Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 08


Hoshi thought about it, then reached between her legs to gather some of her own juices to smear on the shaft. Two more applications and she declared it good, pointing to the mat as she glared at T'Pol. "Well come on bitch, get your Vulcan ass down here. You want to fuck me, right?" Hoshi hissed.

T'Pol walked to the mat and laid on her back, holding her hands up toward Sato. "Come on bitch, get that stinky human cunt down here and sit on my little friend." T'Pol hissed back.

Archer watched them get settled, then walked into the bathroom to piss and give his cock a quick rinse. When he returned he saw Hoshi riding slowly up and down on the fake dick, sliding it deep into her pussy and moaning softly. He could see her little ring winking at him as he walked behind her, and his cock began to stir at the sight. He moved onto the mat and knelt beside them. "Which one of you wants to suck me hard?" he asked, holding his semi-erect organ. Hoshi was closer, and leaned over to take him into her mouth. "Mmmm... yeah bitch, suck it nice so I can stick it up your tight ass." he ordered, holding her head with his hands and pushing his meat all the way in. "Suck it Ensign. Suck your Captain's dick." As soon as he was fully erect he yanked it out and walked over to the small table, picking up the jar and jamming his cock into the slippery gel. Then he stroked his hand up and down, coating his meat with the numbing lube before he wiped his hands on the towel he'd placed there.

Then he knelt behind Hoshi and used his hands to hold her still as his thumbs yawned her sexy behind open. "Ready for some fun?" he asked, putting the head up against her otherwise unprepared hole. "Ready or not..." Archer lunged, forcing half of his sizeable organ into her snug butthole. Then he had to hold still, as much to keep her from jerking free as to keep his own passion in check. Her asshole was really tight, and he hadn't used a finger – or anything else - to get her ready this time.

"GAAHHHHHHHHKKKK." Hoshi howled as Archer shoved what felt like a telephone pole up her backside. She had never been so full down there before, never had two large intruders in her openings. She was grateful that Jonathan wasn't still pushing, that he was remaining still with his organ embedded in her. T'Pol wasn't so accommodating, holding her hips as she continued to pump the rubber phallus in and out of her pussy. At least that was bringing some friction against her clit, which felt good – and hopefully would give her an orgasm – something her opponent didn't achieve. Hoshi knew she needed the extra score if she was going to pull this off. She felt Archer begin to move inside her rectum, pushing an inch in, then withdrawing two and holding. Three in, four out. Five in, six out. A half dozen of those and his cock was fully engulfed by her tight anal channel. Hoshi remembered her training and started working her muscles....

"Your ass is so damn tight Hoshi. FUCK!" Archer growled, holding still again as he felt her clenching muscles doing a job on his dick. "DAMN!" he howled, pulling his cock almost all the way out, stopping with just the head inside the clenching ring of her sphincter. He held himself there for a few minutes, still stimulated by T'Pol's thrusts into Sato's cunt. "Subcommander, hold still and let me fuck this ass." Archer ordered, feeling the movements stop beneath him. His hips began moving again, sliding his organ into her snug, velvety chute in ever-quicker thrusts until he was buttfucking Sato hard, bringing grunts from her diaphragm with each stroke. "Fuck her pussy." he ordered, feeling the stretching of Hoshi's insides as he reamed her mucky bottom. "Yeah bitch, take it up your sweet little Asian ass." Archer growled. His passion was in check now, the numbing agent taking over to give him the 'stamina' he wanted. His cock stabbed in and out of her receptive hole in a rhythm that had the two shafts 'out of phase' with each other – one going in as the other pulled out.

Hoshi's body shuddered as her crewmates buffeted her between them. She could feel the climax coming, knew she could make it, then felt the first spasm overcome her. "yiiiiAAAAHHHHH FUCK ME!" she howled, her fingernails raking over T'Pol's shoulders. "OHYEAH... OHYEAH... FUCK MY ASS!" then her spasms took over and her hips gyrated in a blur. She felt Archer's dick pop out of her butthole abruptly; but she was already there, grinding her hips against T'Pol's when Archer picked her up and threw her to the side.

Archer dropped to his knees – one on each side of T"Pol's shoulders – as he pushed his cock into her pursed lips. "Suck it bitch. Suck me off and swallow every drop." He ordered, fucking into her mouth as he had Hoshi's asshole. He emptied his balls again, pumping the Vulcan's pretty face full of his seed as he felt her fingers squeezing his testicles. He looked down at her face and held his cock still until he felt it softening. Her eyes fluttered open and she actually winked at him – just before she pushed a slender finger into his asshole to the second knuckle and gave his cock one last suckle. He smiled at her and returned the wink, then pulled his rapidly softening dick out of her mouth and swung his leg over her torso.

"Damn good contest, girls. Let me just go over here and tally some scores." Archer said, walking to the bar and picking up the pad after he poured another cognac. The two girls picked themselves up, T'Pol pulling off the strapon and dropping it on the mat. Then they joined Archer at the bar and had another cognac.

** Advantage T'Pol **

Archer finished his tabulating and had another swallow. He smiled at the two women, setting the pad down.

"Well?" Hoshi said.

"Okay, I won't keep up the suspense." Archer said. "Here's how it breaks down. For tonight's first event the scores were forty-nine point five for Sato and fifty-four point five for T'Pol. For this second event the scores are forty-three for Sato and forty-six for T'Pol." He saw Hoshi's eyes fall. "The totals for Round 3 are ninety-two point five for Sato and one hundred point five for T'Pol. Advantage to the subcommander." he declared.

"B-but... did you... I mean..." Hoshi stammered.

"Did I count your orgasm? Of course bitch. Unfortunately your hurling took that advantage away completely." Archer hissed.

"I swear she did something. That was completely disgusting. I couldn't help but get sick." Sato responded.

"Advantage T'Pol Ensign. Round 3 is over." Archer said. "You are both dismissed. Now get the fuck out of here." he ordered.

It is two rounds for the Subcommander, one for the Ensign. At least two more rounds to go. Phew thought Archer as he watched the two women gather their things, throwing their robes over their bodies and walking out the door. It had been a good round, a fair round, and an exciting round for his cock. He went into the bathroom and showered before hitting the terminal for a last status review of the day.

Continued in Chapter 9 – Hoshi Seduces a Partner - coming soon!

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