tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEnter the White Tigress

Enter the White Tigress


To Carson's amazement, the expansive meaning of the guidance from the Tao was unfolding into startling clarity. "...and, who better to share this fascinating exploratory adventure with, the search for the erotic Fountain of Youth," Carson laughed to his Cosmic Companions, "than the ever so delightful little Sensia, his one and only Ms S!"

Having come to grips with the startling realizations, Carson marveled at the amazing tie-in with the encounter he and Ms S had explored just a few weeks before. It was an unbelievably natural extension of all else rising to clarity in Carson's grasp of the Tao. That delightful summer day the call from Sensia came through, "Oh sweetie, it's so funny," she chuckled as she called Carson mid-morning. "That Suzi - she's such a crazy girl. You won't believe what she came up with this morning," Sensia laughed shaking her head.

"Well, considering what she's come up with so far," Carson laughed in reply, "with the upcoming 'toy' party and all, I can only imagine what else she's got up her sleeve." Carson had long been aware that Sensia and the girls working with her at the Institute talked as girls would - no major surprise there. Sometimes he worried about where that might lead, but for the most part he just found the stories she shared to be amusing.

Ms S was inclined to make the point that "just because I'm one of the old women in the organization doesn't mean I'm dead - or not enjoying a good bang," she pointedly stated to the startle and some confusion of the young fillies she hung out with. She got a kick out of blowing their dresses up, catching them off guard and watching them startle. For fun she threw out talk of Carlos, the new toy the old man picked up for her. You could hear the stunned silence, the gasp, then the giggles, as if she was pulling their legs. Of course, being better looking than most of them at 50-something, they paused to wonder what on earth went awry there. It was too funny.

"It was so hilarious," Sensia continued as she told Carson about the wide ranging and nasty discussion she and Suzi and their energetic little cohort, Joni had earlier that morning. "Suzi's got a friend..." she added laughing at the suggestion this statement implied. "See, we were talking about our old men and the goofy bastards they are, and Suzi wondered about Carlos - you know, how was our buddy...," she laughed again. "Oh, the teams here for the meeting so I've got to go. I'll tell you about her friend later. Love you!" she giggled again, signing off with the promise to fill him in later.

Carson just laughed. It was fun to hear his little lady "goofing" with her naughty friends like that. She needed friends to kick around these sorts of things with -- breathe some life back into her life, and she was such a delight to play with herself. Something was just so different about their life in the past couple years. Carson was finding such delight in his "hot little wife," he did wonder what role the Tao was playing.

She had been there for so long, back to the turn of his existence. But he was having so much more fun playing with her - playing with those amazing tits, baring her and reveling in pussy play -- new, better and interesting ways to play with those sweet goodies. It seemed Sensia's opening had more play in the last couple years than during the entire 13 years or so they had been hanging out together.


The balance of that resurgence lay in a wonderful new perspective that Carson could only think to attribute to 40 years of meditation and that magical Taoist connection with the Cosmic Forces. It was weird, but from Carson's perspective it was a concept addressing the future of love and marriage in the centuries to come. At the core, it centered around actually looking, "seeing" your own lover for a remarkable change of pace. Yes, actually watching, seeing your lover in action sexually. Somewhere along the way this bizarre twist occurred to Carson as he reflected on the lady he was involved with. Men don't sit back and look at their own women once they've wooed them into a long term relationship. In particular they don't look at, appreciate, and revel in those intimate places, the sweet tender spots between their legs they had been so driven to get next to - before they got next to them.

"Indeed," Carson continued to his Cosmic Companions, "based on these texts I've run across, from an erotically Taoist orientation you "see" your lover. As a Jade Dragon with a White Tigress, you actually arrange a viewing spot out of sight so you can watch your Tigress in action with a Green Dragon. The notes say to maximize your jing and Qi, you cultivate and urge your lover to sexual peaks of orgasmic reverie, through whatever may be available including using other males as the Green Dragons," he noted. "Wow, given the exciting evolution of the last year or two with Ms. Sensia, I see we may have totally missed the boat of exciting relationships - not just for Ms S and me, but for a whole culture."

He got such a kick out of teasing her, pushing her to new heights of orgasmic excitement through explorations and newfound erotic adventures. The Tao, those wild and crazy Cosmic Companions, may be that driving force opening their eyes to the quantum leap significance of that mutual orgasmic state. As the texts noted, the more dramatic their orgasmic experience, the greater increase in Sensia's jing, her sexual energy, and her Qi.

So to be sure I got this straight Carson chuckled to himself thinking it might serve as a good line to use in a bar for getting laid, "through probings with my jade stalk, I take a long soak in the pool of jing within my lover's Jade Gate, firing up my own jing," he commented smiling. "Then through contemplation I then convert our combined jing, increasing my Qi. In the end this, ultimately brings me nearer to immortality. I can't wait to share that wild eyed little gem with my wild eyed little dinner companions," he laughed aloud marveling at the twist of a concept.

"Oh my Heavenly Holies!" Carson gasped in complete awe at the life changing constructs emerging around him. "Even better to crown that," he marveled, raving on to his Cosmic Team, "Sensia, because she's a woman, walks away from the sex action totally undiminished. In fact, she can savor orgasmic events, enjoying even more enhancement of her jing and qi. That's crazy, but someone made the point that's why women often live longer than men. This is outrageously wild -- like discovering the Fountain of Youth! The more ecstatically orgasmic sex is for our delightful Ms S, the more jing she can share with me. That helps me live an even longer, more fruitful life! Holy Pete I love it!" he exclaimed to his dear, wild and crazy Cosmic Team. "This is absolutely earth-shaking - Fountain of Youth stuff!"

That dramatic emerging perspective spurred introduction of Carson's new found buddy Carlos. Now so confident in his own staying power with cialis he was having fun talking Ms S into letting his friend Carlos have his way with her too. Being the willing adventurer Ms. Sensia let "the boys" play with her opening, though his thick 8 inches never made the cut -- too big. It was only a "toy" he later shrugged and his lover's predictable reaction suggested more of a medical procedure than a stranger's rigid shaft.

Carson's solution was to find another buddy - Carlitos, Carlos' younger brother - slimmer, shorter - and let Carlitos try his hand at her pleasure. At least that was the scene playing in Carson's deliciously perverse imaginings.


"So, I wonder...," Carson puzzled as the rest of the day passed after that phone call from Sensia earlier. "What do you suppose she meant? Why did she sound that way, slightly breathless, giggly, when she said Suzi had a friend...?"

Picking Sensia up at the end of their day of meetings for the Institute, the answer to that puzzling question was quick in coming. Carson was surprised at how animated and breathless his little lady was.

"Oh my gosh," she promptly exclaimed as she buckled in for the drive across town to pick up Jaker from school, "you won't believe it sweetie! It's been the most unreal day. That crazy Suzi - she's really done it this time," she went on.

"Oh, she's always done it," Carson laughed. "What kind of orneriness has the scamp got herself into this time? Oh yeah, and who was this friend you mentioned this morning? Been wondering about that all day," he chuckled noticing the flushed look on Sensia's face. "She's probably got herself in big trouble this time."

"Well...., noooo...," Sensia hedged slightly for a moment, "but she may have gotten me into trouble - I don't know," she continued hesitantly. "You remember I said earlier that we were talking about our "old men" and their nastiness this morning... Well, I told them my old man tried our new buddy, Carlos, with me but I was too tight - Carlos couldn't play in me for you. I joked that you were disappointed because you really wanted to watch our buddy fuck me. We were just talking nasty, us girls. And they did this "NO Way!" thing - their men do not urge them to screw another guy. Freaked them totally out -- its so much fun to blow their dresses up," she laughed.

Ms S said she had explained, "it kind of started back with the porn star pics you had taken, dressing and undressing me naughty for you and the camcorder, and on and on, and now with Carlos. I told them it was something all about you wanted to objectively watch the erotic side of your own lover - ME!" she added. "Then I told them you were just a sick minded old bastard -- they believed that!"

"Of course," Carson laughed in response, "in turn keeping me so turned on by you on a continual basis - it won't stop. ... and they were confused or disturbed by the idea. For one, we're too old to be erotically excited about each other. Second of course, their men don't even "look" at them or picture them as porn star girls they want to get a peek at. Jealousy comes to mind in such a depraved suggestion from your man in your discussion. I love it!" he laughed slapping the steering wheel.

"Well....., yeah....," Sensia laughed in agreement, hesitation in her voice. "That was where it started," she continued. "Then, because I said you were disappointed with Carlos, and we were going to find an alternative, Suzi had an idea! Suzi has a friend...," Ms S laughed, shaking her head, "Oh that Suzi," she smiled to herself.

"Ohhhh..., okayyyy....." Carson started chuckling to himself, "Oh....!" he then exclaimed in surprise and delight, "Ohhh...., reallyyy....?" He now half inquired.

"Well...., yeah...," Sensia hesitantly excitedly responded gauging Carson's reaction. "Yeah, Suzi has a friend, actually a nice young guy, he's come by the shelter a few times. I visited with him a couple times before -- a very sweet kid - well, not really a kid - in his 30's, has some job with the city I think. But, he's a nice guy. Suzi says he has no girlfriend and is one of those guys, short on the social skills to line up a girlfriend. If it wasn't for generous Suzi he wouldn't have gotten his rocks off for years," she laughed shaking her head, marveling at the rascal that Suzi was.

"Oh, really....?" Carson again inquired, "Suzi tried him out herself - that would be like a stamp of approval wouldn't it?" he laughed.

"Oh, it wasn't anything major, and not really a mercy fucking either." Ms Sensia replied. "More like he hangs out at their place all the time, and her old man was gone. She was feeling horny, and ta da, Tim happened to have a hardon, so she just used it. She said something about having a night shirt on, no panties, and then he had a hardon...," she added, smiling.

"That's our Suzi!" Carson laughed. "Conveniently he had a hardon, possibly related to her treasures on display - and it fit rather nicely. She give any clues on how he was - how big, hard, eager, what he did?" Carson inquired, trying not to sound over interested.

"Average length and thickness," Ms S quickly responded, now sensing this game may play and not be awkward. "Actually, based on my description of Carlos, Suzi thought I would handle Tim just fine. And get this...." She added, that breathlessness in her voice again, "Suzi thinks he's had so little pussy he was extremely attentive, spent time going down on her and playing, exploring until she was nearly crazed with excitement," she laughed, now grinning from ear to ear.

"Ha, ha, ha, oh my god!" Carson laughed aloud, "Maybe we've found a Carlos replacement," he shook his head. "Oh, here's Jaker. We'll take this up later this evening when your panties are off and we can 'talk' in more detail," he laughed popping the car lock to let Jaker in.

Ms. Sensia's eyes danced with excitement the rest of the evening, delighting in the turn the conversation had taken. Later that evening, her little yellow nightshirt and no panties outfit in place, she snuggled up in bed to tell Carson the rest of the story of her day.

"Heh, heh, yeahhh," Carson chuckled in response, lying next to his lover and fondling the sweetness of her opening. "Ahhhhh, and very wet besides," he continued to chuckle. "Here, let me slip this into that wonderful wet spot, and then tell me more about our new found friend Tim, okay?" he suggested easing into his lover from the side. "Our new buddy is already making this a little hotter and wetter - and he hasn't even been in the neighborhood," he laughed thrusting deep into his lover.

"You are so nasty," Sensia replied eagerly thrusting back against him, "....and Mr. Happy is more rigid too!" she added. "So, anyway," Ms. Sensia picked up where they left off earlier, "Once Suzi came up with this, considering all I said about finding a more realistic Carlos, she kind of pushed me. It was like I really should do this, should fuck Tim, especially if it was no big deal between us. She thought Tim might even be up for letting you watch or join in or something. We went to the main offices for the day for meetings, and when we got back to the shelter, guess who was there! He talked to the chef for a while, and when I had things settled and people off helping our clients, he settled in at the dining table to visit with me. God, it was almost like a courting thing." she added somewhat breathlessly.

"I nearly freaked out," she went on excitedly, Carson's shaft now rock hard as he stroked her slippery opening. "Suzi must have called and let him know I was interested in screwing him. I mean, it was bizarre, but oh so exciting. I've visited with him before a few times, but this time I kept picturing those wonderful long legs between my legs, that sweet, small ass of his thrusting. Oh my..., and I don't know why he doesn't have a girlfriend. He's a sweetie, those lips going down on me - ohhhh myyyy..." she moaned thrusting back hard against Carson's erection driving long and hard into her. "Ohhhh yeahhhhhh..., you know, I can almost feel that build up of jing energy inside me like you were talking the other day." She cried out, the orgasm exploding in her loins.

"Oh yeah! Oh yes, yes, yessssssss!!" Carson exclaimed, pumping his seed into his lover's depths, the wild naughtiness sending them both over the edge. "Oh wow, so wild, leave it to Suzi to come up with something so outrageous," he laughed. "I can't believe it. Did you decide to give him a little, set up a 'date'?" Carson hit her with the questions.

"Well.....," Ms S responded enjoying the exploratory finger of her lover in her slippery opening. "Hmmm.....," she reacted as Carson toyed with her. "He just said outright that he had talked with Suzi and she had told him we were looking for someone to join in on our play. I told him it was just pussy play, nothing serious. He agreed that was okay - definitely nothing serious - just some fun play, grins and giggles -- and orgasms," Ms S filled in.

"So....," she continued, "I told him some day after my meetings I could pop over to his place while I'm waiting for you to finish up a Dr. appointment, and he and I could get acquainted, explore the hole thing -- see what comes up if you know what I mean. I can't believe it," Ms S laughed giving Carson's now semi-stiff dick a squeeze.

"Ohhhhh, too funny!" Carson laughed. "I can't believe it either - that Suzie is a fast girl isn't she?" he shook his head laughing, "You know I have a meeting at 3:00 tomorrow, right? You could try him out while I'm busy - then I could swing by and pick you up," they both grinned. "So wild sweetie," Carson excitedly added, "you bring this young Tim up and our sexual energy, our Qi and jing, are right off the orgasmic charts. You try him out, and we'll see how cranked our jing and qi are after that! So excellent - the crowning pathway to our immortality -- open wide and say AHHHH sweetie!"


Carson cracked up in laughter to himself as he marveled with the texts unfolding the broader scope of the whole Taoist approach to existence and life extension for him. It was becoming very clear males lives would primarily be extended through absorption of those wonderful women's vital energies of qi and jing. "Wow," Carson marveled, "This is clearly one of those secrets we shouldn't let out as we all grow old and die. Women possess enormous power in the act of sex, and they walk away undiminished from the act. They have power to bring forth life, and unlike males, don't have to worry about the loss of jing through fluid discharge." He marveled as the words of the texts echoed through his mind.

He chose not to torment his companions with the details, but the texts explored the two forms of qi or chi: male energy (yang) and female energy (yin). In sex these two energies are unified. A process of rotation casts off stagnation and upon mutual orgasm creates a momentary connection with Universal Chi. To Carson's complete fascination, mutual orgasmic union of male and female results in creation of jing -- a sexual energy. When jing forms, the man can transform some of the jing into qi, replenishing his lifeforce.

Of course for Taoists following this line of belief, as noted in the dynamics laid out, sex was not only about pleasing the male. Carson knew this would be confusing to some women, but according to the literature, women had to be stimulated and pleased to orgasmic heights for either of them to benefit from qi in the act of sex. Of course then, sex could only occur if both partners desired it. Performed this way, the woman creates more jing, and the male more easily absorbs the jing to increase his own qi.

Carson shook with laughter as an entirely awesome erotic side of Taoist world view flooded to the forefront of his Taoist approach to existence. Since ancient times the Taoists cultivated the power of sexuality to heal the body, deepen love involvements, and access heightened states of enlightenment. Convoluted as it may seem at first glance, a major Taoist belief held that longevity or immortality is attainable through sexual activity. Major sexual techniques include mastery of differences of sexual arousal of male and female, harmonizing sexual will and desire, and liberating and activating the female while relaxing the male.


The following day dawned cool and clear, but promised to be a hot one. Up before dawn they gathered their stuff and readied for an exciting day. Chuckling to himself, Carson marveled at his lover's enthusiasm, "gathering up a few things to change into later..., just in case something comes up...." She put that wonderful little short skirt, her play time cleavage bra and a minimal top into her bag, and had him find that lubricating oil for her. Needless to say, Carson's member stiffened at that, and it took everything he could to distract himself all day to avoid spending the day erect all the way through the meetings.

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