Enterprise Ch. 2


A Week later, I returned to T'Pol's quarters, under her instructions. I was not sure what to expect after the previous weeks amazing Blow Job. But it had worked the trick. My dick no longer mimiced an iron rod when T'Pol was around at work. Now, however, was a different story, and these uniforms had not been designed for a man with an 8" stiffy.

I knocked on T'Pol, and her familiar voice deemed me to enter.

"Ah lieutenant, I see your efficiency is beginning to drop." Said T'Pol, glaring at my cock. If I didn't know better, I would have said that the sight of my erect member made her pleased.

"You 'cum' last week was most ecsquisite, and so this week, I wish to try it again."

This was good, I was looking forward to having my dick between her lips again.

"However," she continued, "I will not 'blow you off' again"

My heart sank,

"But through my research, I have identified a different way to taste it. It is a type of foreplay referred to as a 'tiity fuck'"

Even better I thought! A chance to get my hands, mouth, and dick on this sexy vulcan's tits!

"But first, you will kiss me, for I wish to learn more about this stage of sexual foreplay!"

"Look!" I butted in, "this is the second week and we still seem to be on foreplay. Foreplay is mean't to make sex better. How can it do that when we aren't having sex?"

She looked at me as if I had just asked a question that a 5 year old could answer.

"On Vulcan," She said, "Foreplay can last up to 2 months! The more foreplay, the more enjoyable the sex is. We will indeed 'shag' in time, however, it is an earth saying:

'All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait'"

I had no answer to that, and decided that I would just have to wait. However in the mean time, foreplay can be fun. I walked up to T'Pol. She was fractionally shorter than me. Our faces were an inch away from each other.

I lean't forward and kissed her. Immediately my arms went to her back and pulled her closer to me. If she wanted to learn how to kiss, I was gonna show her properly. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. I opened my eyes to see if she was enjoying the kiss. Her eyes were open. She was almost wooden. We had gone a step back from last week. I closed my eyes again. My hands moved to the back of her head, caressing her short brown hair. My tongue explored her mouth and ran over her tongue. This may have been the first time that human saliva had been in a Vulcan mouth.

Slowly she seemed to melt, and begin to move with me as I kissed her. Suddenly I felt her arms embrace me, and her tongue enter my mouth. I may be the first human to taste Vulcan saliva. It didn't taste much different from my own really. I checked. Her eyes had closed too. She was really getting into it, and to be honest, she wasn't too bad. We must have kissed and caressed each other for 15 minutes, before T'Pol broke the kiss.

"Most... Interesting!" She said, "but now, what you have come for!"

She stepped back. She undid the belt she wore around her chest, and moved her hands to her back. There was a snap as she undid a catch, and then in one swift motion she undid her one piece, Vulcan uniform. She stepped out of it. I stood there staring. She was wearing a white pair of panties, and a white bra. However her tits were almost exploding out of the bra as it was obviously too small for her.

She had noticed my gawping and my silence.

"Is there something wrong with my appearance? I apologise if the underwear is incorrect, but Vulcans do not normally wear under garments, and I had to borrow them from someone else."

I finally found my tongue again, "no there's nothing wrong. Its just that you are so amazingly gorgeous."

Obviously not often complimented on her body, T'Pol raised her eyebrow and said nothing. Instead her hands went to the back of the bra, and another catch was heard coming undone. The bra fell to the floor. I couldn't believe how well rounded and firm her tits were. I couldn't help myself. I walked towards her, and pushed her onto the bed. I bent over and began sucking on her nipples, and kneading those beautiful globes. In fact T'Pol began moaning. Then she stopped me. I understood what she wanted. I removed my uniform rapidly, and took up a postition straddling my superior officer at the chest.

I lowered by huge prick between her breasts, and she pushed her two hulking tits together, creating a sanwich of my dick. I thrust forward, and immediately she took the head of my penis into her mouth and sucked it. I pulled back, but she kept the head in her mouth. My hands roamed till they were fiddling with T'Pol's nipples. I continued to thrust between T'Pol's amazing tits. I couldn't believe their beauty.

After only 10 minutes, I knew that iwas gonna cum. My balls swelled, and my penis grew even more.

"I'm Cumming T'Pol, I'm Cumming!" I announced.

As I thrust forward for the final time, T'Pol gave my dick one godd hard, last suck. That was it. I shot my load in her mouth again. It was a large wad, and try as she may, T'Pol couldn't swallow it all. In fact my spunk began to leak out of the corners of her mouth. I pulled my dick out, as it continued to spurt its white gold. Wads shot across onto T'Pol's hair, face and upper torsoe. But my dick didn't hold out forever, and now spent, it was reduced to its limp state.

T'Pol began to collect the cum from her body, and lick it up.

"That was," she said between licks, "better than before!"

As her tongue snaked about her own breasts, I knew that fucking this Vulcan would be amazing. However, I was suddenly overcome with Guilt. I had cum twice with the help of T'Pol, but she had not cum yet.

"T'Pol," I said. She looked up at me. "I want to do something for you. I want to eat your pussy."

T'Pol remained quiet for a while, obviously remembering what this entaled.

"That will not be possible." She finally said, "Vulcans can only 'cum' during Pon Farr. However, you may try if you wish."

A little dismayed at her revelation, I vowed to try to pleasure this Vulcan Goddess. I slid down her body, letting my tongue explore her fully. I licked her tits, and her firm stomach. Once kneeling between her shapely legs, I realised how athletic T'Pol must be. Her legs were beautiful, like that of a runner, and her stomach firm. I licked her legs and dispossed of her panties.

Her muff was beautiful. There was a small rectangle of dark brown hair. And the smell escaping from her pussy was intoxicating. I kissed up the side of each of her legs, till arriving at her pussy.

I delved my tongue as deep in as possible. For a person who could not orgasm, T'Pol was doing a good impression. She grabbed the sheets of her bed at once. I withdrew my tongue, and thrust it in again. She thrust her hips up in rhythm. My tongue twisted about in her pussy, looking for her clit, and she squirmed around on the bed. Eventually I found her clit. I sucked on it. She erupted in smasm, breathing quickly and shallowly, before eventually screaming in pleasure. From her pussy came a sweet tasting liquid that I lapped up.

After she had finished, I stood up and got dressed.

"Evidently," she said, "I have been lied to . It must be only Vulcan males who can only cum in Pin Farr"

She was getting more used to the erotic words I had taught her now.

"You will return next week. I wish to explore this new found ability more." She ordered.

I didn't object. I just turned around and took one last look ast her beautiful naked body before turning and leaving for Night Shift.

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