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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 07


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) puts the 'Ho' in Hoshi.

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise -- the Other Side -- Chapter 7

Incident at Delta 4

** Planning and Preparation **

Archer had made some key alliances within the Terran Empire command structure, very discretely contacting those in position to enhance his own agenda. Three of those players were stationed on Starbase Delta 4. Now only twenty-four hours away it was time to put some things into motion, to begin the process of undermining the security protocols which would allow Archer and Defiant to take control of the key base.

"This is Archer calling RedBird, RedBird acknowledge." Archer called after setting up the secure com channel.

The com chirped. "RedBird acknowledges Archer on Defiant." came the response.

"Confirming twenty-four hour countdown." Archer replied.

"RedBird confirms twenty-four hour countdown."

"Archer out." he said, closing the channel. One down...

Archer went through the tedious process with the other two insiders, 'RedDog' and 'RedArrow', confirming the countdown with them as well. Things were now in motion. If all worked as planned, the next contact would happen when Defiant reached the 'outer marker', where the Delta 4 defenses would normally be deployed against an unidentified or hostile ship. He knew that he and 'his' ship would be classified as hostile now, and he needed to be able to get closer than the outer marker to achieve his next objective -- to approach within five thousand kilometers and use Defiant's weapons to disable the station's shields. Once that was accomplished they could transport operatives inside the station and proceed to take control of the key systems -- with the help of his allies. So far so good.

Archer left his quarters and headed to his secure conference room, joining Trip, T'Pol, Malcom, and Hoshi (back at her post as com officer) -- his senior staff. They came to attention as he entered. "As you were." Archer said, taking his seat at the head of the small conference table. He verified the secure closure of the door and the sensor sweep for 'monitoring devices', then called the meeting to order. "We are now twenty-four hours from out first contact with Delta 4, and it is time for us to begin our preparations." he began. All four officers nodded their acknowledgement. "Our inside agents have put into motion the plan to disable the normal protocols that would stop us at the outer marker; but we cannot assume success. We must be ready to circumvent those protocols in the event that they are in affect when we arrive." Archer continued, his eyes making direct contact with the eyes of each officer before he moved on.

Archer keyed a few controls and brought up a schematic of the Delta 4 security grid, including the elements that comprised the 'outer marker' -- really a sphere of sensors extending out fifty-thousand kilometers from the station. A suspect ship breaching the sphere triggered the launch of defense fighters, the single-seat impulse-only craft that could out-maneuver any starship and inflict significant damage with their focused particle beam weapons. While Defiant could withstand such an attack, it was not his intention to provoke that conflict. His plan was to avoid it by disabling the protocols which would trigger it. That was the 'internal' strategy. They were here to discuss the alternatives -- 'plan B'.

"In the event that our inside team fails to disable the grid, we will need to disable it from outside. I don't think I need to tell you how difficult this will be -- but Defiant's systems are significantly advanced from those we will encounter and with the right plan I am confident we will succeed." Archer began. "The first step will be to interrupt the communications within the grid itself..." he continued. "by taking out four of the relay buoys here... here... here... and here.... we will eliminate the grid's ability to sustain it's function automatically. This will cause the grid to stop its communication with the station; but within moments -- perhaps as much as a minute -- the station's com center will manually take over that function and the grid will again be active." Again he scanned the eyes, making sure everyone was following him. "So... once we have taken out the buoys we will need to also take out at least one of the primary com relay processors within thirty seconds of disabling the buoys. I need a plan to do that." Archer said.

The officers studied the schematic, discussing approach vectors, weapon configurations, and other aspects of several scenarios to accomplish the task. Ten minutes later the room went quiet once again, and Archer addressed them. "Let's here the options. T'Pol?"

"We believe our best option is to approach from behind the Mensilar system, coming toward this sector of the grid." T'Pol said, pointing to a solar system closest to the grid's perimeter. Archer held his hand up.

"Any concerns with timing? Can we still make our original time target?" Archer asked.

"Yes sir, we can increase speed to Worp six-point-five and make it with an hour to spare." T'Pol replied. Archer nodded. "Then we simultaneously target all four of the buoys, come around the last moon, and fire before the station has a chance to detect us. At the same time, we target the primary processor here with a photon torpedo to achieve guidance lock. Once the buoy's have been disabled, we fire the torpedo which would arrive on target nine seconds later." T'Pol completed the presentation.

Archer nodded and stood up. "Okay, that should be our primary strategy. Now I need two alternates -- just in case the ships from Delta 4 are in different alert states."

They went through three alternate scenarios, documenting the details in the tactical computer. Archer was pleased with the team's cohesive approach to the solutions, and was confident they would succeed. "Very well. Good job. Return to your stations and alter course for the Mensilar system, Worp factor six-point-five." Archer ordered. He caught Sato's eye, nodding to keep her behind. She didn't have anything urgent to do -except attend to my needs. he thought.

Trip, T'Pol and Malcom headed out to follow the Captain's orders while Hoshi stayed behind. She looked at Jonathan Archer. "You wanted me sir?" she asked.

Archer chuckled. "You could say that." he replied, unzipping his fly.

Oh hell, why not. Hoshi thought as Archer's cock came into view. She slipped onto the floor on her knees, as she knew he liked, and slithered over to his chair. Her fingernails traced the tops of his thighs as she drew closer. She opened her mouth and took his organ inside, sucking noisily.

"That's it bitch!" Archer said. "You know what your Captain needs, don't you?" He put both hands on the back of her head and pulled her mouth down on his meat, forcing the head into her throat. She gagged; but managed to maintain control as the muscles of her throat gripped the sensitive head. "Ohhhh yeah girl, throat that cock!" Archer hissed. "Do it real nice and I won't fuck you up the ass -- this time." he added, laughing lewdly.

Gawd, I hope not! Hoshi thought, her anus and rectum still sore from the last round of competition. Phlox had examined her and given her a salve to help her delicate tissues heal; but said she was not damaged seriously. She worked at Archer's penis, her lips gliding up and down his shaft, occasionally going down to the root when his hands dictated, and reached under his balls to tease his anus with a finger. "Mmmphhh." she groaned -- for his benefit. She had to act like she was enjoying this, even though it was becoming merely another disgusting 'duty' she had to perform. Hoshi had taken another lover -- another partner for her own agenda. The days of Archer's command are numbered. she thought, flicking her tongue around his cockhead. She felt his organ twitch. She would make him cum, swallow his disgusting semen, and get on with her day....

"Yeah bitch, SUCK that cock." Archer ordered, pumping his hips and fucking her willing mouth. "SUCK IT. MAKE YOUR CAPTAIN CUM!" he commanded. His fingers gripped her ears and moved her lips up and down his shaft, getting close to spilling another load of sperm into the pretty Asian's mouth. "ohyeah bitch, ohyeah, OHYEAH... OHYEAH... SUCK...SUCK...SUCK..." Archer growled, his cock blasting her throat with sticky white goo. He pulled her head all the way down until she gagged. "Suck me dry bitch, then lick it clean and we'll call it good for now!"

Hoshi Sato accepted his seed in her mouth, swallowing the salty seed and lapping his organ to remove all traces before she pulled free. She looked up at him as if to say 'that's it, asshole' and rose to her feet. His hands pawed at her body, feeling her breasts and patting her ass. She didn't resist, just didn't respond.

"What's the matter, Ensign? Don't care for your Captain's attention?" Archer asked, tugging at her skirt to pull it up over her firm butt.

Hoshi wriggled free and looked him in the eye. "I have duties to perform to get ready for our mission... Captain she told him. "Am I dismissed?" Hoshi asked, maintaining eye contact.

Archer backed off. "Dismissed, Ensign." he said, reaching down to zip up his fly. He watched her pull the skirt down over her bottom and walk out the door. Damn, I should have fucked her ass again! he thought, laughing to himself. He closed up the conference room, locking the security seals before he headed back to his quarters. He would need to be ready for their encounter if success was to be theirs.

** Standoff at the Outer Marker **

Their last sensor readings prior to going 'blind' behind the Mensilar moons had indicated no response from the Terran forces; but Archer was apprehensive. He knew Admiral Wix well, and knew that if there was any chance Defiant might be planning something, the Admiral would take appropriate precautions. "Ensign Sato, any signs of increased com traffic?" Archer asked.

"None sir. There was some noise earlier; but it turned out to be nothing." Hoshi replied.

"Anything at all on sensors?" he asked, trying to cover all the bases.

"Only normal traffic around the station." T'Pol responded. "But I can't see around the moons for another minute sir." she added.

"Okay troops, we're getting close now. Everyone on your toes." Archer barked, standing up. "As soon as we're clear of the moons I need a sweep from both com and sensors. I need to know what's out there." he added.

"Coming up sir." Malcom told him. "Visibility in ten seconds."

"Sensors and com ready." Archer commanded.

"Aye sir." T'Pol replied.

"Aye sir." Sato responded.

"NOW!" Malcom called.

"Report!" Archer barked.

"A squadron of security fighters, dead ahead." T'Pol reported. "They are in our weapons range now." she added.

"Target the lead ship and fire." Archer called.

The phasers came alive, multiple volleys.

"Two ships destroyed sir." T'Pol reported. "The remainder are in retreat."

"Dammit!" Archer cursed. "Bring us about and get us out of view of their damned sensors while we figure this out!"

"Aye sir, coming about." Malcom replied.

"We are being hailed sir." Sato said. "Admiral Wix." she added.

"On screen." Archer ordered. Wix's formidable figure dominated the viewscreen.

"Captain Archer, we meet again." Jerome Wix said. "Care to tell me why you fired on the escort I sent to greet you?" he asked.

"We both know that was no escort Admiral, so let's cut the bullshit." Archer said.

"Fine by me Jonathan." Wix replied. "I'm outrank you and I order you to surrender your vessel to my security forces." he said.

Archer laughed. "I don't think that sounds at all attractive Jerome." he replied. "But I would like to do this without killing a lot of people if you don't mind. One way or another, I will be taking control of Starbase Delta 4." Archer said matter-of-factly.

Wix had muted the audio at their end, and it appeared he was getting some sort of message internal to the station. A few moments passed and he came back on. "We have apprehended your agent here, and we know of your plans." Wix said. "Surrender now and will not have to make a bloody mess."

"I think not Admiral. Archer out." he said, then Sato closed the com channel abruptly.

"Senior Staff to the ready room NOW!" Archer ordered, striding forcefully toward the door. "Malcom, you have the bridge."

"Aye sir." Malcom responded.

"I don't give a fuck why this happened at the moment; but we need another approach -- and we need it RIGHT NOW!" Archer barked, pounding his fists on the table.

T'Pol spoke first. "We don't know that Wix actually caught any of our agents, so we don't know the status of the internal operation. If we can contact them we will be able to formulate a more concise plan." the Vulcan said succinctly.

"Agreed." Archer replied. "Hoshi, do you think it is possible to setup a secure channel so close to the station?" he asked.

"It should be possible sir, if we disguise the signal somehow so the stations's com operators don't pick it up." Hoshi replied.

"I have an idea sir." Trip chimed in. Archer nodded. "Because we are so close, we should be able to modulate the containment field with a carrier wave and send an incripted message on top of it." he suggested.

"Comments? Issues?" Archer queried, his eyes darting around to each officer.

"Get it done, and when the channel is available let me know." Archer ordered. "Back to your posts." he added. He hated it when all of the careful planning proved fruitless, when the other side came up with ideas he didn't think of first.

"Sato to Archer. Your channel is ready sir." Hoshi called.

"Patch it in here." Archer responded.

"Aye sir." Sato replied. "Ready when you are sir."

"Archer to RedBird, acknowledge." he called. A few moments later, the channel opened.

"RedBird acknowledging." came the reply, in a voice Archer recognized.

"Status?" Archer demanded.

"Terran forces took RedDog into custody. We have suspended all of his access codes and patched control to RedBird and RedArrow positions. Wix dispatched that fighter squadron without our knowledge; but we are ready to disable the grid on your command." came the report.

"Stand by RedBird. I will get back to you in ten minutes -- confirm please, ten minutes." Archer said.

"RedBird confirms ten minutes, out." The channel closed.

Archer called the team back in. "I have contacted RedBird. RedDog was apprehended; but the plan has not been compromised. RedBird will disable the grid whenever we are ready. Let's get it back together and prepare to go in." Archer told them. "Dismissed."

Five minutes later T'Pol reported they were ready on the bridge. "Ensign Sato, reestablish the secure channel." Archer said.

"Ready sir." Hoshi replied.

"Archer to RedBird we are go for RedTrack -- acknowledge." Archer called.

"RedBird acknowledges go for RedTrack." came the response.

Archer strode back onto the bridge just as T'Pol reported. "Security grid is down sir."

"Set course for the station, one-half impulse. Get a target lock on the power couplings and report when ready." Archer barked.

He scanned the sensors and viewscreen for any signs of resistance, finding none.

"Target locked, photons ready." reported Malcom.

"On my mark, we don't want to give them too much warning." Archer said.

"Range at five thousand kilometers." T'Pol reported. "Four thousand."

"Fire." Archer ordered.

A slight shudder went through Defiant as the photon torpedo burst from it's launching tube.

"Impact in four seconds." T'Pol reported. "Shield power has been disabled." she added.

"Admiral Wix is hailing sir." Sato reported.

"On screen." Archer said. "What is it now Admiral? I'm pretty busy at the moment." Archer told him.

"Nicely done Jonathan; but don't think for a moment that we are done here." Wix said. Then the channel was closed.

"Archer to Maco strike force, report to transporter two for phase two." Archer ordered.

"Maco's aye." came the response. A minute later they heard "Maco's ready for transport."

"Good luck Major. Energize." Archer said.

Within two minutes the members of the surgical strike force had brought down every significant security system on the station and disabled it's weapons. Five minutes after that the Admiral was in the brig. The casualty list this time was very short. One Terran guard dead, five others with minor injuries. None of the Defiant crew was even nicked.

"Senior staff to the executive conference room" Archer called over the com. It was time to go over and claim their new headquarters. Archer waited as his staff filed in, then closed the door and addressed them. "While we still have work to do, I think it's safe to say we've won a very big victory at Delta 4." Archer began. "The major reports little or no resistance left on the station, and it's previous commander is in the brig. We need to stabilize the command structure and settle some changes in policy; but right now I think we just go over and get to know the home crowd. Anyone want to go with me?" he asked. Every hand was up. "We'll leave a skeleton crew here on Defiant and take a little 'shore leave'. Plan on being back tomorrow at sixteen hundred. Dismissed."

Archer spent thirty minutes appointing the best of the crew to critical posts, then headed to the transporter room to join his staff. He was surprised to run into Hoshi in the corridor. "Not going over to the station, Ensign?" Archer asked.

"Nah. It doesn't really interest me sir. I think I'll stay aboard and do some studying of Defiant's com systems. I find myself stumbling once in a while, and need to sharpen my skills. I hope that's okay." Hoshi said.

Archer thought about insisting she come along, then thought better of it. "Okay Hoshi. If you wouldn't mind -- check in on the bridge from time to time, would you?" he asked.

"I will sir. Have a good time on the station." Sato replied, spinning around and heading down the corridor.

Archer watched her backside as she moved away. Gotta find myself some new ass on the station! he thought, heading for the transporter room again.

** The Boarding Party **

Archer was beamed to a location they knew to be secured by 'friendly' forces, and he was greeted by Malcom Reed. "Welcome to Delta 4, Captain." Malcom said.

"Ah... thank you Lieutenant. Where is everyone?" Archer asked, looking around what appeared to be a cargo bay of sorts.

"Oh they're on the mall, in one of the bars. I just thought it would be good if one of us was here to greet you when you came over. I'm not much of a bar guy, so I volunteered." Malcom replied. "I can show you the way sir." he added, turning to walk toward the door.

Archer followed Reed through the door and into a very wide corridor. "Jeez, are all the corridors this wide on this station?" he asked. Not like the Empire to be so inefficient with space.

"Not all; but a good many are just like this one. I think they set it up this way so they can move large objects through the station's interior sir." Malcom replied.

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