate connection.

"Okay enough," I said wanting to move on with the next little scenario I had planned for them.

I took out a candle. It was red and about 6 inches high but quite thin, maybe only a half inch or so in diameter. I saw them both look alarmed out of the corners of their eyes as I lit the candle wick.

Leaning down I placed the candle between their heads.

"Now hold it steady with your lips," I ordered. I sensed that both of my sluts wanted to object but clearly were not about to. Instead their mouths once again moved closer together, but this time their lips met in order to steady the candle and not to embrace passionately.

I watched gleefully as the molten wax dripped down the candle sides and onto their mouths. The candle was made of a hybrid wax that didn't burn too hot and was entirely non toxic. But it would sting and begin to seal their lips around the candle. Fuck, this little vignette was making me so hard!

I had to stroke my cock through the denim fabric of my jeans as I heard the girls squeal. Delightful! Although the wax was dripping down the candle shaft to secure its position, it was still precariously balanced between the lips of Rika and Celina. If it slipped then not only would more wax spill out of the top of the candle, but there was a small flame to contend with as well. The sluts not want to disappoint me and they tried desperately to hold the candle in place fearful of it slipping for the very reasons that I have just outlined. It was time to make their ability to concentrate even harder!

I moved round to Rika's ankles and fastened a metal spreader bar between them. I did the same to Celina. All the while the candle wax dripped onto their soft, delicate lips.


Fuck this was one of the hardest things that Master had ever made me do. I was laid on my back, legs spread by an iron bar, and a thin red candle dripping wax down onto my mouth. My lips touched Rika's but not in an enticing manner as we were both trying desperately not to let the burning candle slip. Then I felt him. I felt Master. He was between my legs. I couldn't look as I was unable to move my neck and face but I could feel him. His cock, his dick, his prick, his penis nudging against my wet pussy. Please master don't fuck me now, I thought, I will never be able to concentrate on the candle.

Master pushed hard and was inside me. Fucking me was easy for him now as I had been used so much over the past week. I groaned and my body shifted. Rika's eyes opened wide looking scared as the candle wobbled making the flame flicker. If it hadn't been for the wax solidifying round our lips the candle may have fallen. The wax burned me a little as Master set about his task.

He was deep inside me, as always, and he fucked me hard ... as always. I saw his hand come near to my mouth and felt him pick at the wax around our lips. He freed up the candle so that now we had to work a little harder to stop it from falling.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I felt him soooooo deep as his thrusts made the task of stopping the candle from falling almost impossible. I looked into Rika's eyes and saw that she had dug her teeth into the wax. I was being screwed hard and she knew how difficult keeping the candle upright was so she had bitten into it. I thought master would not be happy if he knew but he was too preoccupied with fucking me to notice.

Then he came. He was not bothered about my pleasure; anyway I had only just cum and so was not yet ready to do so again. I felt him shoot deep inside me, shot after shot of master's sperm engulfed my overused cunt until his fill was had and he pulled out. I breathed a sigh of relief as he stood up and left a string of seed connected to me. I moved my mouth back to the candle so that I could relieve Rika of her self adopted burden. Despite her being responsible for my earlier abduction I actually felt grateful to her.

Having replaced his cock inside his pants Master knelt down near to the heads of both Rika and I.

"So my little fuck toys are you enjoying the candle wax?" he was mocking us as the wax continued to drip down its bright red shaft and onto our mouths and lips. We were both trying our very best to keep the wax off our braces, but it was hard.

Then he reached down, extinguished the flame and pulled the candle free of the solidifying wax. I flinched as my lips were pulled with it and I saw Rika do the same.

"Ok bitch, up!" he ordered Rika to stand, enjoying watching her struggle to do so in the ankle spreaders. Finally she got to her feet, but was very precariously balanced. Master Si came up behind her and pulled her thong upwards tight into what appeared to be surprisingly wet pussy! Rika groaned with the shock. I looked into her face. Her lips, and mine also, I was sure, looked like we had applied really bad lip gloss as the wax coated us and hung in bits where master had pulled the candle free. We looked bizarre.

I watched as master took off Rika's bra and allowed her tits to spill free. She closed her eyes as he wound down her juiced up thong leaving her naked.

"Okay clip these to yourself." Master handed Rika several plastic clips. They had serrated edges and I knew from my own first hand experience in Zhen's dungeon how painful they could be. Rika seemed afraid, quite naturally.

"Do it bitch, or else I will. And if I do it you get 5 times as many clips. You do it and you get to clip one to each nipple and one clamping your pussy lips together."

She would have to clip herself, it would be simply stupid to do otherwise.

I watched as Rika opened one of the clips and let the jagged edge close on her nipple. It took a few brief moments before she let out a wailing yell. The pain had started.

"Oh, please master," she begged.

"Now the others cunt, "master Si spat.

She clamped her other nipple in the same way, and once again let out a piercing yell of terrible pain. But the most erotic, humiliating and anguished cry of all was reserved for the moment when her pussy lips were clamped together. At this point her knees buckled and she slipped to the floor. Prostrate on all fours Rika sobbed through her obvious pain.

"Crawl bitch. Crawl to the hook." Master ordered.

The pegged cunt that Rika had become looked at the silver hook. The one that had just been embedded deep in my ass and I sensed a sharp intake of breath from her. I am certain that she thought she was about to suffer the same fate, much as I did. But how wrong that thought was!

Master made Rika crawl, pulling the ankle spreaders with her, until she was level with the hook whereupon he took her wrists, handcuffed her and slipped the cuff chain over the hook. He then clicked his remote and I watched amazed as the hook retracted into the ceiling pulling the pegged and manacled Rika with it. She screamed as the hook joist pulled her upwards until she was beautifully stretched with the tips of her toes just touching the floor.

"Okay slut, Rika betrayed you very badly this earlier today and so now you will punish her."

"No please," cried a panic stricken Rika. I dragged myself up to my knees to address the situation.

"Master, I ... erm ... am not sure I can do this. I am a slave not a mistress."

"Celina you will whip or be whipped."

I knew that if I disappointed him and then placed myself in his hands to be whipped it would be excruciatingly painful. Master unlocked the spreader bar from my ankles to allow me the required freedom. I knew that I would have to punish Rika.


Taking a slow breath, I looked first at Rika, smiling to see the suffering in her eyes. Her lovely features were locked in a grimace of pain, and I knew that her pegged tits and pussy felt like they were on fire. Beads of sweat glistened on the smooth firm skin of her breasts, joining to form a rivulet that trickled down her flattened stomach and on towards the closed slit of her pussy. In my mind I imagined my tongue licking droplets of salty moisture from Rika's smooth naked body. The thought made me hot and ready for the spectacle I was about to create.

"Here Slut let me show you," I moved to Rika, took her hair in a bunch and moved it over her shoulder so that its length fell completely over her back revealing her naked breasts and belly exposed to the whip. I turned Rika on the hook so that she faced the two of us, slut and myself, and then took the whip into my hands. It was a vicious looking single, thick lash whip.

"No, please master, "begged Rika pitifully. She looked beautiful.

"Don't whip her front master," my slut whispered.

"What?" I said pretending not to hear.

"N ... n ... nothing master," she replied obviously remembering her place.

I swung the whip in a huge whistling arc, striking its length across Rika's belly. The vicious stroke laid a red line along her narrow waist, barely an inch above her pierced navel. Her whole body stiffened in pain, her heavy moan erotic in its intensity.

Celina stood mournfully near a wooden chair, sobbing quietly as she thought of what she was about to do and she tried valiantly to maintain her composure in order to see me pleased. I enjoyed that single stroke so much that I carried on lashing out at the poor, suffering Rika. My slut averted her eyes to avoid seeing the front of Rika's body being mercilessly flogged ... the sickening anticipation of her joining in making Celina green with nausea.

Three strokes I laid on the upper skin of Rika's heaving breasts, and three more on the underside, but the seventh struck, striking a line of torment across both nipples.


Rika yelped like a puppy, her body stiffening and the erect teats of her breasts aflame with a terrible stinging pain, as the two serrated clips ripped themselves away from Rika's poor nipples and somersaulted into the air.

I knew that slut would be wondering how many strokes would be delivered to her roomie's helpless body before I ordered a pause. Slut knew that she would then be commanded to continue the flogging herself. I knew with complete certainty that she would find it so difficult to perform the deed, so much so that it would seem like punishment to slut also.

I stopped and the dreaded pause came. Rika had taken 10 lashes across her belly and breasts from my powerful arm. She had started to cry but now just hung in her chains, her legs still weighted and spread by the spreader bar.

"Get to the task, now my useless fuck-toy."

Slut knew that she had no choice. She knew that if she refused her fate would be much worse than that being experienced now by Rika. Staggering unsteadily over to me, her right hand weakly clutching the whip, Celina walked slowly towards the chain and hook, halting a few feet from her suspended co-slut.

"Perform the deed, my cunt," I said calmly.

Celina held back a sob, wiping her hand across her snuffling nose.

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