tagNonHumanEnter the Cat Ch. 05

Enter the Cat Ch. 05


Let me apologize it has taken me so long to get the next chapter up.

Thank you to everyone sending their well wishes for my mum, my family and myself.

All comments are appreciated, and I hope to get the next chapter up sooner.


I hear Rosy's distinctive footsteps in the hallway, light and quick, as she heads for the bathroom. Slowly everyone settles lazily into comfortable spots around the room and I relax as I lean back in the chair and stretch my legs out in front of me.

When Rosy comes out from her shower I watch as she enters the room. She is just about to settle herself in a chair when Doc starts talking to her. She clearly is not in a co-operative mood, refusing to allow Doc to take blood for DNA testing. Doc changes tactics and asks about her parents instead.

I realise her distrust of males goes back even further than she is probably aware of as she talks about her parents. She talks about her mother and a man who had either abused her mother or had gotten her pregnant then abandoned her to face her cuckolded husband by herself.

The Christian name of her mother is familiar but I can't place it when Rosy lets it slip.

"Who's Jeddah," Doc asks.

"Jeddah MacIntosh, my mother. Harry called her Miss Molly," Rosy says sounding as if she has had enough of his questions.

"I don't...!" Sam exclaims.

"Sam! Be quiet," I snap as I recognise the name with a start. Could it possibly be?

"Do you know the name of her husband," Doc asks in a strained voice.

"Ray MacIntosh," Mitchell says and Rosy instantly turns towards him with a hate filled snarl.

"How do you know the low down cunt's name?"

"He's our father," Sam says getting to his feet. "Jeddah was our mother's name."

"That's fucking crap! My mother would never have left any of her children! Hell, both Doc Caruthers and Harry said she was so paranoid about something happening to me she never let me out of her sight! Harry said the only reason I wasn't with her when she died was because she went out to get something to eat." Rosy is snarling angrily as she watches Sam.

Mitchell says something I miss as I watch the variety of emotions flicking across Rosy's face - disbelief, fear, anger, desperation, and terror.

"What? You're saying I was born a werecat! That's fucking bullshit! I didn't change until after a cat attacked me! I was human," Rosy yells her eyes wide with disbelief and panic.

I am aware that Doc is trying to soothe and reason with her but I can smell Rosy's panic rising with each second.

"I wasn't born like something out of a fucking freak show! I was born normal! I just got turned into a fucking freak," Rosy screams almost incomprehensible. She is moving from foot to foot in agitation.

"Rosy, a simple blood test can clear this up. Potentially two brothers and a father to cross match against..." Doc offers gently and without meaning to makes it worse for her.

"No! No! I am so out of here! I am not listening to any more of this shit," Rosy yells in outrage.

What happens next is too fast for me to intervene. Edwin says something in a whisper just behind Rosy then grabs her. Her scream of terror is animal like and I realise she is in a blind panic as Edwin and his team wrestle her onto the lounge. She is putting up a hell of a fight but is no match for the four battle experienced toms. I see Doc hurriedly drawing something into a syringe and grimace as he quickly injects it into her thigh.

Mitchell heads for Edwin but Sam grabs his brother from behind keeping him well back from the lounge. I can see how upset both of them are; there is no longer any doubt in my mind that Rosy is related to them.

I curse Edwin for a fool and an idiot; he was stupid grabbing Rosy like that. She may have run off for a period of time but she probably would have returned once she had time to calm down. She would not be able to resist the pull of the sibling bond, even if they had just one parent in common. All Edwin achieved was to ruin the trust she had in us and terrifying her half out of her mind.

I listen as Mitchell worries over Rosy; Sam is still restraining him and I know Mitchell is as likely to lash out at Edwin as try to soothe Rosy as she becomes unconscious. Doc looks my way then glances down at Rosy where she is barely moving.

"I can't believe she stood for you," Doc says in disbelief.

"It just happened," I say as I watch her.

"You fucking idiot Edwin! Why the hell did you have to grab her like that! You should have let me talk to her," Mitchell yells angrily.

Doc quickly takes a syringe full of blood before checking Rosy's pulse and looking into one eye. He taps the side of her face gently but gets no response.

"She's out to it," Doc says quietly. "Mitchell, Sam, I needed to sedate her. She was in a panic and would have fought until either she got hurt or she hurt someone else."

I find myself sharing Doc's opinion as he explains his actions to Sam and Mitchell. Doc sedating her was a small mercy, one she wouldn't have needed if Edwin had not been a complete and utter bastard for grabbing her and sending her into a panic.

"You sure she's out Doc," Edwin asks, and I watch in disbelief as he moves one hand to cup a breast to check for reaction.

I am not the only one who snarls in fury but I am the first to reach Edwin and I glare down at him as I stand over him.

"Ease her down onto the lounge and move the hell away from her," I warn him.

Malcolm, Chris and Timny have already released her and moved away as soon as her struggles had weakened to where Edwin could hold her down by himself. I watch Edwin as he cautiously does as I ordered.

"You bastard," Mitchell yells and struggles to get at Edwin but thankfully Sam and even Dwayne are smart enough to keep him from starting a fight.

"Doc, would Rosy be aware of what is going on around her," I ask in a controlled tone.

"It is possible," Doc says.

I sit Rosy up on the lounge and look at Sam, Mitchell and Dwayne. "Mitchell, come and let your sister lean on you while she's asleep."

"My sister," Mitchell is nearly crying as he moves to sit on the lounge. I settle Rosy against his chest and he wraps his arms around her securely.

"It's going to be all right Rosy, I promise," Mitchell whispers softly as he straightens up and glares at Edwin.

"Edwin, outside," I order. "Steven, Dwayne, Sam, make sure the others keep out of this," I say in little more than a snarl as I head for Edwin.

He backs out of the room carefully, and I don't wait for him to make it out the screen door before I launch myself at him.

"You should have let her leave," I say and punctuate it with a fist to the face.

"You got no business manhandling any she-kitt," I grunt and slam a series of short punishing shots to his ribs.

Edwin is unable to defend himself against the fury of my punishment and I pause for a moment to take a deep breath. "You will never lay a hand on her again unless she gives you a written invitation!"

"You heard her. She's their sister or at least half sister," Edwin yells at me as he takes several steps backwards. "We can't just let her leave!"

"We can't let her leave," I ask. "Who the hell are we?"

"You, me, hell any of us," Edwin says in disbelief. "Any warrior worth his pay does not leave a she-kitt running around the country side unprotected."

"Did you have orders to stop her if she tried to run away," I demand tightly.

"No, and I have no intention of letting her run off then have to go chasing her across half of the state to catch her," Edwin yells angrily.

"Did you even listen to what she was saying," I demand angrily. "Haven't you worked out by now Rosy is not comfortable with the fact she is a werecat?"

"Micah, enough. Back off now," Wade orders tersely as he walks up to us.

I don't take any notice as I slam another punch into Edwin's ribs; he weaves drunkenly, his arms dropping slightly as he struggles to stay on his feet.

He is battered and bleeding but not badly hurt. I intended this as punishment and have been careful to inflict a lot of pain but very little serious damage.

"Micah," Wade roars, and at last I take several steps back before brushing the back of one hand across my forehead to prevent sweat dripping into my eyes.

Doc and Dwayne are standing with Wade and I have little doubt that they have filled him in on what this is about.

"I'm going back inside to check on Rosy," Doc announces tersely before heading inside.

I look around and see Malcolm, Chris and Timny standing well back out of the way. Steven is watching them and Dwayne glances their way now and then.

"Would someone care to tell me what this is all about," Wade demands with a thunderous look.

"Rosy got upset and was about to take off. Edwin grabbed her and she totally panicked. His team had to help him hold her down and Doc had to sedate her. Not happy with that, Edwin had to feel her up before he let her go," Dwayne says with disapproval.

"He what," Wade demands. The skin around his nostrils is white and I can tell he is enraged.

"He touched her breast through her clothing," Dwayne says, "most likely to make sure she was out cold."

"What the hell were you thinking Edwin? You were raised better than that," Wade demands. "And what happened to upset Rosy so badly that she would want to run off?"

"Doc was asking her questions about her parents," I admit, "trying to see if he could trace anything back, possibly to a clan."

"And this was important enough to upset her so badly she had to be sedated," Wade demands in a low hiss.

"Rosy said her mother was named Jeddah and things went bad from there," Dwayne cuts in. "Rosy doesn't have a very good opinion about werecats. I don't think she wants to be one and takes some comfort in the belief she was born 'normal,' as in human."

"I'm going inside to talk to Doc. Edwin you go over to the house so your mother can see to your injuries. You are to stay out of the quarters for the time being," Wade says tightly before heading inside. It is obvious Wade is aware there is the potential for Sam and Mitchell to come after Edwin for his disrespectful treatment of Rosy.

I stay outside to watch Edwin head towards the main house before I glare at his team then head inside. Wade is talking to Doc over by the kitchen door when I enter the lounge room; I pause as I take in Sam squatting in front of the lounge where Mitchell is still holding Rosy.

"How is she," I ask quietly as I move to just behind where Mitchell sits.

"Doc says she is perfectly fine," Sam answers quietly. "The stuff he used won't make her sick like last time."

"Doc, how long is she going to be out," I ask as I head over to where he is with Wade.

"She should start coming around in half an hour, forty minutes at the most, and be fully alert within the hour," Doc says. "She will probably be very upset when she is fully awake."

"You mean pissed off over being grabbed and drugged like that," I ask levelly.

"Exactly," Doc answers immediately.

"Why did you sedate her after the reaction she had to being drugged before," Wade demands tightly.

"I used a different drug, much milder and shorter acting, this time. As for my reason, she was in a blind panic from behind grabbed and restrained," Doc says dryly.

"What were you thinking ordering Edwin and his team to grab Rosy," Wade demands angrily as he turns towards me fully.

"Micah didn't give the order," Sam says tightly as he walks over to join in the conversation. "Edwin has been looking to get his hands on Rosy since she left the secure room. When we were hunting he was hanging around her and trying to win her favour every chance he got."

"Did Rosy show any signs of interest in Edwin," Wade asks hopefully.

"I think you're looking to the wrong son here Wade," Doc says and I glance his way to see him looking at me.

"Yeah," both Dwayne and Sam say in unison.

"Well maybe we need to think about somewhere safe and secure for her until the drug has worn off fully," Wade says. "Like the cage in the containment shed - sheltered but well away from everyone. Someone can check on her at intervals, and when she is relatively calm Mitchell and Sam can try to talk to her. I would offer for her to go in the secure room in the house but I don't want her near Jazzy while she is badly upset. We know there is no telling what she will do in any given situation."

"You can't put her in a cage," Mitchell exclaims in distress.

"Mitchell, she will need time and space to calm down once she is fully conscious. Someone can look in on her every ten minutes or so," Doc says quietly. "She has a lot of new information to come to terms with. I can guarantee all this is a much bigger shock for her than it is for you and your brother."

"Well it's settled then. Sam, Mitchell, take Rosy over to the shed and make her comfortable in the cage. Take a pillow and blankets as well as a bottle of water. Lock the cage and be back here in fifteen minutes," Wade orders firmly.

I see the look Mitchell gives Wade. He wants to object but he also wants Rosy to be safe once she starts to come around. And he wants to be able to try to talk to her when she does.

"You right with her," Sam asks as Mitchell gets to his feet cradling her in his arms.

Mitchell frowns as he looks down at her then looks at Sam. "You take her. I know which blanket she will want with her."

I want to head over to the cage with them but I know I will be met with savage resistance. Sam and Mitchell believed they had no family but each other and their father; now they probably have a sister and will want her to themselves for a time.

"Micah, I need to talk to you for a short while," Wade says firmly and I look his way.

"How about we have a cup of coffee and I can see if that cut over your eye needs stitches. I can go check on Edwin afterwards," Doc says in a tone that leaves no room for arguments.

I head into the kitchen and opt for a beer rather than coffee as Doc makes a cup each for him and Wade. I wait until they make themselves comfortable at the table before seating myself in a chair and meeting Wade's gaze evenly.

"Micah I don't know if you're aware of it, but things could be a little unsettled here for a while. Rosy is going to want to be near her brothers, if they are actually related and ..."

"There's no if about it, Wade. I asked Doc to come and talk to Rosy because of how attached those three are. Only I thought maybe Kurt Black's father, Sam and Mitchell's maternal grandfather had fathered one of her parents. There is talk he had a human girl friend," I say evenly. "I never suspected she could have the same mother as Sam and Mitchell."

"Rosy will have to stay here at the quarters for a while," Wade says quietly. "Nothing changes the fact she is a stray - well has the mentality of a stray. I need to be sure your sister is safe and that Rosy does not pose a threat to her. My previous orders as to the way she is to be treated remain."

"If Rosy doesn't take it into her head to run off, you want her to live here, under my roof," I state calmly. As chief warrior I am the head of this household.

"She is not to be reprimanded in any way. She is not to be made follow clan rules. It will probably take a long time for her to learn the rules but we can't help that," Wade says evenly repeating almost word for word his previous orders in regard to her.

"With Rosy being so upset we need to make everything as easy as possible for her so she can adjust to life in a clan. No reprimanding her, no orders, no rules," Wade says. "If Rosy isn't comfortable with the idea of being born a werecat, we can't expect she will act like a clan cat. Make the transition as easy for her as possible."

"If she decides to live here, she follows my rules and is taught how clan cats live." I tell Wade firmly, "she will get herself into trouble and possibly danger if she doesn't learn."

"No, you will not cause her more trauma," Wade snaps.

"If she lives here, she lives by my rules," I say evenly.

"No, you will do as I order in regards to Rosy," Wade says angrily.

"Well she can live in your house. I won't have her here under your terms," I say firmly.

"You will do as you're ordered," Wade says, clearly fighting for control.

I hold his gaze for several minutes; I intend to stand firm on this matter. I am aware of the warriors listening in discreetly from the lounge room and glance over my shoulder at Steven for a few moments before turning my attention back to Wade.

"If she lives here, she lives by my rules," I repeat evenly.

"You will do as I order," Wade says through gritted teeth.

I get to my feet slowly and Wade stands up as well. I turn away from the table calmly and look straight at Steven. "I'm looking for a new place to work, partner. You staying here or moving as well," I ask coolly.

"I'm with you. I won't work under Edwin again," Steven states, and I know it is a sentiment Sam and Mitchell share.

I hear the angry hiss from Wade but I walk from the room and then the building. I can only give Wade time to see if he thinks I am calling a bluff. I am not sure what I will do if he does but I do know we should have never treated Rosy the way he insisted.

"Shit mate, I hope you know what we're doing," Steven hisses quietly just behind me.

I pause as I look around the familiar surrounds of what has always been my home. Justin, Jazzy and Donny are headed my way from the house and it hits home that if I leave here under these circumstances it is highly likely I will not see Jazzy or Donny again for several years at least.

"Have you and Edwin been fighting," Jazzy demands in a stern voice as she comes closer.

"It's nothing for you to worry about," I tell her not wanting to upset her with what is going on.

"Is everyone back from the hunt yet," Donny asks hopefully with a glance towards the quarters.

"Yeah we're all back," Steven answers as he steps up beside me.

"I'm going to talk to Rosy," Donny exclaims happily and heads for the door.

"I'm going to go see Mitchell," Jazzy says with a slight frown and follows him. Justin gives a nod and heads after them.

"I'd better let Sam know what is going on," I say with a faint sigh and head towards the stone shed.

Uncertainty churns in my stomach and I swallow hard as I see Sam and Mitchell coming out of the shed. We meet up not far from the shed. Mitchell glances back the way they came while Sam regards me with a reserved expression.

"We were just heading back to the quarters," Sam says dryly.

"You'll hear when you get there but I thought I'd better tell you myself," I say evenly. "Wade is there, and he wants Rosy to move into the quarters permanently if she stays here. Same kid glove rules as before - no rules for her, no boundaries, nothing. I told him straight out that if she stays, she is taught our rules. Either she stays under my rules or she moves into the house. Wade is insisting she stay at the quarters and his orders are to be ..."

"Micah turned around in front of Wade and told me he is looking for work elsewhere," Steven breaks in. "Asked if I would be going with him. I won't break up our work partnership and I definitely won't work under Edwin."

"Shit," Sam exclaims, "tell me this is some kind of a joke! I won't work for that dickhead and I do not want Rosy at his mercy either."

"You saw what he did to her and it was more than making sure she was out to it," Mitchell snaps. "Edwin would charm his way into her bed first chance he got, and Rosy is starved enough for company and affection for it to work!"

"I'm well aware that you two will want to look out for Rosy whether or not she is your sister," I say calmly, "which is why I am saying something now. I hope Wade will see sense and not push his 'no rules' rule. Rosy needs to learn how to survive in a clan."

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