Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 04


T'Pol pulled her mouth from Archer's cock with a lewd plop. "Oh yeah Hoshi, suck my Vulcan pussy you bitch." she growled, her lips returning to the Captain's dick as she felt her climax beginning to rise in her loins. She couldn't believe the human woman with no experience could do this to her. She could barely concentrate on her fellatio as the spasms of passion overtook her. "mmmMMMMPHHHHH... MMMMPHHHGGG... ARGHHHMMMPPPHHHH." she mumbled, Archer's hands now pulling her face down over his meat.

"God damn, Hoshi. Eat that pussy!" he shouted, leaning forward to get a better look. He saw Sato's digits disappearing in T'Pol's asshole, saw her mouth pressed against the lips of her pussy. He could feel the spasms in her throat as the Vulcan experienced her first orgasm at the hands -- and mouth -- of Hoshi Sato. When her spasms subsided, he pulled her head off of his dick and pushed her over on her side. She fell on her back against the end of the sofa, her legs splayed wide. Hoshi sat on the opposite side of him on the sofa, grinning at him with her wet face.

He stepped down from the back of the sofa, returning to the chair and sitting heavily. "Well ladies, I'd say we have a tie so far. What shall we do next?" he asked, pouring another glass of whiskey and grabbing one of the crackers topped with crab. "Perhaps a short break would be in order?" he suggested. The two women were obviously out of commission -- at least for the moment. He grabbed another cracker and kicked back, putting his feet up on the table.

Hoshi came around first, her eyes fluttering open to find the naked Vulcan splayed out next to her on the sofa. Her eyes were open; but she was still recovering from a powerful orgasm. "A tie huh?" she asked, taking a long swallow from her wine. "Guess that's better than being behind." she added. "So what's next Jonathan?" she asked without sounding too anxious.

T'Pol was finally coherent. "Next? There's more tonight?" she asked.

"Why hell yes subcommander. Neither of you has made me cum yet, and now you're gonna have get him interested again." Archer responded, holding his flaccid penis up as proof. "We're not in a hurry ladies, relax and have a drink and a snack." he added. "Whenever one of you wants to come over and give him some attention, feel free to do so." he suggested, then went on to give some critique. "Hoshi I have to give you high marks for both the improved cocksucking skills and the surprisingly adept showing on T'Pol's pussy." he told her.

T'Pol smiled. "Yeah girl, you're one helluva cuntlicker. You can suck my pussy any time you want." she hissed. "Fact is, I haven't had an orgasm like that in years." she added, taking a small dig at Archer.

"You girls can do a little sixty-nine action for me later if you like. In fact, I insist." he told them. "Perhaps I'll even fuck both of you while you're sucking pussy." he added, formulating a plan on-the-fly.

Hoshi didn't want to be next up, as the winner would be the one who made Archer cum; but technically it was her turn. Rather than just sitting around, she stood up and started to walk to where he was sitting.

"No-no Hoshi. I want you to crawl over to me on your hands and knees. Slinky, like a cat." he instructed.

She quickly accepted his order, and dropped to the floor on all fours. She slithered as best she could, her body writhing and undulating like a feline in heat as she made her way to his chair. Then she licked his legs, working her way up his thighs until she was only inches from his crotch. He grabbed her by her hair and lifted her head up.

"What do you want, bitch. Tell me." Archer spat.

"I want to suck your cock sir." she replied, licking her lips. "I want to give you pleasure." she added.

Archer pushed her head back down and felt her lips wrap around the head of his flaccid penis. "Yeah bitch, suck it nice and slow." he said. Hoshi had always been very good at getting him hard, and her performance this time was no different. Her lips nibbled at the head, pursing around it and sucking hard to pull the length of his shaft into her warm mouth. "Aaaaahhhhhh... that's a good girl." he moaned, pulling her ears to get all of his organ into her oral cavity.

T'Pol watched as her competition worked the Captain's libido with her mouth. Her eyes wandered to the pretty woman's backside and the wet folds between her thighs. She was a sexy thing, and the idea of sharing simultaneous pleasure with her was exciting. Her hand wandered involuntarily down her own belly to find one of her pleasure centers, slowly diddling the little nub as she watched. May as well get something out of this she thought, closing her eyes.

Hoshi was really into it, bringing his penis from its dormant state to one of excitement always got her going. His organ was full size now, throbbing in her mouth as she sucked and licked. Then she lifted her head and began sucking along the shaft, moving down until she pulled one of his testicles into her mouth. She knew he loved that, and suckled his scrotum as if it were a teat full of milk. Her fingers deftly moved beneath his balls to find his anus, teasing the little wrinkled hole as she worked his semen sack with her tongue.

His hands pushed her head down further as he tilted his pelvis to give her easy access. "Yeah baby, eat my ass. Get your tongue inside my bunghole." he ordered, loving the nasty feel of her warm oral digit pushing into his butt. "Suck my ass bitch." he spat, reaching over to grab his whiskey and taking a long pull. It was at that moment he noticed T'Pol on the sofa, two of her fingers working in and out of her cunt. "Subcommander, get your pretty ass over here and put your tongue to work on Hoshi's butt." he told her. "She's doing a pretty good job on my ass, and deserves for you to do the same for hers." he added. "On all fours, bitch."

T'Pol slid to the floor and made her way over behind the Asian woman, her hands gliding from the woman's delicate feet, over her calves, and up her thighs until they found the silky smooth flesh of her buttocks. "Such a beautiful ass." she said softly. Her tongue found the crevice between the cheeks and slithered down the crack to her little rosebud. Hoshi moaned softly as T'Pol began teasing her bottomhole with her oral digit, her thumbs pulling the cheeks wide as she forced a half-inch inside the clenching hole. T'Pol could feel the spasming of the woman's anal ring, and forced her tongue as far up her asshole as she could get it.

Archer was enjoying this action, having Hoshi suck his ass while T'Pol sucked hers was more than he had expected. He reached down and pulled the Ensign's head back up to plunge his cock into her mouth. "Suck it nice, bitch." he ordered. Then he reached over and grabbed a small anal probe and held it out. "Subcommander, why don't you get this little thing up her ass." he suggested.

T'Pol withdrew her tongue from the other woman's bottom and took the slender toy, taking it into her own mouth to provide some lubrication. Then she positioned the tip at the entrance to Hoshi's backside and pushed it all the way in. The girl's muffled squeal was exactly the response she hoped for, and she began fucking her bottom with the fake phallus. "You like this in your ass, Hoshi?" she hissed. More muffled grunts as the Captain's cock was pushed in and out of her mouth.

"Nnnhhh Nnnhhh Nnnnhhhh" Hoshi could only grunt as the Vulcan drove the dildo in and out of her backside. Her mouth was occupied with Archer's cock, so words were out of the question. She had to admit, the doctor's butt-pill was doing its job. She was enjoying the action back there, as much as she could anyway.

Archer held the Asian's head still for a moment, craning his neck to see what was going on. Then he realized T'Pol had pushed all of the dildo into Hoshi's butthole, and was using her tongue on the tasty pussy beneath. "Get that pussy nice and wet subcommander, I'm going to fuck it." he ordered, pulling the mouth from his cock with a loud plop. "Get up here and sit on my dick, bitch." he hissed, pulling at her arms and gripping her hips. He saw the Vulcan's fingers positioning his penis, then felt the warm grip of Sato's tight pussy as she pushed her hips down. "Oh that's nice Hoshi. That's it girl, nice and slow. Your cunt is so hot." he told her. Then he reached for the 'kit' again and withdrew the smaller of the two butt plugs, handing it to the Vulcan. "Put this up her ass while I fuck her pussy." he instructed.

T'Pol took the six-inch long anal trainer, taking it into her mouth as she had with the smaller dildo to lubricate it. Archer held out the jar of jelly. "Use this." he told her. She pushed the tip of the plug into the jelly, then pulled it out and used her fingers to spread it along the length of the tube. Then she yanked the small dildo from the Asian girl's bottom and began to work the much thicker plug into her rectal canal.

"OHHHHHGAWD.... YESSSSSSS.... PUSH IT UP MY ASS..." she howled, her hips moving up and back to capture both Archer's big cock in her pussy and the sizable butt plug in her anus. When the plug wasn't penetrating, she stopped her motion and leaned forward. "GET IT IN THERE BITCH! FUCK MY ASSHOLE." she begged.

Archer could feel the whole thing as the Vulcan forced the plug into Sato's butthole until her anal sphincter closed around it's base. He knew he wouldn't last long if he fucked her like that, so he let himself rest with his penis engulfed completely in Hoshi's tight pussy. Then he felt her rectal muscles convulsing, her vaginal muscles responding on their own. "Oh gawd Hoshi, what have you been doing?" he asked, looking up at her face. Her eyes were closed, her lips pursed with her tongue slightly out. Archer gave her a sharp slap on her bottom to get her attention.

Hoshi jumped with the stinging pain in her backside, and she realized Archer was staring at her. "W-What?" she asked. She was more completely stuffed than she had ever been, with his cock buried in her cunt and that plug filling her tiny bunghole. She was on fire!

"I asked what you have been doing!" Archer replied, consciously twitching his organ inside her.

"I'm not sure I understand the question sir, I'm sorry." she replied, responding to his twitch with clenching of her own.

"Your pussy has never been this good, and I'll bet your ass will be good too." he told her, making one long stroke out, then back into her vagina. "T'Pol, why don't you try and pull that plug out of her ass." he suggested. Almost immediately he felt Hoshi's muscles clenching wildly as the Vulcan began to withdraw the bulbous invader.

T'Pol put her face only inches from the Ensign's snug anal ring as she began to pull on the plug. Her tongue lashed out to tease the wrinkled ring as her sphincter muscle strained to hold the plug inside. She maintained the pressure, moving her head around to lap at the sensitive ring, and suddenly the largest section of the plug spread the sphincter wide. Hoshi yowled in pleasure/pain, and the Vulcan held the plug there, spreading her anus to a size approximately equal to Archer's penis. As she held the end of the plug she noticed that the muscles of Sato's rectum were clenching at the tube, pushing and pulling at the intruder. She realized then that Hoshi had been somehow training her butt for this competition. Angry at that realization, she yanked the plug out all the way, then slammed it back into the woman's asshole. "Bitch! You think you can beat me with your simple human asshole?" she demanded, slapping Sato's buttocks wildly. Then she stood up and turned around, facing her own saucy rearend toward the Captain. She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, willing her anus to open. "Fuck my ass Jonathan. I need it. FUCK MY ASS." she begged.

Archer wasn't wasting that invitation, and lifted Hoshi off of his lap, his organ pulling out of her pussy with a slurping sound. His hands grabbed the Vulcan by her hips and spun her around. "Hold onto the chair bitch. Here I come." he ordered, positioning his bulbous head at her willing anal port and slamming it home in T'Pol's rectum. He fucked her ass hard, his long powerful strokes bringing grunts of passion from the Vulcan's throat. He reached under her to pinch and fondle her ample breasts as he buttfucked her. "Gawd yeah bitch. Your ass is NICCCCE." he hissed. Then he caught Hoshi out of the corner of his eye, taking a long drink. The plug was still embedded in her backside. "Come on over here and sit on the back of the chair. T'Pol can eat your pussy while I fuck her ass." he instructed.

Hoshi hopped up into position, her legs spread wide with her dripping crotch right at the Vulcan's nose. She grabbed T'Pol's hair and pulled her face into her own pussy. "Eat me bitch. Suck my hot pussy and make me cum." she growled, grinding the plane of her sopping wet cunt against her opponents mouth. "Lick my fucking clit." she added.

T'Pol sank her tongue into the wet depths of Sato's cunt, her own passion being driven to another peak by Archer's cock driving into her rectum. She could feel the Asian girl's spasms, and sucked her clit hard as her fingers burrowed deep into the cunt. She pulled back briefly. "Cum for me bitch. CUM IN MY MOUTH." she barked, diving back into the open maw of delicious Asian pussy. Then her own spasms began, and she felt Jonathan cram every bulging millimeter of his meat into her butt. She willed the muscles of her chute to work on him now as she began an eager lapping of Sato's clit with her tongue.

Archer was taken by surprise, and was unable to hold back. The two women had driven each other to the peak and taken him along. His cock felt amazing in the spasming grip of the Vulcan's asshole, and he sensed his semen beginning the trip from his balls. "Ohhhh Gawd YESSSSSS." he grunted, pulling out halfway and starting his final pounding thrusts into her willing butthole.

Hoshi was aware of Archer's imminent orgasm; but was unable to stop her own. Her hips ground against T'Pol's face as she quickly rose to her orgasmic peak and began the passionate ride. "Ohgawd I'm CUMMING! SUCK ME HARD." she howled, her vagina excreting voluminous amounts of fluids into T'Pol's mouth as she squealed and squirmed in ecstasy. She could hear the Vulcan's muffled grunts as she had her own orgasm as she was pumped in her ass.

Archer's ejaculation filled her bowels with his slippery seed, his strokes slowing as his orgasm subsided. One final stroke into the clutching orifice and he was finished, the last drops of jizm squirting into her body. He looked up and saw Hoshi's frown. T'Pol had done it. He pulled his penis from the still-spasming channel and gave the Vulcan a slap on the rump. "Round one to T'Pol." he declared, pouring another whiskey and collapsing on the sofa. "But I must say it was very close. Hoshi, you performed admirably." he added.

The two women joined him on the sofa and poured their own drinks to join him. "Kudos to the subcommander." Hoshi said, raising her glass. "But you'd better watch you ass in the next round, bitch." she added, laughing.

"I thought you were doing a better job of watching my ass, Ensign." T'pol replied, taking a long swallow of her wine. "Your tongue was nice too." she added.

Archer finished his whiskey. "Round one is complete. Most enjoyable ladies. We'll get together again in a day or two." he told them.

**** Continued in Chapter 5 -- Trip and Malcom Take a Break ****

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