tagMind ControlEnslaving My Hot Roommate Ch. 02

Enslaving My Hot Roommate Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Second Syringe -- Trust

Her voice was slurred, husked in a dry, low monotone. I leaned backed slightly and closed my eyes, taking a couple of deep breaths to compose myself.

This is happening. This is really happening.

My gaze slowly lingered back to my entranced roommate. Amber was paying no attention to me; she was still matching the rhythmic movement of the pendulum.

Left, right. Left, right.

Compared to our previous hypnosis sessions, this was the quickest Amber had verbally replied to a suggestion. Usually, I had to repeat myself several times before I had gotten even a simple "yes"- and on most occasions even receiving no reply. It was actually quite infuriating.

Amber was responding well to the super drug - this was the definitely the deepest she had even been in. Fuck. Just thinking of that made me horny.

I didn't want to push things any further. It was too risky. I don't fully know the limits of what I can or can't do yet. If her mind starts resisting too much, who knows what would happen. She might even start experiencing side effects.

The second dose would come in a few days. I needed to make sure the super drug had completely left her system before I injected more into her - overdosing her was the last thing I wanted.

I was going to wake her up right there and then but part of me was screaming for me not to. Even though I already achieved was I had planned with the first dose -- giving her a trigger word - letting her go like that would just leave me completely unsatisfied.

I could fuck her right there and then; Amber was completely in my power. Half of me just wanted to me to cave in; to let go. Let the animal part of me do its own thing. But, I just... cant. It just feels so wrong.

Ugh. Fuck you, brain.

But at the same time, I didn't want to waste this opportunity either. So, I can't fuck her, but what about --

My eyes lit up.

Like under a trance myself, I leaned in closer to her, my heart speeding up as I envisioned what I was about to do.

I brought up my free hand to one her cheeks - it felt soft. Wet. Amber momentarily stopped her swaying as I lowered down my pendulum hand, completely transfixed at her beauty. Those blue eyes, soft cheeks, perfect features... My thumb swept her face, wiping away some of the tears that had been staining her cheeks.

I dropped the pendulum to the ground and it went with a soft 'thud' as it hit the carpet. I brought my now unoccupied hand to the back of her head, feeling up her soft, smooth hair and enjoying the full body shiver that had produced in me, working all the way from my fingers tips down to the soles of my feet. Slowly, I drew my hand down, running my fingers down the smooth curves of her back and then finally down to her ass. I started fondling those cheeks for a brief moment before cupping them firmly. I was delighted to hear my roommate responding, a soft moan escaping her lips. I tighten my grip, squeezing those beautiful, round cheeks and Amber gasped in surprise. Even under a trance, I could see hints of pleasure running through her eyes.

I brought her closer to me, a moan slipping out of me as I felt her breast pushing up against me and her smooth blonde hair tumbling down onto me. Amber smelt divine -- a mix of mint and nature. This was like a dream come true. I had never been this close to her; this intimate. I looked at her and her unblinking blue gaze burnt into mine, transfixed and unfocused. And for a brief moment, lust overcame me. I kissed her.

It was everything I had dreamt of -- and more. Her lips felt soft, smooth. Heavenly. I leaned forward, desperate for more, taking more of her into me, my mind in complete ecstasy. My tongue skimmed the seam of lips, seeking entry but Amber wasn't having any of it.

My kissed soften and I pulled back, confused. Amber hasn't reacted in the slightest, I had realised. Why hadn't she? I looked at her angrily but her expression hasn't changed; her eyes just stared back at me, stiff, unfocused, emotionless.

I sighed and released her, my lips still wet from hers. Her gaze immediately dropped back down to the ground to where the pendulum was. I picked it up, raising it over her head and she immediately resumed her swaying.

Left, right. Left, right.

Time to wake her up.

"Amber," I finally said. I was hurt and disappointed. I wanted to give the command for her to just fuck me -- screw the consequences. But I knew I had to be patient. I will get eventually get what I want, sooner or later. "I am going to count to 10, and with each number that passes, you can see the tunnel slowly illuminating, getting brighter and brighter. I want you to feel yourself waking up, and once you do, you will feel very refreshed. Do you understand?"


I slowly counted to 10, glumly watching her as I did.

Amber finally blinked and rubbed away the sleep from her eyes. She blinked several more times; more tears rolling down her soft cheeks and onto her lap as she does so.

She squinted at me, frowning.

Whoops. I had completely forgotten about making my exit. I turned around, quickly pocketing all the items as I did so.

"Dave, what are you doing?


Her frown deepened. "Why were you watching me sleeping?"

"Uhh, no, I wasn't. I was just...you know." I found myself saying.

God. I am such an idiot. I was so caught up in everything that I had completely forgotten to leave.

Amber suddenly broke out laughing, giving me a playful nudge. I recoiled back in surprise. "You were going to do something to me weren't you?"

I looked at her blankly.

"Come on Dave, stop playing innocent. You creep! Tell me what were you going to do? Draw penises on my forehead again?" She paused and started furiously rubbing her forehead then bringing her hands down to examine them.

I finally managed a nervous chuckle, trying my best not to show panic. "Yeah, something like that. You got me. I surrender."

I brought both my palms up and slowly retreated backward. My heels made contact with the coffee table.


Amber broke out laughing again. "God, David. You are such a klutz. Get out of here." She waved me away. "Shoo!"

I turned back around and made a beeline back towards my room, quickly locking the door behind me, my heart throbbing like a jackhammer.

Holy shit that was close.

I ran my tongue along the edges of my lips; I could still taste her. Fuck, it just made me want her more.

Sighing, I discarded the now empty syringe. One down

I walked over, unlocking my desk drawer and peered down at the rest.

Four more to go


"You seemed awfully quite today, "Amber remarked, absentmindedly toying with her ponytail. "What's wrong?"

I shrugged. "I am fine. Just a little sick, I think."

"Want me to drive you to the clinic or the pharmacy?"

"Nah, I will be fine. Really."

"You sure? The pharmacy is just a couple of blocks away. It won't take long"

I smiled. Amber was a good person. I really feel bad.

"Yeah, I am sure. Thanks Amber."

My roommate gave me one more worried look then walked away, her hips swaying as they always did. My gaze trailed her until she was out of sight. I can't help it. That damn sexy hip walk always drives me nuts.

It's been three days since putting her under that trance. Three days of repeatedly beating my dick over and over and over in my room while vividly recalling the session. Of course, after the abuse my dick had to endure, all those thoughts and emotions went away, seeping out of me, like a deflating balloon - only to be replaced with guilt. Guilt, disappointment and just hollow emptiness.

I needn't do this to her. I had told myself. I could just use the drug to make her fall madly in love with me. Marry. Have kids. Live a normal life with each other. No need to put my own sick thoughts into her head and rob her off her will.

But, no. I couldn't.

I couldn't guarantee that she would forever be sexually active. I couldn't guarantee that she would be happy to fulfil all of my sick fantasies. I was a selfish man; I would demand sex multiple times every day, and I couldn't care less about Amber's own fantasies --if she had any. I only had care about my own pleasure, and using her as a tool to fulfil it. I would imagine myself feeling all powerful seeing her obey my every command and catering to my every single whim; every desire. Every day, waking up to breakfast in bed then followed by a blowjob for desert would be a dream come true.

I finally let out a sigh, leaning back towards the wall. I was a terrible person. I had never imagined myself being capable of such things. But alas, power corrupts men -- and I was not trying to be the exception. I would imagine people doing much, much worse things if they had gotten hands on the super drug. They could have imaginary wealth, be kings or queens, enslaving nations. All I wanted was to get laid by the hottest woman in the world. That wasn't so bad, was it?

Anyways, I couldn't imagine myself turning back now, especially when I had been making good progress. The second dose was going to be done tonight.


Amber was sprawled in her usual spot that night, happily tapping away on her phone. I was sitting down on a different couch, nervously twiddling with my thumbs, pretending to be interested in the Korean drama that was playing in front of us, and every so often shooting her a glance.

"So let me get this straight," I said, trying to make conversation. "This woman, Yi yoyo, has the ability to foresee bad things happening to anyone she touches. Now, she is trying to break up with her boyfriend because she foresaw him getting into a car accident?"

Amber glanced up from her small screen and laughed. "It's Ji-yeon, and yes, she thinks staying with him would cause the future accident, but plot twist! Breaking up with him will actually be the catalyst. Thank god he didn't die though and they lived happily ever after"

"Did you just spoil the whole thing for me?"

Amber stuck her tongue out at me. "Oh please. It's not like you are going to continue watching with me. You are always in your room, doing god knows what."

I shrugged. "A man needs to have his alone time."

Amber turned her attention back to her phone.

"You know, relationships are complicated." I said quickly, changing the subject.

That got her attention. Amber finally tossed her phone away and turned towards me, arms crossed, curiosity drawn on her face. "What? Why? You finally got a girlfriend?"

I laughed, but it was forced. "Nah. Ever since breaking up with Kim? There's no hope for me now."

Amber's face distorts into one of disgust at the mention of my ex. "Don't say that. You will find someone. Besides, that little bitch Kim never deserved you anyways."

"How about you? Found THE one yet?" I asked, teasing her. "There must be hundreds of guys lining up for you by now. Surely you fancy one of them."

"All of them are just so boring," my roommate laughed. "Besides, I am not really looking for someone right now anyways."

"And why is that?"

"I am going to use my time being single to improve myself and try to be more productive."

I grinned. "Oh how very mature of you."

Amber reached over and playfully punched me on my shoulder. "Shut up, Dave. I am being serious."

I faked an injury, rolling around the couch in agony.

Amber rolled her eyes." Real funny. Ever considered a career in comedy?"

There was a buzz from her coach. She scooped her phone up and continued her typing, a grin slowly playing on her face.

Amber finally stood up, dropping her phone in her pocket and scooped up her purse that was sitting on the coffee table. "Well, funny man, I got to go. John and Quinn are in a bar just a couple of minutes away from here." She paused, exploring her purse before taking out a lipstick. "Enjoy the drama."

Shit! There's no telling when she would back. This wasn't part of the plan.

"Hey, wait." I desperately called out as she was heading for the door.

"Yeah?" She turned around. "What is it?"

I strode towards her. I really didn't know what I was doing. "Amber sleepyhead."

Amber's reaction was instantaneous. Her eyes rolled back and her knees started buckling, threatening to collapse inwards. I caught her just as soon as she started falling to her side.

The trigger word actually worked. I have had my doubts whether it would.

Gently, I carried Amber back towards the couch and sat her like I did the first time, carefully resting her head against the pillow. I rummaged through her pockets for her phone.

Damn it, there was a passcode.

I headed towards my room, grabbed everything I needed and started the process. A long moan escaped her lips after I gave her the shot. She half opened her eyelids and her blank blue eyes greeted mine.

Left, right. Left, right. I started swinging the pendulum in front of me. She immediately reacted, following the motion.

"Amber, can you hear me." I started.

"Yes." my roommate whispered, her eyes blank and her voice a dull monotone.

"What is the passcode on your phone?"


I entered the numbers and sure enough, her home screen popped out. I was greeted by a selfie of her as the wallpaper. Amber was wearing a tight blue bikini with a matching blue hat and was posing on a beach. She had probably used a selfie stick since the picture was taken from above, giving me almost a full unrestricted view of her cleavage. Good lord. I wanted to start searching the source image in her photo gallery and transfer it to my phone. Despite the annoying duck face, it would still be a great addition to my fap collection.

Now was not the time though. I would much rather see the real thing anyways.

I opened her text messages only to see a whole screen of unread messages from various names. I only recognised some of them.

No wonder Amber takes an eternity to reply to my texts. I thought, a bit relieved. At least I wasn't the only one.

I scrolled up and clicked on a chat group that was on the very top. Sure enough, John and Quinn were in the group.

Sorry guys. I began typing. Change of plans. I am staying home. Enjoy yourself though! I considered what appropriate emoji to use before shaking my head and putting the phone away.

Time for business.

Amber was still matching the motion of the swaying pendulum. Again, both her arms had fallen limp to her sides and her eyelids were twitching every few seconds, begging to be released, but couldn't. Tears were free falling down her eyes and off her cheeks. I honestly don't know why that was - in our regular hypnosis session, she could always blink freely. I wasn't complaining though. It was hot seeing her like that.

"Amber." I started, drawing myself to up a sitting position. "What do you think of me?"

"It's dark here and You keep me safe and warm. I love it."

Oh, right. "What do you think of David?" I corrected myself. "David Book. Your roommate."

"I think he's a nice guy. No real problems living with him, unlike the others I have had. I like him."

I smiled at the complement. "Do you have any feelings towards him?" I tensed up, ready for disappointment.

"I feel friendly and love towards him. David's a great friend."

That's not what I meant. "Do you feel any sexual attraction towards David?"

"No. He's not my type."

"What is your type?"

"Attractive women."

Wait, what? "You don't fancy men?"

"No. I experimented with a lot of men but I never actually really liked it."

"Then why are you only dating men?" I asked her, completely flabbergasted.

"I was scared of dating a woman. I really wanted to like men. So, I kept trying, hoping my feelings would eventually change."

"Did it?"


Well, this wasn't all bad; the drug could alter her thoughts and thus, her mind. I would force feelings of sexual attractions towards me. And fucking a lesbian, for some odd reasoning, seemed much, much hotter.

"Have you tried with a woman then?"

Amber smiled dreamily. "Yeah, recently, it was great." Her hand started towards her crotch. I stopped her.

"Have you told anybody that you were gay?"

Her smile disappeared at the mention of 'gay'. "No. I am too scared to tell anyone." She replied softly.

Okay. Now was the time to do it.

"David's a great friend, isn't he?" I said, eager at the idea of influencing her perspective on myself.

"Yeah, he is."

"You trust him completely."

She just stared at me silently.

"David is generally a trustable guy, right?" I repeated.

"Yes." She finally answered.

"Do you trust him?"

"I guess."

"You trust David, so that means you can trust him with anything."

She paused and pursed her lips, the gears of her hypnotised brain turning. I prayed that they would see sense in the flawed logic. She still wasn't replying and I thought it was a no go. Glumly, I started thinking of another way in, but she finally spoke.


"You trust David completely." I spewed out, almost asking it instead. I was shocked that it had actually worked.

"Yes." She responded, barely pausing this time

"David would never tell anyone your secrets, no matter how dark you think they were." That was not true. I was generally a big mouth. Amber didn't need to know that, though.


"You can trust David with your secrets." I said again, making sure.


"You completely trust David."


"Only David. You trust no one else."

"Only David." she echoed.

Perfect. This was almost too easy. Establishing trust, I knew, would greatly benefit me on the end goal of turning her into my slave. Trust always comes first. With her trust in me established, she would find it much easier accepting of inevitably being my slave. I had to not rush things however, as tempted as it was to.

Okay, now to wrap things up, but first -

"Amber, have you ever written in a diary before?"

"Diary?" she murmured.

"Yes. A diary. Something you can write your thoughts and stuff in it."

I grimaced at myself saying 'stuff'. That was a poor choice of word. Hopefully she gets it.

Thankfully, she did. "Yes... dairy. When I was little."

I didn't know that. Could things get much easier for me? "Good. Imagine yourself little again, writing in your diary. It makes you happy, writing your thoughts down, doesn't it?

Her face displayed an innocent smile. "Mhmmm." I really wished she would stop moaning. I don't know how many more of those I could take.

"You will start writing in a diary again." I told her, trying my best to make my voice sound more authoritative. "Every day, you will write your thoughts and, uh, whatever is relevant to your day in that diary. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Write in the diary every day."

"Good." I continued. "And every day, after finishing writing in your diary, you will hand it to David because you trust him. You will think nothing strange of it"


"Think nothing of it," I repeated. "Don't write with the thought of handing it to David later in mind. Just write normally as if no one will read it. Do you understand?"

"As if no one will read it." Amber mouthed.

The idea had came to me just yesterday. Having inside knowledge of her thoughts throughout her programming would help tremendously. I would read the diary daily, analysing her thoughts and emotions and change my programming strategy accordingly.

My shoulder was starting to hurt and my hand lowered slightly. It was tough having to hold the pendulum for long periods of time.

"Amber, start counting to ten." I informed her, repeating what I had memorised on the script. "Now. Slowly. You see the tunnel slowly getting brighter and brighter. I want you to feel yourself waking up.

I quickly added. "You will feel very refreshed when you do and the last thing you will remember is talking with David and rejecting John and Quinn invitation just so you can spend more time with him." I stood quickly, pocketing the pendulum and syringe. I was not going to make the same mistake twice.

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