Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 01


T'Pol dropped to her knees between Archer's splayed legs and unzipped the fly of his trousers, looking up into his eyes as her fingers reached in to find his semi-erect organ. She pulled it through the opening and lightly kissed along it's length. Her fingers lightly fondled his testicles as her tongue caressed his cockhead.

"Suck it." Archer ordered.

"Yes sir." she replied, taking the bulbous head into her mouth and sucking loudly. She worked her lips up and down about half the length for a few minutes, drawing guttural grunts from him. Then when he was fully erect she pulled away briefly. "And this is one of the advantages of which I spoke." she said.

In a single motion she engulfed the entire ten inches of Archers organ in her mouth, still able to work his meat with her talented tongue as she did so. She could tell Archer was impressed with her skills, and proceeded to perform the most incredible fellatio he had ever experienced. She could sense when he got close to the edge, and was always ready to pull him back.

"God that's good subcommander. Suck it nice and slow." he ordered, reaching down to grasp her bobbing head. "SUCK ME." he growled.

T'Pol did as he ordered, reaming her throat with the length of his cock as her tongue lashed the head with every stroke. Her fingers reached under him to tease his anus as she let him fuck her mouth. When she sensed his orgasm was close, she forced her slender digit past his sphincter and deep into his butthole.

"OHGAAAAYESSSS nghhhNggHHNGHHHHHH." he grunted, emptying his balls into her suckling throat as her finger fucked his ass.

She sucked every drop of semen from his organ, finally feeling his erection subside as she withdrew her finger from his anus. She swallowed the ejaculate before pulling her mouth from his cock.

"You see captain, I can provide a greater degree of pleasure than she can." T'Pol told him, still on her knees between his legs.

Archer thought for a moment. The blow job was one of the best he'd had recently, and she certainly deep-throated better than Hoshi. But what about other things?

Sensing that he wasn't convinced, T'Pol moved to the second step. "Captain, do you like my ass?" she asked, standing and turning around. She bent over the table and reached back to flip the short skirt up over her butt.

Archer could scarcely believe that he was now staring at T'Pol's gorgeous ass just a few inches from his eyes and hands.

"Go ahead and touch it Captain." she said, rotating her hips suggestively. "I know how much you all enjoy looking at my bum, so now you can feel it too." she added.

Archer grasped her firm cheeks and pried them apart to expose her back door. He watched in amazement as the wrinkled portal relaxed and opened on its own. He licked his index finger and pushed it inside, sliding it all the way up her seething hole to the hilt.

"Now just leave your finger in there and experience another advantage of the Vulcan female physiology." she told him.

Archer could feel the muscles in T'Pol's ass rippling along the length of his finger. Her rectal chute was working his digit like a set of velvety soft fingers, and there was obvious signs of natural juices inside her hole as well.

"Imagine what that would feel like on your cock." she said. "I can make you cum in my asshole without you doing anything." she added.

Archer's cock was in full erection once again. He abruptly withdrew his finger and stood up behind her. "Well let's just see how it feels for real." he said, putting the head of his meat against the niggardly opening and shoving it into her with a long thrust.

"AHHHHH!!" she yowled, her asshole forced to accept penetration without any real preparation.

"Feels good so far, subcommander. Why don't we just put that ass of yours to a real test!" he barked, sodomizing the lithe Vulcan with long and brutal thrusts. He had long wondered what this would be like, watching the saucy curves of her backside as she slinked around in front of him. He knew she was intentionally trying to seduce him, and now he had his cock up that tight bottom.

"When you're ready, you can stop fucking me and let me do the work sir." she told him, her hands gripping the dining table's edges as he slammed his penis deep into her bowels.

Archer yanked his cock out of her butt and looked down at the pulsating opening into the woman's bottom. The reddish tissues of her anus were a delight to behold, and he reinserted his meat with a hard thrust. "Do it bitch. Make me cum with your asshole." he grunted.

T'Pol began a gentle massage of his organ, her anal tunnel rippling sensuously along the sensitive flesh of his penis as he held himself deep inside her. She could feel the spasms of his rigid pole as her muscles alternately clenched and released along it's length. "Feel good captain?" she asked, knowing full well that it did.

"Yeah subcommander, it feels great. Now MAKE ME CUM UP YOUR ASS!" he growled, slapping her buttocks on both sides before grasping her slender hips and forcing the last few millimeters of his cock into her bunghole.

She consciously sped up the rhythm of her rectal muscles, working at his meat like a milking machine. She could feel that he was close, and willed her sphincter to clench and release in a rapid alternating 'sucking' of his cock.

"YEAH BITCH, TAKE MY CUM UP YOUR BUTT!" he yowled, her asshole accepting blast after blast of his semen. Then he yanked it out of her bottom, pulled her up, spun her around and shoved her back down to her knees. "Now suck me clean, you nasty Vulcan bitch." he ordered, shoving his oozing member into her mouth.

She was a bit shocked at his action; but knew she had to do it. He fucked her mouth hard as she swirled her tongue around his still oozing penis. When she sensed him relaxing, she allowed the softening organ to leave her lips with a lewd plop.

T'Pol looked up into her captain's face. He was smiling lewdly at her. "Not bad, subcommander. Not bad at all." he said, adding "I might just have a job for you other than as my Science Officer."

Then he got up, tucked his organ back into his trousers, and said "Now get that tight ass back to the bridge." he ordered, leaving her on her knees as he walked out the door. She noticed the guard leering at her and wondered if her demonstration had been enough....

****** continued in Chapter 02, Officers Reward *****

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