tagMind ControlEnslaving My Hot Roommate Ch. 01 - Amber

Enslaving My Hot Roommate Ch. 01 - Amber


I could feel my heart racing as I slipped the pill into Amber's mug. No surprises there, considering what I was about to do. The drug was mostly tasteless so she wouldn't even notice and she wasn't paying attention my way anyway. Amber was in her favorite PJs laid back lazily on the couch, a pillow hugged tightly on her breast, completely engrossed at the tv screen and at her phone, her blond hair was covering much of her pretty face. Amber was watching some kind of Korean drama whilst happily typing away on her phone. The majority of her time here was spent like this - if she wasn't at work, with her friends or grinding away in the gym.

I heard the faint sizzle as the pill started dissolving into the liquid. I quickly u-turned back into my room, comprehending what I was about to do, my emotions in a war with each other.

Am I really going to do this?

I probably had asked myself that a couple hundred times already.

I have never been this nervous in my life. Never. Not even my first kiss, or the time I had to perform a song in front of my entire school. Both doesn't even compare to what I am feeling now.

Everything was set. I had been planning this for months. So many sleepless nights, brainstorming on my bed in complete darkness then waking up the next morning, writing all plans and ideas that I have thought about the night prior in an encrypted folder on my laptop, then organising them.

I walked towards my desk and grabbed the syringe; the strange green ooze almost seemed to be bubbling inside.

This could actually kill her. I would be a murderer.

I shook the thoughts off.

No. the payoff is too huge for that risk - any risk. If it works, it will completely change my life forever. Besides, the documents stated that no one that was subjected to the super drug has ever died prematurely. Severe side effects and hallucinations, yeah, but not death.

I mourned over it for a couple more seconds before reconfirming it

Yeah. Definitely. Payoff too big

Dear readers, I am sure you are a bit confused. You see, I have always been obsessed with mind control. I have been fantasizing controlling a woman for so long, specifically Amber. And I am not talking about normal control; I am talking about absolute domination of the will. Making her my own subservient sex slave. The end result would be her, completely devoted to me emotionally and physically, pleasuring me whenever I needed her to and obeying my every single command. If I commanded her to jump off a cliff, she should follow through with it enthusiastically; not that I was going to do that though - you get the point.

Because of this obsession, I have spent almost all my free time researching on the web for a way to achieve this; years and years of finding a way for something - anything at all.

You probably would think it is a complete waste of time, just a fantasy that can never be achieved - and you are right on that. Mind control is not possible... right? Or so I thought for years.

I finally decided that maybe I have to look deeper; I really wanted to find a real nugget of information. So I started scouring the dark web. Nothing. Hell, I even went to those shady run down stores that proclaimed to sell dark magic and charms - all a bunch of hocus pocus.

Eventually I came across hypnosis. I learnt how to do it and started practising, eventually mastering it, using my friends and random strangers as test subjects. I told them it was an awesome magic trick and that I could make them forget their names, or even how to speak!

Obviously no one believed me; some bold ones even volunteered upfront to make me hypnotise them. And, oh man, was it satisfying to see their smug, sceptic look on their faces disappear when I actually delivered what was promised.

I then pleaded with Amber for me to use it on her. She was suspicious and probably a bit weirded out at first (who wouldn't?), but she had a smoking addiction and I convinced her that I could help her out with it. I finally achieved just that but it took a lot of time and effort for her to loosen up and trust me. Hypnosis is largely based on trust, and without it, you couldn't achieve much - at least nothing long term. Sure you can make someone quack like a chicken or forget the alphabets, but all those are just temporary rewiring of the mind. Those effects will disappear as soon as they snap out of the trance.

After my successful breakthrough with her and to my delight, she then started asking me for more, mainly to help her relax after a long stressful day.

With my plan working out, I then started experimenting more risky things with her while she was under, trying to manipulate her thoughts and emotions; mainly giving out the suggestion of being happy to do task and chores for "David" - that's my name by the way. That was the first step towards the end goal of making her being my obedient slave. Sadly, the closest I got Amber to obeying me was to raise her right hand whenever I said "up", and that was only when she was under a trance too. After more weeks of hypnotising her and enforcing my suggestions, I tried testing them out by asking her to do simple task for me, like making me coffee or cleaning the dishes, but my efforts were proved futile as I just received the same old reaction from her: A snort and then a retort for me to do it myself or her favourite comeback, "suck my dick" followed by a laugh. She thought that was hilarious.

She doesn't have a dick by the way; in case you were wondering.

A complete fluke.

At least she didn't remember anything about her hypnosis session so she wasn't aware of what I was actually trying to accomplish. So, I could still continue experimenting, under the disguise of the hypnosis sessions being able to make her relax and clear all the stresses of the day.

I finally made the huge breakthrough when I did a last ditch effort of learning hacking. I did small projects at first, hacking into websites with poor security, then gradually, as I grew better and better, was able to hack into the government's most secretive records.

This was where I learnt that they actually performed mind control experiments on death sentenced criminals. The end game was to create world peace, mind controlling dangerous criminals and leaders, so that they would become docile and good contributing members of society.

They were successful. They created a formula, "XI11", and when injected, will render the victim completely susceptible to suggestion, similar to hypnosis, but much, much stronger - and when combined with hypnosis, will amplify this effect tenfold, actually manipulating the person's will itself.

It was really fucked up reading what happened to the criminals who were forced to undergo the procedure. They were aware of what's being done to them and begged to be released from the hell they were subjected in, some even tried suicide, that probably being the only option of escaping. Others even started hearing voices in their heads, of which they can't ignore.

Over the months of being influenced by the super drug, they became sheeps, completely sapped of their wills and emotions, unable to perform even the basics necessities, like eating or even chewing for that matter, without being commanded to do so. They finally closed down the operation and it was never brought back up again.

After finding about all of this, I managed to gather all the materials needed to create the XI11 formula and now I finally have enough for 5 syringes - more than enough for Amber.

I was going to make Amber my sex slave.

It was fucked up, what I was going to do, but I convinced myself that I had already done a lot of research and theorize that I could use the drug on her without causing any serious psychological damage; Amber won't have to suffer - and besides, she would maybe enjoy being my slave; I would be kind to her. The thought of being able to finally fuck her was too much to ignore anyways.

Ah... Amber. I knew I wouldn't be fantasizing any other girl ever since setting my eyes on her when we first met after I answered an online ad about her wanting to find a roommate.

She was gorgeous. GORGEROUS. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen, before or since. I am not just saying that too, I have seen countless guys doing double takes or giving cat calls, all just by her walking down the street. Or the moments when we walk into bars, she would always turn several guys' heads -sometimes even girls- the bolder ones coming over to where we were and offering to buy her a drink. I was jealous, but Amber never had taken any interest in any of those advances and mostly just waved them away.

Amber was five feet, five inches tall with the most beautiful blonde hair; she had always liked shortening it to shoulder width, didn't fancy anything longer than that. "Always gets everywhere" was her reasoning. She had the features of a model, with perfectly symmetrical facial appearance that held piercing blue eyes and the smoothest skin complemented with a body to die for too, being a regular at the gym and all. Hell, she even had perfect white teeth. At the ripe age of 23, I always wondered why she didn't tried to pursue a modelling career - she would have made so much money.

I have known Amber for almost 2 years since and I have only seen her naked once. I will never forget that day, when I turned back home after forgetting my wallet, I was in a rush too and had quickly unlocked the door and barged in to the living room only to see Amber completely butt naked lying on the couch , where I could see everything, but only just for a split second. She had let out a gasp and tried to cover all she can with a pillow but that second was more than enough for me to take it all in and I can't count the number of times I had masturbated to that mental image. She didn't have large breast; Amber's was always in the medium range - I didn't prefer large breast anyways. Her ass, however, was definitely her best and defining feature.

Her hard work at the gym, doing squats and other glute work for years have really paid off. They really looked exhilarating in yoga pants - though you could argue they looked great in any pants, really - but seeing them just wearing the skin she was born in was just... something else entirely.

Both cheeks were firm, large, round and they protrude from her backside making her body's sexy curve possible. They looked incredibly smooth and I have wondered how nice it would be to just squeeze those perfect cheeks.

She never paid much romantic attention to me though, despite my best efforts and both of us being single, and roommates. I mean, I wasn't the best looking guy, but I wasn't THAT bad either. I bought a gym membership just to improve the way I looked, got a new hairstyle and even changed my whole wardrobe - all just for her, but, she never even commented once on my improvements. She treated me like a friend - not the super close gay best friend that the hot girls all seemed to always have - just a normal friend. We talked, but it was just normal conversations that never were particularly interesting.

I wanted more.

Now everything was going to change. I had planned everything to the very last detail. Even prepared a script on what to say and what to say when she was under, on almost every single scenario - at least every scenario I could think of.

I finally had done the first step of drugging her to knock her out. Now, all I had to do was to wait and then inject the super drug in her system.

I started pacing through my room; occasionally take a few peeps outside to the living room to see if she had taken a sip of her mug.

She finally did. Amber leaned over and reached out to her mug that had been sitting on the table next to the couch and took a small sip. Then another. She then gulped it all down and set the mug aside, stretched and lazily laid back to her comfortable position.

She did it. She finally did it.

I started my pacing again, back and forth the room, my heart feeling like a jackhammer. I was actually getting worried.

Would I get a heart attack? I mused to myself. That would be hilarious. All this planning and work only for it to be ruined just because I couldn't control my anxiety and excitement.

Minutes past and I heard Amber finally let out her first yawn. I could see her frowning, probably wondering why she was suddenly so tired - especially at just 7 at night.

She finally gave in, shutting off the television and laid back, pushing pillows around, trying her best to make the sofa into her bed of the night. Moments later, she was snoring softly. God, even her snores are so cute.

No time to waste. I had to act quickly.

I grabbed the syringe and the crystal pendulum that I usually performed hypnosis with and headed to the living room.

One of Amber's arms had fallen limp on the side of the sofa. Gently, I leaned down and nudged her slightly.


No reply.

I waited a second or two more then slowly aimed the needle over her right shoulder, my arm shaking; I was so nervous. Carefully, I pressed the needle into her, the green liquid slowly escaping the syringe and out into her bloodstream.

There was no going back now.

I withdrew the needle and let out a gasp. I hadn't even realised that I was holding my breath the whole time.

I studied Amber; she hadn't reacted yet. To be honest, I don't even know how she should even be reacting.

My heart dropped. Was she dead?

I quickly checked her pulse but then fell back in surprise when she let out a soft moan, her eyelids fluttering open.

"Amber ... Amber are you ok?" I asked, my voice hardly more than a whisper.

She was staring hazily at the ceiling. Her eyes blank, mouth slightly open and she was breathing slowly and heavily through it. I watched her breast slowly rise and fall.

The super drug seemed to be working.

I reached my hand under her back and pulled her up to a sitting position. Amber's whole body was limp and both her arms fell to her side. Carefully, I leaned her head back into the pillow, making sure her view was directly in front of her. Her pretty blue eyes were only half opened and unblinking. Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

Dear readers, I couldn't imagine to tell you how tempted I was to just take her there and then. I would have gotten away with it too - she wasn't going to remember anything and she certainly was not going to break out of this trance anytime soon, not with the super drug still in her system. But I cannot let temptation take me.

Not yet anyways.

And as weird as it sounds, I would just essentially be raping her and the thought of that disgusted me. I know, I know. What I was doing was already fucked up. My moral compass could be a bit little junky at times.

I wanted a more permanent solution anyways; I wanted Amber to beg me to fuck her. She would be on her knees, wearing a black lingerie and pleading with me, listing out various reasons why I should have sex with her and how much she wanted it all - and only with me. She wouldn't be interested in other men ever again. I would be the centre of her universe.

I got the pendulum from my pocket and started swinging it back and forth in front of her. She started instinctively swaying her head to match the movements. We had done this numerous times already in our hypnosis sessions, but this time it was going to be different.

"Amber," I began, trying my best to keep my voice as steady as possible. "I want you to pay attention to my voice and only to the sound of my voice. You will feel and pay no attention to anything else other than my voice."

This was crucial. I didn't want any other factors breaking her concentration - like an object falling or maybe even police sirens in the distance. I want her as deep as possible. No distractions.

"You will find yourself in a dark tunnel with only a dim light ahead of you." I continued, holding the script in front of me. "Count towards ten. When you are done, walk towards the light."

I watched and waited. After I mentally counted to ten, I continued speaking, "Now, slowly, one step at a time. As you are walking towards the light, you will find yourself going into a decline. Deeper and deeper you go towards the tunnel, the light slowly getting dimmer."

Like she was actually walking, Amber legs started moving up and down on the sides of the couch. It was actually pretty funny.

"Soon, you will reach the deepest part of the tunnel," I told her. "It's dark everywhere and cold. You stop walking"

Amber's legs stopped their movement.

"Amber." I continued, "You feel lost and scared. But the sound of my voice gives you comfort."

The tips of Amber's mouth twitched and she let out a small smile.

I smiled too. "Yes, that's right. The only thing keeping you safe and warm is this voice. Listen to it. Obey it at all times and you will be safe"

"Now, Amber, listen to me," I said, my voice getting higher as I got more excited. "Whenever I say the words 'Amber sleepyhead' you will immediately fall back into a deep trance and come back to this very same place, deep in this dark tunnel, where you see and hear nothing but only hear to the sound of my voice. Do you understand?"

At first, Amber didn't react. Her half closed hazy eyes were still following the pendulum, her head still moving in sync with it. The cute smile was still plastered on her face.

Slowly, she opened her mouth.



Author's note: This, being the very first story I have ever written, I think it's justifiable to say that I am pretty excited - and afraid! This is part 1 of a series I am going to write and I would love some feedback!

If you enjoyed the story, please do shoot me an email! You can find it in my profile. I get super excited whenever I receive one and I read and reply to every single one of them!


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by Anonymous

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by Burning_Heretic11/03/18

Therapy, my dude.

Listen, I ain't here to kink-shame. I found my way into the mind-control section of literotica, I got no moral high-ground for discussing other people's fantasies.
But you listed this under the "romance"more...

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GORGEROUS,.... Really?

Fire your editor or get one.

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by Anonymous08/23/18


Okay, I know you've made sequels, but i hope that you wont stop until the end, even if you receive hateful comments (probably not going to be any since it is so good) XDDD

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by Firestrom05/18/18

Not Bad

I like it. Its a good story, has solid background on where he procured the drug, without having him be a super genius like some stories. I agree with most of the other comments. It is a slow but goodmore...

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by zena9905/16/18

Slow start, but good start

Aside from a couple of minor grammatical errors I enjoyed the slow buildup. Lot's of promise here. Something tells me that once it works on Amber, David will have additional interests. I am sure thatmore...

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