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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 04


Author's note: Many thanks for the comments and votes; but for those of you who believe that 'Defiant' is not the name of the ship in the episode(s) in question - please check out the official episode summary at http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/series/ENT/episode/9440.html

Hopefully this will clear some things up!

Enterprise -- the Other Side -- Chapter 4

The Competition Begins

Archer returned to his quarters, having resolved an issue between Trip and Reed about the weapons systems. Some times the men just needed guidance -- other times a smack alongside their heads. Being Captain meant you did whatever was required, and he had to kick some ass to get their compliance. Oh well, on to more interesting things. he thought, pouring himself a drink and settling down to prepare for the competition between Hoshi and T'Pol. Hoshi hadn't been there when he returned, and he hoped she would be doing some preparing of her own. He enjoyed the talents of both women, and either would be a good 'trophy' at his side; but why not have both?

He decided that the 'competition' would not be a single-session event; but rather a series of sessions -- and it would include opportunities for each woman to possess the other, while he watched and participated as he saw fit. He got the idea to include some strap-on action as well, and other toys to keep things interesting. If he could get them to show some interest in each other, they could even put on shows for the men on occasion. Now that would be a very desirable outcome. He could have either of them whenever he wanted; but the men might enjoy a little something 'extra' -- when Archer wanted them to.

Archer made some notes, listing different 'events' for the competition and some of the 'tools' he need to gather. This is going to be fun. he thought, pouring another brandy.

T'Pol was getting anxious about the competition Archer had mentioned to her. She knew her body was up for whatever he could throw at her; but competing directly against Sato was not something she had expected. Archer told her she'd better be 'ready for something different'; but had not hinted at what that meant.

The intercom interrupted her thoughts. "Archer to T'Pol." came the Captain's call.

"T'Pol here sir." she responded.

"Report to my quarters at twenty hundred hours this evening. The competition will begin." he ordered. "Archer out." he ended the call.

She had several hours to prepare, and decided to meditate for an hour to calm her nerves. Setting up the candles and dimming the lights, she sat down and closed her eyes.

Hoshi had spent nearly ninety minutes with the sensor device in her bottom, studying the display as she consciously willed her rectal muscles to perform. She had read more about the Vulcan physiology, and knew she would need something more than Archer had experienced to 'win'. Archer had not told her anything at all about this contest, and she was anxious.

"Archer to Sato." came the intercom call.

"Sato here sir." she responded.

"Report to my quarters at twenty hundred hours this evening Hoshi. The competition will begin." he told her. "Archer out." he abruptly ended the call.

She went back to her studies, not wanting anything to escape her in her quest for dominance. What is he going to do? What kind of competition will this be? she wondered. Her thoughts were interrupted again.

"Phlox to Sato" came the intercom call.

"Sato here" she responded.

"Please come by the sick bay Ensign. I have that -- um -- item I mentioned earlier." he asked.

"On my way doc." she replied. "Sato out."

She put on a pair of workout pants and a sweatshirt and headed down to meet with the doctor. He had told her he would have something that would enable her to 'prepare' for anal sex; but she had no idea what that might be. Probably something else I have to shove up my butt. she concluded. Arriving at the sick bay, she opened the door and walked inside. "Hey doc." she greeted him.

"Ahhhhh good Ensign." he replied. "Come right in, I'll be with you in a few moments." he told her, returning to his task of filling several gelatin capsules with the compound he had formulated.

She padded over by his side, watching as he finished filling a half-dozen of the capsules. "MmmHmmm. And I suppose I put those up my butt, right?" she asked.

"Aaaa yes, that's right Ensign. One capsule per session." he answered.

"Session?" she queried, not understanding his reference.

"Yes. The Captain informed me that this -- uh -- competition was to be several sessions." he replied. "He did not tell you this?"

"Hell no he didn't tell me. I'm glad you did, thanks." she replied. Just like Jonathan to drag this out. she thought.

"These are suppositories Ensign. You should insert one in your bottom prior to joining the session." he told her. "Push it as deeply inside as you can for maximum benefit, mmmm." he added.

"And what exactly will they do?" she queried, picking one of the capsules up and examining it closely.

"The compound will do several things actually, all intended to increase everyone's pleasure." he began. "The first affect you will notice is a stimulating -- uh -- warmth in your -- um -- bottom." he went on. "When there is a penetration of the rectal canal the compound will cause the muscles to -- uh -- react."

"React?" she asked.

"Yes, your muscles will contract and relax in a somewhat -- um -- spasmodic fashion, stimulating both the -- uh -- intruder and its host." he replied. "Should be quite pleasurable indeed." he added.

"Okay, sounds helpful anyway. So how long before these sessions should I stick that up my ass?" she asked.

"Ah. Well, any time prior will do, as the affect should last a good twelve hours I should think." he replied. "The initial affect should be felt within fifteen minutes or so." he added. He packed the six capsules in a small case and handed it to her. "And you should lubricate your openings with plenty of this." he said, handing her a jar of the same jelly he had exposed her to in their training session.

"Great, thanks doc." she said, leaning over and planting a quick kiss on his cheek.

"Now you guys have fun, mmmm?" he said, watching her firm butt as she padded out the door. Oh, to have just one session in that cute backside. he thought.

Hoshi hurried back to her quarters, eager to begin preparing her body and wardrobe for the evening's festivities. She planned to look and smell amazing when she arrived, and have her body ready for absolutely anything. She went over the doctor's instructions in her head. Remember the tongue. Use the gag reflex to grip the cock in her throat. Relax the butthole consciously to encourage stimulation. She had it down pat.

T'Pol soaked in the tub of hot water, her hands roaming over her lush form as she considered the possibilities. She would need to make certain her vagina was sufficiently lubricated so as not to be painful should he decide to force his penis into her again. She accomplish this easily using artificial fluids. Unlike human females the Vulcan vaginal canal did not produce a lot of natural lubricant, as it was not normally required for the act of procreation. The Vulcan male organ was very slender, and secreted its own lubricating fluid during the procreative sex act. When pleasure was the desired result, the females rectum was used, or oral copulation was performed. Climbing from the tub with an hour to go, she dried herself before smoothing a Vulcan pheromone enhancer onto her skin. Then she used a large dropped to insert a viscous lubricant into her cunt. I will be ready for this. she thought, walking to her closet to select her wardrobe.

Archer had paid Phlox a visit, the doctor helping him put together an array of sex toys, tools, and compounds to enhance the planned sessions. He had decided that this evening's competition would be about his pleasure, and both women would have to compete to give it to him. Perhaps he would have them eat some pussy or lick some ass; but mostly it would be about his cock. Phlox had prepared a compound that would -- in the doctor's words -- allow him to fuck for hours without experiencing either pain or orgasm. He could reward whichever woman brought him to ejaculation, in a manner only he would decide. At the ready were stimulating toys for the women's holes, including a couple of strap-on dildos. One of these was double-headed, having a shaft to penetrate the vagina of the woman wearing it, the other shaft being used to fuck the other woman. Maybe I'll fuck one of them in the ass while they use this thing to fuck the other one. he thought. He glanced at the clock. Shit! Only thirty minutes to game time! He ran into the bathroom, showered quickly, then applied some of Phlox' preparation to his penis. He could feel the numbing affect almost immediately; but his organ grew anyway. The door chime interrupted him.

"Come" he said, chuckling at the use of that particular word.

T'Pol walked through the door wearing a blue silk and satin suit which highlighted every feature of her body perfectly. She swayed and writhed like a sensual snake as she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him, her tongue stabbing into his mouth before she'd even said hello. She felt his hands dive down to knead and fondle her backside as he ground his hard organ against her belly. "Mmmmm." she moaned, finally pulling away from the intense kiss. "I'm ready Jonathan." she told him, reaching down to tease his penis through his satin shorts.

"Glad to hear it, subcommander." he told her. The door chime sounded again. "Come." he said.

Hoshi was wearing black -- the color she knew could drive him wild with passion. The skirt was short and she wore no panties, just a garter belt and lace stockings. Her blouse just hung over her shoulders with no buttons to close it in front, and she wore no bra. She knew T'Pol couldn't get away with wearing something like this, as her boobs were too large. She also walked quickly to Archer and kissed him passionately, reaching between them to stroke his aroused member through his pants. "I am ready for you, my Captain." she whispered in his ear.

"Let's have a drink together and I'll tell you what I have in mind." he suggested, motioning for them to join him in the living room area. He had put out a tray of exotic snacks along with bottles of wine and spirits with glasses for each. "Help yourselves to whatever you like. I would encourage you to eat and drink, as this evening could be quite long." he warned them.

The three of them sat down, Hoshi and T'Pol on the sofa and Archer in the chair on the opposite side of the small coffee table. He smiled broadly at the two beauties, licking his lips as he anticipated the pleasures to come. "I guess you both have questions about this -- ah -- competition of mine." he began, picking up a glass of his favorite Andorian Whiskey and taking a sip before continuing. "I've decided that one evening will not be sufficient time for me to come to a decision regarding the two of you, so we will do this in multiple sessions, perhaps as many as five or six." he told them, surprising neither. "During these sessions there may be competitive events or contests between the two of you to determine which is better at a particular activity." he continued, crossing his legs. "Now some of these activities will include sexual contact between the two of you. Any problems with that?" he asked, snickering at them.

The two women looked at each other, neither having expected this turn of events. "No sir, no problem at all." came T'Pol's response, as he had expected.

Hoshi had never had any lesbian contact at all, and wasn't sure how to respond. Oh what the fuck. she thought. "No problem sir." she finally responded.

Archer laughed, knowing he had just thrown a curve ball at his little Asian slut. He figured T'Pol had done the lesbian thing at least once, as sexuality among Vulcans encouraged such things. He stared at them sitting on the sofa, both demurely having crossed their legs. "Well then, let's get started with this evening." he said, downing his whiskey and pouring another. "First off, tonight is about me -- or more specifically my cock. I want to be very happy at the end of the evening, and the bitch who makes me cum will win the session." he told them. "First I want both of you to do a nice, sexy striptease for me. I'll put on some music." he continued, his fingers commanding the computer to play appropriate 'pole' music.

Hoshi was first off the couch, writhing to the music as her fingers teased him with brief glances at her breasts, pussy, and ass. She didn't really have much on, so she was naked in moments. He had suggested she leave the stocking on 'for effect'. She danced to the beat, spreading her legs and teasing her nipples to erection. She shook her backside for him as well, before he held his hands up.

"Okay, that's enough. Now turn around and kneel on the couch, facing the back. I want to see your sexy ass." he ordered. He smiled as the Asian woman complied, even reaching back to spread her cheeks for him. He could see that she had prepared for this, her anus glistening with some kind of lubricant.

T'Pol launched her dance by leaping up and jumping over the table with truly impressive grace, landing only inches from Archer and shaking her lush breasts in his face before beginning to sway and writhe to the music. Her fingers deftly unfastened the buttons on her blouse, revealing her firm bosom to his gaze. She saw his fingers gently touching his organ through his pants and she smiled at him. In one motion her blouse was off and across the room, her rounded tits jiggling invitingly as she moved. Then she turned to face away from him, bending slightly as she used her thumbs to tug the satin pants down over the ample curves of her backside, then bending fully to pull the pants over her feet.

"Alright subcommander, now please join the Ensign on the sofa." Archer instructed, watching that fine Vulcan bottom wriggle its way around the table. She followed Sato's lead, reaching back to splay her cheeks wide. She, too, had lubricated her rectum in preparation. Improvising, Archer came up with the next part of the program. "Alright, now I want you to kiss each other. And while you're kissing I want you to feel and finger each others pussy. Get it nice and wet and put your fingers in there." he told them. He got up from his chair and walked around the table, taking a seat with his face less than a meter from either of the hot women. "Come on ladies, get it started for me or I may have to get out the paddle." he barked.

Anything but that damn paddle! Hoshi thought, having been whacked too many times with that wicked thing. She leaned over, running her fingers lightly over the Vulcan's shoulders before making lip-to-lip contact. "Mmmmmm". she moaned softly as T'Pol responded. The two women kissed passionately, their tongues dueling between their mouths as their hands roamed with increasing urgency over the others body. Hoshi ran her hand down T'Pol's muscular spine, tracing the crevice between her cheeks over her already twitching anus to find her cunt. She could feel the Vulcan's hand doing the same, and allowed her finger to push into her asshole before going lower to manipulate her vulva.

T'Pol was already experienced at lesbian lust, and was sure Archer would be pleased with her performance. Hoshi's kiss was nice, and she was a little surprised that her butthole was so receptive when she pushed her finger in there -- but Archer had been specific. He wanted them to fondle each other's pussy while they did this. She had read that human women could produce a lot of natural lubricant; but wasn't quite ready for what she found when her fingers moved past Hoshi's vulva. God she is so hot and wet! T'Pol thought, sliding two of her long and slender digits into the Asian woman's cunt. She felt Hoshi's finger poking at her own vagina, and hoped she had used sufficient artificial lube. "Nnnnggg." came her muffled moan as the digit slipped inside her channel.

Archer enjoyed watching; but really wanted to be more involved - but how? he wondered. Then he got up and moved to the back of the sofa, sitting on it so his crotch was accessible to both of them. He put a hand on each woman's head as they kissed, enjoying their shared passion. He would have to have them taste each others cunts later, assholes too. But now it was time his cock got some attention. "Come now ladies, and enjoy my cock while you finger each other." he ordered. "Which one of you would like to have the first taste of the day?" he asked.

The women broke their kiss, both smiling at the other in surprise. Without saying anything, Hoshi leaned over and took the head of his organ in her mouth. T'Pol provided encouragement as her fingers continued to work at the other woman's pussy. "That's it Hoshi, suck his big dick." she said, licking her ear. "Go deeper girl, see if you can go all the way." she added, watching in amazement as the Asian sucked all but the last two inches into her throat.

Archer watched his organ disappear into Sato's mouth, surprised at how deep she was going. "You've been practicing, eh bitch?" he taunted her. "I wonder who you've been practicing on?" he added, grasping her ears to slow her down. He didn't want to come for a long time, and there were many holes and much to do before then. "Easy now girl. You need to leave some for your friend." he told her. His eyes turned to the Vulcan who was staying busy by sucking the Asian's nipples. "T'Pol I think she would enjoy it if you sucked on her pussy too." he suggested.

Hoshi worked her lips up and down his shaft, trying to remember her training. She could feel T'Pol's lips sucking on her sensitive nipples, then felt her tongue move down her body and over her buttocks. "Whaammmphhh" came her muffled query when the Vulcan's tongue made contact with her sopping pussy. Her first orgasm didn't take long once T'Pol found her erect clit and started working it over with a very talented tongue.

"That's right T'Pol, eat that sweet pussy." Archer told her, pumping his organ into Hoshi's mouth. "Make the bitch cum, then she can do the same for you." he ordered. He watched as the Vulcan ate the sweet center of his Asian concubine, driving her over the top as she forced her mouth down to the base of his penis. He felt her throat muscles convulsing in time with her body's spasms, and held her head in place as T'Pol finished her. Then he pulled Hoshi's head up and shoved her onto her side. "Your turn, subcommander." he told the Vulcan. "Show me your special talents bitch." he added.

T'Pol wasted no time getting her mouth on his cock and working it with her lips and tongue. She'd been surprised when Sato went all the way down on him, and needed to make certain her oral performance would at least match that. She put her lips to work, rippling down his turgid staff until her nose was in his pubic hair, then swirled her tongue around the head and down to the base.

Archer reached over and grabbed Hoshi's arm, pulling her up to give her a kiss. "Your turn to taste that Vulcan cunt." he hissed at her, pushing her down toward the Vulcan's hips. "See if you can make her cum and return the favor." he added, doubting that she would be able to accomplish that task.

Hoshi knelt on the floor behind the writhing hips of the Vulcan, placing her hands on the lush backside everyone seemed to admire and leaning closer. The fragrant musk of T'Pol's pussy was enticing, and she gingerly stuck her tongue out and licked at the soft lips bringing a muffled moan from the Vulcan's throat. "Mmmm yeah baby, suck that cock while I eat your pussy." she said, really getting into the swing of things. Her fingers roamed over the soft skin of the Vulcan's backside, finding her anus she pushed a finger inside. Another muffled moan. Hoshi's tongue found T'Pol's clit and swirled around the hard nub, then she took it into her mouth and sucked -- hard. She inserted a second finger in the woman's asshole and shoved them both to the hilt. She felt the Vulcan's body shudder at the intimate contact, her moans coming faster now.

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