tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEnterprise - the Other Side Ch. 03

Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 03


Enterprise – the Other Side – Chapter 3

T'Pol Makes a Power Play

T'Pol new she would have to do more to convince Archer to replace Sato as his concubine; but she was determined to do it in order to save the Terran Empire from a very dangerous situation. If she did not get on his 'good side', she would never have the opportunity to steer him down the path she knew he needed to travel. Hoshi would take advantage of her influence only as far as it played to her plan – and that plan had nothing to do with Archer. She planned to kill him and take over, using the Defiant's advanced weaponry and technology to defeat the Terran forces, then assume the role of Empress.

"Captain, I need to speak with you." T'Pol said, catching the leer from Sato as she said it.

"In my Ready Room subcommander." Archer replied. "Lieutenant, you have the bridge." he added, referring to Malcom Reed.

"Aye sir." Reed acknowledged, moving to take the Captain's place in the command chair.

Archer strode into his Ready Room, followed by T'Pol. As usual, the male crew watched her butt closely until the door closed behind them.

"What's on your mind, T'Pol?" he asked, pouring himself a shot of Andorian Whiskey. "Want more cock?" he asked, leering at her.

"N-No sir, at least not right now." she answered. "I wanted the opportunity to convince you of my value, both as a tactical and scientific officer, and in – ahem – more sensual roles." she said matter-of-factly.

Archer studied her for a moment, intrigued that she would be making this 'offer' to him. Perhaps she could be of more value than I've given her credit for? he thought. "Okay subcommander. I don't need convincing about your tactical or scientific value. I know what you bring to my crew as an officer." he responded. "So how is it you believe you can enhance my command in – as you say – a sensual role?" he asked, pouring another shot of whiskey and offering her one.

This time T'Pol decided to accept the drink, thinking perhaps it was something he expected. She watched as he poured her what was clearly a double, and took it when he held it out to her. "To our future as a team." she said, holding her glass up.

Archer, surprised that she accepted the drink, was even more so that she offered a toast. He clinked his glass against hers. "the team." he responded, downing his glass. He couldn't believe that she did the same, one swallow and it was gone. He held the bottle up and she offered her glass for a refill. Maybe this Vulcan bitch could be some fun after all! he thought. He reached over and depressed the 'do not disturb' button, noting the indicator above the door. Nobody would bother them now. He looked at T'Pol across the desk, and realized she actually was quite an attractive woman. Not only was her body exceptional; but her features were stunning. Some would even call her 'pretty'.

T'Pol knew about the privacy lock, and had noticed the indicator reflecting off the window when he reached over to activate it. She had a good idea what that meant, and had resigned herself to doing whatever he wanted – as long as it got her what she was after. She stood up and without being asked she peeled off the tight uniform top, exposing the breasts she knew he wanted to see. They stood up, proud and firm, from her chest. She watched his eyes as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband on her skirt, careful to catch the panties as well, and slipped those down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and expertly flipped them up with her foot, catching them and setting them on the desk - his desk. "Like what you see, Jonathan?" she asked, turning around slowly to offer him a brief look at her backside.

Archer kept his cool, looking at her with the steely cold eyes of a warrior. Then he waved her closer, reaching out to take a handful of her left breast. "Yes, yes I think I do like what I see." he told her, pinching the dark skin of her nipple before letting go to pour another round. He knew what alcohol did to her, and decided he wanted her 'loosened up'. Then he sat back, killing his shot of whiskey. "Come on over here and show me some of those sensual skills." he ordered, pulling open his shirt and tugging his pants down sufficiently to allow her the access he wanted her to have.

She walked around the desk and dropped to her knees between his legs, reaching down to lightly stroke his semi-erect penis. His hands cupped and kneaded her breasts, pulling her closer so he could kiss her on the mouth. She slithered her long Vulcan tongue deep into his throat, knowing it drove humans wild to feel that oral penetration. His organ was hard as a rock in moments, and she pulled away to work her lips down his neck and over his chest, pausing briefly to swirl her tongue around his sensitive nipples before going down to his crotch.

"Oh yeah you Vulcan whore, suck my cock." he spat at her, using his hands to position the head at her lips before pulling her head down on his meat.

T'Pol let him fuck her face for a few minutes, taking his length all the way into her throat and using her talented tongue on the head. Then she pulled away and looked up at him. "Now relax Jonathan, and let me do the work. I can give you pleasure well beyond that of any other woman. Just allow me to do it." she said, stroking his chest with her fingers. She took the bulbous head of his organ with her lips, working her tongue in a way he'd never experienced as she sucked. She looked up at him and enjoyed that his eyes had rolled back in his head. Her lips slowly rippled their way down the length of his shaft until they were locked around his root, still sucking, still working her tongue on the head. Then her luscious lips rippled their way back up to the head. She repeated the cycle a dozen times, taking nearly a minute per cycle and stopping when she sensed his orgasm threatening.

Archer had never experienced fellatio like this. No way Hoshi could even come close. Her throat wasn't nearly as deep, and her tongue couldn't do the same tricks. But she had that hot pussy. He pulled her head off of his cock and pulled her up. "Turn around and bend over." he ordered. When she had complied, he reached between her legs and pushed a finger into her cunt, finding it rather dry. Her body tensed. "Kinda dry down here, subcommander." he told her, his finger forcing aside the folds and jamming it's way into her. She squealed and squirmed; but didn't attempt to escape the attack. A second finger joined the first, and with a minute of manipulation her juices began to flow. "Ahhhh... finally...." he said, yanking his fingers out and putting the head of his dick at her opening. "Ready?" he asked, shoving his meat deep into her resisting vagina in one thrust. "Damn you're tight." he told her, gripping her hips and skewering her body with brutal thrusts. Her cunt was still quite dry and very tight; but he didn't really care.

T'Pol hated what he was doing; but knew she had to tolerate his abuse for the cause. Her vagina was not ready for penetration, as he had not provided any stimulation to prepare her. As a Vulcan, she could choose to ignore the pain, and even create some artificial lubricant inside her vaginal canal to ease the torture. She needed to get through this if she was going to succeed. "Unngghhh Ungghhhh UNGHHHH. YESSSS CAPTAIN FUCK ME" she groaned, writhing her hips around to give him the impression she enjoyed his rape of her vagina. She felt his thumb at the entrance to her rectal channel and willed the ring of muscle to relax. His thumb burrowed up her ass to the hilt and began stroking into her in rhythm with his cock. She could tell he was close, and worked her vaginal muscles to drive him over the top.

"Oh yeah Vulcan whore, take it hard and deep." Archer grunted, slamming into her pussy while his thumb reamed her receptive butthole. He felt his spasms begin, and yanked his dick out of her pussy, ramming it up her ass and pumping her bottom full of his semen. "YEAH BITCH, TAKE MY CUM UP YOUR FUCKING ASSHOLE." he roared. Then just before his last blast he pulled it out of her bottom and pulled her around, forcing her mouth onto his penis and shoving it down her throat. "SUCK ME DRY AND LICK ME CLEAN, SUBCOMMANDER." he ordered.

She did as he demanded, using her expert tongue to draw the last of his load out of his organ before sucking his dick clean. Then she let his softening member withdraw from her mouth and looked up at him, licking her lips. "Hope that was an acceptable quickie Jonathan. I'd be pleased to provide you with a long evening of pleasure later." she told him.

Archer didn't resply, having not decided yet how to resolve the 'dispute' between Hoshi Sato and T'Pol. They each had their strengths when it came to pleasure. Hoshi was incredibly sensuous, and had a very hot cunt. She was willing cocksucker as well, although he had to admit that the Vulcan could do more things with her mouth – exciting things. Then there was anal, and Jonathan had long wanted to fuck Hoshi in the ass – an act she just wouldn't do. T'Pol's asshole was incredible, a definite advantage for the Vulcan. I guess I'm just going to have to force the anal issue with Hoshi. he concluded, relishing the thought of deflowering her pretty Asian butt. He abruptly pushed himself up from his chair, slapping T'Pol's sexy bottom. "Get dressed and get out. You're dismissed subcommander." he barked, disengaging the locks and heading for the door without giving her a chance to dress before he opened it.

Malcom had seen the 'lock' indicator extinguish, and anxiously awaited the opening of the door. He had a pretty good idea what was going on between the Captain and the Vulcan science officer, and hoped to get a peek. He wasn't disappointed. The door opened and Archer strode onto the bridge, giving him a long look at T'Pol's naked body as she scrambled to pull on her uniform. Phew – what I wouldn't do to get some of that hot Vulcan pussy. he thought. "Captain on the bridge" he said dutifully.

"As you were." Archer responded. "Report" he added, sitting in the command chair.

"Nothing new on long range sensors sir. We are still 74 hours from the Star Base." Malcom responded.

Finding nothing pressing to keep him on the bridge, Archer rose and headed for the turbolift. "I'll be in my quarters Lieutenant. You have the bridge." he told Malcom.

"Aye sir." Malcom replied, resuming his place in the command chair just as the door to the Ready Room opened. T'Pol walked out, her legs a little unsteady and her lipstick smeared. She gave Malcom a nasty look as he stared at her. It was not normal for her to be disheveled in the presence of the other officers. He watched her carefully as she waited for the turbolift. "Going somewhere, subcommander?" he asked.

"I'll be in my quarters for thirty minutes, then I'll return." she replied without looking at him.

"Acknowledged." Malcom replied. Probably has to give herself a douche to wash all of Archer's cum out of her cunt. he thought, snickering out loud. He thought he noticed a wet spot on the back of her short skirt, and was about to make a lewd comment when the turbolift arrived and she hurriedly stepped inside.

Archer arrived to find his quarters empty, no sign of Hoshi. It wasn't like her to leave his quarters without notifying him; but it was just as well. He needed a shower and a break from women – at least for a few hours. He stripped off his uniform and took a quick shower before donning a comfortable smoker and lying down. He was in dreamland in a few minutes, sleeping soundly until his slumber was interrupted by Hoshi's return.

Archer sat bolt upright. "Where you been, bitch?" he asked, noting her somewhat casual attire.

"Just out – with friends." she replied, walking over to the bar and pouring herself a Cognac on the rocks. "Drink?" she offered.

"Yeah, I'll take one." Archer replied. She doesn't have friends on this ship. Hell, she doesn't have many friends anywhere. he thought. He took the drink from her when she brought it over, grasping her wrist and pulling her close. "Friends, huh?" he spat. "Since when do you have any of those?"

Hoshi tried to remain calm under his brusk manner. "I have lots of friends, Jonathan, just because you don't...." she responded, trying to pull her arm free. He didn't yield.

"WHAT WAS THAT, BITCH?" he growled, twisting her arm behind her back roughly.

"Oh come on Jonathan, what's gotten into you?" she asked, standing on her tip-toes to reduce the pain from her twisted arm. "Let me go and I'll give you a little afternooner to make you feel better." she added, pushing her hips back to rub his crotch with her backside.

That gave Archer an idea. "Okay Hoshi." he said, releasing her wrist. "But I'm thinkin' somethin' a little different is on the agenda." he added, reaching down to fondle the firm cheeks of her butt through her pants.

"What are you talking about, you know I don't do that." she said, turning around to move her rearend away from his hands.

"You know damn well what I'm talking about – and you would be advised not to deny me what I want." he replied. "I have wanted your pretty ass for too long, and I am through waiting." he added. "Now STRIP" he ordered, pulling his smoker off and throwing it across the room.

Hoshi knew better than to refuse his orders, and quickly removed her clothing. But I can't let him sodomize me – that vicious cock of his will rip me apart she thought.

"Turn around and bend over bitch. I wanna see your tight asshole." Archer barked. She turned around and bent at the waist. "Reach back and spread those sweet cheeks." came the command.

Okay, so I'm showing him my butthole. Maybe he'll be okay with that. she hoped. She felt his hands on her behind, kneading her buttocks as he pried them apart. She could feel his breath on her nether port, then his finger was roughly shoved into her pussy. Fortunately for her, she was – as usual – wet enough that it didn't hurt her too badly. She could feel the fingers of his other hand spreading her cheeks right at her little rosebud, and then his tongue made contact for the first time. "Ohgod, what are you doing?" she mewled; but his only answer was to curl his tongue and push it past her sphincter, his fingers spreading the ring of muscle from the sides to enable the rude intrusion.

Archer withdrew his digits from her openings and abruptly pushed her away. "Tasty little butthole girl. Now suck my cock and make it nice and hard and wet." he ordered, pulling her around and pushing her head down to his crotch. He watched as her sexy lips wrapped around his meat, then he pushed it halfway into her throat and held it there. She couldn't take much more than this anyway. "Make sure it's wet enough to go up your ass, or it'll really hurt." he hissed at her.

She could only hope that she made him cum before he could get around to trying to put this monster up her virgin butt, and she sucked like a madwoman in the attempt. She did everything she knew how to do, took as much of his length in her mouth as she could; but she had a sinking feeling he would forcibly have his way. At least I can get him so close that he cums as soon as it goes into my bottom! she considered.

He pushed her mouth off of his member and flipped her onto her belly on the bed. "Reach back and spread those cheeks bitch. I'm gonna give you a little help – this time." he told her, reaching over and opening the jar of lube he'd gotten from Phlox. He pushed his middle finger all the way into the jar, coating it with a liberal amount of the slippery jelly, then positioned it at her virgin hole. "Ready or not, here it comes." he told her, pushing the thick digit into her backside to the first knuckle.

"OhhhhhgodPLEEEASE." she mewled. She was flat on her belly, so there was nowhere for her to go. She felt him rotate the finger, then pushed it another inch up her snug bottom. "W-WHY?" she pleaded, as she felt the palm of his hand press against her buttocks. His finger was not buried to the hilt in her tight anal port, and he wriggled it to let her know.

Archer laughed. "You ask why?" he barked. "I'll tell you why bitch. Because your friend T'Pol took it up her ass, and she LOVED it." he told her, fingerfucking her tight sphincter. "You wanna play in this league, you gotta give up that ass." he barked.

"Oh, so this is about HER? You fucked that BITCH in her dirty Vulcan ass and now you think you can do mine?" she asked, enraged at the thought that T'Pol had given pleasure to her man.

Archer laughed again, still ramming his thick finger in and out of Hoshi's butt. "Well, yeah. That's exactly it. I can have her ass wrapped around my dick whenever I want, so what do I need you for?" he taunted her.

Hoshi's mind raced, trying to come up with something - anything - to keep him from fucking her virgin ass. "Okay big boy, how about we invite her over for an evening of fun. You get both of us at the same time. Then you can make up your mind about which one of us you like better." she proposed, her anus becoming accustomed to the reaming digit now. "and if you absolutely have to fuck my ass, then go ahead – but PLEASE go easy at first. You know I'm a virgin back there." she pleaded.

"About time...." Archer mumbled, withdrawing his finger and positioning his penis at the entrance to her backside. "Here it comes baby. Just try to relax." he said softly. His libido wouldn't allow him to 'go easy'. As soon as the bulbous head was inside her rump, his hips responded with sufficient pressure to force six inches of his meat into her rectum. She screamed and squirmed to no avail, as his hands pushed her shoulders down into the bed. He kept pushing until his entire length was buried in her previously virgin bottomhole, and his cock spasmed with the first signs of orgasm. "Oh god your asshole is so tight." he groaned, pumping his hips to stroke his penis in and out of her rearend.

She couldn't believe the pain as his blood-engorged shaft stretched her back door beyond anything she could have imagined. She felt like he was shoving a construction beam up her ass. Then she felt his cock twitching and knew he was going to cum. All she could do was grunt with each of his thrusts. "NNNGGGG NNNGGGG NGGGGG"

Archer couldn't stop himself, his cock was just too far gone as he thrust it into the Asian woman's butthole. "C-CUMMING... CUMMING UP YOUR ASS" he howled, blasting what felt like gallons of semen into her clenching bowels. He collapsed on top of her, leaving his still turgid organ buried in her rectal channel, and drifted off to sleep.

Damn that hurts she thought, then she realized he was unconscious on top of her. FUCK! And his dick is still up my ass! She willed her rectal muscles to squeeze his organ out, then did her best not to wake him as she wriggled out from beneath his weight. She could feel his semen oozing out of her stretched anus as she tried to hurry to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and forced his nasty load from her bowels, then took a shower – taking care not to further irritate her inflamed sphincter while she cleaned it up. After drying herself off she returned to find him still passed out on the bed, and she poured herself a triple Cognac and tried to relax.

It was difficult to sit comfortably, her throbbing anus still feeling stretched; but she needed to do a little research. She had to try and find as much information as she could about Vulcan sexuality, and logged into the Terran cultural database. She found nothing that would explain what Jonathan had said there, so she moved on to the medical files. There it was under Vulcan Sexual Practices. No wonder T'Pol could take it up her ass so easily - her body was designed for anal sex! she learned. For that matter, her mouth and throat had advantages as well. Now her task was to figure out how she could bring out her sexual strengths in this head-to-head battle with the Vulcan.

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