tagErotic HorrorEnter The Winter Darkly

Enter The Winter Darkly


Winter was certainly his favorite season. The nights were longer and the frost coated everything in diamonds. Tristian looked up into the sky, watching the snow swirling through the street lights. He wished winter would get on with it. While it had snowed, as of yet there had been no storms. The sky was growing heavy and dark, the wind picking up. He smiled to himself; he needed a storm to feel that winter had truly set in.

He leaned back against a lamp post and let his mind stretch and run like water, out among the holiday shoppers.

Their joy, anger, their pain and excitement pushed in all around him, whispered words into the deep of him. Something brushed against his mind, a need that triggered the hunger so powerfully that his shoulder slipped off the lamp post. It was so sudden and intense that for just a moment he couldn't move.

The sheer numbers of women around him pulled him from the edge of the familiar darkness. They pressed all around him, intent on their holiday shopping, despite the impending storm.

Fists clenched, he tried to pull his need in, hold it still enough to keep himself from grabbing the nearest woman and ravaging her.

Tristian could smell every person in the stores surrounding the park. Their scents were even clearer than their thoughts had been. This woman was gravely ill. That one was sleeping with two different men. Another was pregnant.

He forced himself to lean back against the pole to still his mind. He had to find someone.. now. Something.. special. He stretched his mind, searching for the hint of someone warm and dark. His black eyes scanned the park and shopping area, hunting through the curtain of falling snow. He stood so still in his careful search that a fine dusting of white settled on his shoulders and pale hair.

He set his entire mind to the hunt. He held every passing woman inside himself briefly, searching. No longer did he simply take what he needed; he searched for those who desired. Gave them something in return.

Ah… there. The sense of a strong desire again, an unfulfilled need. A carefully concealed soft darkness in someone who was at the moment standing in quiet reverie. The hunger sharpened his vision. Almost in the trees she stood, past the shops and shoppers, beyond the park, face up to the sky. Her pleasure came from the falling snow; her consciousness was filled with the uncomplicated joy of it. Underneath, though, were dreams that seared him.

He stilled everything inside him, the excitement and urges, and slowly moved forward. Cinnamon-colored hair fell down her back in large snow-frosted curls. Her skin was rosy from the cold, her full lips a brilliant scarlet. She wore a long coat of burnt-red cinched tightly around her waist, accentuating her shape.

He pulled her scent into him, made it a part of himself. He nearly laughed; more cinnamon. Carefully he wrapped himself around her consciousness, taking her thoughts into his own so he could easily swallow her mind when needed.

Tristian suddenly knew what he needed to do.

Moving more quickly than anyone could see, he came up behind her, drawing her awareness deep inside him, so she would not have the power to bolt. His fingers came up to tangle in the hair at the back of her neck. His touch completed the link that made her helpless, open to him.

He felt a strong bolt of shock and desire burn through her when he gently tugged those soft curls.

Yes. Truly the right choice for him. She would feed his hunger nicely.

"Now, my lovely." He whispered softly. Delighting in the shiver that ran through her. "Shall we move on to somewhere a little more... dark?"

She had fallen into a foggy haze as his mind held hers captive, all thought of panic and fright locked out. Only his will kept her knees from turning to jelly.

Fingers still twined in her hair, he guided her further into the trees. He had intended for this to be a relatively simple feeding, carrying the girl into the wood to sate his need while he quickly sated hers. But those dark thoughts hidden in her head brought to him another hunger.

Deep into the trees they went, feet crunching in the snow. He kept her in a submissive state by careful tugs at her hair every dozen steps or so. They walked until the snow showed no scars but their own.

"Stop." His whisper was a shout in the cold silence. There were no other sounds but the creaking of the trees and a soft whimper from the girl . Her every exhalation left a brief plume of condensation in the air. He'd always loved that visual proof of life.

He could feel a soft warmth growing in her. Definitely the right choice.

"Turn to face me."

As she moved to obey he felt her fear and quenched it before it had barely registered. He was not one to feed on those emotions. He wanted this to be a pleasant experience. Maybe even something to transform her.

Amber eyes. Very nice. Her autumn-and-gold colored clothes made them glow even in the dark.

His deep eyes swallowed hers; stealing whatever resistance she had left. He tilted her face up as her lips parted. Now he did laugh, low and deep. Ah yes. Cold lips met warm in a deep lance of passion.

As they kissed, his lips pulling at hers, his fingers came up to unbelt her jacket and pop the buttons free. He slid his hands into the warm fabric cocoon, they crept to her sides to hold her tight. Her sigh pushed against his lips. Hunger coiled like a snake in his stomach. A growl climbed up his chest as he lifted her to lay her down in a snow bank.

The sudden cold brought her slightly out of her stupor. She was now aware enough to feel everything he did, but not enough to resist.

Still kissing her, tasting her, his hand slid up her side, gathering the blouse so it pulled against her breasts. He nibbled at her lips while a thumb came around her ribs to stroke the underside of one breast. No bra. Wonderful. He was so deep into her mind he felt her shiver before it ran through her.

A thought flashed through her mind and was quickly suppressed. A flush crept up her neck. "Your desires are not so easily hidden, my little one." In a blink, he had both of her hands above her head, trapped in his left hand.

The warmth turned to heat. His right hand moved from her side to caress the curves of her lovely breasts.

Again he gathered her blouse and used it to rub against her nipples. They were hard pebbles long before his fingers touched them, tugging them into lengthening.

Another soft sigh, but now the edge of it was a moan. He pushed her hands deeper into the snow to make sure she couldn't fall too deeply into his mind. The hunger demanded he move faster but he fought it, nipping her lip in his personal struggle. He wanted just a little more.

In defiance of the cold, she wore a skirt, long and russet-colored. His hand left her breast to pull the hem up. The shot of cold pulled a soft sound from her. His fingers found what they were looking for, the soft roundness, already terribly hot. Oh so carefully he pressed, promising her body more.

That brought a moan.

With her hands still trapped in his steel grip, he pulled away slightly to gaze at her. Her beautiful hair created a shadowy frame in the snow for her flushed face. Her eyes were closed, lips parted. Beneath the rucked-up brown skirt he found black panties with stitched black satin hearts on them.

The sight of them inflamed him. He kept himself in control; pushing her hands further into the snow, waking her slightly and strengthening her smell.

He brushed his hand along the crease of her thigh, sending a shiver through her body. Questing fingers slid under the elastic band. Ah… she was definitely enjoying herself. He teased her, brushing the back of his fingers along the dampness of her soft folds.

He inhaled deeply of her fragrance, the scents of cinnamon and musk settling into him.

Her hips rose to meet his touch, to encourage him further. There was not a thought in her of how odd it was to be helpless in the snow, at the whim of a stranger. All her thoughts were of passion, of here and now.

"Ah.." A growl of a word. " Hold still, Lovely. I want you to hold still." His power over her gave her no choice. She fought to keep her body in check, to still her writhing.

As reward he slid a finger into her. A surprise in the warm damp of her.

"Do NOT move your hands."

He released her wrists, and she lay there, bound only by his will. With both hands he eased her panties down and slid her legs apart to find a hidden jewel. A tiny blue ball lay against the most sensitive part of her, held by a ring pierced through her hood.

After a light caress to that tender, moist button, he reached up to rend her blouse open, exposing her hardened nipples to the cold air. With a gasp, her eyes flew open but her body held still. She was partially awake now, but remained motionless, following his will. The urge to taste her nearly overwhelmed him.

Trembling he kissed her nipples, pulled each one up in his lips. He kissed a path down her stomach and up each thigh.

Now her legs were shaking in effort. Suddenly he had his tongue in her, caressing that special decorated place. She cried out and he felt her falling deeply into him.

Ah, no, he couldn't have her slipping too far away. He'd never been with anyone he could so easily control. He gathered up some snow in his fingers and pushed it into her. She made a sound that was almost a scream.

Everything in him was yelling at him to take her, but his tongue never stopped it's movement. Her breathing turned to sobs and he felt her lose her hold on her own body the second before her hips rose to meet him.

The snow shoved inside her had melted. He slid two fingers deep into the heat of her. She was nearly where he wanted her to be. Her hips and her sobs rose with the rhythm he created. A third finger slipped inside her.

In that timeless, bottomless moment before her climax he finally let his teeth slide out and into her soft vulnerable flesh to quench his own need. With a scream she came so hard that he saw the stars exploding behind her eyes. Every part of her arched and she nearly lost her hold on consciousness.

When they were both sated, and she lay in a deep haze from his control, he carefully dressed her. Panties back in place and skirt down. The blouse was hopelessly ruined so he let it be, and carefully re-wrapped her in the now damp jacket.

As Tristian lifted her, he noticed that the snow around where he had laid her had melted into quite a valley. He kicked scattered drifts into it to hide the small amount of blood that he had somehow missed. A crimson stain on the brilliant white. He took her hand to lead her away, moving slowly for her legs were still weak.

He cuddled her to him in his mind. He knew he had brought something out in her that she could no longer ignore. He led her from the trees, back through the park, and settled her into a half-empty coffee shop.

"Thank you, Lovely." A soft caress of his fingers through her hair. He blurred the edges of her memories slightly so there would be no panic in her when she once more returned to awareness. He took a long good look at her, thinking that maybe he would look for her again, to see what she had become.

It was thirty minutes before she was aware of herself and her surroundings. She sat at a table in the corner of a small cafe. There was a cooling cup of coffee in her hands.

Was it a dream? Her eyes moved out to the park. Something in her felt different and her body ached. The dreams she'd always denied, had held deep inside now a part of her: brought to the surface and set hard in every part of her.

Her life was never going to be the same.

The wind pushed against the windows, bringing her back. The storm that had threatened all day was in full force now. Winter had finally arrived. The dark cold of it touched her deeply.

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