Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 02


"Yeah baby, sixty-nine is oh-so fine." he answered, laughing at his own poor rhyme.

Jennifer laughed with him as he set her down on the bed and hopped over her to lay on his back. "Now bring that little cunt up here." he ordered.

She did as he asked, straddling his head with her knees and immediately engulfing his throbbing organ in her mouth. "Mmmmmmm." she mewled, her sucking mouth eagerly consuming his hard meat as she felt his tongue make contact with her clit.

Travis' tongue knew what to do as he worked her nubbin in circles. His fingers pulled the cheeks of her butt wide, and he got an up-close-and-personal look at her virgin anal port. He was pleased that the lights he setup so carefully gave him plenty of illumination for this angle. Her little starfish was so perfect, so snug. He worked his tongue up and around her vulva to her perineum, where he teased the tender tissues between her vaginal and anal openings. She squealed and sucked wildly, her hips gyrating as his tongue found the little rosebud of her asshole and began to worm its way inside.

Jen paused her fellatio briefly. "Oh gawd Travis, please lick my butt. Make me want it. It's so nasty." she said, returning to her oral ministrations as her lover gave her sensations she could never have imagined.

They managed to induce each other to a simultaneous orgasm, bucking against each other madly as their bodies spasmed and quivered in sexual satisfaction. Travis held her loins close to his face, his fingers still splaying her ass cheeks so he could keep looking at her bunghole, still wet with his spit and her own pussy juice. He teased the little wrinkle with the tip of his index finger, bringing a tremble and a low moan from the young woman.

"God baby, let's give it a rest for a little while, okay?" she begged, swinging her body off of his and swapping ends so her face was near his.

They were both drenched in sweat from the intense orgasms, and both were thirsty for liquids other than each others'. Travis swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up. "Let's go sit by the table and have a snack and some more wine." he suggested, standing and reaching to help his new lover to her feet. "You know Jen, you sure are cute naked." he said, laughing.

Jen slapped his taut ass. "yeah, well so are you lover." she said. "How 'bout some more of those oysters?" she asked, holding her wine glass as he poured.

"Sure babe, whatever you want." he replied, walking over to the comm panel. He tapped the intercom button. "Chef this is Travis." he began, waiting for a response from the cook.

"Yes sir?" came the quick response.

"Can you send up some more of those smoked oysters please?" he requested.

"Of course sir, right away. I was just keeping them warm for you sir." came the response.

Five minutes later, they were stuffing their faces with more of the great seafood delights and washing them down with wine. Travis had added more of the special powder to the wine, just to keep the party going. He wanted Jen really horny for the next round.

"So.... Wow... where do we go next?" asked the still-naked Jennifer Kelly.

Travis reached over to grab the bag of toys Trip had brought by earlier. He set it down in front of her. "Check it out!" he told her, smiling.

Jen opened the bag and reached inside. The first thing she pulled out was the string of beads. "My gawd, what the heck do we do with these?" she asked, laughing.

"Well doll, they go up your ass." he replied, watching her eyes get wide in disbelief. "Don't worry babe, they aren't the first thing going in there." he added, patting her hand on the table. "and we'll make sure you're nice and relaxed before then." he said, picking up the jar of special lube and showing it to her.

"W-What's that?" she stammered, a little freaked out now.

"It's a very special lubricant that Phlox put together for us -- just for your your little butt." he replied. "He promised it would make it a very pleasurable experience for both of us -- no matter what we decide to do." he added, taking a long pull from his glass.

"Well okay then, let's see what else is in here..." she said, reaching into the bag again and pulling out the plug. "Oh my god, I think I know what this is; but .... her voice trailed off.

"No worries doll. If it hurts, we won't force it -- and that goes for anything else." he reassured her. "I promise I will not hurt you." he added.

"But you would really like to put your cock up my ass, right?" she asked, giggling in embarrassment at the idea.

"Uh... right, if we get there." he said honestly.

Jen reached into the bag again and pulled out a slender vibrator with a dozen or more ribs along it's seven inch length. She looked into Travis' eyes across the table and took the tip of the fake phallus in her mouth, feigning fellatio while staring him down. "Mm-mm good." she said after she withdrew the dildo. "This one could be nice in there." she added.

"Well alrighty then!" Travis replied, his imagination now alive with thoughts of stimulating this cute young woman's ass with the vibrator. Perhaps with enough of this, she'll want my cock in there too he thought, taking another long swallow of his wine. He watched as Jennifer Kelly opened the jar of lube and dipped a finger into the slippery goo.

She brought the finger to her mouth and licked off some of the lube with her tongue. "Mmmm. It even tastes pretty good." she said, putting the finger into her mouth and sucking it clean. "Wow, I can feel the affect in my mouth." she added. Travis just nodded and smiled.

"How about we take a shower together before we get started again?" he suggested.

"Sounds good sir." she replied, giggling like a little girl as she stood up and headed for the bathroom.

Travis rose and followed her sexy form, admiring once again the curves of her nubile, naked young body. Damn she is sweet he thought.

They showered together, washing each others' bodies eagerly in preparation for whatever would happen next. Travis spent a fair amount of time soaping up her bottom, being sure his fingers made contact with her nether port and the folds of her pussy. She did the same for his genitals, gently caressing his balls and shaft with soapy hands before rinsing everything thoroughly. By the time they had finished both were ready for more sex, as the aphrodisiac heightened the nerve responses in their sensitive areas.

"Time to dry off so we can get wet again!" he told her, turning off the shower's stream and reaching out for two towels. He handed her one, and they patted and rubbed each other until they were dry enough.

Then Jen stepped out of the shower, grasping his growing erection to pull him along. "come this way lover, let's do some more -- um -- sex." she said, her fingers gently stroking his length as they headed for the bed. She passed by the table and grabbed the jar of lube and the bag of toys. "Can't forget these!" she said. Travis laughed.

They arrived at the bed, and Travis had something in mind. "Lay on your belly and just relax." he told her, patting the bed. Jen did as he asked, the firm cheeks of her backside now beckoning his touch.

Travis knelt beside her prone form, his hands gently kneading her supple curves. She mewled her approval as he worked his way down her back. He skipped over her buttocks intentionally and massaged her legs, working slowly down one thigh and calf to her foot, then back up the other leg in reverse. By the time he got back up to her butt, he could smell her musky scent permeating the room. She had involuntarily parted her legs as he worked his hands up her thigh, and the dampness between her legs was unavoidable.

He paused briefly, reaching over to grab the jar and the bag. "Let's just see about this stuff." he said softly, opening the jar and taking a small amount on one finger.

Jen seemed to sense his intention, and slowly lifted her hips up off the bed, presenting her ass and pussy to him in a brazen display of sexual heat. Travis said nothing as he brushed the lubricant-coated finger along the already wet lips of her pussy, finishing at her puckered anus where it lingered long enough to deposit some of the goo just inside her ass. Then he returned to the jar for more, this time depositing just a small dollop right on her clit while the remainder was pushed inside her bottom.

"Oh my gawd that feels good Travis." she told him, her hips now writhing slowly in circles.

Travis used his thumbs to splay her cheeks wide, and lowered his face to push his tongue into her asshole. He could taste the lubricant mixed with her bodily fluids as he pushed the tip of his tongue several millimeters into her butt.

"OHHHYEAHHHH!!!" she growled, pushing her ass back to capture more of his nasty tongue in her now-hungry bottom. The affects of the lube were relaxing her anal sphincter, and she felt an inch or more of his oral digit sliding in and out of her asshole.

Travis was amazed. Jen's sweet little ass was practically begging for his attention. Without removing his tongue, he reached over and pulled the small vibrator from the bag, dipping it in the jar to coat it with lube. Then in one swift motion he pulled his oral digit from her butt and put the tip of the vibrator against her tiny hole. "Ready Jen?" he asked, not waiting for a reply.

"OOOOOHHHHHHYES!" she cooed as she felt the first couple of inches of the ribbed tool sliding into her ass. "Easy Travis, I've never had anything in there before." she told him.

Could have fooled me he thought, using the fingers of his left hand to spread her cheeks so he could see in detail the little ring of her anus taking the ribbed vibrator as he pushed. He slipped several inches into her bottomhole, then stopped and let her get used to it. Then he turned on the vibrator and began to slowly inch it further into her rectal chute. He watched her fingers begin a delightful dance on her clit as he screwed her virgin bung with the plastic intruder.

"You like it baby?" he asked, moving the vibrator it's full length into her ass before pulling it all the way out again.

"Oh yes Travis. I never expected this." she replied. "But I want to give you something too." she added. "Scoot yourself under me."

Travis couldn't move too quickly, and had her sweet pussy in his face and his cock in her mouth in moments. His tongue moved quickly to find her clit as his fingers moved the vibrator in and out of her rectal chute in a rhythm to match her lips on his organ. She was cumming within a few minutes, bouncing her pubis against his chin as he tried to keep his tongue on her nubbin and the vibe in her butt.


Without missing a stroke of his oral digit, Travis pulled the vibe out of Jen's ass and replaced it with the tip of the butt plug. As she crested the peak of her orgasm, he pushed it into her anus all the way in a single thrust.

"NNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAA!!" she squealed, her hips thrashing wildly as her asshole tried feverishly to expel the intruder.

Travis flipped the microswitch on the plug and her squeals turned into mewls of sexual heat, her mouth returning to his cock and sucking like a vacuum cleaner. It was time.

He lifted her off of his body and wriggled his way out from beneath her, leaving her buns-up on the bed. The humming plug was still buried in her bottom, waiting for him to withdraw it and replace it with his own flesh. He grabbed the jar of lube and slathered a handful on his dick. He immediately felt the numbing affect; but his penis was as hard as it had ever been.

Moving up behind her he soothed her trembles with his fingers, gently stroking her hips as he pressed his erection against her loins. "Just relax now Jen, I'm going to pull the plug out now." he told her, grasping the base of the plastic phallus and pulling gently.

"AHHHHH JEEZUS." she growled as the thickest part of the intruder stretched her sphincter to the limit -- a good 35 millimeters. Her muscles popped it out the rest of the way and it clattered to the floor.

Travis looked at her puckering ring and placed the head of his dick against the opening. "Easy now girl, I'm gonna put my cock inside your ass. I'll go easy; but I gotta do it." he said, his voice a bit raspy with raw lust.

Jen grabbed the bedding with her fingers and tried to steady herself. "Go ahead Travis. I-I want it, really." she told him. "OhhhhHHHMMM." came her groan of pleasure/pain as she felt the head of his cock pop past her anal sphincter for the first time. She felt incredibly full back there; but it was bearable thanks to the stuff they'd gotten from Phlox.

Travis used his thumbs to spread her cheeks so he could watch his meat pushing into the young woman's asshole, and applied a gentle pressure. The tight squeeze from her anal ring was almost too much; but the numbing lube was doing its job. He hoped it would continue to do so, and that Jen would let him fuck her tight anus for a good long time before he flooded her bowels with his semen.

Jennifer Kelly was in a trance now, her entire body was one intensely throbbing sexual organ with a large phallic tube now pushing into an opening that was normally an exit. Somehow she wanted more of his organ inside her, she wanted to feel even more stimulation in her bottom. "F-fuck me Travis. Fuck me in my tight bottom." she begged, moving her hips back to take more of his throbbing member.

He couldn't resist the temptation to bury his meat deep inside her, his hips involuntarily thrusting forward. He was still watching, amazed that her asshole was taking so much of his dick. A guttural moan came from deep inside her as he eased the remaining length into her butt. The buttery-smoothness combined with the clenching muscles was like a velvet vise holding his organ inside her body.

"God baby your ass feels so damn good. So tight and smooth." he told her, his penis spasming involuntarily in her colon.

"Y-yes lover, I know. I f-feel so f-full." she replied, her rectal muscles responding to the spasms of his cock with clenching spasms of their own.

Travis slowly pulled his dick almost all the way out of her ass, reveling in the way her muscles clenched and relaxed around his meat. Then he pushed back inside until he felt his pubic hair pressed against the firm softness of her buttocks. Out again and back again. He gradually established a rhythmic stroke in and out of her tight asshole, reaching beneath her to find her clitoris once again.

"OOOOHHHHHHHH do me lover. Make me cum." she mewled, writhing her hips in small circles to add to the rhythmic strokes. She was beginning to climb that incredible sensual mountain, and wanted them to find the peak at the same time again. "I want us to cum together again." she said quietly.

Travis tried to sense where she was, and to match his own passion to hers. Again he looked down to the point of penetration as his cock moved into her bottom. He pulled it out, this time all the way, and looked in awe at the gaping hole into her rectum. She squealed at him to put it back in, and he did. He drove his cock to the hilt in her bunghole, and began slamming it in and out of her, riding a wave of pleasure and taking her with him.

"I'm going to cum soon lover. FUCK ME." she squealed, her body beginning to tense and tremble as the hard penis thrust into her nether port in an ever-increasing rhythm of pure lust.

He couldn't stop now, no matter what. He skewered the young crewman's previously virginal butthole in a blur as she began to scream with her own orgasm. He felt the clenching spasms of her orgasm, the muscles inside her asshole gripping and clenching his cock and driving him over the top. Two more strokes and he gripped her hips and held his dick deep in her backside, the semen spurting into her bowels in spasms for what seemed like hours until they both collapsed -- his penis still buried deep inside her.

Jennifer Kelly regained consciousness flat on her belly, with Travis Mayweather still on top of her with his penis inside her. She consciously flexed the muscles of her rectal chute, squeezing his half-erect organ. It still felt good, even though the pounding he'd given her had brought some soreness to the tissues of her anal port. She continued the muscle contractions until finally he noticed.

"mmmm wow." he moaned into her ear.

With one last concerted effort, her rectal muscles pushed his meat from her hole and she wriggled free of his weight. "Wow is right ensign. I feel thoroughly fucked. How was your reward?" she asked, giggling at his semi-conscious stare.

"Oh god, what can I say?" he stammered, reaching up to brush the wisps of blonde hair from her cute face. "Another shower?" he suggested.

"Sounds good." she replied, following him into the bathroom.

They washed each other once again, this time with no passionate intent, and both of them dressed. Travis donned his uniform, as he was due on the bridge in an hour. Jen put on her casual clothes to return to her own quarters. She was expected in engineering at ten hundred hours, her commander allowing her an extra two hours to 'recover'.

Travis walked with her to the turbolift, saying very little. His cock was sated, his libido fulfilled, and he had done that with this adorable young crewman, Jennifer Kelly. He knew he would not be looking at her with the same detached lust as he had in the past.

His thoughts were interrupted as the lift stopped at the level for Jen's quarters and she prepared to leave. "Maybe we can do this again some time?" she asked, leaning toward him and planting a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Really?" he replied in disbelief.

"Well, yeah, sure, maybe." she answered, reaching back to pat her backside gingerly. "Gotta let my butt recover some." she added, smiling.

His reward complete, Travis went to the mess hall and downed a full breakfast, chugging several cups of coffee in the process, then reported for duty. He still wore the smile of a very satisfied officer as he replaced the third-shift con officer. Reward indeed.

***** Continued in Chapter 3 -- T'Pol makes a power play *****

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